Clone My Blog Post Idea That Generated $525 Paypal Cash!

Discussed! Unique blog post idea that generates income!

To make real money blogging, you have to be able to create money making blog posts. However, it’s often not easy to come up with money making blog post ideas.

Plastering banners on your blog to generate income is good approach but generally will not generate enough earnings.

Affiliate product review post is an excellent blog post idea to generate consistent earnings from your blog. I think that’s where the real power to make money blogging lies. For better results, focus on reviewing affiliate products that pay recurring earnings.

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But this idea I’m about to share is far from that – well, though it has some affiliate earning aspect attached to it, I want to share just how I got paid $525 (and counting) to my Paypal Account.

While I’m still doing some more research, I think the information I have can already help you make extra money.

This is some crazy blog post idea!

The whole thing relies principally on one English word. I really didn’t know it makes, for the most part, a hot search term.

Though I missed it slightly in the beginning, I quickly found the direction this was going. With the help of Google Webmaster Tools, (Now Google Search Console) I tweaked one of my articles and generated $525Β from it πŸ˜‰

Not bad!

NB: GWT is a powerful tool that can help add more value to your blogging activities.

I wrote an article in the past on how to double your income with a hidden SEO trick. I actually applied this same SEO trick to raise my earnings as I’m going to show you. If you didn’t read this article, I recommend checking it how this moment:

Hidden Trick Guaranteed To Double Your Income

The $525 blog post idea!

I mentioned above that this post idea relies on one simple English word. Here is the word ;

– > alternative

Closer to this is another word that seems to generate almost the same results. Here it is;

– > replacement

Note that those words are not in their plural form. That means there is no “s” in front.

From what I’m about to share, the word ‘alternative’ works better. Look at the screenshot from my GWT account. The keyword ‘webmeup alternative‘ is pulling traffic from search engines.

blog post idea

Initially, I targeted the keyword ‘Webmeup Replacement‘ but that didn’t pull in traffic as I wanted.

NB: If you are not making use of GWT, you are certainly leaving out an important component of your marketing strategies.

I was ranking on page 1 and position 1 for the keyword ‘Webmeup replacement‘ (still on that spot at the time of writing this post) with no outcome. After a few weeks, I found the real keyword ‘Webmeup alternative‘ in my GWT with over 100 impressions, Avg position of 30+ and no clicks.

That was when I took steps to apply the trick I shared in this post. After tweaking the post (adding some more meat, do some blog commenting and creating backlinks to it), there was a huge improvement in ranking.

blog post idea

Here is how I tweaked the Post

The initially targeted keyword was ‘Webmeup Replacement‘. I had this keyword on the post title, url, introduction, description and image alt tag. Now I wanted to switch to a different keyword that’s doing better. So I did the following;

  • I added the keyword ‘Webmeup Alternative‘ to the title.
  • I used the same keyword (now in singular)Β  in the introduction and description of the title.
  • I added it to some image alt tags.
  • I optimized the body of the post for that keyword.
  • NB: I didn’t change the post permalink. That would have been an insane step to create a broken link. (In my Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers, I discussed in details how to change the permalink and maintain your natural traffic)
  • Etc

And the result after a few weeks is what you see in the image above.

I didn’t end there. A few other tweaks, commenting and linking back to the post, Here is the final results.

webmeup alternative

How to profit from the word “Alternative”

That’s just what this crazy blog post idea is all about. People are always looking for alternative solutions. If you know this and can use it well, you can always makeΒ money.

Every great product has an alternative and most users always look for that alternative. That’s what most of us don’t know. People always think it isΒ better elsewhere.

The opportunity is even very hot if a service folds up. That was the case with WebMeUp. As soon as they announce they were to quit business, I quickly thought of creating a post on webmeup replacements. My initial article had about 5 alternatives on the list. But as I write this post, they are 11 -that means 6 more additions.

Here is the deal …

Create a post, listing alternatives of any product and use “productname alternative” as keyword

Monetizing the post

Off the bat, I had no intention to generate income from this post. I wanted just to make a list of alternative SEO traking services.

But Boommm!

I soon got a mail from an SEO firm asking for requirements to be mentioned on the list. That was like some light that flashed darkness out of my brain.

After a series of negotiations, a deal was concluded.

Boom Boom! Another mail from another SEO firm asking to be on the list. Now, if you’ve been reading my blog, you know I love Β negotiations, adding value and raising up the reward. That brought in another deal for cool cash.

That wasn’t all! Another request came in to be featured on the list for a pro account as reward.

I ended up with over $500 and service pro accounts from more than 3 SEO firms.

blog posts idea to make money

From the Paypal screenshot above, that’s exactly $525 generated by that post.

Clone this blog post idea for profit

Do you know of a product or service that’s about to close up? Chances are that current users will be look for an alternative. All you have to do is quicklyΒ put a list of few alternatives. Optimize for Β keyword “productname alternative“.

As soon as you start getting traffic from that keyword, be ready for business mails πŸ˜‰

How to use Twitter to spread the word

This is smart!

I discovered that most of the alternatives were on Twitter so I simply called their attention to the product alternative post. Here is a sample tweet I posted;

money making blog post ideas

So while Google is sending traffic to the post, don’t just sit and wait. Go ahead and contact services that will be interested in getting listed on the post.

However,Β most of those you contact yourself may not be willing to spend. If someone contacts you and asks for requirements to be listed, there are chances he’s ready to spend.

What do you think?

Money making blog post idea isn’t it? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below. Are you going to apply this idea?

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Stuart Williams - November 10, 2016

Hello Enstine Muki , first of all its a great article i really liked it.
i want a help , i opened my Google Webmaster Tools , and i could not find that Keyword Ranking tool, that’s a great post you share

Michelle - August 6, 2016

Thanks for sharing your ideas for the word alternative. There are many words that have a high search rate. All one has to do is research google keyword statistics to find out what those words are and then incorporate them in their posts. Of course, you might have to get a little creative with this and spend a good about of time planning a well thought out post, but usually it is worth it in the long run.



Alonzo Williams - July 23, 2016

Hi Enstine
Thanks for sharing these informative and valuable tips on how to monetize keywords. I will put this to use in my keyword marketing to promote all my money making products. I would like to know more of your hot ideas thanks very much for sharing.

Steve Parker - July 14, 2016

Hi Enstine,

Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. This article is effective for all those bloggers who wants to monetize their blogs. SEO is really very essential if you want to reach your target audiences. Proper utilization of effective keywords in the right place can help you to achieve desired ranking.

Abhilash PS - May 25, 2016

Great Article!!! Alternative is one of your great inventions. Thank You for Sharing. I was very messed up with keyword ideas, Nothing come up. Now I have some ideas after reading your informative article. Keep Posting.

Kamlesh Sharma - February 13, 2016

H! Muki,
Great article, no doubt this post is really helpful for those bloggers who are struggling to make money.
Thanks for sharing this article, i always love to read your blog.
Kamlesh πŸ™‚

Anshul Mathur - February 8, 2016

Wooa….Great post sir. This sounds really awesome. Updating old posts with new content and some media works like charm. I am doing same on some of my blogs, and rankings are increasing daily. πŸ˜€

Thanks for this case study, and not I am going to update my old product review posts too πŸ˜‰

Amit Rockz - January 30, 2016

Hey Enstine,

I always enjoy and learn so many things from your blog post. These tweaking trick really works and this is same what i am doing for most of my article for ranking them higher in google. And i must say it really work. If the keyword is good, it can help you enough income.

Utibe Etim - January 26, 2016

Hi Enstine, thanks for opening my eyes and brain to this. I will surely copy this idea and I’m very much confident it will work.

Joy Healey - January 23, 2016

Hi Enstine,

That’s a great idea – I’ll be on the watch for services that I can use it for.

Thanks, Joy

Rahul - January 18, 2016

Hey, Enstine!
Now That’s what I call a great case study.
Thank You πŸ˜€

Jessica - January 17, 2016

Am glad I am reading this because I am working on some posts and you just gave me another word to take note. Thanks once again.

Bright Joe - January 17, 2016

Hi Enstine,
It’s my first visit to your blog, basically I found about you on Facebook using your Facebook group named “Topbloggers”. I just clicked on one of your blog post link and the content I found was really helpful. Thanks for sharing such good ideas.
Take care!

    Enstine Muki - January 17, 2016

    Thanks for following up from Facebook Joe and making this comment.
    I do hope we have better days ahead so let’s keep giving. I’ll be checking your blog too shortly πŸ˜‰

Manav Sharma - January 14, 2016

Excellent technique. Its really great that you shared such a technique for the profit of others. Much appreciated.

MINHAJ UDDIN - January 14, 2016

Hi Enstine!

Hats of you man! Why you revealed such thing πŸ˜€ Yes, to get better blog post idea one should research more to find very profitable keyword with attractive title. Really, you made this post more easy to us for getting good blog post ideas and how to rank better with proper optimization!

Thanks a lot dear bro for this excellent post!

Happy blogging!

Istiak Rayhan - January 14, 2016

“List of alternatives” post works great. A while back I’ve written a post on Adsense alternatives which is currently rank on Google for the keywords “Adsense alternatives”. And I am getting a good amount of traffic every month.

Talking about changing permalinks, it’s not a problem if you redirect it correctly and fix the internal links.

Thanks for sharing this awesome post.

Babanature - January 13, 2016

Hello bro,
You really do know your way around making money blogging.
You really did explain the post well enough for anybody to understand it.
Tell me, where my share? lol


Anil Agarwal - January 13, 2016

Great posts I must say Enstine. No doubt people always look out for alternates. One thing I would to add here is, don’t target alternates term only on that post, target other terms like you mentioned replacement, options, alternative as well to drive more traffic from search engines. Same applies for year names as well. Like by using 2016 at keyword level can increase organic traffic.

Abhilash P S - January 13, 2016

Hi Enstine,
Money making by blogging is always difficult but the tips you’ve shared is incredible. You are using a different methodology for making money through blogging. Thank you Enstine for this article.

Julie - January 13, 2016

Hello, i m newbee on the blog and happy to be here
It’es great share that we have here,i m moving to Hong-Kong to setup my own company and your article is helpfull to me as my all business will be online

ikechi - January 12, 2016

Hi Enstine

What an interesting post and a cool trick revealed too.

It is fun to always read your posts. There is just so much insight to gain. Thanks for sharing. Take Care

Praveen Vijay - January 11, 2016

Hi Enstine,

You’re always awesome not only to making money, but teaching it to bloggers too. Thanking you.

ramya - January 11, 2016

Hii Enstine Muki

This was Nice artical,I need To earn Money In Online Can U guide me sir?? Please I need Tips from U,I read ur Articals of Earning From Online,Im A big fan of U

How I Made $400 in a Month – The Secrets are within Your Reach Now - September 26, 2014

[…] The best way bloggers make money fast is by crunching numbers, talking to experts, reading books, and gaining knowledge. […]

Anand - August 22, 2014

Hi Enstine,

Firstly Congratulations, Your idea of generating an article by using the keyword and utilizing GWT is good and its a very good direction for new bloggers specially in writing product review.

Joy Healey - August 20, 2014

Hi Enstine

Better late than never – I missed this really helpful post while I was on holiday.

What a brilliant tip! I have already thought of a way I can use it.

Thanks, Joy

Wendy - August 7, 2014

Enstine this is another bit of genius from you….thank you so much.

Now I hope this comment post because I thinkI’ve said before that sometimes I get an error that doesn’t allow me to.
In fact, I still had a copy of a comment I tried to leave in the 2 last week, on my desktop but i cannot remember which post it was for. I had planned to come back and try the following day.

If it happens again, I will do a screen print and email.

Robinsh - August 6, 2014

In this post I learned that how we can edit and update a blog post without disturbing the current position of that post in the search results, thanks for sharing such a valuable article and hope my list posts like this one would get ranked and I would be able to charge from the companies interested in listing into the post.

Sarmista Aun - August 5, 2014

Hi Enstine,
Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. This article is effective for all those bloggers who wants to monetize their blogs. SEO is really very essential if you want to reach your target audiences. Proper utilization of effective keywords in the right place can help you to achieve desired ranking.

Nanda Rahmanius - August 5, 2014

Hi Enstine,

Glad to be back here after my break. πŸ˜€
Well, this is a great article for bloggers who are still struggling to make money from blogs. I think, I will read this article again to understand it more. Thanks for sharing Enstine πŸ™‚


gaurav - August 3, 2014

Very Very Useful post for new bloggers like us and this post makes me your Follower,hehe!!
You explained it very well how we can use the right timing and create a GOOD post on alternatives,I will try it out soon whenever i got Some topic for that.
Your post shows this unique idea , the use of Word ” alternative “.

Ravi Chahar - August 3, 2014

Hey Enstine,

For beginners the main and striking thing to read about is making money online but they need to learn more about writing their blog posts.

Having keywords in the first line and having same keyword as image Alt text and much more.
Monetizing a blog is not a joke. There may be many affiliate links but if a blogger doesn’t know how to promote then it’s not possible to make a single dollar.

Nice to read your suggestions.
I will try to follow.

Have a great day.:)


rakesh kumar - August 2, 2014

This is great idea but most of the time newbies are not able to differentiate between tutorial blog post and money making post. This was a perfect example of money making blogpost. Good to know that you are sharing such post with your readers

Robin Morgan - August 1, 2014

Hello Enstine,

Really wonderful idea, Every time I visit your blog I can see a new money making ideas and that too very unique. I guess time has come to try this wonderful idea.


Himanshu Negi - July 31, 2014

Hello Enstine Muki,

You got it right, the world – “ALTERNATIVE” as I am also having an article with that magic keyword. The article is on Alexa Alternative+s.

I originally published it with “Alternative to alexa” I was getting 15% organic search traffic but then later I found “Alexa Alternative” is more appropriate and I changed it to “Alexa Alternatives”, neglecting the effect of “s” and lost the position and much traffic.

I was planning to target “Alexa Alternative” and luckily I found your article πŸ™‚ Thanks I will alter it and will implement your ideas in Aff. marketing too!

    Enstine Muki - August 1, 2014

    That’s an exciting experience you have shared in this comment bro. I’ll like to visit the post ;).

    Did you get any help from your GWT?

Bishal Biswas - July 31, 2014

Yeah, it’s Crazy.

Replacing just a word, and getting Boom Boom income -real tragedy, solved. And perhaps, I’d surely give it a try in the upcoming article. Be sure to check it too, as not just I’m going to write on basis of the experience I’d through this article perhaps would be glad linking your site too.

What you say?
– Bishal Biswas

    Enstine Muki - August 1, 2014

    That will be grea Bishal
    I’ll keep an eye on your blog
    Otherwise, do shoot me an alert when the post goes live

    I’m waiting πŸ˜‰

Anil Kumar - July 31, 2014

This is some crazy and very intelligent idea Enstine! How do you find such techniques? I am definitely gonna follow this method in my niche and see if I can crack through this technique! Thank you!!!!!

    Enstine Muki - August 1, 2014

    Hey Anil,
    You surely are going to make it too πŸ˜‰
    It’s not hard.

    I get inspired by my readers, that’s including you. Thanks for being my reader

James - July 31, 2014

The money making guru has shared it again!!

Thanks for sharing this unknown secret; however, the same concept happened to me. I made a cool 30 dollars on a blog post on a particular alternative to a leading concept in the blogging world. ( sorry, I would not want to mention the blog post)!!



Pankaj - July 31, 2014

That’s amazing, That’s why it is recommended to keep an eye on your targeted keywords to see if they’re fruitful to you or not. If not then tweak it with other relevant keywords to take full advantage of it.

Chitraparna Sinha - July 31, 2014

One question, Enstine.

The WebMeUp alternative post already listed the “alternate” companies…right? So why would the companies approach you after the post went live…they already got the mention without paying anything…please clarify.

    Enstine Muki - August 1, 2014

    Hey Sinha,

    How are you today?
    I published the post initially with 5 alternatives. They are now 10. You understand that 5 more have contacted me to be on the list πŸ˜‰

Pritam Nagrale - July 31, 2014

Hi Enstine,
Again Great Post! I liked it a lottttttt πŸ™‚ “Alternatives” What a great word you have chosen to optimize in your article. Yes. I’m thinking to write an article on that keywords. Also, You’ve well figured out these tips. Thanks a lot for sharing very wonderful tricks.

    Enstine Muki - August 1, 2014

    Thanks for reading and dropping a comment too Pritam
    I’ll be excited to see this on your blog too

    Good luck bro

Lisa - July 31, 2014

Hi Enstine,
I used to use Google webmaster tools all the time – I haven’t much lately but you have inspired me to check into this. I love how you give us the step by step steps you took to do this. I guess my question is because you came up first people came to your blog and purchased some of your affiliate links? Am I following correctly?
Thanks for sharing Enstine!

    Enstine Muki - August 1, 2014

    Hey Lisa,
    Good to see you here
    I don’t think I got the question correctly but I got paid by those SEO firms to get on the list and some other form of advertising.

    Did that answer the question?

Shahid Khan - July 31, 2014

You Always Comes With Something Really Engaging And Cool…

I Also Used This Trick Few Months Ago But I Tried Very High Competition Keyword , So Haven’t Got That Much $$ ..

I Will Try Again With Some Good And Low Competition Keyword This time.

Thanks πŸ™‚

    Enstine Muki - August 1, 2014

    Hey Shahid,
    Try less competitive keywords
    If you rank well on google with it, you’ll surely make some cash.

    Good luck bro

dimaks - July 30, 2014

Excellent move with the word ‘alternative’. Now that is something that I should do one of these days. Thanks to this brilliant find!

    Enstine Muki - July 30, 2014

    Hey Dimaks,
    Good to see you here and thanks for engaging
    I’m sure this will work for you too. I’ll be glad to see it on your blog soon πŸ˜‰

      dimaks - July 31, 2014

      Well, no problem. Now I am trying to figure out how I might go with the tips on my blog which is a news type. Kinda challenging.

yash mehta - July 30, 2014

Great article, I agree with this idea.
One of my friend used this technique long ago which ranked him 1st on Google 1st page and he is still making dollars with this trick .

Harshit Jain - July 30, 2014

You are here again with fantastic post..!!

Going to try this.. Thank you for this post..!!

Mahesh Verma - July 30, 2014

Hi Enstine,

Your are einstein of blogging world. This post really given me a great idea for new business. This idea is really money generating.

We can also add website_name1 VS website_name2 … Vs keyword+alternative keyword both can be $$$ generating formulae. …

    Enstine Muki - July 30, 2014

    Hey Mahesh,
    Thanks for the comment πŸ˜‰ A. Einstein was a great figure
    I see you can even expand the idea to a whole new level. It’s good to put ones brain to work

    Good luck to you bro

Tharun - July 30, 2014

hi Sir,
As usual an new idea is here. This is why I love to check your new posts as soon as you hit publish button. I am gonna implement soon on my blog articles. Thanks for revealing such valued information + money making trick.

    Enstine Muki - July 30, 2014

    Hey Tharun,
    I’m always excited to see you here and thanks for another comment and engagement.

    I’d like to see this idea on your blog very soon πŸ˜‰

Ankit Kumar Singla - July 30, 2014

Hello Enstine Sir,

This is really a crazy idea. Surely it can make decent money for us. Going to apply on my blog.

Please guide me: should I write articles on web-hosting alternatives like HostGator alternatives. I think it can be profitable if I manage to get good search engine ranking.

What you say, Sir?

    Enstine Muki - July 30, 2014

    Hey Ankit,
    It looks like a perfect idea but I think you have to do some keyword research

    I remember when hostgator used to be unstable. So many users were looking for an alternative.

    Just do a bit of kw research and go for it πŸ˜‰

Abid Omar - July 30, 2014

Hi Enstine,

Really a great post idea that generate HOT cash!! I liked that twitter part. It’ll works well. Thanks for sharing it. Will clone this idea soon πŸ™‚

Abid Omar

    Enstine Muki - July 30, 2014

    Thanks Abid for the comment.
    Yes, the Twitter part has been of great help too. Hope to one day see this on your blog too

    Do have a wonderful week

Virendar Warwal - July 30, 2014

No idea! creating a blog post just for helping others find the good products in replace of another.

Great post Enstine, thanks! for sharing your secret income sources and how we can also make good money from these posts.


Perambur Kumar - July 30, 2014

Excellent Post Enstine.
No doubt about that. Infact this is the trend in 2008 when I started my blogging career. But after than nobody using this trend. But once again you using this trend and got success with it. Congrats
For Example : Google AdSense Alternative is the trend for many years.

    Enstine Muki - July 30, 2014

    Hey Kumar,
    Good to see you here today and thanks for sharing your experience with us.
    People will always be looking for alternatives. This idea will never expire.

    Yes, Google Adsense Alternative is a good example that’s common. We should be able to use it for rare cases that can generate money

    Thanks for the engagement and hope to see you around again

Erik Emanuelli - July 30, 2014

Hi Enstine,
very interesting.
GWT is a powerful tool and not every bloggers are using it.
It’s a shame to leave such good opportunities on the table.

Thanks for sharing, really useful content! πŸ™‚
Have a great rest of the week.

    Enstine Muki - July 30, 2014

    Hey Erik,
    Good to see you here and thanks for the comment.
    I log to my GWT account almost daily. It’s helping me big time. I’m sure many of my readers do too πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for being part of this post today and do have a wonderful week

Sushain - July 30, 2014

That’s a Great article.
There is no doubt that this post is surely gonna to help the bloggers who are struggling in making money.This is really a helpful idea and i’m surely gonna to give it a try.
Thanks for sharing this article, love to read your blog posts.
Keep sharing.

    Enstine Muki - July 30, 2014

    Hey Sushain, that’s where the secret is – trying it out. If you don’t, you probably won’t know how it works.

    I’ll like to read it on your blog too πŸ˜‰

Himanshu - July 30, 2014

Awesome. Loved your idea, just noticed that all the listed SEO firms are investing huge on adwords. So it will be handy to analyze the SERP’s and make a list of websites that are investing in PPC and then write a post about their competitors (not them).

It was great reading your well detailed article. Keep Sharing. Cheers!

Peter Kanayo - July 30, 2014

Enstine, great tips you shared here, is time I check my Gwtool and see what is has for me to write a post on alternative. You are really spot on with this idea. Thanks for sharing

Irfan Ahmad - July 30, 2014

Hello Enstine Muki , first of all its a great article i really liked it.
i want a help , i opened my Google Webmaster Tools , and i could not find that Keyword Ranking tool , i want to know which keyword is pulling more traffic from search engines.. plz help me i am a newbie Blogger and i want to rank my blog like you (Y)
Thank you

    Enstine Muki - July 30, 2014

    Hi Irfan,
    Go to your GWT accounts and select the domain you want to work with. On the left menu, click Search Traffic -> Search queries

    That should give you a list of keywords and where they direct traffic to.

    Hope that helps

edoboi - July 30, 2014

Hello Sir,

this is a superb article from a superb blogger,
i have been reading your blog posts without commenting but this post just changed me.

Thanks for sharing

    Enstine Muki - July 30, 2014

    Thanks for braking the silence and let us chat here in the comment box.
    I hope to reading your comments more often πŸ˜‰

Yashraj Kakkad - July 30, 2014

Hi Enstine Sir!

Another freakingly awesome post from you! πŸ™‚ I just wonder how well you manage to generate posts and cash by simple things that go unnoticed by many pro bloggers. Your tricks are always simple and do generate positive outcome. I am extremely delighted to have myself at your place!

Coming to the post, I never knew that the word alternative could generate many results. I had forgotten that even I have to search for an alternative many a times on Google search, just because a product doesn’t satisfy me!

I think if we target a popular product which is expensive or unsatisfactory, we can write an alternative post and generate money!

And you use sharedby? Even I use it. What do you think about it?

Actually, it sometimes doesn’t open on my side!

Have a nice day!!

    Enstine Muki - July 30, 2014

    Thanks for dropping such a great comment Kakkad!

    I only didn’t understand the point on sharedby. Maybe you should rephrase the point πŸ˜‰

      Yashraj Kakkad - August 1, 2014

      I talked about SharedBy because I saw its link in one of the screenshots. I just wanted to convey that the website doesn’t open many a times and I am in need of a solution.

      Is it working at your side? πŸ™‚

Gagan - July 30, 2014

Hi sir,
its awesome Post.

and it is very great idea to mention Alternate or some product manager in tweet to attain their attention.

You can keep that in secret but you didn’t i really appreciate that.
Thanks For share!!!


    Enstine Muki - July 30, 2014

    Hi Gagan,
    Thanks for the comment.
    I love sharing my secret with my readers

    Hope to see you here for more πŸ˜‰

Arun Raj - July 30, 2014

Excellent Article Enstine Muki it’s a unique way to earn some money the way of your article is good..Great share

Solomon raj - July 30, 2014

Wonderful Article enstine and the tricks you share are really insane and easy to get good $$$ and I think this will help me alot in my future

    Enstine Muki - July 30, 2014

    Hey Solomon,
    Yes this will surely fetch you some catch if you try it πŸ˜‰
    The secret is in trying. I hope to read a similar post on your blog πŸ˜‰

Philip Varghese Ariel - July 30, 2014

Hi Enstine,
This is indeed a great idea,
Thanks for sharing, after joining kingged, traffic to my site is increased tremendously and now i want to do something beneficial to that end. I am sure the tips here mentioned by you is a great option. I would like to try it out.
Thank you so much for your kind share.
Keep informed.
May you have a great and profitable day. πŸ™‚
Best Regards

    Enstine Muki - July 30, 2014

    Hi Philip,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience here.
    Do try this and let’s see how it works out for you

    Do have a great day as well

Siraj Wahid - July 30, 2014

Hey Enstine,

This trick is simply awesome, i have 3 articles in the form of lists on my blogs and it’s the correct time to monetize them.

I have a doubt here, how do these product owners allow you to put affiliate links in reviews/lists? I recently prepared a list of 10 best SEO products but only 2 of them allowed me to put affiliate URLs in the article.


    Enstine Muki - July 30, 2014

    Hey Siraj,
    Most of them who pay to be on the list won’t allow affiliate links. There is nothing you can do at that moment.

    However, if there are free insertions, just go ahead, signup to their affiliate systems and use your aff links to monetize the post πŸ˜‰

Waqas Ahmed - July 30, 2014

H! Muki,
Great article, no doubt this post is really helpful for those bloggers who are struggling to make money.

Thanks for sharing this article, i always love to read your blog.

Have a nice day.


    Enstine Muki - July 30, 2014

    Thanks for the comment Waqas and have a wonderful day as well πŸ˜‰

      Suprabhat Mondal - July 30, 2014

      Hey Enstine

      Really fantastic article i was shocked that you are ranking at 1st for tough competition keyword even you had defeated one authority website.
      I wanted to know how did you rank for tough competition keyword

        Enstine Muki - July 30, 2014

        Well, bro you know SEO is about tweaking and trying to rank better. I work closely with GWT and alway try to add new stuffs to some articles to rank better πŸ˜‰


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