How I turned Rejection into $234+ recurring Payment!

This is going to be perhaps one of the shortest posts I have ever written. The reason simply is that I have written details about this topic on my friend’s blog.

With time, I’m getting some practical results so I want to discuss this with you. I know those of you my friends making money online will have to rethink  your strategies after reading this post.

On Barabara Charle’s blog, I discussed a topic that’s beginning to shed some light on the minds of many money making bloggers.


We have known that one of the interesting ways to make money online is by accepting paid posts.  I have known blogs that charge up to $5000 per post and companies are paying for it.

How did I even come to knowing this?

A customer turned down my offer for it. Yes! it happened. He paid $5000 somewhere and said NO to my $150 offer.

People really pay money to get exposure on other blogs. That’s why if your blog gets traffic, you stand a better position to make real money.

Well, traffic is not all you need! Check out this post I wrote in the past. It’s worth your time: Looking for Traffic? See why you are wrong!

Here are some awesome posts on this blog I encourage you check out:

If you read my income reports, you’ll find out that sponsored posts are exciting source of income. As a matter of fact, my new project will help my readers make more money with this. I’ll be giving you details soon.

I mentioned earlier that I submitted a post on Barbara’s blog. Here is the article

In this article, I discussed 2 conflicting ways to monetize your blog:

  1. Affiliate reviews
  2. Sponsored Reviews

Here is the conflict…

You have an advertiser who says ok, I pay you $200 and you link straight to my product or get nothing and link to my product over your affiliate link.

Let me explain:

Most product owners have affiliate programs. You sign up, promote their products and get paid commissions.

One of the ways to promote their products is write about these products on your blog and link to them using your affiliate links.

But some advertisers propose to pay you an instant once-off amount while you promote their products without using your affiliate links.

Here is what happens:

You get paid once. Then they make money for life from your traffic.

I wrote an article for my clients in the past. That fetched me $250 instantly from the client. Yes, I was paid once but right this moment, this article is sitting on Google page #1, position #1 for a relatively active keyword. See image:

affiliate review

Though this is driving traffic to my blog, I stand to get no financial benefits from this post. The advertiser keeps 100% of any sale generated by this traffic.

What if I chose to link to the product page on my affiliate link? That would have meant long term recurring earnings!

NB: Don’t forget to read the post on Barbara’s blog for more on this argument.

I was rejected but this has turned out well!

I contacted an advertiser in the past for a paid post on this blog. I knew this was going to be product that will seduce my readers.

I tried to find out from the advertiser if he was ready to sponsor a review on my blog. That was last year 2014 and all I asked was $150.

He turned down my offer and suggested I signup to his affiliate program and use my affiliate link in the post.

It always feels bad to be rejected isn’t it?

But this has become my blessing!

I went ahead and signed up to his affiliate program, wrote the review on this blog and this is what I see in my affiliate account:

affiliate earningsNow, Total Earnings: $179.39 plus potential earnings: $54.90 = $234.29

This is how working for long term earnings can be more rewarding. Note that this is recurring commission. That means every month, I’ll be earning $81+ from this same post.

As we speak, the post is generating more traffic to the product. Recently, out of 5 signups, 1 was paid:

make more money

What am I trying to say?

Sponsored posts make an awesome way to monetize your blog. As a matter of fact, they can help generate a huge amount for you.

However, while accepting instant payment, focus more on affiliate review. This will empower your blog and make it a recurring income generating tool in the very near future.

Want to learn more about Affiliate Marketing? Check out this training program

Oh! Did I say this post was going to be very short?

Sorry 😉

BTW, please leave your comments and share this on social media for more exposure. I’ll be very excited.

28 thoughts on “How I turned Rejection into $234+ recurring Payment!”

  1. Hi Enstine,

    Maybe I still need to improve more the right way to review related to partnership using affiliate system that I run today. So that until now, I still do not get earning from the affiliate.


  2. Hi Enstine,
    Sponsored review could be an awesome way of earning cool income. It feels motivating to access a way of earning recurring effort with reviews.

    For many who are not sure of the how to monetize their blog, paid review could recurring income generating tool to consider.

    Well, never mind about the length of this post! Its valuable all the way! 😀
    This comment was left in as well

  3. Hi Enstine,

    I am also just building my blog with useful & relevant content which will help readers and for that I am also focusing on Affiliates. Previously I was focused on adsense. But this time, my main aim to get earning from affiliate.


  4. Such a cool post, Enstine. Wow.

    I’ve been wondering for a while whether sponsored posts are a better idea than posts with an affiliate link, and now I have my answer. 🙂

    Would love to pick your brain on this more another time. Let’s get a call together soon.

    • Hey Brent,
      Both are good but for long term earnings and sustainability, affiliate is better. However, some products don’t have affiliate programs so you better just get paid upfront.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your point despite being so busy.

      Do have a wonderful week ahead buddy

  5. Hi Enstine,

    I must say you always come up with some creative ways to fetch money from affiliates or other methods.

    Very useful, thanks for sharing

  6. This has happened with me a lot of times too, I agree rejections are painful. But If we act wisely like you, we can turn it into profit too. Thanks for sharing bro, nice article.

    • Hey Rachit,
      Good to see you here and thanks for sharing your experience 😉
      I think Affiliate is the better way to go for future earnings.

      Do have a wonderful week buddy

  7. Hey Enstine,

    That’s a smart way of doing this. Getting paid once is great temporarily, but having recurring income from your affiliate link is even better. I read your guest post on Barbara Charles, and it makes a lot of sense. Why get paid once? One important reason we are in business for residual income so why not carry this out!

    Thanks for the share Enstine!

    • Hey man,
      Good to see you here and thanks for another comment.
      What I’m working on now is to empower my blog for more recurring earnings. That’s why I mix it up with affiliate reviews of targeted products.

      This is surely the fruitful way forward 😉

      Hope you are having fun this week 😉

  8. Although have read the post on Barbara’s blog but I came in for more info and probably Enstine have just provided examples to the blog post have read before.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  9. Hi Enstine, this is good. you are an action taker and you took the second option which worked fort you. thats what we should all do. you. cheers

  10. Thanks so much for this hint. It is just that it may not be applicable to most advertisers especially without affiliate platform. Yet, it worth giving a try for the ones that have the affiliate platform for their stuffs.

    Olasunkanmi Ayomide Fakeye (Professional Web Design In Home Video Course)

  11. Hi Enstine,
    Yet another wonderful piece from the portals of Muki!
    Yes, Enstine, Rejection is the word all writers afraid of
    But when we look into the history of many famous writers we can see that they are all faced the same situation we are going through. Many in fact most of the well known writers were rejected by the well known publishers, the story here too is not different, but is almost equal, the rejection you faced made you to mint more money elsewhere! LOL
    Well said my dear friend, with lot of interconnected links, need to go thru all.
    Keep us inform your further experiences in this field of writing!
    May you have a great and profitable week ahead
    ~ Phil

    • Hahah thanks for making this post more beautiful with this comment. Looks like when you face rejection, you face a challenge 😉

      How was the weekend btw?

      • Ha Ha Enstine,
        It is indeed a great pleasure to roam around here LOL 🙂
        Keep going my wonderful friend!
        The new project is really wonderful!
        Keep up the good work of sharing and caring!
        Have a good day
        ~ Phil

  12. Hi Enstine

    Thanks for this nice tip on making money on affiliates. Message is noted and you are absolutely right that we should think about going the affiliate way rather just settling on one time payment

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. Hello Enstine,

    Mate, nice observation and practical tips you shared with us! I love the method of promoting the products with your own affiliate links, that’s definitely an advantage!

    I will think more on it when I plan out to go with affiliate’s route, I will must consider the advise you gave me in this post!

    To yours future successes!

    ~ Adeel Sami

    • Thanks for your comment buddy
      Yes, Affiliate is a great path to take. Sponsored pays great but in the long run, affiliate is the mater 😉

      Hope you are set for a wonderful week

  14. Hi Enstine,

    Good post. This reminds me of the mistake I did earlier. I started affiliate review site few last month and did 3 sponsored post on a week. But I did not sign up for their affiliate program. Since the site was new, I got only $75 for those three posts. The article which I posted ranks 2nd and 5th on google for the products. If I have signed up for their program, I could have earned more.

    • Hey bro,
      You know the issue here is that most advertisers who pay for a post on your blog will not accept you use your affiliate link

      Have you come across such a case?

      • Hi Enstine,

        The mistake was mine. Shortage of funds for new project made me accept that offer. Anyways, it was a learning for me. I would never make the same mistake again.

        Waiting for your new project and hearty wishes for it to become successful.

        Have a great week ahead 🙂

  15. Wow! This is a very nice article, i think am going to start a blog for affiliate review, and thank you so much for sharing.

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