7 Best Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

The future of mobile app development services is very bright. If you know how to code and are familiar with coding principles, you should develop mobile applications. However, for creating and maintaining any successful mobile applications, first, you need to choose the right technology, the right bug tracking and agile project management tool, as well as the right programming language.

Besides these factors previously mentioned, there are more to be considered before diving into code – choosing the type of application you’re going to build (Native apps, Hybrid apps, or Progressive web apps). With that said, let’s check some of the best programming languages to start.


Java is one of the most popular and most used programming languages when it comes to developing Android mobile applications. It has easy integration, and its open-source library is always available. Besides this, it offers a wide range of documentation, tutorials, and community support.

As a javascript developers or coder with knowledge, you can run it on multiple environments, such as virtual machines and different development platforms.


Swift homepage

This mobile application programming language is considered the language of the future. It’s aimed at developing mobile apps for iOS users. Swift was primarily launched for IOS, but it can also be deployed on Linux. It’s so popular; it has even replaced Objective-C.

If you’re developing an Apple application, this language is the right choice because it’s easier to scale and easy to learn. It’s also suitable for beginners. It delivers a great working environment and has lots of features to help you out.


Kotlin is a new object-oriented programming language that has similarities with Java (if we’re looking at the structure of the language). This language is also used for developing Android mobile applications, but it’s somewhat better than Java because it has additional features and tools that make it easier to use.

It’s also a platform-independent language, and it targets almost all platforms. What’s also great about this language is that it can be compiled with JavaScript code, as well as Java Bytecode. It’s easy to maintain the code, and it will most definitely boost your productivity.


Cplusplus homepage

This is a general-purpose and object-oriented programming language. The syntax of this language is inherited from the C programming language. However, C++ has extended applicability, and besides the usual web development, can be used in mobile app development too.

It’s a great language for developing both Android and iOS mobile applications. While building an app, you’ll have full control of your working environment, and your app will work on any platform.


This programming language is mostly used for Microsoft. It’s an object-oriented language that is easy and quick to deploy and use. C# has proven to be the best choice when it comes to developing Windows mobile applications.

Besides that, it can also be successfully used to build server applications and web services. By far, C# is the best programming language for game development. It’s a simple, modern, and general-purpose programming language.


Python website

Python is generally one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It has found usage in different developing environments such as web development, application development, GUI creation, data analysis, machine learning, etc. It’s also the most used programming language in high schools and universities.

The structure of this language is great; it’s fast, easy to deploy, and has great readability. It’s supported by various systems and platforms, and the huge set of frameworks make it the most flexible programming language.


JavaScript is a high-level programming language that supports both object-oriented and functional programming. Although it’s not primarily used for mobile application development, it’s one of the best cross-platform app development.

It’s a pretty flexible language that doesn’t require compilation. It’s also easy to control, it’s fast on client-side browsing, and it offers plenty of room for variation. This is why now you have a plethora of options derived from JS: Angular, Node, Vue software development, and many more.


Programming languages are developing more and more every day. You should choose the language that meets your needs when it comes to application requirements and your programming skill. Once you choose the right language, it will most definitely help you develop the perfect mobile application. After you’ve launched your first app you may wish to use a service such as this one to monitor the performance of your apps in both production and live.