How to recover lost files from formatted SD Card or Hard Drive

recover data from formatted sd card

One of the things that happen very often to writable computer storage devices (hard disk drive, solid-state drive, floppy disk, USB flash drive, sd card, etc) is formatting. Your heart may sink hearing that your disk was formatted by error or consciously.

From the user point of view, there maybe reasons to lament because the formatting process erases all the information on the disk.

But closely looking at it, there is no need to panic because technically, formatting simply writes a new directory structure that allows all the files to be overwritten, creating a blank disk.

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IOTransfer 3 ~ iPhone/iPad Manager, YouTube Video Downloader & Heic to jpg!

IOTransfer 3

I have come across several phone management tools but IOTransfer 3 seems to be standing out with unbeatable features and user-friendliness in the iPhone Operating System market..

Whether you are Android or iPhone phone user, there is often this need to move your file from one platform to another, usually phone to PC.

While the Android apps are flooding the market, IOTransfer 3 is leading the iPhone file transfer software industry.

iOS is the Operating System for iPhones by Apple. Users of this popular mobile Operating System have constantly been on the lookout for an intuitive, user-friendly, iPhone/iPad manager and YouTube Video Downloader.

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