How to get dofollow backlinks for Google Page #1 easily!

Here is how to get dofollow backlinks. This simple dofollow backlinks building trick will help get your blog posts on Google page one easily and fast.

I have also found it to work very well to get my posts indexed by Google within 24 hours.

As a matter of fact, it’s not new under the sun. You might have been doing it before but I just want to add some spices to it so you can get better results.

NB: I have another method to get your post indexed by Google in less than 30 seconds. I will be telling you more about this simple method in the days ahead. So please sign up to my list so you don’t miss this post. In this post we are mainly focusing on how to get dofollow backlinks for more traffic from Google

You know what it means to be on Google page #1, and of course, position #1 for a targeted keyword. That means targeted traffic and possibly sales.

It’s the dream of every blogger and webmaster to occupy this coveted place on SERP for as long as possible. So let’s get to the point quick!

How to get dofollow backlinks with Blog Commenting!

Don’t freak out yet! There is something in this post. I know you have been commenting and have read a lot on blog commenting. this is not one of those common posts 😉

I know many bloggers advise against commenting for backlinks. They say you should comment for relationship building and not backlinks.

That’s beautiful! I do recommend using blog commenting as a relationship building tool. But note that it’s also a wonderful link building method that answers the question on how to get dofollow backlinks for Google Page #1

Most of my entries I see on Google page #1 these days with dofollow backlinks pointing to them are simply links from comments I leave on related blogs. So it’s possible to get to Google page #1 as a result of dofollow backlinks generated by blog commenting.

Building the foundation

For you to rank quick on Google page 1 with blog commenting, you have to start from the very basic point – Keyword. We know Keywords or key phrases are the first thing when it comes to ranking. You can write the best content and have the highest PR dofollow backlinks pointing to it. If no one ever searches, your content will never be found.

Keyword is the only key to discover your content. So you will be wrong to completely ignore it.

Before you optimize your content for any keyword, you have to mind its popularity and competition. I use LongTailPro and it’s what I recommend at the moment. Get the free version and try it out.

If a keyword has 1000 local monthly search with LOW competition, it’s a good point to begin with. However, you still have to be able to analyse the strength of the competitors who are already sitting on Google page 1. LongTailPro will help in that.

See, I prefer to optimize and quickly rank for a less popular keyword than try to compete blindly with stronger sites for a very popular keyword.

Let’s look at this logically…

If you have 100 articles on your blog, each targeting a keyword that gets  just 1000 local monthly searches, you’ll have a high possibility of getting traffic from search engines to your blog. That’s because your blog is targeting about 100 000 local monthly searches.

If you have just 30% of this traffic, that gives you 30 000 targeted monthly readers from search engine. This can already put good money in your pocket. What if you get just 10% ? It’s still big to make you money.

Blog commenting can help you get this by generating dofollow backlinks to your blog.

How to get dofollow backlinks to specific blog posts with blog commenting.

What we want to do is create dofollow backlinks to specific blog posts by commenting on other blogs. That means we are interested in blogs that have two main features;

  1. Must be in our niche.
  2. Must have CommentLuv.

I don’t know if there is any blog commenting system that can help us pull a list of links from our blogs while on other blogs apart from CommentLuv. This plugin is one top piece that helps its users get dofollow backlinks and rank in Google. Let me show you how it’s done.

When you are dropping a comment on CommentLuv enabled blog, it will automatically pull 15 articles from your blog (Your most recent 10 plus 5 favorite articles), that’s if you have the premium version of the plugin. This helps you chose which article on your blog to link back to.

dofollow backlinks

As you can see from the image above, I’m dropping a comment on Adriennesmith.net. Both Adrienne’s and my blog have commentLuv premium. So I have a list of articles I published on my blog. That makes it easy for me to chose one to link back to.

After publishing a new article on  my blog, it becomes fairly easy to create 10+ dofollow backlinks to it within the next 24 hours. That explains why my articles often get indexed so soon.

How to locate CommentLuv dofollow blogs in your niche

I know you are already thinking how is it possible to locate these dofollow blogs. Given the recent changes in the SEO industry, so many blogs have switched the nofollow tag on. That means they no longer offer the dofollow reward.

Truth is, there are still so many blogs offering the dofollow reward. Some reserve the reward for their active readers. That means you must have a certain number of approved comments to get the nofollow tag automatically removed.

That’s the case with my blog. You must have 15 approved comments on this blog to get the well desired dofollow backlink. I think Adrienne Smith has set that limit to 10. Find out from her!

NB: Before we see ways to find commentluv enabled dofollow blogs, I wrote about 6 blogs you can start commenting on right now. These are all dofollow commentluv blogs. Check the post here!

1 – Let’s try to locate CommentLuv enabled blogs. Go to Google.com and type this search query –

Your Keyword  “This blog uses Premium commentLuv”

how to get dofollow backlinksNB: Replace ‘Your Keyword’ with your keyword. That will help display blogs in your niche that have CommentLuv.

Another option is to simply search for “commentluv enabled blogs

NB: You can also see this list of 15 dofollow enabled blogs

Up to 60% OFF on commentluv Premium Unlimited Sites.

I got Andy, the creator of CommentLuv and he was kind enough to get this exclusive deal for my readers. He’s generated a unique discount code for the next 10 readers who want to take the chance and save up to 60% on CommentLuv Premium.

Hurry and be part of the 10 lucky readers of EnstineMuki.com

Go to CommentLuv Website. Coupon code is enstine60

2 – Let’s find out if a blog is nofollow or dofollow

There are several ways to know whether or not a blog is nofollow. While on the page, you can simply open the source code, locate any link on the comment section and find out if the rel=”nofollow” is present.

However, I love using this Chrome extention. It simply surrounds the link with dotted red lines if it’s nofollow. Well, those are the default settings. You can change that.

Here is a comment I left on Adrienne’s blog. This comment generated a dofollow backlink to the kinked article.

dofollow backlinks blogging

You notice the red dotted lines surrounding some links – Twitter and image links. This simply means those links are nofollow.

Those of you using firefox, you can download the Nofollow add-on here.

Are you still on the fence? Jump to the camp of the winners. Go grab your copy of CommentLuv Premium now!


Bloggers can simply figure it out if you are dropping comments for the sake of dofollow backlinks. For the most part, your comment will end up in the waste basket.

If you value the backlink, you must also add value to the post by dropping a comment with value. The more time you put in to read the articles and drop reasonable comments, the more dofollow backlinks you get.

Backlinks from Suspended blog

Some blogs have had issues with Search engines so Google got them removed from their database. Blogs that don’t get traffic from search engines will be of no help so you should not worry about how to get dofollow backlinks from such blogs.

Before I comment on any new blog for backlinks, there are a couple of things I check. First, I’ll copy the url of one of the articles on the home page and paste in Google. This will help me know if that blog is indexed. Look at this image of an article that was published less than 24 hours ago.

how to get dofollow backlinksThe next thing I try to find out is the blog’s Domain authority, Page authority using OpenSiteExplorer and Page Rank.

NB: There is an indicator to a site that might be hit by Google. If all the links on several pages on the site are dofollow, you have to be careful with it. I’m not asking you to run away from it. However, take a second, trying to figure out those dofollow external links.

Blog commenting for direct traffic!

One of the reasons blog commenting will ever remain exciting is direct  traffic. Beside the dofollow backlink SEO benefit, you constantly get direct traffic from the blogs you comment on.

If your comments are full of meat, you don’t only get traffic. It creates more relationships and grows your blogging community.

Checkout this article I wrote on hidden Blog Commenting Trick For Huge Traffic & Networking!

Blog commenting to make money

Recently, there have been opportunities online to comment on blogs and generate income. There is no rocket science in this. If you like the activity, you can just take it up a bit and start getting paid. Check out this post for details.

Speak Your mind!

Do you still worry about how to get dofollow backlinks?

I know you have been commenting on blogs. How many dofollow backlinks have you pointed to your different articles?

Do you think blog commenting will work for you to get these backlinks?

Let me hear you out in the comment box.

I’ll also be glad if you share this post on social media.

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mahir - July 12, 2017

I am new in blogging. I am searching for good article which is give me some extra knowledge.This is good article.Thank you

Rapture Godson - June 26, 2017

I have been finding white hat methods to build good do-follow links to my blog. Thanks for sharing me this strategy.

Sreejith - May 22, 2017

I think comment backlinks are really good for establishing the trust factor as well as gaining more traffic from the other blog.

Sreejith - May 22, 2017

Nice to read this article for making do-follow backlinks.
It’s really appreciable also to read these types of articles on your site.
I am always a big fan of your site

Yasar Ali - March 21, 2017

Hello Enstine,
Is it good for SEO to get backlinks from profiles of sites like theverge etc?
Yasar Ali recently posted…InPage 2000 Free Download (Original InPage Here)My Profile

Manoj - February 22, 2017

Great article. Everyone aims to rank top in Google search and your tips will help them a lot for the purpose. I will bookmark your post for future reference.

Thank you very much.
Manoj recently posted…33 Ultimate Tools to Manage Your Twitter AccountMy Profile

mohammad shahabaz - January 29, 2017

I’ve been doing this since months but to be honest, i didn’t care about dofollow links, my only aim was to leave comments on authority blogs with high traffic.

Although, it’s necessary to build dofollow links for better search engine rankings but i’m working on a different plan now and that’s social media marketing.

Bhanu - January 11, 2017

I think comment backlinks are really good for establishing the trust factor as well as gaining more traffic from the other blog.

I have myself formed some really cool relationships with other site owners just by leaving a comment on their blog.

Although, there are various other marketplaces which offer great backlink service.

For reference, I have attached the link along with this post.

Naman Kumar - December 10, 2016

Thanks a lot for such a great post. Dofollow links really help in getting on to the first page of Google. Linking building is not easy. But with the information you shared here, seems like I can build them easily.
Naman Kumar recently posted…The Invisible Man Novel Character SketchMy Profile

Narinder Kumar - November 7, 2016

Thankyou for sharing a great post its realy helpful to my blog. i am try to find blog comments sites for this tricks. its realy great tricks thanks for postitng it. please share continue for this type for tricks i really need it bcoz i am faces many problem to find a niche website with my blog.

Vijay - November 6, 2016

Dude, Just tell me one thing, why commentluv by default having no-follow link which we can’t set as our choice. Is there is also reason or plans to work in SEO. Well, CommentLuv is the best in website like on every new comment reply you’ll get a backlink of your own post that is at one position. Thus there are many reason to having commentluv plugin installed on your site.

Please Reply my question??

Vijay recently posted…Rock on 2 Full Movie Download HD 2016 Free MKV, MP4My Profile

Mansoor Bhanpurawala - November 1, 2016

Good Stuff but I am getting similar results in DropMyLink Webtool. It’s bit handy and easy to use. No need to remember the queries. Also getting quality links. Anyways thanks for finding this for us.
Mansoor Bhanpurawala recently posted…Blogging: 9 things nobody tells you regarding Blogging.My Profile

anish - October 20, 2016

awesome articale bro about dofollow baclinks can I buy baclinks at another site it can rank my site or not becoze I heard before that buying baclinks is a triky task..
anish recently posted…How To Format Write Protected Pen Drive Or SD CardMy Profile

Tarun - October 4, 2016

Hi Muki, how about dropmylink tool is it good to use for finding dofollow comments.
i am using this tool for now a days.
Tarun recently posted…Xiaomi Mi5 vs Mi 5s vs Mi 5s Plus [Detailed Comparison]My Profile

Kallol Parida - October 3, 2016

Good Stuff but I am getting similar results in DropMyLink Webtool. Its bit handy and easy to use. No need to remember the queries. Also getting quality links. Anyways thanks for find this for us.
Kallol Parida recently posted…How to Start a Blog Professionally – Even Kids Can BlogMy Profile

Minuca Elena - October 2, 2016

Hi Enstine,

I see you like blog commenting a lot. I always saw this strategy like a way of building relationships with other bloggers. Never thought that it can help me improve my rankings. Thanks for teaching me something new today!

By the way, when I added the link to my site here it automatically took my last post. What do I have to do to have the option of choosing the post that I want?

Minuca Elena recently posted…Learn To Earn Money Online from Atish RanjanMy Profile

Vijay Kumar - September 28, 2016

What a great post!!!
I love this blog because this blog encourage newbie bloggers like me.
I have a movies website. and I was purchasing backlinks for better search engine ranking, but after reading this post I really feel my big mistake.
thanks you so much for this great article!

Kamlesh - September 25, 2016

Hello Enstine,
This is really Good list but can you add some new sites in this list ??
And Thanks for giving us this useful information 🙂

Samee Ullah Feroz - September 25, 2016

Awesome tip. I also installed commentluv in my site and i got lot of traffic. Mostly queries are spam. but awesome traffic.
powerful linking tips you gave in this blog.
Samee Ullah Feroz recently posted…Tri Prong Nose Diamond StudMy Profile

Oge - September 15, 2016

This is the best way to get backlinks for a new blogger! Very useful for upcoming bloggers.

I was actually looking for the easiest way to get Do Follow Backlink from top blogs and this idea seems good and has solved my problem
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dak keraton - September 14, 2016

Hi.. Enstine Muki,
Good Article, Really I Like it. I never knew the power of do follow backlink not until I read this post. I will try all the things for my site. Thanks for sharing. Regards
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Vin Boris - September 6, 2016

Hii.. Enstine Muki
Thanks for sharing this is really informative post for getting knowledge perspective, you have done a great research work. It is very necessary to follow the instruction and creation of backlink is also important in seo for getting hike in Google searches.
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Shashank - September 4, 2016

thanks for sharing buddy. I always love to read these type of detailed guide and thanks for telling about getting some quality backlinks easily.

Sumit - August 26, 2016

Thanks for sharing valuable insights on link bilding Enstine. It is really helpful and great information. I liked the way the article has been written. It helped me to understand. Contact Number

sendy - August 22, 2016

Hello Estene
Thanks For Making This Great Post Sir. How To I M Incress My Website Domain Authority JMy Domain Authority Is So Low Plz Give Me Some Tips About Domain Authority.
Keep Posting Thanks U Verry Much Again.

Sakura Việt Nam - August 22, 2016

Hi Enstine,
Thanks for sharing these useful article! Besides commenting blog, are there any different way to get dofollow backlinks? Hope to see your reply soon.
Thanks in advance, Enstine!

Nagesh K Bansal - August 21, 2016

It is really helpful and great information. I liked the way the article has been presented. It helped me to understand. You rocked and it will help me to improve my SEO ranking. Thanks.

Hacker Zone - August 19, 2016

but blog comments are nofollow how they get us the link juice and what is their benfit if they can’t improve the seo and if their are dofollow comments how to find them is their any google dork for them or what please reply soon!

ajay - August 17, 2016

Hey Enstine,

I really loved reading your article about making dofollow backlinks, you’ve shared new & innovative ideas. I personally recommend making links from CommentLuv Enabled blogs, they will surely give you a backlink 🙂


Emmu Imtiyaz - August 15, 2016

Hi Enstine,
Great Information U R Rock!! Thanks For Making That Usfull Post. But I Dont Know Its Working On wapka. If U have any Trick For Wapka Then Plz Tall Me.

Thanh Khiet - August 13, 2016

Hi Enstine ,
I think blog commenting is the best way to get backlinks and aslo build relationships. You can add value to the posts along with getting a backlink with it on CommentLuv blogs.
And your articles are really value.
Thanks for sharing!
Keep up the good work 🙂
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Monazir Ansari - August 9, 2016

Hey Enstine! Loved your post, its great bro!!
Blog commenting is always been a master in the link building. Its understood tough to get dofollow website with high PR, unless someone help!

Okondo peter - August 9, 2016

Hello enstine I never knew the power of do follow backlink not until I read this post.
If am right, your blog also give dofollow backlink from comment made, what are the chances that your blog will not penalized by Google for giving this backlinks?

Aimal - August 8, 2016

Hey Enstine,

I really loved reading your article about making dofollow backlinks, you’ve shared new & innovative ideas. I personally recommend making links from CommentLuv Enabled blogs, they will surely give you a backlink 🙂


anthony - July 29, 2016

This is a very useful piece of information you get here. One thing i ignored when started blogging is keyword research and building backlink. I get to learn it the hard way when people will copy from my blog and outrank me on Google.

Thanks for this wonderful article. I first visited this blog via swisscoin url and have come to love this blog in a very short time.

gojekngesot - July 28, 2016

really very useful article,these days every new and experienced bloggers want to know how can we get Dofollow backlinks,and this is the best way to build backlinks through commenting,your tips and tricks are really very helpful…
thanks for your information

Manish dhanik - July 28, 2016

It is very useful & tricky way for getting do follow links for any website. Blog Commenting is a best way to getting backlinks from other website.
my website is Click Here

linda hale - July 26, 2016


I am pretty much convinced with your article, that allows me a perfect benefit for my blog posts.
It allows me to make Do-Follow backlinks for my blog posts.
Your website is way too good.
These commentluv enabled Do-Follow blogs posts are extremely useful for quality link building and i also use them for generating do follow back links for my sites.

megan sample - July 26, 2016

I was trying pretty much harder to build backlinks for my blog posts.
After a great hard work. I’ve found this to Do-Follow backlinks to my blog posts.
I am very much impressed with the theme of the site.
Very Useful Article
I’ve not heard about this earlier but now i am satisified for this site to build backlinks to my blog posts.

Saurabh Singh - July 25, 2016

Nice to read this article for making do-follow backlinks.
It’s really appreciable also to read these types of articles on your site.
I am from always a big fan of your site
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jennifer rock - July 24, 2016

It is a very nice and informative article to get quality backlinks.

I stared following manually creating backlink process i.e by commenting on other blogs and appreciating blogger’s credibility.
I started leaving my blog’s url on dofollow comments blog’s and on forums too. But this also made me worried sometimes.

So, please solve my query about spamming. Does it can be considered as spamming. Is commenting and leaving links of post on forums is spamming.

Josh - July 23, 2016

I Agree Blog Commenting is One of the Best Way to Get DoFollow Backlinks. I have made Many Links from Many High PR and Authority Blogs. For that I used Many FootPrints to Find Do follow Backlinks.
Josh recently posted…101 Cool Whatsapp Status in English – Best Whatsapp Status CollectionMy Profile

Himadri Saha - July 15, 2016

Hi, this is a wonderful post to get higher page rank in Google. To check Premium Comment Luv commenting blog, you can also use another site which is DropMyLink. This is an easy way to get the blogs in your niche which allows dofollow commenting.
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viki debbarma - July 14, 2016

Thanks alot sir for sharing such a great article it is so helpful and very effective to me. I am new to this profession so was very confused with my works now i can easily learned from your post…!

iphone user - July 13, 2016

Its been a year i’m working on my blog my blog doesn’t get more than 200 hundred views monthly . I am trying to get back links but it is not useful even I’m commenting on sites .
So please give me other suggestion .
iphone user recently posted…Terraria  latest version ipa file free download for iPhone.My Profile

Renee - July 12, 2016

I have posted many comments on blogs in my niche (beauty), but I was not aware of the dofollow link status of the premium CommentLuv enable blogs. This is a great piece of info, and I thank you for sharing it with us! Will definitely incorporate this into my strategies!

singuru gouri - July 11, 2016

Hello Enstine,
Once again google sent me to your site 🙂
blog commenting is a great idea but getting same niche blog is much harder.
if some body comment on different niche blog does it affect ranking?

dhanunjai - July 9, 2016

i think there is nothing wrong when we comment after reading the post and i dont think there is anything wrong when you get referred to your blog post when you post genuine comment.
dhanunjai recently posted…Rajamouli about his simhadri and BaahubaliMy Profile

Teddy Jones - July 6, 2016

Enstine I came across you blog as the second result when I did a search with the code this blog uses comment luv premium, from a video training by James Scholes. It is always good in my view to come across the same thing being taught by different persons from different perspectives. I learned some things from you which I didn’t from James. Thanks much for sharing with such clarity and authority.

james - July 5, 2016

commenting is the best way to get backlinks but how to know that the link is dofollow or nofollow. Thanks enstine for the article

Armande - July 3, 2016

Thank you for that useful post. I had been looking for commentluv blogs anyway. The trick is always that they should preferably be in my language too, Dutch. Would that still work with the keywords in Dutch, in an English blog?
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carter - July 3, 2016

Thanks for posting this interesting article. Really it’s working and help me a lot in building quality backlink for my website. So, once again thank a lot and keep sharing your knowledge.

Rasaq - July 1, 2016

This is a very useful piece of information you get here. One thing i ignored when started blogging is keyword research and building backlink. I get to learn it the hard way when people will copy from my blog and outrank me on Google.

Thanks for this wonderful article. I first visited this blog via swisscoin url and have come to love this blog in a very short time.

Hema - June 29, 2016

Hello all..
.its a nice article blog commenting and on SEO am handing some sites but i have pressure to take them into better page so may i get some better tips to improve it..actually am following some methods which already in use so i need some more methods just give me method name….
Thank you for sharing such a nice article

Shorab Shanto - June 29, 2016

your are done super job. its very much important and resourceful for SEO and Backlink buildings. i am highly appreciated you. Thanks for this useful and informative piece of post.
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Apthagowda - June 28, 2016

Wow. your article is so useful. You made it simple and easy to get do follow back-links. back-links are the essential part for websites to rank high in search engines. Thanks for the article pal.

Vailem - June 27, 2016

Hi Enstine,

I do not know how I missed this post in my Inbox. I ave been blogging from last one year and still not aware of that comment luv comment is do follow. :p But here Thanks If you’re not there then I won’t know it. 🙂 Here I have noticed caution which i like because some people keep commenting for just sake of backlink. I too delete comment daily which are just for backlink and don’t add value to comment.
Vailem recently posted…How to Create Multiple Youtube Channel with one Google Account ?My Profile

gracielahuff - June 27, 2016

Hi, This is really a great post. Thanks for this useful and informative piece of post. This will surely help in getting some high quality backlinks.

akshay rohida - June 26, 2016

Blog commenting is beneficial if it is done properly, dofollow backlinks gives a direct juice and helps to ranking. And the method which you shared to find the dofollow backlinks saved the 70% time, so i think this post is too much beneficial for all bloggers who seriously want to rank the blog

praneet thakur - June 23, 2016

Read up your whole post and never find such type of post it is a unique article Thanks for sharing it and going to work on it for making high quality backlinks and which will led me to first page of google search result
praneet thakur recently posted…Best Way to Find Blogs With CommentLuv and KeywordLuv PluginMy Profile

mahendra - June 20, 2016

I have read many article for the dofollow backlink keyword but found your post very understandable to me … like your post very much … in the beginning i just ignore the push notification from your website .. now i want to subscribe your blog for updates related to backlinks.. kindly provide a link for email subscription .
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Mark McKnight - June 19, 2016

Enstine, your blog has some amazing info on it. I’ve been following your posts for a few years now since I found your comments on Adrienne’s site. I can’t believe the growth you have gotten over the last couple of years. Your hard work is really paying off big time. Keep pumping out the great posts. Thanks. Mark.

    Enstine Muki - June 20, 2016

    Hi Mark,
    Thanks for those encouraging words buddy. I’m really fueled by them.

    I’m glad you broke the silence as we can now discuss 😉

    Sadly, Adrienne has left blogging but we still are strong pals. She’s been a serious help to me and I’ll always never forget it.

    So how was your weekend and how are you set for the new week?

      Mark McKnight - June 20, 2016

      That’s a shame about Adrienne. I hadn’t been over to her blog for a while, but it was on my to do list to catch up. I discovered a lot of fellow bloggers on there over the years.

      Weekend was good. Getting my teeth into a new niche going forward. Lots of writing planned over the next few months. I’m aiming to pump out 8 articles per month and Men’s Lifestyle.

      I hope to be back here more often over the next few months to keep in touch.
      Mark McKnight recently posted…Tongkat Ali Root ExtractMy Profile

Amyt Dev - June 18, 2016

I haven’t always used this no follow and do follow thing but now that I have learned more about it I think I will be tying it on a regular basis from now on. I have been thinking about leaving the other link too but now I know what would it cause. Thank you for the headsup.

Chanssat - June 13, 2016

You have a great website, nice work. ?

About this article … I was reading latest Adrienne’s article ‘about some Google update’ and she linked your website because you have some SEO tips which I still don’t know how to use them all but I will someday ?

Shorab Shanto - June 7, 2016

thank you for sharing such as wonderful articles about do follow links. As others have stated here, the default state of a hyperlink is doFollow. The only time it is not is when you specifically code it as noFollow.
Without any additional information, it would seem that you are potentially being misled or if your links are noFollow then that leads to even more questions as to why that is.

George Michuki - June 7, 2016

Sharing ideas is one way of moving the world forward. I have benefited in many ways by reading your ideas from this site and several others. Keep up.

Manju - June 7, 2016

I completely agree with you Bro!!
Leaving valuable comments on Commentluv enabled blogs is probably the most straightforward and powerful technique for increasing search engine rankings,promoting blog posts and creating relationship with fellow bloggers. Couple of months ago I shared this massive list of High Pagerank Dofollow commentluv blog list in my website.


Anyway Thanks for the tips for getting some quality traffic through blog commenting.

Have a great day ahead.

Achintam karmakar - June 5, 2016

Awww….Those were some cheeky idea…. especially the comment luv one…..the article was short but to the point
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Saeed Ashif Ahmed - June 5, 2016

Hi Enstine,
This is my second comment for this article. I would like to say “Thank You Very Much”.

After following this Article, I really got Improvement over SERP rank. You really Shared a Great Content.

Thanks once again.
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Piyush Golani - June 5, 2016


Thanks for sharing this topic.

I was really looking for it. + internal links were also useful.

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Vicky Mehra - June 4, 2016

Hello Enstine Muki, Your blog is very informative and very helpful. I enjoyed your blog due to your way of writing. and after reading your blog I tried your idea to find blog commenting site in my niche and it is working.

Sowjanya - June 4, 2016

Great post Enstine! Came to know the importance of have Commentluv. Earlier, I have tried backlinks with Dropmylink, that works great as well. You have provided a very valuable insight. Thanks again!

osama gohar - June 4, 2016

Do follow link are good for SEO .If they link to relevant content (in my opinion).comments Luv do provide an opportunity to get do follows for both relevant and irrelevant links but has still an SEO plus point of driving traffic.
osama gohar recently posted…Get Backlink From FacebookMy Profile

iqraarif - June 1, 2016

Enstine Muki Thanks very much for this complete guide.. i have to say here either use DropMyLink to look for do-follow blogs to comment on or install SEO Quake Extension & configure it to emphasize the no-follow links. Once installed, it will highlight the no-follow links for you. If it’s not highlighted, then this is a website or blog which deserves your time and a best comment. Happy Blogging 🙂
iqraarif recently posted…Virtual Environments: A Content Marketer’s Pipeline DreamMy Profile

Abhijith - June 1, 2016

What should be the ratio of nofollow and dofollow links? How many links should we build a day
Abhijith recently posted…The Easiest Ways To Type Malayalam In Any PlatformMy Profile

Abid khan - May 28, 2016

Hi Enstine
I landed up your blog through search engine. I was so woried about my blog’s ranking. Now i understand it to make do-follow backlink. Thanks for your informative post.

Hakeem Shah - May 26, 2016

I like Your Article

Ruby Rani - May 24, 2016

Hi Enstine Muki,

It is among those great articles which gives sound knowledge about the topic discussed. The backlinking with commentLUV is quite effective technique and very helpful to boost your website ranking to the top of the search engine results……thanks a lot for this section….

Noble - May 21, 2016

Great and very helpful article indeed. Thank for wrting the awsome post.I always read your posts and try follow your blogging techniques. Your posts are unique and full of information.

Hai Tran - May 20, 2016

I’m using drop my link website to locate blogs that use commentLuv. That’s a useful tool for that and not just commentLuv. It can find other kind of blogs too. And I believe that this is a smart way to get backlinks, and it has reasonable cost. Thanks for your article and the information that you provided.
Hai Tran recently posted…Quiz Funnels Review : Boost your business like crazyMy Profile

Saeed Ashif Ahmed - May 19, 2016

Hi Enstine Muki,

Thank you for this article, in fact now what the biggest problem I am facing is I do not know where I can find websites that I can put my backlinks.

And I do not have enough money to by some links also it seems the links we bought might be punished by google.

This is really a Smart way to get Backlinks. Blog Commenting seriously works great for Boosting Rank.

Eichie Abdul - May 13, 2016

This is a really smart way to get almost instant backlinks especially after you gotten maybe 10 posts approved. The way you broke it down successfully blogging becomes so easy to rank.
I really appreciate practical tips like the ones you share not just surface. Just by the side would you say ahrefs is better than opensiteexplorer?
Thanks looking forward to your response

Mukund Madhav - May 9, 2016

Blog commenting seriously works. I got 4 backlinks last month just by commenting. I didn’t knew about the google search trick to find blogs so thank you!

Rahul - May 6, 2016

Hey Enstine,

That was really an appreciative take from your end, buddy. I was so confused with how to create do-follow backlinks; never thought asking about this to Google will direct me to such a descriptive post from your end.

I still do have a query in mind– does high authority sites approve our genuine comments in most of the cases? I have had read a few articles regarding this online and ended up with mixed reviews. I would strongly appreciate if you can leave me your response on this.

I checked LongTail Pro, too. Excuse me that I couldn’t find out its free version. Did go for the trial version and I found the whole set up is quite interesting! Works like charm. Look forward to make use of it further.

Once again, thank you so much for sharing such a much recommended post.

I’ll be visiting you more often from now on, Enstine. Bookmarked.

Have a good day! Cheers. *smiles*

~ Rahul

vishal fulwani - May 4, 2016

Hi Enstine,
Nice share.
Blog commenting on commentluv enabled dofollow blogs is one of the best strategies to grab links and better rankings and also improve out Domain Authority 🙂 . You have explained it well.
Thanks for sharing
vishal fulwani recently posted…How to Recover Deleted Whatsapp MessagesMy Profile

Hemant Kumar Arya - May 1, 2016

Hey Enstine,
Thank you a big big time buddy! 
I was looking for something like this for so long. How came I have not seen this post yet?? You are in my bookmark now (y) Thank a million zillion trillion times!!
I have a question if you could give me an answer please?
Suppose I found broken links on any edu blog, now I should let the webmaster of that blog know that he got broken links? Or go to the broken links resource?
Thank You.. 🙂
Hemant Kumar Arya recently posted…Top 5 Ways to Create Quality Backlinks For Your Blog.My Profile

Akshat - April 28, 2016

And what if the blog i am commenting on is of other niche. Does this of commenting also adds value to backlinks or it is not worth? please reply
Akshat recently posted…Best Smartphones under 5000 Rs. with 3G/4G (Updated 2016)My Profile

Prashant arya - April 25, 2016

thanks Enstine muki the article was nice and i liked the article How to locate CommentLuv dofollow blogs in your niche and the cautions of it it really increased my knowledge about dofollow and backlinks.

kunal - April 25, 2016

Thanks Enstine for this informative guide on backlinking 🙂 You’ve helped me a lot!

vicky - April 23, 2016

Nice tips Dear but I want to ask you that how can i rank a Particular keyword in search engine ? Anyway Your web design looks awesome
vicky recently posted…Best Blogger Alternatives To Create Blogs in 2016My Profile

Marie Bennett - April 21, 2016

Enstine muki it’s very informative information.
Thank for share this article with everyone.

Akshat Verma - April 18, 2016

Hello Enstine Muki,

I want to know that Is commenting on intense debate enabled blogs worth or not? Does google index those intense debated backlinks and pass any value to it? Please reply and thanks in advance.
Akshat Verma recently posted…Google Gravity, Easter Eggs & Best Gravity Google TricksMy Profile

Sourav - April 17, 2016

Hi Enstine,

This article was written in 2015, so how valid is this today? I mean. I find very few blogs using the default WordPress commenting system today, even fewer with CommentLuv. Most of them are moving to Disqus or some other 3rd party systems.

So, how valuable is a Do-Follow link from the comments section nowadays?
Sourav recently posted…6 Questions To Ask Before You Start A BlogMy Profile

Zara - April 14, 2016

I just read your post and it sounds interesting. I have just added chrome extension to find out the dofollow and nofollow links. I really like your post
Zara recently posted…Free Download My Name Is Lucy Barton: by Elizabeth StroutMy Profile

Emebu - April 12, 2016

Hi Enstine,

Firstly, you have with this post explained that the major reason for commenting on other blogs should be to add value.

Secondly, blog commenting also help the commenter promote his/her blog and build links in an ethical way.

Equipped with this info, every blog commenter should have known what to do and how to go about doing it.

Thanks Muki!

Luqman - April 11, 2016

You have shared very handy post there. I have lot of need of it. Every blogger love it and must try to use them. You have always written according to my expectation. You really love to their audience.
Thanks for sharing!
Luqman recently posted…How To Do Free Keyword Research – Free Keywords Research ToolsMy Profile

Luqman - April 11, 2016

Really great article for someone who is running a blog. I recently started blogging and some of your tips seem to be very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

Akash Navi - April 8, 2016

Hi Enstine Sir,
I have recently started a niche website and I was
searching for the websites to create some quality
backlinks for it. And got the right method to
search for the Comment Luv blogs.

Thank you,
Akash Navi.

Narinder - April 8, 2016

I just read your post and it sounds interesting. I have just added chrome extension to find out the dofollow and nofollow links. I really like your post. Free Recharge

Gulsheer - April 5, 2016

Very nice information about the power of link building with blog commenting. I really appreciate your work.
Gulsheer recently posted…6 effective tips to ignite your creativity and increase successMy Profile

Emmanuel Uzoezie - April 3, 2016

Nice article on the power of blog commenting. I have just added the chromo extension you mentioned and now, I am able to detect dofollow and nofollow tags by the red dotted lines it provide to links.

I really appreciate you post and look forward to using blog commenting to increase traffic one of my main site.

Nice Job.
Emmanuel Uzoezie recently posted…IM Conversion Pro Review and BonusMy Profile

Merry - March 29, 2016

I just use a chrome plugin to find out do-follow and no-follow links from any site.

Nazish - March 22, 2016

Reading blogs is a great way to expand your knowledge and if dropping a useful comment to acknowledge the writers efforts can build relationships and back links, it’s a win-win for everyone

ajay - March 18, 2016

some of these tricks you revealed here were very rare, but you made it public here
ajay recently posted…PostBox v4.0.8 Setup + CrackMy Profile

Alan Rowse - March 17, 2016

Nice to read this article for making do-follow backlinks.
It’s really appreciable also to read these types of articles on your site.
I am from always a big fan of your site.
I applied this thing to many of my new blogs and getting unexpected results, which i want.
Again thanks for sharing this wonderful information sire.
Alan Rowse recently posted…10 Happy Mothers Day Cards Saying To Make Her Feel Blessed 🙂My Profile

Raman Gutyan - March 15, 2016

Thanks for this great article. I am a newbie when it comes to SEO and link building and your article has given me a way to start my SEO efforts.
Thank you for sharing these great tips.
Raman Gutyan recently posted…LG Launches K8 mid-Segment Android SmartPhoneMy Profile

Mansoor Bhanpurawala - March 11, 2016

Really that was nice post .i am searching for this only.

Rajni - March 7, 2016

You have shared really wonderful tips to get backlinks. I read about you many times on Facebook and see your links also.
Rajni recently posted…Zimbabwe VS Hong Kong Prediction 1st Match March 8-T20 World Cup 2016My Profile

Hesham Saad - March 7, 2016

Dear Admin,
Thank You for your useful post.
I’m new in digital marketing and I’m searching more for how to get dofollow backlinks until I found your really good post that I have interested it.

Thank You
Hesham Saad

Stefan - March 7, 2016

I don’t understand. Is this feature broken or are this links being ignored by the crawlers now?

I have commented on a lot of different blogs over the last weks, gotten moren than the required number of necessary comments for follow-links with key words approved but still cannot find a single backlink neither via Google, Bing, Semrush, MOZ, seoprofiler, http://www.seo-backlink-tools.de/ etc.

What gives?
Stefan recently posted…Mango-Vanille-ShakeMy Profile

Nitin Singh - March 7, 2016

Nice article. I will try on my new blog too. I hope these do-follow backlinks will help me to rank my blog.
Nitin Singh recently posted…Types of Business OrganizationMy Profile

Rahul Sharma - March 5, 2016

Dofollow backlinks are essential for any blog. You have mentioned some great search strings to find Commentluv blogs. Currently I am using Dropmylink to find dofollow backlinks.

Thanks for this helpful guide.

Stefan - February 24, 2016

Hey Enstine,

you promised to write about this at the beginning of this post

“NB: I have another method to get your post indexed by Google in less than 30 seconds.”

but I could not find it. Did you forget about us or am I just blind? 😉
Stefan recently posted…Eiweiß shake – Warum ich damit einfach abnehmeMy Profile

mishalkhan - February 23, 2016

its all are amazing tips for tips for dofollow links. i really likes your post. i love your post. thanks for shearing us.

Andres - February 22, 2016

I just found your blog and I didnt know about this tipe of comments. thanks for sharing. I will start searching CoomentLuv blogs.
Andres recently posted…Minicurso de Blogging en 6 días, totalmente GratisMy Profile

Stefan - February 19, 2016

Hi Enstine,

I came across this technique only yesterday and started using it, delivering value to the posts which I have commented on.

What would you say, how long does it take for Google to reflect this in the SERP’s? Days, weeks?

Stefan recently posted…Eiweiß shake – Warum ich damit einfach abnehmeMy Profile

    Enstine Muki - February 19, 2016

    Hi Stefan,
    Good to see you here buddy 😉

    The time it takes often depends on the blog you are trying to rank and the blog on which you comment. The keyword competition strength too is a strong factor.

    Generally, for long tail keywords with less competition, the result can be really quick

Arpit Arora - February 17, 2016

I was in searching of Dofollow links. Really i only got it here. Thanks for post buddy. I like this post very much. Its very Informative. your way of explaining is awesome.

Claire Greenhow - February 16, 2016

Reading blogs is a great way to expand your knowledge and if dropping a useful comment to acknowledge the writers efforts can build relationships and back links, it’s a win-win for everyone 🙂

Abhishek Jain - February 16, 2016

This is an awesome idea to get quality backlinks Enstine. Relationship building is what we should focus on as you say. It will give us long term permanent benefit.
Abhishek Jain recently posted…150+ Free High PR Do Follow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2016My Profile

Mansoor Bhanpurawala - February 16, 2016

We all know getting do follow links is hard but when you do get it, its highly valuable.

Nishadha - February 12, 2016

Going after long tail keywords is a great strategy, especially in the beginning when you’re trying to get the hang of things. You might want to look at your promoted content though. Not that I mind pretty girls, but some might find them offensive and totally not relevant to the blog.
Nishadha recently posted…SWOT Analysis Templates to Download, Print or Modify OnlineMy Profile

Bryan Milwood - February 11, 2016

Getting do follow links is hard but when you do get it, its highly valuable.

Bright Joe - February 8, 2016

Hello Enstine,
It’s my second time commenting on your blog. Basically, after the first day I found your blog, I was impressed with the content you’re posting.
Keep up the good work!

Roger - February 7, 2016

Thanks for this great post. I am a newbie when it comes to SEO and linkbuilding and your post has given me a direction to start my SEO efforts. Thanks for sharing these great tips.

Quamarul Islam Manna - February 7, 2016

I always use Put My Link service to find dofollow CommentLuv blogs. I’m using this service and getting the good result.
Quamarul Islam Manna recently posted…5 Effective Tips to Write a Guest PostMy Profile

Sumit Thakur - February 4, 2016

When ever I come to your blog, I always find something new. And these methods help a lot in ranking my blogs..You doing a great job Enstine Sir 🙂

Sophia - February 1, 2016

Your great post helped me solve my problem. I have to search many blogs to find dofollow backlinks. However, it wasted me a lot of time and the result was not as expected. I definitely try your tips soon. Thanks for sharing with us.

Harry Goyal - January 30, 2016

It is really a awesome post as i was looking for that thanks i will try these steps 🙂
Harry Goyal recently posted…How To Index Posts Fast On Search EnginesMy Profile

korex - January 26, 2016

Every blog post was a hit back to back from blogging tips to traffic tips.
Enstime is the man.

Tuwan - January 12, 2016

Regarding commentluv plugin is it much effective like before ??.

Emina - January 3, 2016

Google do not allow DOFOLLOW links anymore on G+ profiles – and they haven’t for over a year. So your #1 tactic is way way out of date.

karamath - December 27, 2015

Really this article is awesome for backlinks and to get traffic on site iam satisfied thanks.

Mukul Chugh - December 20, 2015

Such an awesome article. Thanks buddy.. 🙂

ruby - December 18, 2015

i was buying backlinks and directory submission to get google first page ranking on fiverr and seoclerks but didnot succeed at all finally i found this person and my site is on google first page form my 7 keywords GUARANTEED GOOGLE FIRST PAGE PROMOTION

Naman Kumar - December 3, 2015

Great Post! Will try.
Will share the content in circle.
Keep in touch!
Happy Blogging!

sneha - November 29, 2015

🙂 sounds great.. 🙂
sneha recently posted…Best Very Special Happy New Year 2016 Images QuotesMy Profile

Nguyễn Văn Hợi - November 28, 2015

Thanks Pro for sharing this. I am doing SEO one website about Real Estate and I need your advices.

malihakhan - November 23, 2015

backlinks are the main to rank your site.it was a great inforamtion which you shared about backlinks .it helped me alot to bought up my site plz share more about backlink.thanks yor post helped alot
malihakhan recently posted…Jetbrains Phpstorm 8 License Key & Crack Free DownloadMy Profile

Avtar singh - November 23, 2015

I’m strugling to rank my website in Search engine.Here i found really valuable information to rank my website.I found various types of strategies to build backlinks .Thats really awesome stuff!!

Yogesh - November 21, 2015

Hey Enstine,
I enjoyed reading the post but there is a problem now.
This method is now spammed to death. All the good blogs now have 100’s of comments and getting a backlink from a page having 100’s of external links isn’t very good. The link juice is already divided.
Will be looking forward to read a new tutorial like this.
Yogesh recently posted…GTA San Andreas – A Game that Stole HeartsMy Profile

Amit Rockz - November 18, 2015

Hey Enstine,

Finding the right website with good and useful contents when you are searching for some real information is very difficult. Mainly when you are looking for link building on high reputed website. You have helped with the tip that will help us to find niche related comment enable website.. and this is what most of the people look for.. thanks for sharing this tick. I am surely going to use if now..
Amit Rockz recently posted…Happy Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend with imagesMy Profile

MRH Abu - November 17, 2015

Thanks for your awesome post. It’s really good tips to get dofollow backlinks for my website. I just want to know a little things that is, can I do some backlinks using response way? Is it harmful for my site? please, reply if possible….
MRH Abu recently posted…JSC Result 2015My Profile

Soumen Siddhanta - November 17, 2015

Hi Enstine ,
very good article on dofollow backlinks. One thing I would like to share ………..
If you are utilizing the Firefox web browser, you can download and set up a plugin that will highlight the NoFollow and DoFollow links on any provided web page. This will assist you to find websites that permit DoFollow backlinks. Simply visit the Firefox website and search for a DoFollow plugin. Download, set up and activate it under the tools menu. It brighten the various kinds of links in various colors.
Soumen Siddhanta recently posted…How To Reduce Your Bounce Rate?My Profile

anoref - November 16, 2015

I am always looking for dofollow backlinks to my blog. you explain in detail and it makes my knowledge increases. Thank you enstine.

MS Qureshi - November 12, 2015

Hi Enstine Muki,

Commenting here for the first time. I must say you are an amazing master mind. Really it was a pleasure to read such a Great Article. Backlinks to a website is such an interesting topic. I would love to get more tricks as this one. Although, this comment is for relationship building, not one to fetch a backlink. Just kidding. Keep the good work going buddy 🙂
MS Qureshi recently posted…120+ Amazing Whatsapp Profile PictureMy Profile

anwar - November 10, 2015

No doubt that you have given a good direction. Actually most of the new bloggers like me don’t get the right direction at the beginning to create do-follow effective backlink. But you have cleared that points really well. Comment mean not to spam, but comments means learning with evaluation.

Thanks again. Best of luck
anwar recently posted…Probashi Kallyan Bank Job Circular-2015 (PKB)My Profile

Yogesh - November 9, 2015

Hey Enstine!
Thanks for this amazing share. I liked the trick when you used Google Search Queries to find out the gold mine. That’s something new and very helpful.
Hope to see more such tricks soon.
Also, I would like to share a tool to find such blogs. Its dropmylink(dot)com
Found it after reading through this post.
Yogesh recently posted…Battlefield Hardline Crack OnlyMy Profile

Kanayo - November 5, 2015

You say above: “it will automatically pull 15 articles from your blog (Your most recent 10 plus 5 favorite articles), that’s if you have the premium version of the plugin.”

What happens if you don’t have commentluv premium, (or normal version?) on your blog? Does this method still apply? i.e after 3 or 5 or whatever number of approved comments on a blog, does your next comment (link) become a dofollow, if you don’t have commentluv on your blog?

Jack Seen - November 4, 2015

That is what i searching for. Get all do follow backlinks by using the above mention techniques. Highly helpful for me and i recommend these techniques to my team members to find the best quality backlinks for there sites. A very nice sharing and helpful article. Many thanks.

Zara - November 3, 2015

You can make your own blog with articles that contain dofollow backlinks to your main site. This takes a bit of time as you must sign-up and write content every time but does give you a valuable backlink.
Zara recently posted…Cultivating “big data” and “advanced analytics” to widen procurement window of opportunity throughout the supply chainMy Profile

akash - November 2, 2015

my all doubts about dofollow backlinks are sloved because of you also i learned how to make backlinks from CommentLuv, really Enstine Muki thank you so much, very helpful guide.
akash recently posted…25 Blogging Mistakes to avoid infographicMy Profile

Lisa James - October 25, 2015

Blog comments are yet an additional place to get backlinks. To make sure that your comment gets approved, read the complete post and write a related blog comment before you add any links to your blog.

sophiarose - October 21, 2015

How good backlink from document sharing? a lot of people are scared of using this technique but it gives you some high quality backlinks because several of these sites are trusted by Google and some other search engines and links from the majority document sharing sites are also do-follow.

Surendra - October 20, 2015

Thanks Brother nice information regarding to CommentLuv. It is valuable sharing to reader that can be take advantage After read it. I am very glade to you I did read your article to get nice information.
Thanks again.

Rickie - October 20, 2015

Well, thanks for the help Enstine. It will help me find new sources to create backlinks for my site. Cheers.

jahid - October 19, 2015

Thanks for the tips, especially, for your words, “This blog uses premium commentLuv”. I love to find a strategy that enabled the LUV blog ..

jahid - October 19, 2015

I know many bloggers advise against commenting for back links. They say you should comment for relationship building and not back links.Thanks for the tips, especially, for your words, “This blog uses premium commentLuv”. I love to find a strategy that enabled the LUV blog ..

muteeb - October 16, 2015

hi enstine,
thanks for the tips, specially for Your Keyword “This blog uses Premium commentLuv” this. i love this trick to find comment luv enabled blog.

Rahul Yadav - October 13, 2015

Thank’s for sharing,
Nofollow or doffolow links is good for seo, but dofollow backlink still the best
Rahul Yadav recently posted…150+ Funny Whatsapp DP, Wallpaper, Images, Profile Pics, Quotes And WishesMy Profile

pratik - October 12, 2015

thankyou for sharing this article Enstine…..just discovered the power of comment love will surely use it
pratik recently posted…Love Shayari | All heart touching love shayarisMy Profile

jak usunac - October 10, 2015

thanks for advice, CommentLuv, One of the best for blog commenting
jak usunac recently posted…Dysk jest zabezpieczony przed zapisemMy Profile

Nitin - October 4, 2015

Hello Enstine

You have shared a great article for newbie bloggers to list their blog on 1st page of Google. Most of the newbie bloggers, loose their interest when they don’t get enough response from their blog. Every newbie blogger should read this article to grow their blog.

I will surely share this article with my friends and blogging mates to help them grow their blog.

Thanks for sharing and helping

Smachizo - October 2, 2015

Hi Enstine,
Thanks for your nice tutorial and for this backlink.
Keep it up

Rekhilesh Adiyeri - October 2, 2015

That’s nice, let me try to use this footprint. By the way i hope your site is also uses comment luv premium. 🙂
Rekhilesh Adiyeri recently posted…2 Ways to Produce Your Very Own Digital Product In Less Than a Day – PART 2My Profile

Rj - September 29, 2015

Hi Einstien..
This is really nice post..This really helps to improving site ranking…
Rj recently posted…Bangalore University BA, B.Sc, BCA, B.Com 2nd, 4th, 6th Sem Exam Results 2015 Manabadi.comMy Profile

kendin yap - September 29, 2015

hey enstine. thank you very much for showing the right way in order to make do follow backlinks.

This is really an ideal way to get the backlinks. For that reason, every website should have a good number of no-follow backlinks with do-follow thinks. I always get only search engine traffic.

Nicole Pary - September 28, 2015

Hey Enstine,
CommentLuv, One of the best for blog commenting, where also to connecting or interaction of Newbie or another people to get Dofollow Links.
Thanks for shared and great effort or also shared to my friend to show this article. Thumb’s up.. 🙂
Nicole Pary recently posted…What’s New in SHAREit 3.0 app? Latest Version DownloadMy Profile

sneha - September 24, 2015

Hi Enstine Sir,

I am glad to know that “Do follow links” helps to get higher post rank in search engine and Comment Luv is one of the way by using it we can create do follow link. I am using it on my blog already but I didn’t have idea how it helped us. Thanks to you for clearing the idea between no follow and do follow link.You have wonderful blog and I love to read your blog posts. You have shared wonderful trick for Google page 1 ranking. Commenting on Commentluv blogs is wonderful idea for the sake of backlinks. 🙂 Thanks buddy.. 🙂

Vamsi - September 24, 2015

Hi Enstine,

Wonderful post. Gonna blog about this and compile a list of CommentLuv premium blogs. Your blog will be on top for sure, for inspiring me to write about it. Thanks buddy!

Utsav - September 23, 2015

Hi Enstine

This ultimate guide to blog commenting is really very very helpful .
But i still have a doubt. I am getting good no. of approved comments but still failed to rank on google for any keyword. Is their any technique to know how much comments or how much backlinks should we made for each post to rank on google ?

I had tried to rank for many keywords with low competition keywords too. But not getting success.

Please give me some tips regarding this..


Ethan - September 21, 2015

I also using one of the commenting method for seo link building. Thanks for sharing other methods.

sayan pal - September 20, 2015

It is a awesome post. You are absolutely right every website owners and blog owners need high quality free dofollow back links for better ranking in google and other top search engines. Guest posting in a blog is a nice way to get dofollow backlinks.

Best regards
sayan pal recently posted…How to get back links from Commentluv enabled blogs?My Profile

Areesha Noor - September 18, 2015

Hi Enstine ,
You are right, Blog commenting is very great way to get direct traffic as well as backlinks, I always prefer those blog that have comment Luv enabled blog.

Sir I have entertainment Niche like Birthday Wishes, Anniversary Wishes Messages. Can I use comment Luv Premium plugin. Actually I am failed to get direct traffic.

I comment on various blogs but no one visit my blog because I have entertainment niche and this niche is not useful for learner blogger.
I always get only search engine traffic. Please guide me sir/

Areesha Noor!
Areesha Noor recently posted…Happy New Year Wishes 2016My Profile

David - September 18, 2015

And my experienced tip is .. always brand your comments ! It drives lot of traffic to your blog. And don’t comment like a robot or something.. be involved in the topic.
Cheers 🙂

Kabir Khan - September 15, 2015

Hi Enstine ,
I think blog commenting is the best way to build relationships and also get backlinks with it. You can add value to the posts along with getting a backlink with it on CommentLuv blogs.

aisha - September 15, 2015

hi! first time see your site, it’s true amazing.your are a skilled blogger.i really respect you.great job.I tell you. I always prefer dofollow backlinks.really amazing article I love it. I like in this information.I really likeBlog commenting on commentluv enabled dofollow blogs because is one of the best strategies to grab links and better rankings. truly impressive man. I really love dofollow backlink.so thanks for sharing man for giving me big opportunity to see your informative article.really very useful and helpful.
aisha recently posted…Any Video Converter 5.8.3 Free Download For All WindowsMy Profile

Ruben - September 14, 2015

Do you think I had to add more backlinks to my website from the same directory? Or, what is the limit useful?

Khagesh Darji - September 14, 2015

Hey Enstine,
One more awesome article with highly valuable information by you. From long time I’m searching about how to get Do-Follow links for my website and after reading this post, my search has come to an end. This post is going to help many newbies of SEO field.
Bookmarked your wedsite for future assistance.
Thank you so much for sharing and for all the effort of yours.
Khagesh Darji recently posted…[Android Game] Into the Dead PC download for FreeMy Profile

Shahidul Rakib - September 10, 2015

Thank you very much for showing the right way in order to make do follow backlinks. This is really an ideal way to get the backlinks. But, you did not mention that 100% do follow links are not good for the websites too. For that reason, every website should have a good number of no-follow backlinks with do-follow thinks

kuldeep - September 10, 2015

Hi Enstine,
Nice share.
Blog commenting on commentluv enabled dofollow blogs is one of the best strategies to grab links and better rankings. You have explained it well.
Thanks for sharing 🙂
kuldeep recently posted…Top 6 Best Role Playing Games for AndroidMy Profile

Rahul Zajari - September 9, 2015

Yes sir it’s true that we have to do comment on other blogs for relation building not for Backlink building. Because if we made a perfect relationship with the other blogger then we will get automatic quality inbound links from them by showing towards them thank you again for great post.


Yogendra - September 9, 2015

I always prefer commentluv dofollow blogs for link building and brand marketing. Thank you for sharing your experience.

Kate - September 9, 2015

Thank you for sharing such a nice article. I followed your blog to learn SEO. Hope for good.

Mary Bella - September 9, 2015

Hey Enstine,
An impressive and interesting information about DoFollw Links and most beneficial for Beginner’s.
May I asking a question for you that Today I’m making Backlinks, than NoFollow links are increasing in day by day, but DoFollow are constant, So website is not be ranked and traffic is not being growth as well.
Thanks for sharing and great effort or enjoyed to reading this article. Thumb’s up.. 🙂
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gopal - September 8, 2015

this post has helped me out to understand much more about the commentluv Dofollow linking
thnx a lot….:)

Alize Camp - September 8, 2015

If the keyword with very low competition, then you can easy to rank with a few dofollow backlinks. But I have seen a lot of low competition keyword but the competitors have a very strong backlink profile. In this case, you need a lot of backlinks to get to #1.

Nikhil - September 8, 2015

Hi Enstine,
yes we cannot avoid the power of commentluv Dofollow blog. I have question in my mind. IS there any difference in commentluv premium dofollow and the free commentluv plugin dofollow?

is there some other benefits other than the post choice????

Looking forward to have answer of these questions.

Have a great life.


Karan Bhagat - September 8, 2015

Hey Enstine,

It is becoming my habit to comment on your site.

Here in this comment I would like to mention 2 things :

1. Like you said many bloggers are against commenting for backlinks, absolutely right, many of them do say this but many of them are just liars too. Although this is the industry where making relations is really very important and they should be made but why to tell half truth, if you don’t care about backlinks then why do you put your website link in the website column box ? This is the question those so called community building guides should be asked.
Some say like do not blog for money, blog for helping others. Ask them if they believe in that thing that much seriously then why we see ads on whole of their sites ? They say the truth but only half, helping and providing knowledge is what our motto is but don’t fool them by saying we blog to help ONLY. Admit it, it is your bread and butter.

2. You mentioned a way to find comment luv enabled sites i.e using google search. One thing I would like to add up here is another working method which I have tried personally and i.e dropmylink.com . You may be knowing about that. It saves our time and energy and you know what I am writing this comment on your site by my mobile phone and side by side I just found a page rank 4 comment luv enabled website to comment via drop my link. I would request you to visit that site and have a look at it. If you like it then please add it to you article for your loyal readers.

Best Regards,
Karan Bhagat
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MINHAJ UDDIN - September 8, 2015

Hi Enstine,
Definitely a great article you shared with us. Yes, it is a good idea to check Dofollow or Nofollow before comment. Thanks for sharing Chrome plugin.
And getting good rank on the SERPs dofollow link matters.

You covered that with good example.

Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing this useful post with us.
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Sharad Gupta - September 8, 2015

Nice posts again Enstine.

Blog commenting and do follow links are really having interesting relation .
You simply get referral traffic from these links and the value of these powerful back links contributes much in SERP.

Mohinder Verma - September 8, 2015

Hi Enstine, it is good to know about the secret of getting dofollows with our comments. I am commenting but today I feel the need and importance of dofollow link.

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post to make others aware about nofollow and dofollow links.

Mohinder Paul Verma
BloggingFunda – A Community of Bloggers

kevin - September 8, 2015

Hi Enstine

This was nice post. But we will much familiar more once you post a case study on link building strategy.

Sherman Smith - September 8, 2015

Hey Enstine,

This is another great post that I missed. But I do have to say that it was of commenting that I got over a couple of humps.

And yes I had a plan to focus more on dofollow blogs and blogs that had a 100K Alexa rating or lower. It was through the consistency of commenting on these types of blog that enable me to generate more traffic from search engines and referral traffic.

You can’t go wrong with this strategy! Thanks for reshaping this Enstine!
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Pawan Kumar - September 7, 2015

Hey Enstine, This trick is old but still works great. For most of us, who are not having resources and team to build quality dofollow links, this is a life savior..
Thanks for sharing this information clearly as it will help many newbies. 🙂
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subha - February 6, 2015

hi Enstine,
You have wonderful blog and I love to read your blog posts. You have shared wonderful trick for Google page 1 ranking. Commenting on Commentluv blogs is wonderful idea for the sake of backlinks.
What About using dropmylink.com for searching commentluv enabled blogs?

Fabhres Holidays - February 5, 2015

Hey blogger,
Commenting on the blogs really helps a lot. The whole back linking view have been revolutionized from the intent of the comment Luv.
The key to success with this is to provide quality feedback, and avoid websites with less ranking.

Thanks for sharing this valuable blog post with us all.

Arpit Roy - February 5, 2015

Hi Enstine,

With this post, you not only explain that the main motive behind blog commenting should be to add value, but also how you can promote your blog and build links in an ethical way. I loved reading the post and will certainly try to follow it.

Will get back to you with the results which I am sure will be positive. Keep rocking 🙂

Sylvia - February 4, 2015

I just read your comment on MakeaLivingWriting.com and found this article. What an eye opener! Thank you for the tremendous amount of detail. I try to always leave comments on blogs that are truly helpful. But now I will make it a point to find commentluv enabled blogs per your tips here. Thank you!

    Enstine Muki - February 4, 2015

    Hey Sylvia,
    I appreciate you stepping over here to read and drop a comment.
    CommentLuv is great at generating backlinks. Unfortunately, my copy is broke but I’ll be looking into the issue.

    Let’s keep in touch Sylvia

Ahmad Fahrurroji - February 4, 2015

Hi Enstine,
Using CommentLuv in blog commenting is like that we also get a gift (backlink) from that site freely.

Thanks for a nice tips.

Ernest - November 6, 2014

I have searched on how to know dofollow and nofollow blog for a long time, but reading this post today on your blog explains all I need to know.

Thanks for sharing.

Madan ojha - November 5, 2014

Hi Enstine sir,really very useful article,these days every new and experienced bloggers want to know how can we get Dofollow backlinks,and this is the best way to build backlinks through commenting,your tips and tricks are really very helpful…
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mohd arif - November 4, 2014

Hi sir,
today when i shared my latest post on facebook, recently i saw your post then i visit on your post and read very carefully, after complete read process i feel great because recently get seo link building tips, trually awesome post for every newbie beginner.
thanks for sharing great seo content..

Rahul - September 9, 2014

NICE! I never thought a dofollow blog can be tracked so easily. I used to visit many blog and lokking for comment love dofollow blog. But your tips make it easier than ever. thanx for sharing

Sayyed Shahbaz Ali - September 2, 2014

I was looking everywhere for what is blog commenting in SEO and finally got my answer here.

I’ll surely try to see if i can even manage to be in the first 2 pages of Google by getting some quality dofollow backlinks.

Thank you for sharing the trick btw.

Haider Ali - August 31, 2014

Being a Noob i have read a lot of articles on link building and also have write my own articles on link building.But today i read some thing spicy.You have really cleared my idea what backlinks are better for and I was too worried about building links in comments!
Now I got the real meaning of building do follow backlinks 🙂
Thanks Sir 🙂

Divyansh Peswani - August 29, 2014

Enstine bro, after this post, you’ve left my mouth opened!!!

The falls of wonder are coming out of this post! Your trick to get blog ranked on the top of Search Engines is quite easy and effective too!!! I just felt loved it!

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Sagor - August 26, 2014

NICE! I never thought a dofollow blog can be tracked so easily. I used to visit many blog and lokking for comment love dofollow blog. But your tips make it easier than ever.
Thanks for the tip
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Anchit Shethia - August 24, 2014

I would recommend using SEOQuake Chrome plugin. This way you can get site stats on Google search results and there would be no need to check each link in opensiteexplorer. Its pretty helpful for me 🙂

ojana ami - August 18, 2014

CommentLuv is awesome for both visitors and Bloggers because when people see that this blog uses CommentLuv they are like bound to leave a good comment and bloggers get the satisfaction that their blog content is being read, liked or unliked

Elina Jones - August 16, 2014

Really impressive article about getting dofollow backlink from blog commenting. My question is in your comments section below commentluv post also showing nofollow, is that really helpful. thanks for this useful information friend.

    Enstine Muki - August 16, 2014

    Hi Elina, by the time you leave 15 comments here, you will get dofollow there
    Thanks for reading and asking. Do have a wonderful weekend

Swapnadip Chakraborty - August 11, 2014

Hi Enstine Sir,

I am glad to know that “Do follow links” helps to get higher post rank in search engine and Comment Luv is one of the way by using it we can create do follow link. I am using it on my blog already but I didn’t have idea how it helped us. Thanks to you for clearing the idea between no follow and do follow link.


Adesanmi Adedotun - August 8, 2014

Bloggers now seem to have outsmart Google in some aspect of Google panda update, just in the like of attributing Doffolow backlinks to reader when they have certain number of comment on your blog, Superb tactis

Norbert - August 8, 2014

Hello Enstine,

I like that your sharing very practical tips. I am using this strategy to build some links to my niche site.

So far I’ve found a bunch of commentluv enabled blogs that I’m commenting on. My strategy is to leave some meaningful and relevant comments. Hope it helps.

Cheers man!

Anshul Mathur - August 7, 2014

Nice post Enstine.
I visit your blog daily for reading articles and to check out whether there is new article or not.
By reading your articles my blog is raised any now I am making few bucks with it.

Lawrence - August 5, 2014

This wonderful post has really add value to my blogging experience
I am definitely becoming an addict to your style of writing and presentation
You are now my mentor men
Nice Work…
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Noorein - August 5, 2014

Hi, I just love the entire post and beautiful collection of. And I make sure to visit your site often..

Adi - August 5, 2014

Blog commenting is a great source of getting traffic …i highly agree with you. I never do it for the purpose of getting a backlink only, I do it because I love to participate in a discussion ..be it youtube, facebook comments or blog comment. I learned quite a few things about SEO from blog comment only.

Kelsey - August 4, 2014

Not only is blog commenting a great way to build backlinks, it’s also a great way to build relationships with other bloggers. I became friends with other bloggers this way!
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Sandeep patel - August 4, 2014


Recently one of my friend told me about this post I thought he might be joking.As he has sent me a link i checked the post and applied the ideas in the post right away and the results are simply mind blowing. I am now ranking one of my money site for some really medium competition keywords without any worries.

Once again thanks a lot for this wonderful guide. Hope to see new guides like this one.

Rohit Jalmi - August 4, 2014


I think that is very useful information to me I’ll follow your tips. Thanks for DoFollw Backlinks..this could might be benefits for me in order to improve SEO on my Blog..
Thank you

Mohd Arif Khan - August 1, 2014

Hey Enstine,
Really nice post!1
This is my first visit to your blog. But now i’m going to be a a regular visitor to this blog. 🙂 . I found so much to read and gain knowledge here.
Thank you

Xelina - August 1, 2014

I don’t really focus much on dofollow sites. I don’t mind commenting on nofollow sites so long as the blog is interesting. Also, it would be pretty much unusual for Google to find thousands of dofollow backlinks in your profile compared to nofollow ones. Don’t you think? But, the thing is that most dofollow sites are quality sites so you can be assure you’re leaving your link on the right place.
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Saman - July 26, 2014

I don’t mind being dofollow or not in commenting. But, to be honest I prefer commentluv enabled blogs. But the important thing for me is the direct traffic that I get from a blog. The important thing is to never spam and make reputation commenting by posting valuable comments.
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Naveen Verma - July 25, 2014

Thanks a lot for the tips i will try these tricks on my website too. hopes they turn out to be great for me. Happy blogging!

Mousumi Banerjee - July 23, 2014

Great article Enstine. I have a site http://www.onlinemoneymine.com and I am trying to increase strong backlinks. I will commit your points to mind and hopefully things will improve. By the way you’re right SEO is getting scarier by the day. Damned if we do damned if we dont.
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Tanya - July 21, 2014

Thanks for this information really very helpful and amazing guide for dofollow backlinks
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Abdu - July 20, 2014

You are right.Creating backlinks is one of the best way to index in Google.Though we must be careful about the Google Penality as it will vanish our hard work in fraction of second.

Instead of creating all backlinks from dofollow blogs, better to do it randomly to make it natural looking

Thanks for the article

    Akshit Wadhwa - July 21, 2014

    Yes Adbu You are Right i m Satisfied with Your Answer

Akshit Wadhwa - July 19, 2014

Helpful Article Thanks a Lot for Sharing this Article. I Also Want to Know About Traffic How to Get Traffic to Blog Can You Please Write an Article on It

sam - July 19, 2014

Great information you are sharing with us> I’m go through as you mentioned information and create a back links for my blog.

Gautam - July 18, 2014

CommentLuv is really a great way to get some great links and rank high on Google but most of the sites are removing Comluv because of it they are getting too much spam comment and nonsense on their site.Comluv is still great but they still need to make some changes.

Sam Adeyinka - July 17, 2014

Hey Enstine, it’s nice to be here on your blog again. 🙂

These are really great tips to actually get quality and targeted dofollow commenluv backlinks, which in turn increase your DA, PR, Alexa and the likes. I so love’em trust me!

I guess I love the part of blog commenting so much, perhaps it’s one process I love so much in blogging. And I’m I getting results, oh YES! 🙂

I think comentluv backlinks helps in driving quality comments and massive engagements while dofollow backlinks helps in improving PR and the combination of the two works huge wonders. What say?

BTW, I found this post on Kingged where I thought and decided to king it.


Kinjal - July 16, 2014

That’s a great idea. I have just started discovering some dofollow backlinks. I see that most of the commentluv enabled blogs give nofollow link. Moreover, commentluv seems to be a soft target of every blogger which in turn increases the number of comments per page. For example, this page already has over 60 comments.

Anyway, thanks a lot for the guide Enstein Muki.

Bilal Khan - July 16, 2014

Enstine Muki

(I may be wrong) , I have noticed that Google gives importance to Dofollow blog commenting .

I had a dofollow blog list but almost all blogs offer nofollow link . Thanks for teaching , how to search new dofollow blogs using Google .
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Sujith k - July 16, 2014

Hi Enstinemiki,

I just started exploring your blog seriously from this week to get some real blogging tips. But by reading each article, i can’t leave from here without commenting. You have quoted all tips and tricks to get some quality do follow backlinks in this article where i and all bloggers can easily follow. From today, i will start my journey to get some high quality do follow backlinks.
Sujith k recently posted…Flipkart reduced Affiliate Commission Minimum Threshold to Rs 1000 (From earlier Rs 2500)My Profile

    Enstine Muki - July 16, 2014

    Thanks for taking the time to comment today Sujith. I’m sure following these steps will help you grab some dofollow links as you move on

    do have a wonderful week ahead

Kevin Duncan - July 15, 2014

Hi Enstine,

I visited your site a couple weeks ago, but I believe this is the first time I’m leaving you a comment!

This is such an excellent, easy-to-read article. Like Don Purdum mentioned in another comment, I like how you don’t fill your content with a lot of “fluff” or hype. Usually, a headline like this one would make me think I was about to read some crazy SEO shenanigans! But what you wrote was very practical and helpful.

I have CommentLuv on Be A Better Blogger, but I must admit… I’m not sure if I have dofollow turned on or off. I guess it doesn’t really matter at this point, since my blog is still so new. It doesn’t carry a PageRank yet, so my readers aren’t missing out on any authority boost.

Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I’ve written 3 posts since then (the latest this morning), so feel free to stop by and give them a read when you have time.

I’m bookmarking your site so I can remember to keep coming back.

Hope you’re having a great day.
Kevin Duncan recently posted…There is no magic formula for achieving blogging successMy Profile

    Enstine Muki - July 15, 2014

    Hey Kevin,
    So excited to see you here and thanks for the comment 😉 Thanks for your nice words. I hope to grow up and do even better.

    Google seems to be so reluctant about updating page rank. I think it’s been over 6 months since the last update. My blog is about 8 months and still sitting on zero. However, I still some bloggers hunt for links on my blog so I give the dofollow link to the very active ones.

    Yes, I have been to your blog a couple of times lately. I have read your latest articles but didn’t comment. I guess I’ll go back and leave comments. The past few days have been very busy days with some issues to handle locally, plus, I had to reformat and redo my PC.

    All is well now and, I’m moving ahead. Hope you are having a wonderful week

    Facem Bani - March 23, 2016

    For bloggers there is a motive to get good Google rank for which they try many things.
    As you have mentioned above about commenting at some blogs having CommentLuv is really good to get backlinks.

Pankaj - July 15, 2014

No doubt dofollow links are very crucial for attaining higher ranking for your desired keywords. But make sure that you’re getting these valuable links from relevant and authority niche sites, or else this could backfire your strategy.
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Ravi Chahar - July 15, 2014

Hi Enstine,

For bloggers there is a motive to get good Google rank for which they try many things.
As you have mentioned above about commenting at some blogs having CommentLuv is really good to get backlinks.
Doing comments is good for making human bonds but we can get backlinks from those blog via comments.

In my starting days I always think about getting backlinks and found that doing comments is the easy way with many benefits.

Great post.;)

Have a nice weekend.:)

Ravi Chahar recently posted…How To use CommentLuv Premium WordPress Plugin For Free?My Profile

    Enstine Muki - July 15, 2014

    Hey Ravi,
    That’s an excellent contribution 😉
    I remember when I started too. It was not clear to me what these backlink thing was but commenting got a lot for me 😉

    I hope you are having a great week bro

Shaswat Shah - July 14, 2014

Hello Enstine Sir,

Actually I believe that if your backlinks profile is good then google will automatically rank your article on the first page itself. And for that you will not even need to create backlink. However, I really appreciate your article. Thanks.

Shaswat Shah
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kartik - July 14, 2014

How many do Follow backlink are enough for each post to get on top
and if we daily try to get 20+ do follow backlink then after how many day our post are ranked on 1st page on google..

Raphael - July 14, 2014

Thank you for sharing this technique to be apply on how do I get “do-follow” backlinks . this is the right strategy you shared on how to find do-follow links.

Aditya Nath Jha - July 14, 2014

I will try this method and then I will update you whether the post specific rankings stay or not! I tried such methods earlier and I used to rank for a month or so and then I would loose my ranking and go on 3rd or 4th page, let’s see if it works when I do it day and night@

Inzamam - July 14, 2014

Thanks for sharing such a good post.If commenting can increase your back links , then its a superb technique to follow.I have started commenting on comment luv websites shortly which has increased my blog ranking very well.

Don Purdum - July 14, 2014

Hi Enstine,

I don’t understand why it can’t be that you comment for both relationship and dofollow SEO benefits. Of course, I would want to leave comments for bloggers that are helpful predominately for the blogger and the reader first.

I really appreciate how you write practically, and not just fluff to get us here and then switch and bait. That seems to be the norm with so many bloggers and I’m excited to see that is not how you conduct your business.

I have never heard of longtailpro – of course I’ve been in website design, web development and social media marketing. There is just way to much for any one business to learn and do it all.

However, you are persuading me differently. I have great traffic from all my social media and promotion and marketing on blog directories but haven’t focused on search engines much. That’s about to change!!!!!

I will say I’m very careful about where I do leave my website link. Just because they have CommentLuv doesn’t mean I should leave a link. I sometimes do a prchecker just to see if they have any relevance or issues so that my site doesn’t get in trouble with Google. I don’t want that headache, lol…

I will be reading, and re-reading, and applying what you taught us here.

Thanks again Enstine!

~ Don Purdum
Don Purdum recently posted…Rewind Saturday: This Weeks Influencers, Better Blogging, Dating Your Posts, Improving Your Writing, How Often To Write, and Branding for Social MediaMy Profile

    Enstine Muki - July 14, 2014

    Hey Don,
    It’s Monday morning here and the first comment I read was the reply you left for me on your blog. I could not stop my excitement. And just logging into my Dashboard, here again is another put together of wonderful phrases. This announce a beautiful day!

    One of the things you must do as a commentator is exercise a lot of caution. That a blog is commentluv enabled doesn’t mean you should rush and drop a link. Other things must be considered.

    What I find very impressive is how you get so much influence and engagement on you blog even without commentluv. Now I understand the reason behind the comments you get. You are a man with value for your readers. Your decision to include my link in the comment on your blog says it all.

    Last week, I left what I can called a good comment on a “friend’s” blog. I found that her article relates perfectly with one of mine. I requested for her permission and dropped a link alongside the comment. She quietly removed the complete paragraph and the link and ignored me.

    The problem was not that she did remove the link and paragraph. Ignoring me was bad enough to keep me away from her blog. I hope people learn from others. If she gets to your blog and reads it, she will definitely pick something very useful 😉

    By the way, I just sent you a mail. Please check and respond
    Enstine Muki recently posted…Learn to use Twitter like a Pro REVIEWMy Profile

      Don Purdum - July 14, 2014

      Good Morning Enstine,

      It’s 7:00 am here on the east coast of the United States and I’m sure your day is well ahead of mine by now. However, like you, I was delighted when I say your email and then your comment.

      I’m so appreciative of your comment above!!! I spend a lot of time marketing and promoting my blog articles and it’s showing in both the traffic and the comments. For only a 2 month old blog I couldn’t be more pleased.

      I do a combination of things right now;

      1. I have spent a lot of time defining the “real” problems I solve and how I will solve them.
      2. I have determined who I solve those problems for, ie target marketing
      3. I have learned great places where they hang out on social media and blog directories and I have spent the time building the relationships with them.
      4. I engage them regularly where they are at
      5. I have included influential bloggers like yourself that serve the same audience I do in a different way as my target audience. What a great way to grow my blog and business by offering to help others who have already done it continue to grow their’s as well.

      Enstine, I have learned that when you talk with them about their problems and offer them real solutions, you can build an amazing reader base quickly.

      One day soon, I will share in more depth how I’m doing it when I see the long-term success. It appears to be happening as I look at my Google Analytics and I see that people are coming back over and over, so I have about 60% new visitors and 40% return daily. Again, being a new blog, it started a 0% new. So, I’m ecstatic at those numbers.

      Thanks again for your kind words,
      Don Purdum recently posted…Rewind Saturday: This Weeks Influencers, Better Blogging, Dating Your Posts, Improving Your Writing, How Often To Write, and Branding for Social MediaMy Profile

Sudhakar - July 13, 2014

Hi Enstine Muki

Thank you very much. My friend nirmala shared this article on facebook. Its really nice information. I get premium comment luv soon.

Ayesha - July 13, 2014

Great post! Enstine Muki I have become a big fan of your SEO and blogging tips n tricks. You always share something extraordinary and unique. I actually love to read your blog post on regular basis.
Yes Blog commenting is a highly recommended method of getting quality backlinks but it is still not easy to get dofollow backlinks…Anyways you did really great…

Uju - July 13, 2014

Thanks for a this lesson Esntine, at least I’ve learnt how to find the dofollow blogs. Google has made everyone tighten up the link love but I just want to build a good attitude to commenting and not do it just for links so that way, when I get the link fine and if not, no probs. but all the same thanks for showing me how to do it smartly

Romjan Dhayan - July 13, 2014

Another good post i found from your blog. Keep up good work. I knew that No Follow links are important for bing search engine. However, Thanks for sharing this informative post with us.
Romjan Dhayan recently posted…How to use blog for getting freelancing jobsMy Profile

Vivek Jain - July 13, 2014

Nice to read this article for making do-follow backlinks.
It’s really appreciable also to read these types of articles on your site.
I am from always a big fan of your site.
I applied this thing to many of my new blogs and getting unexpected results, which i want.
Again thanks for sharing this wonderful information sire. 🙂

James - July 12, 2014

Hi Enstine,

Great topic, and not just that, its a great captivating topic.

Too many people rarely gives blog commenting a chance in their blog ranking campaign, and you know what, its the untapped goldmine!!

I single handedly used blog commenting to build my new blog to an alexa rank of less than 60k within 6 months and not just that, I was able to get a consistent organic traffic of more than 1000 per day.

Thanks for sharing, I’m sure it will help the blogging community.


James recently posted…Responsive best Google Adsense ready wordpress themesMy Profile

Sheshnath - July 12, 2014

Hi Enstine,
This an easy way to find blogs with comment luv premium enable and also with our targeted keyword.
Thanks for sharing this information and yeah I didn’t knew about no-follow links that they are also Important.

Regards 🙂

abhinav - July 12, 2014

This ls Great way and looks promising and would imply on my blog .
will ping you result soon thank’s for Great Article

Ayush Gupta - July 12, 2014

That’s a great way of harvesting dofollow websites for getting quality backlinks. I’ll start working on them straight away. Let’s see how it works for my blog. Thanks a lot for sharing this tip.
Ayush Gupta recently posted…Asus Zenfone 5 vs Motorola Moto G vs Xiaomi Mi3My Profile

Sayantan Mahato - July 12, 2014

Hi Enstine,

Thanks for pulling out yet another awesome article from your sea of knowledge. Didn’t knew that no-follow links are essential and important too.


Abhishek - July 12, 2014

More and more bloggers are stopping to use commentluv now. Many believes it has negative effect in serp. On most of the dofollow commentluv blog you can find hundreds of comments , do you still this it adds any value

    Enstine Muki - July 12, 2014

    Yes many bloggers are plugging off commentluv. Harleena just disabled it. In fact, last yeah I wrote a post on how commentluv can kill SEO.

    Well the main issue with it is the high rate of broken link. Though this happens even on the body of the content, more of it is generated with commentluv. On a second note, if you have a way to handle the broken links, there should be no issue.

    I see Facebook and Google+ on your blog. What’s your experience with the 2?

Danyal - July 12, 2014

Nice brief article, Loved the simplicity in the post.
Actually there some automated tools , infact websites, to find comment luv enable blogs in your niche but as You said, A spam comment will end up in the trash basket , We need to be more cautious while commenting

    Enstine Muki - July 12, 2014

    Hey Danyal,
    I love the ending phrase of your comment. We need to be more cautious …
    Good to have you here today and thanks for the comment.

    Hope you come back again 😉

Nithin Upendran - July 12, 2014

Really insipiring post first all.. I was down for some reasons and i was away from blogging for a while but this post boosted me up. Thanks for that. Commenting on other blogs is one of the best way to get traffic as well as to get ranked on google. If you are building do follow links only, then chances of getting penalized are pretty high, so one should also concentrate on no follow links too. Thanks again for sharing this with us 🙂

    Enstine Muki - July 12, 2014

    Hey Nithin,
    I hope you get your motivations back to get going 😉

    I mentioned that if a blog is dofollow all round, you should be careful. That’s to say a good link profile must be balanced – having both dofollow and nofollow 😉

    Thanks for your input though and do have a wonderful weekend

Gangadhar Kulkarni - July 12, 2014

Hi Enstine,

I completely agree with your statement that blog commenting is link building tool……!!!

Because many of my comments on top in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) as well as my website gained traffic too.

Nowadays there are various platforms paid money for commenting, best example is kingged.com.

CommentLuv is ultimate commenting platform which give more exposure to your website via commenting. Your article very easily explained implementation of CommentLuv on your website.

Thanks for sharing valuable information. I found this post on kingged,com……!!!
Gangadhar Kulkarni recently posted…Overview of Google Panda 4.0 Update and its Prime Motive Behind LaunchingMy Profile

    Enstine Muki - July 12, 2014

    Good to see you here and thanks for your comment Gangadhar
    Yes, kingged is giving out much money to commentators. That has kept the site quite busy

    Have you won some money on it?

Aditya Sahil - July 12, 2014

Its Awesome Tutorial Given by you Mr. Enstine,By the way it tough to get some good do-follow links as usual.

Once again thanks for such a nice and well descriptive guideline by you.


    Enstine Muki - July 12, 2014

    Good dofollow backlinks is not easy to come by Aditya but with some hard work, you can get some 😉

    Do have a wonderful weekend

Nirmala - July 12, 2014

Nice trick to get dofollow Google backlink Enstine Sir 🙂

Blog commenting is a genuine way of building backlinks and hence it is good to leave a worthy comment by sharing the experience or in what way the blog post has helped to learn something new. I never leave comment with very few lines in any blog and I too have commentluv premium (but Nofollow).

I’m driving traffic with blog commenting and yes, I know that Adrienne’s blog commenting system is dofollow. Will try your tactic Enstinse sir, keep writing the executable tips for us.
Nirmala recently posted…Transform PDF Images into Catchy GIF Animations for Your Blog [Giveaway Enclosed]My Profile

    Enstine Muki - July 12, 2014

    Here Nirmala,
    So good to have you around today and thanks for the engagement 😉
    I understand the nofollow tag on your blog. One has to be on the safe side.

    I hope you are having a great weekend over there 😉

Sunday - July 12, 2014

Hi Enstine,
Indeed this is HOT!!! Blog comment to generate DoFollow link is helpful for a website or blog. It can take the site to the first page of Google or the search engines. Your exposition on CommentLuv plugin is awesome!

Many have been commenting and do know the benefits of commenting but there is a fresh perspective on the use of CommentLuv as shared in this piece.

Your post is a handy tutorial that a novice and a pro can apply for success! I use CommentLuv and have been gotten all of the benefits you have shared. Yes, blog commenting works for me in getting the needed back links!

I upvoted (kingged) this where I found it shared on Kingged.com:

    Enstine Muki - July 12, 2014

    Hey Sunday,
    Good positive comment 😉
    Thanks for making the point clearer and for voting on kingged 😉

    Hope you are having a great weekend

Kuldeep - July 12, 2014

Hi Enstine,
Yet another helpful post from You. I agree with your points, Commentluv is amazing plugin to grab dofollow links and too with exact anchor text.
Thanks for sharing this post.

Virendar Warwal - July 12, 2014

Thanks! Enstine sir really a great article you defined it clearly how to generate quick backlinks doing commenting. I’m regular reader of your blog.

Virendar Warwal recently posted…MyThemeShop Coupon Code – 55% (Percent) OffMy Profile

Rohan Bhardwaj - July 12, 2014

Commenting on the blogs really helps a lot. The whole backlinking view have been revolutionized from the invent of the commentluv.

The key to success with this is to provide quality feedback, and avoid websites with less ranking.

Thanks for sharing this, now I am off to search for the commenluv enables blogs within my niche. Be blessed buddy.

Pritam Nagrale - July 12, 2014

Hi Enstine,
Again Awesome Article. I like to read your article on daily basis. This article is really helpful for newbie bloggers to create backlinks. Yes. Backlinks are the essential part of a blog. Blog Commenting is also a very good method to create backlinks. I agree. Your writing skill is so nice & easily can understand.

Thanks again!
Pritam Nagrale recently posted…Different Types of Data Entry Jobs You Can Do from Home or OfficeMy Profile

Rohit Sharma - July 12, 2014

Well This is a great way. I’ve been using social networking as the only way since months but i’ll try out this one now. Thanks!

Tanmoy Das - July 11, 2014

I always hunt for a dofollow backlink from one blog to another blog. But it’s hard to find. But you have written such a nice article that it makes easy for us. Thanks!
Tanmoy Das recently posted…Best YouTube Video Watch & Download App For Windows 8/8.1My Profile

    Enstine Muki - July 11, 2014

    Hey Tanmoy,
    I’m sure with this simple method, you can get those backlinks
    Just follow it and let’s see results

saket gupta - July 11, 2014

Really nice post sir I am also trying to make more do follow backlinks for my 30 day old site .. will try all the things for my site thank you
Saket gupta

    Enstine Muki - July 11, 2014

    Just follow these tips. I’m sure you’ll get those links coming.
    Good luck bro and, have a wonderful weekend

Adrienne - July 11, 2014

Hey Enstine,

I’m surprised that you’re ranking in part to the links built from commenting. Google admitted that they don’t hold the value they once did although they still count for link building. So to rank that quickly is a surprise to me.

So your number is even higher than mine for allowing dofollow links! In all honesty, just because some have commented past that number I still may or may not allow them to be dofollow. Some I remove altogether so you’re right. If your intentions are just for the link then I’ll figure your agenda out soon enough! 😉

Either way we do need links to build up our sites so I can’t fault people for that.

Great share and thanks for using me as an example, I think! LOL!!!

Have a great weekend.


    Enstine Muki - July 11, 2014

    Hey Adrienne,
    Thank for reaching out to me by mail 😉

    Sometimes I think Google says one thing and practice another. Practically, links from comments section do get some SEO benefits over to my blog. How much this is important is what I can’t tell now. As it works for me, I’m happy to share it 😉

    Yes I set the limit to 15 but I’m still shocked at seeing your links nofollow despite having over 15 valid comments. I’ll be going back to the settings. Maybe I missed out something.

    When you do something good and influence people’s lives, you can only receive rewards and some of what you get are the mentions and links. Looking at the way you are going, you’ll keep getting them non stop 😉

    This is weekend! Time to have some fun 😉
    Enstine Muki recently posted…Attention! Donna Merrill will help grow your business!My Profile

Nishant Bazzad - July 11, 2014

Thanks Enstine for such an informative article. Comments not only indexed your page faster but also provide some traffic to your blog like when I add a comment on new Quicksprout blog post I usually get 15-20 visits per comment to my blog , I know this is very low amount but for a free comment that’s good.

    Enstine Muki - July 11, 2014

    Hey Bazzad,
    That’s the direct traffic benefit from commenting. It’s good to get the traffic isn’t it?

    If you get 10 of such blogs and you leave 10 comments per day, that’s going to be some good traffic to build a list and get more benefits 😉

    Good to hear from you and, have a wonderful weekend

Jane - July 11, 2014

Great post with a cool trick. Besides, I love what you’ve talked about blog commenting – I’m a fan of commenting. I used to do a lot of blog commenting earlier simply because I love it. Recently I have cut down a bit on it since I didn’t have enough time.

I’ve started to comment on interesting blogs again since a week ago and am simply loving it. Sure, Commentluv enabled blogs are a blessing. They surely help in getting your new post indexed pretty fast – I’ve used this technique earlier and I can say that it DOES work.

Due to many people abusing commentluv blogs, many bloggers have turned off dofollow or have even completely changed the commenting system. That’s a sad thing. But still the usefulness of the plugin outranks the other silly things 🙂

I do blog commenting mainly to voice my opinion (and to build authority), plus to make connections. The cool by-product is that I get quite some traffic off commenting. The backlinks are cool too 🙂

Thanks for the post once again!

    Enstine Muki - July 11, 2014

    Hey Jane,
    Good to see you here with a brilliant comment.
    Sometimes, we get taken off by other things. In life, there must be priorities at any given time. In any case, now you are back and reaping the benefits of the commenting activities.

    Yes, Harleena just got CommentLuv silenced. She is going with JetPack and one of her reasons are the broken links. This actually may become a heavy concern if your comments are becoming considerable in number.

    Hope you are doing good this weekend. Have fun!


Deepak Singh - July 11, 2014

I completely agree with you Einstine Bro!! Leaving valuable comments on Commentluv enabled blogs is probably the most straightforward and powerful technique for increasing search engine rankings,promoting blog posts and creating relationship with fellow bloggers. Couple of months ago I shared this massive list of High Pagerank Dofollow commentluv blog list in my website.

Anyway Thanks for the tips for getting some quality traffic through blog commenting.

Have a great day ahead.
Deepak Singh
Deepak Singh recently posted…Do You Know These 15 Awesome Facebook Tricks?My Profile

    Enstine Muki - July 11, 2014

    Hi Deepak,

    Good to see you here and thanks for the comment. I’m sure readers of this post will check your post and get some commentluv blogs

    Do have a wonderful weekend

Alvin Team - July 11, 2014

Nice Blog
Thanks for DoFollw Backlinks..
this could might be benefits for me in order to improve SEO on my Blog..

Siraj Wahid - July 11, 2014

Hey Enstine,

I’ve been doing this since months but to be honest, i didn’t care about dofollow links, my only aim was to leave comments on authority blogs with high traffic.

Although, it’s necessary to build dofollow links for better search engine rankings but i’m working on a different plan now and that’s social media marketing.

Siraj Wahid
Siraj Wahid recently posted…How to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic Insanely in just 24 HoursMy Profile

prasad - July 11, 2014

Really that was nice post .i am searching for this only

Pramod - July 11, 2014

Thanks Enstine for the post,

yes dofollow commentluv enabled blogs are always the best and easiest way to build links.It add more value and rise your traffic if the blog has top commentators widget installed.

    Enstine Muki - July 11, 2014

    Yes you are right! With the commentators displayed on the sidebar, there is more room for exposure.

    Thanks for the beautiful tip

Amit kumar - July 11, 2014


Again a great update!

This article is an eye opener for me. You covered a valuable topic related to Dofollow Backlinks trick to get Google Page #1. The ideas to get good links from commentluv enabled blogs are great and we need to implement soon.

Thanks for sharing this lovely update sir Enstine.
Amit kumar recently posted…FormGet Review – The Ultimate Contact Form Generator!My Profile

    Enstine Muki - July 11, 2014

    Oh yes Amit! Thank you for the quick comment and grabbing this first spot. You rock 😉

      Suprabhat Mondal - September 8, 2015

      Hey Enstine,

      I again got to read this post, I thought this is new article but you have updated old article, and unfortunately I got to see my own comment only though which I can easily remember by old initial days as I used to work quite hard for it.

      I ranked one post and had made around $600 using this same method.

    Suprabhat Mondal - July 12, 2014

    Really this post must reach newbies as they do comments only to get backlinks which lead them not even getting their comments approve which is very bad for them.
    As you said do comments to build relationship “its 100 percent true due to this i found many bloggers and have joint with them and now i get some new ideas and updates from them. Even it helps us to get some decent traffic

      Ogunrinola Adam Hiidee - February 5, 2015

      yes I really learn something here as I just used to comment before but now here is Advance way to comment. Thanks to Enstine for this

        Prabhat Jani - May 15, 2016

        Growing do follow back links has always been a problem for me so great advice like this is gold!
        I think I will definitely be
        implementing some of these
        strategies for my site soon andhopefully I will see some great results.

          myshaadi wale - May 30, 2016

          I’m utilizing drop my connection site to find writes that utilization commentLuv. That is a valuable instrument for that and not simply commentLuv. It can discover other sort of online journals as well. Furthermore, I trust this is a brilliant approach to get backlinks, and it has sensible expense. A debt of gratitude is in order for your article and the data that you gave.


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