Google’s New #1Ranking Factor has been revealed! Huge Shock!

Google’s new #1 ranking factor has come as a shock to most industry experts.

If you are not new around, you must have heard about these 200 ranking factors.  Backlinks, contents, social signals, etc are some of these top ranking factors. But there is a new player in on the pitch and this is said to be the most important influencer and the most exciting SEO announcement of 2014. 

What is this new Google SEO ranking Factor ?

I’m going to go straight to the point and let us discuss about it.

Early this morning, I got a mail from the SEO guys of announcing a shocking discovery in SEO.  According to them, “A recent study shed some light on what factors are most important in determining your website’s rankings in Google. The largest ranking factor will come as a surprise to most “

ranking factor

And what’s this shocking new number one ranking factor?

– > Click Through Rate (CTR)!

Yes. That’s it! (see meaning on  WikiPedia )

The more people click on your entry on SERPS, the more Google thinks your content is important to its users and this highly affects your ranking as per recent changes in their algorithm.

Think about it for a moment!

If you are not even seen on SERPS, you are not going to have to benefit from this new top ranking factor. However, some SEO experts think it’s going to be easier for most to grab the most admired SERP spot ->  position #1 on page #1 by just doing some simple OnPage SEO adjustments.

So what are you going to focus on next?

2 OnPage SEO points -> Your Page Title and Meta Description

These are the two things people see when they search on Google. The more attractive your titles and description, the more your CTR so you simply have to work on these factors.

NB: I wrote about this in the past. You may want to check this post  on how these 2 points can drastically increase traffic to your site.

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Watch this video for more!

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ranking factor

Now let’s talk

What do you think about this new ranking factor? How will it affect the SEO industry. Share your views with us in the comment box below.


67 thoughts on “Google’s New #1Ranking Factor has been revealed! Huge Shock!”

  1. Really nice to know that even CTR will have an effect on google page rankings..What if our site displayed on 2nd page or 3rd page,obviously we will have very low CTR rate and many people prefers only the first search..

    Any how,we should to be on top,until google bumps me to top

    • LOL, suryateja, i kinda understand what you mean. but i strongly believe content is the key, we can rise up as we want. keep posting quality contents and you are sure to get ton firstpage.

      Great post as usual Enstine!

  2. Interesting! So this means that new websites will take ages to reach first place. Google’s ranking factors are plentiful and most closely guarded secret of Google themselves. CTR factor might be one factor but there are many others factors on which can work-upon.

  3. Hi.. Enstine, How are You..

    First of all, I would like to thank you and congratulate you on bringing out such an engaging and awesome article.
    I have read the backlinko’s 200 factor list, but I really have not analyzed as much as you analyzed the factors. You rock anyway. I am really a big fan of your writing style and blog.

    Now coming to the point, I have a doubt that, how we can compete if we are not standing in the first page. The CTR falls to less than 2 percent according a article posted by MOZ. If don’t mind I can give the link of that article also in the next comment.
    Thank you.

  4. Hi Enstine,
    Great post, it sure has generated some interest. Google has used CTR as a metric for a while now for both their paid ads and for ranking in their natural listings. For SEO, CTR is only part of the big picture, its all about engagement, how long visitors stay on your site. Think about it, if you get a lot of visitors to your site and they all only stay a few seconds then leave, this would indicate that your content is not very good. There are many usage metrics Google looks at, CTR is just one of them. This page is a great example though, great title and description and good engagement, this page should rank well.

    P.S. There was a mention of Penguin further up the page. FYI, the latest Penguin release, version 3.0 was October 17th 2014

  5. Hello Enstine, When I read your e-mail I had to head on over to see what the buzz was all about.. I for one think it is a great idea! The CTR should be the most important factor as far as I ca see Google is all about giving others what they want.

    Do have a Great Weekend My Friend! As Always.. Thanks for sharing.. Chery :))

  6. Concerntrate more on creating captivating benefit filled titles and meta description to get a high click through rate from search traffic.

    Write good useful content too and make your headlines or title and meta description stir up curiosity and the compelling desire to know more.A compelling title which begins with your keyword and a compelling meta description will attract increased click thru while your well rounded quality content will lessen bounce rate these two factors must go together for maximum seo benefit

  7. Hi Einstein,

    CTR play very crucial role for obtaining top ranking in Google Ads campaign, but now they’re implementing same thing on organic search. I think its a good move to promote only valuable content only.

    But would like to add one more thing here, if a link is getting most clicks but also users are leaving it very quickly then Google shouldn’t promote that link as users are not finding it valuable that’s why they’re leaving so quickly.

  8. Thanks Einstein Muki, for the awesome article. I’m sure gonna use it to rank higher in google rankings and get more traffic 🙂

  9. Great suggestion from you Sir, As I think it will benefit to the small bloggers because they write specific articles and more deep articles.
    I seen many big websites that are ranking for all the related keywords.
    Whether Users get their information or not these websites are still on top. I hope bloggers like us will get benefits of it.

  10. Hi Muki,

    Google always out smart webmasters when it comes to ranking. SEO has no definitely expert when it comes to Google taking its own decision on SERP and this is sometimes not worth more attention as Google will always out smart most webmasters if not al

  11. Enstine, you have just revealed an awesome Google factor and you have had full authorization and honor for revealing it.

    I will try and check it whether it proves to be true or not, meanwhile keep writing and keep revealing!

  12. Hi Bro ,

    Yes you are dam right that ‘s way Google stop showing Google Authorship so Webmaster not get high no. of CTR on his results .


  13. This is an eye-opener! Thanks for sharing. I have to work on crafting call to action Titles and Meta description.


  14. Hi Enstine

    I know I can count on you to bring the latest and most up to date information. 🙂 This is great news and I think it is fair that Google in its attempt to provide value to its customers would seek to add this page ranking factor to what is already there.

    I would dare say though that some blogs will survive this scrutiny of title and description, simply because they have already made a name for themselves and they are popular among readers and clients. What do you think?

    Still I would say that it is very important for us to make sure we place things into the right context and understand clearly who we are targeting when we write, what problems our content will help people to solve and how will what we share make their life better. People are looking for value and even if it’s not through an exchange of money, they seek value for the time they will spend to click through and read our online content.

    Great post, valuable information and that means, it’s time to up our strategy. Peace and blessings! 🙂

    • On a couple of occasions, I run some search on Google and just click on some results because I know the site. that’s to confirm what you said in your comment. Those that have built a name keep getting the traffic because people know and trust them.

      But for little guys like us, we are just struggling to show up 😉

      Yeah if you represent your content properly in the title and description, you are sure to get the clicks. Of course, you must be solving a problem or meeting a need

      Thanks for your feedback dear friend and have a wonderful weekend

  15. Hi Enstine,
    This is indeed a shocking factor to many,
    But on the other side its blessing in disguise to people like you!! LOL
    Anyways bloggers need to struggle or work hard to create good stuffs!
    Thanks for sharing this news. The video presented it well with a good number of WrongS!!
    Have a great day
    ~ Phil

  16. Hi Enstine, interesting. Google has introduced a very smart ranking factor. From CTR, it can easily get idea of usefulness and engagement. On page should be there but detailed in depth articles are now must to rank in Google.
    Thanks for sharing it with us.

    • Hi Veer,
      As a matter of fact, this has been a factor in the past. It has just been given more weight and pushed to the top. This benefits more those who are on SERP already 😉

      Thanks for your feedback

  17. Hey Enstine, Thanks for informing us about latest Google ranking factor. Actually it’s a shocking one for me. Google always changes its algorithm, we just have to adjust to the changes.

  18. Hi Enstine,

    This is both fascinating but not surprising to me. If Google is in the business of providing a valuable resource to their customers, who are those who do searches, then it only makes sense that if people don’t perceive they like something by not clicking through then why would they rank it highly?

    All the more reason we need to really understand what problems we solve and who we solve them for so that our articles are titled and written properly for people who are searching for help or need a problem solved.

    It’s my conclusion that the majority of searches for businesses (especially business to business) on Google are for the purpose of having a need met or issue resolved.

    When we do our homework we can get results. When we through clay on the wall and it doesn’t stick we wonder why no one sees our articles or work.

    Great post Enstine!!!! I really appreciate you sharing.

    ~ Don Purdum

    • 😉 when it doesn’t stick, it means the mixture lacks some properties. We just have to remix. Perfect illustration sir 😉

      Always excited to have you around. Do have a wonderful weekend ahead

  19. I was wondering the same, Enstine.
    We all know that only if you are near to the top or at least in page 1, you’ll have chance to receive a good number of clicks.
    I guess we need to work to optimize those pages which are ranking good on google.

    What do you think, Enstine?

  20. Hmmm CTR, I am waiting to observe what next, they will change this very soon now that it has been known by the masses. Well, Kudos to Google!!

  21. Hi Sir Enstine,
    Another digged trick! I wonder where did you all find these? hehe… I have already an avid reader of Brian Dean and have already read those factors but I didn’t really noticed how important CTR is? Until you gave this post to us.

    Hmmm it is only a day but you already gathered a lot of engagements here. 20+ comments. Goodluck.

  22. This makes no sense. It is only for page 1 listings on the SERP. How can I increase CTR if I rank #12 (#2 on page 2) ?

  23. Hmm, that one has thrown me off guard. I guess there will be lots of content and guides coming out in the near future on how to optimise for CTR as the biggest ranking factor.

    I’m feeling that headings and featured images will get much more important to generate more clicks.

    I wonder how this affects the meta description – something that Matt Cutts says isn’t too important for individual posts – because if CTR is in fact the biggest ranking factor, it makes a huge different to me to read a quick overview of what the article is about before clicking.

    Thanks for sharing.
    – Stuart

    • Hey Stuart,
      I think from the searchers’ point of view, meta description is what counts big time. That’s a summary of what’s on the page. If it doesn’t sell enough, it may not convince the search to click. That’s where the point is. The title generally is what’s seen first. The the description throws more light to it.

      The featured image doesn’t show up on SERP so it has no place really 😉

      did I understand your point?

  24. Hi Boss Entine,

    Every blogger wants their blog to appear on google first page, but unfortunately only 10 sites are allowed to display on the first page.

    So how do you come out on the first page so as to increase your CTR? I guess one should work on other factors first, or what do you think?

  25. I Hope That Someday, my new blog will hit page 1, first 3 search results….

    Because i know if i put in more effort in niche (, i believe i will be hitting the headlines everyday, right?

    How about that Sir.

  26. Nice to see that you have notified us about this ranking factor early.
    I think now only On Page SEO factors are the only thing which a blogger can do to get his post ranked.
    Will have to work more hard on On Page SEO from now.

    • Hi Anshul,

      I believe focusing only on on-page SEO will get us far, but not far enough to consistently hitting on page one of Google for our target keywords.

      Links, till dates , plays a prominent role in how web pages are ranked, their worth and values in Google search. Before you can think of better CTR, you have to get on page one first, then pray your pages get high CTR.

      I wrote a post on a particular keyword for my blog which rank 7 on first page of Google, then I wrote a guest post on same keyword for Daily Blog Tips, this guest post shot straight to number 1, above Quick Sprout and the likes.

      The difference in this experiment is quality of links each blog have acquired, which in the eyes of Google, makes a blog more worthy than the other.

      Like Enstine pointed out, if a page can’t get to page one of search result, how will CTR benefits such page?

      Thanks for your comment.

  27. It was and is indeed the most prominent ranking factor among the 200 factors, but now it is being proved by the case studies as the highly weighted factor. It is always recommended to change and test different Titles and Descriptions to see which one is getting more clicks.

    Frankly speaking I am not shocked with this finding because it was already there and most of us were already aware of it.

    • Hey Bilal,
      I have done the tweaking and increased the traffic to some of my articles. It really is an effective SEO and traffic thing to do. I hope this works well for you too

  28. I’ve received the same email this morning, Enstine.
    Checked the video and impressed me the percentage : 25% of total of the factors.

    It seems like Blog Title and Homepage Meta tags are more important than ever!

    Thanks for sharing the news,
    have a great day, my friend.

    • Hey Erik,
      I saw your reply to the post on Facebook and knew we were swimming in the same pool.
      Tell me, how do you think this will help entries on pages 2 and upward given that Clicks on these pages are near zero?

  29. Thanks For Sharing This Information.

    To my own observation, this new Ranking tips is much more easier than ever….What do you think guys???

  30. I agree that CTR is a big deal for ranking. But I don’t believe that it is a that a big factor. Because a site which is ranking at #1 for a particular search term should (generally) get maximum CTR. Then how the other sites outrank it over time?
    CTR is always been a good signal for ranking but just like many others.

    Enstine Sir, I am a follower of you on social media sites and on your blog but this is the first time I am commenting and really enjoyed reading it though can’t completely agree.

    Soumya Roy

    • Hey Roy,
      So good to see you here and thanks for commenting this time. I have to rush to your blog too. However, are you on broadedNet too?

      Now, I have seen a couple of entries on spot 1 with very poor and dull titles. Such for the most part don’t get the clicks as they should. That means spot 1 doesn’t really represent the highest number of clicks. In such cases, I’m sure such entries will leave that position.

      Thanks for the comment and the engagement this time bro

  31. Think I now understand it better!
    Recently I found out that my post in BroadedNet getting more click my BroadedNet points increasing, then my Blogs links to BroadedNet getting better rates on Alexa Ranking
    Simply saying that my CTR from BroadedNet doing lots of MAGIC to my Ranking
    Many more people need to abide with Gospel of BroadedNet to get more CTR for better Alexa and Google Ranking….

    BroadedNet to the rescue….

  32. Hi Enstine,

    I believe that Google has changed its algorithm completely and its going to affect those sites who don’t focus writing quality content. Anyways nice posts! +1 for this post 🙂


  33. Enstine, it was a shocker when i first saw your status on FB .. Then Erik went ahead and mentioned the Factor. CTR.

    I think this is a fair rule and its damn good for people with good contents. We bloggers often preach about how quality content is the best. Well if quality is being served, i see no reason why people from the search engines should bounce off.

    As for me i think its great, will notify my blog readers of this new factor too.

    Thanks for sharing.

  34. Nice Post and Good information , will certainly be helpful in planning out the new SEO order for my Blogs. Thanks for the info

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