5 Most Effective Ways in Building an Online Brand

Are you trying to establish your brand online but is struggling to do so?

It can be a challenge trying to sell products or services online when no one really knows anything about your brand. Also, many people online are not willing to take the risk of buying products or services online unless other people have tried it.

How have other brands been able to go around this challenge and be able to succeed over it? Let’s go over five wonderful tips you can do to build an online brand for yourself and potentially convert effectively.

1 – Create a website

Now of course if you are thinking to enter the online market, you have to establish a website for your brand. That way you can present what products or services that you would like to provide for your customers. You can do this by checking out websites like Wix or WordPress, or even Makeawebsitehub which make it fairly easy for anyone to build a website.

As you design a website consider having distinct colors, a name, and a memorable slogan which will allow your customers to remember your brand. In fact, having a signature color alone for your brand can boost brand recognition by 80% alone.

Choosing a layout which distributes your content in a way that makes it easy for others to browse through your website is also key. Have a strong main page that guides readers to visit other important pages on your site to see what you can offer them.

2 – Create a blog

With creating a website, make a page for creating a blog. This is probably considered the most critical point in creating an online brand for yourself. When you create a blog, you publish awesome content that other people browsing the web can enjoy. It’s your way or showing off your expertise and authority.

seo blogging

Create articles with titles using your target keywords that people search on Google. When potential clients are browsing through the net, they could find your article and be able to benefit it off of it. More about finding keywords on the next tip. However, if you want to start content creation on the right foot, learn how to do keyword research correctly. The process will help you find the keywords with high search volume and low competition to optimize on your content.

Now, how do you make your articles show up to compete against other articles that talk about your content? Keyword research is a great place to start but it won’t be enough if you want to rank on top. It’s best to practice SEO along with writing your post so you don’t have to go back and make changes on each for SEO reasons. However, focus on publishing as many articles that will provide value to your audience. By writing the best content for your blog, search engines will eventually pick up on your post and rank it to its respective keywords.

3 – Optimize Content for Target Keywords

Whenever you have a bunch of articles on your website, there are pages that are ranking for keywords without you know it. For example, if you’re a pesticide company and have been publishing great content on it, you will see on Google Analytics that there are post generating lots of organic traffic.

There are lots of reasons your pages are lots of hits. These reasons prompted Google to rank your site on search results for search queries.

You goal now, therefore, is to find keywords your pages are ranking for and optimize them even further to squeeze out more organic traffic!

Aside from looking your Google Analytics data, you can use an SEO tool to help you uncover keywords that your site is ranking for. Research on the keywords your content is ranking for and see if it’s worthy optimizing for each.

4 – Reach Out to Forums

Once you feel that there are enough articles that prove your credibility and authority in your given field through your blog, it’s time for you to reach out to other experts to check out your work. Find forums that talk about related topics. Join them and comment on other people’s posts. At first you’re main objective is to make connections and getting your name recognized by others. After a while you can make a few articles that address the issues of others and begin sharing them to answer them. Others will notice your work and your brand name will build itself.

5 – Hit Social Media

hit social media

Having mainstream social media networks that are associated with your brand name is like having over one website. It’s a place where many pages will represent your brand. Share your articles on there and use it like a forum where you can make new friends. Interact with other professionals in your field and constantly keep learning from others around you. In the processes of making new friends, establish connections with social media influencers who can share your work, service, or products with others. From looking at a variety of social media networks, Instagram influencers are the best ones to reach out to.

Checking out influencer marketing platforms can make the processes of working with influencers a breeze because there are tons of users online that use social media. You can also use social media marketing to reach your audience as they browse through their social media feeds.

Do You Have What It Takes in Building an Online Brand?

By following these five incredible steps, you can tap into the online market with a strong brand impression.

  • Start off by establishing a website for your brand.
  • Create a blog and publish content that shows your expertise in the field that your brand is in.
  • Be sure to include plenty of keywords into your website and articles to link your brand name with those words.
  • Help others online through forums and social media to have a name built for yourself and let other people recognize you.
  • Share your content through them and let others check out your website.

If you have any other awesome suggestions, please leave them in the comment section below so we can learn more from your experiences.

14 thoughts on “5 Most Effective Ways in Building an Online Brand”

  1. Just couldn’t agree more on each of your subheadings. The post is worth praising. Thanks for sharing this valuable post. It really helped in spreading knowledge.

  2. Nice tips Christopher! Gotta go the blogging route to build a rock solid brand. Some folks try to brand sans blog; big mistake. I sell more eBooks because I built a brand, then a blog, and that blog played a huge part in building a well known brand. Rocking post!


  3. Hello,

    Thanks for sharing 5 Most Effective Ways in Building an Online Brand.your post having informative & valuable content, it will be helpful..I always prefer to read the quality content and this thing I found in you post. thanks for sharing with us..

  4. Hii Christopher,

    I heavily rely on keyword research and it is the foolproof method to actually achieve good results.
    I found that keyword shitter is a really great tool and with the combination of some other tools we can really hit the bull’s eye.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks, Bhawna! Keyword research is the very core of SEO. The keywords you choose will determine the success or not. Keyword Shitter is a good free tool for brainstorming keyword ideas but I prefer Keyword revealer for this purpose. Both are cool ,though.

  5. Hey Christopher,

    Awesome article. FOr any brand awareness campaign, you just need a website. It not only helps you with reaching more clients but also with the online presence.

    Thank you for the article. Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Thanks, Anand! However, a website is just a piece of the puzzle. It won’t promote itself,, which is why you need to develop a promotions strategy to help extend your reach to the right people and make yourself known.

  6. Hi Christopher,

    I’m a blogger which means building my brand is about setting up my blog, creating amazing content that resonates with my target market, guest post and comment on other blogs frequently, etc. As Ryan Biddulph pointed out, he has established himself via blogging and is now selling ebooks. In fact, he is a best selling on Amazon.

    Your tips are remarkably great. Thank you for sharing!

    • We share the same system as far as building an online brand is concerned, Moss! I write as much guest posts as possible and create content on my own blog. I wish I could comment on more blogs, thought, but that will happen in time.

      I read your work from Twitter and other sources so it means your strategy works! More power to us!

  7. Hey Christopher,

    Amazing post! you shared effective points to build your brand online. I agree with Ryan that blog is playing important role t build brand. Apart from that for brand awareness social media is very useful nowadays. Social media gives more brand awareness and huge traffic to your site.

    Keep up the good work

    Have a nice day!

    Best wishes,
    Dharmik Babariya

    • 100% agree with everything you said, Dharmik! However, I’d like to add that social media is a powerful tool when used correctly. It’s easy to abuse social media and abuse its power like adding bots as fans and followers, among other sahdy tactics. Making sure that you build relationships with actual people on social media is crucial to your brand’s success.

  8. Nice tips Christopher! Gotta go the blogging route to build a rock solid brand. Some folks try to brand sans blog; big mistake. I sell more eBooks because I built a brand, then a blog, and that blog played a huge part in building a well known brand. Rocking post!


    • Thanks for the kind words, Ryan! As for me, guest blogging has been my calling card for a long time. It has helped me establish a brand for my writing services and opened up opportunities for me to work with different clients. More success to us and our brands!

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