Top blogging communities – Driving Traffic with is no doubt one of the top blogging communities we have today for blog traffic. It is has been an interesting source of traffic to my blog in recent times.

As a matter of fact, there are a couple of recommendable blogging communities on the the net right this moment but I want to duel more on Klinkk. If you have not created a free account on this platform, click here and sign up for free.

I see klinkked being reviewed or listed on most blogs these days by satisfied members. This is sign of growth as it gets more and more endorsement and natural links from around the blogosphere.

5 Reasons to join Klinkk today

top blogging communities

1 – Klinkk is simple

I’m one of those who don’t believe in any system being complex. The more it is difficult to find your way out on a platform, the more deterrent it becomes. While some blogging communities make things quite uneasy, klinkk is simple to earth – It’s quite easy to find your way out.

2 – Klinkk has active members

One of the things that make a platform what it is, is the quality of members. Klinkk is a place to find real members who are not only REAL bloggers, they are also active. This makes the traffic flow constant and fresh

3 – Klinkk is free

Though paid is better, FREE is good. It doesn’t cost you anything to function on klinkk. It’s absolutely free so you can jump on board right this moment

4 – Get paid on

Most of us love the fact that we can make money doing the same things we do daily. Being active on klinkk can pay you real cash. Erik, the founder has decided to spend real money and encourage users by organizing cash prize contests.

5 – Backlinks from klinkk

One of the features I find interesting on is the direct linking to your article from the home page or article listing page. This is not done on some other blog communities.

top blogging communities

How to be an active klinkker

The very first step of course is to join the platform here for free. Go to your profile page and properly set it up (add photo, link social media profiles, add a bio, etc)

Secondly, start voting and commenting entries. This will attract other bloggers to you and help in building relationships.

Thirdly, submit entries daily – your articles and other interesting articles around the industry. Don’t only limit to yours. The more articles you submit from other blogs, the more engaged you become.

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Klinkk community live chat

One of the recent additions on this platform that makes it one of the top blogging communities is the community live chat. That means you can engage with other members real time. What this means is an opportunity to hook up with more bloggers and promote your brand. Not all blogging communities have this feature though. So I think it’s a great extension of klinkk

Advertise on Klinkk

If you want to promote your brand and pull more traffic from an active community, I suggest checking out the advertising opportunity on this platform. Visit the Advertiser Here page for more on prices and available slots.

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