Best Animated Video Software in the eLearning Market: Create Captivating Animated Videos That Will Get Your Message Across

We all know that almost everything can be found online. Not just because we are living in the age of technology, but also because we are in a situation nobody could predict.

These days, schools have classes online, which like anything, has its pros and cons. The good thing about having online classes is the ability to be in the comfort of your own home but still gaining some new knowledge. A con could be that online classes lack a personal touch. Some things are just not the same when they are not done face to face.

However, overall, online classes are great because they are mostly accessible to everyone. Even if you are not in school, there are millions of classes/courses that you can take on any subject you can think of. Knowledge is literally at your fingertips.

Kid taking online class

Another thing that we are familiar with is the fact that being in class online can be incredibly boring as you are staring at a screen the whole day. Teachers and lecturers thus have to be creative and include videos, images, and animations in their presentations and materials. Also, a lot of people are visual learners, which means they are more likely to remember something they see in an image or a video.

Including animated videos is a fun way of introducing a new concept or idea. Animated videos can be whatever you want them to be, and they provide an immersive and interesting learning experience for students. Plus, when creating such videos, you have the freedom to alter and change them in the editing process in any way you like, unlike live educational recordings, which are what they are once you finish shooting them.

If you are wondering where you can make (educational) animated videos and how to include them in your content, you just have to keep reading this article. In it, you will be introduced to 3 examples of animated video software that will help you engage your audience and produce interesting and fun content.

1. Vidtoon 2

Vidtoon 2

Vidtoon 2 is the software you want to have if your goal is to create sophisticated animated videos that will engage your audience, bring more traffic and make your voice heard. Be sure to get it on AppSumo for a lifetime price of $49, unlike other software, which is usually paid for yearly or monthly.

You simply download Vidtoon 2 to your computer and start creating animated videos using a super easy and fast dashboard. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, you can create Pixar-worthy animations with just a few clicks.

Vidtoon 2 provides a variety of options to ensure you create a video that fits your needs and wants exactly. You can add different characters, sound effects, images, and GIFs.

Vidtoon 2 features 25 new characters that will enhance your animations and fit the vibe of your videos. All of the features available are categorized, so you don’t have to waste time searching for one in particular.

Vidtoon 2 characters

Characters will bring more life into your videos and allow viewers to relate and connect in some way.

You can choose from more than 30 different animations and transitions that will take your videos to the next level. Also, you can add effects onto your characters, zoom in and out, and create outputs in up to 20 minutes of duration.

Choose between 34 new high-definition backgrounds that will match the mood of your videos; just drag and drop them onto your timeline.

When adding images, you can use the already-made ones as they are or customize them as much as you like.

Transitions will make your videos flow smoothly and precisely to ensure the audience stays engaged throughout.

If you want to include typography into your creations, you can do so and choose different fonts, colors, text sizes, and types.

To really personalize the videos, you can edit the elements, add audio files and make your characters have conversations. Creating animated videos has never been more fun or easy. Text-to-speech technology allows your characters to come to life with the support of realistic voices made by Google and Microsoft.

So, if you have a working laptop or computer, you are ready to start making the animated videos of your dreams!

2. Vyond


Vyond is a cloud-based animated video software solution you don’t need any programming knowledge for. It is a high-end, multifaceted product with many good features that will allow you to create amazing videos.

Vyond has an automatic lip-syncing feature that will make your characters speak to your audience in an instant. You can record the audio directly from your computer’s microphone, upload it as an MP3 file or create it using text-to-speech. After that, you simply assign the sound to a character.

The software offers you three styles with pre-made templates and pre-animated assets, which allow you to visualize every part of the process.

Vyond templates

You can see how your animations will look before actually committing to them. You can customize every part and element as much as you want; you can use templates or import your own assets. The templates that come with Vyond are made for any industry, job, or role. If you don’t know where to start, these templates can serve as a base for your project and make the creation process faster and easier.

If you make a mistake when creating, version history allows you to go back and look at each saved version of your video. This way, you can alter any mistakes, track changes or make a new video based on some old ones.

3. Powtoon


Powtoon is a great choice for those who are just getting into video animations and have a slightly tighter budget to work with. Powtoon is a popular choice among some famous companies such as Starbucks and Coca-Cola.

The great thing about Powtoon is that you don’t need any design or tech skills to start creating your own animated videos. You can choose between hundreds of characters, templates, backgrounds, soundtracks, and much more. You can pick one of the already-made templates and create your videos faster and more intuitively.

There are different types of templates, and you can choose one that matches what you are going for, your industry, and your style.

Powtoon templates

You can also customize them however you want. Plus, you can choose between five different video styles.

Using Powtoon, you gain access to a large number of helpful tips, tricks, training sessions, tutorials, and guides. So, even if you know nothing about animated videos, you will definitely learn with Powtoon. Experts at Powtoon are ready to guide you through the whole animation process.

If you are looking to add music, Powtoon provides you with unlimited royalty-free music. Besides that, you are able to export your videos to PDF and PowerPoint.

Final thoughts

Nowadays, there are more and more online classes. You can find online classes on pretty much any subject you can think of. If you are a teacher or an expert and give online classes, you have to be creative to keep your audience’s attention. Classes, in general, can be pretty boring, and it’s even more challenging to be interested in them when there is a bed calling you.

Animated videos are the way to go if you want to provide an interesting and fun learning experience for your students. Animated videos in the eLearning industry are a fun and creative method of teaching that makes sure you keep your audience engaged.

So, be sure to try out at least Vidtoon 2 by purchasing it on AppSumo, for a great lifetime price.

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