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  • No boring stuff.

  • Home
  • Blogging

ATTENTION!!! These TWO things will drastically increase (OR KILL) traffic to your blog. Period!!!

Everyday we work on strategies to increase traffic to our blogs and websites and you are reading this article because you need that traffic. That’s right!

I don’t need to mention here that without traffic, you’ll be as good as not having an online presence.

Whether you are working on paid or free traffic sources, if you fail in these two things I want to discuss here, your traffic strategies will be a complete waste.

NB: I have written this meaty post so as to help you improve on your traffic. So I recommend taking your time to read it word for word. Don’t create imaginations and skip a paragraph. If you understand these points and implement them well, you’ll certainly see a change in traffic

We generally want free traffic from social media (by posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) and from search engines (by doing some onpage and offpage SEO). A lot of us do some search and/or social PPC. Again, if you fail to properly craft these points, you will be wasting money.

I’m sure you are not going to read these points for the very first time. You might have read them severally but their importance is such that I want to emphasize on and show you a little trick that will literally increase your traffic. Here we go …

Two things to increase traffic to your blog

1 – [ POST TITLE ]

This is undeniably the first thing (for the most part) that attracts attention when your entry is listed on the Search engine result page (SERP). If a searcher does a search on Google and your entry comes up on position #1, the first thing that the searcher reads is the title. If your title is dumb, chances are high to lose the click though you are on position 1 of page 1.

Your article title must be able to reflect what’s in the searcher’s mind. That’s what attracts the clicks. It’s not the beauty and length of the article. It’s not how in-depth your article is.

Google may judge your article highly relevant for some keywords but there is no way it can force clicks. Placing your article on SERP does not guarantee traffic. If you miss the title, you close the door.

Pat Flynn in this article shows us a strategy that has proven to increase traffic. Have you heard of headline hacks by Jon Morrow? This is one highly recommended free resource on writing attractive post headlines.


Some people think the description of your post plays a part in your search engine ranking. That’s not true. Your description is where you expand on your title and give a clearer image of the content. To encourage a high CTR (Click Through Rate), you must link your title and description up. While the searcher finds a reason to click the title, your description should not drive him off. We are going to look at some examples in a moment.

According to David McSweeney, “Your meta description tag is your advert; your chance to sell your product or service and entice people to click your link. Once you get your web page onto the first page of the search results for a keyphrase, a well crafted meta descriptions can dramatically increase your actual click through rate. No point being number one if no one is clicking through to your site!” Read more

Comparative case study

Now, let’s see exactly how post title and description can combine to increase traffic – clicks. I’m going to use a practical example – I just ran a keyword on Google and here is what I found;

increase traffic to your blog

ABCDBlogging is a blog owned by a good friend. I’m excited to see him grab the first position for this keyword on Google.com. But I particularly think there is a problem with his description that can bring down the number of clicks he can get from this entry.

First, I think the title is attractive. I personally will like to know about these 5 blogging communities so I can join them.

I’m not looking for the definition of blogging communities in the keyword I used but as you can see, the description above is rather giving me a definition. So you see here that the title and description don’t match. Let’s see another example;

post description

This example by Mashable is quite straight to the point. This tells me exactly what to find on the page and can drastically positively affect my decision to click the link. The title and description are in perfect match. Let’s look at my own example;

post description and titleMy title does not talk about a list of blogging communities though. I bring out blogengage as a blog community and tell the searcher I have 5 reasons this platform is different from others.

Now look at the description. This gives more weight to the title and creates a perfect marriage between both.

NB: You don’t have to repeat title in the description box though. Just be creative and make a stronger point that will keep the searchers hooked

Poor titles and descriptions is one of the top reasons we have high impressions but low clicks. If you think your CTR is poor for a certain listing on SERP, you can improve clicks by bringing some changes to your titles and description.

Post Meta Description and post Introduction

meta description

The error some of us make is to just copy our introduction into the description box or allow search engines to generate the description for us. The introduction of an article generally cannot make a good description. If your theme does not allow you to describe your article by providing meta boxes, I can advise you switch to Genesis or grab the free SEO by Yoast WordPress plugin.

Recommended: How Meta Description affects your SEO ( Whip your CTR up )

Post Titles and Description for SEO or Human readers?

In the early days of SEO, keyword reach Titles and Descriptions used to be as important as being on SERP page 1 and position 1. Google’s Hummingbird update for their search engine algorithms has made keywords much less important than conversational searches. This reflects changes in the way that people search for things. For example, instead of looking for the keyword “mobile phones”, Google will look for pages that answer questions such as “Which is the best mobile phone for me?

That means your title and description should be as close as possible to human understanding.

Titles and description on Social Media and ppc

On Facebook for instance, your post title, description and to a very large extent, images play an important role in how many clicks you get. Sometimes you wonder why you belong to tens of Facebook groups and Google communities yet you don’t get clicks. I propose you work on the titles and description of your entries. Use more attractive and professional images to attract more attention from members

increase traffic

On PPC (Search or Social), the title and description of your ads are very crucial. That’s why most PPC platforms provide split testing facilities. This helps you tweak your entries (titles and description) and settle on the best option with the highest CTR.

Facebook social PPC makes it a bit different by adding the image so if your title and description don’t catch attraction, your image should. If you fail in the 3 components, you are better not doing any Facebook PPC

social ppcGive this a try!

Try to link your post titles and descriptions up. Make the descriptions more catchy and as close to your content as possible. The results will certainly be positive.

Thanks for reading. Share this post on social media and leave a comment

Enstine Muki

Blogging Coach, Certified Cryptocurrency Expert and Serial Entrepreneur

Nikola Roza

Hey Enstine,
seo titles and meta descriptions are SEO 101. They’re the gatekeeper to all other awesome SEO stuff you did on the page, and that will never be seen if the title and description makes you yawn instead of exclaiming “oh yeah! I want in!”

    Enstine Muki

    lol that’s right. those are the doors into the article room. Poor titles could me closed doors 😉

Mukund Madhav

Heading is what’s that’s challenging. I think over titles for about an hour before posting anything. Also, I read somewhere in your blog that after 10 approved comments I get backlink from your blog, well its not working for me. Any fix? Also , my comments keep running into wp errors in this blog…


Wow, very detailed and has to be read through more than once. I’m always looking for new traffic helps/resources for the students I coach. If I want to help them make money online, I need to keep on top of it.


Hello Enstine
I really like your titles. These are catchy and attractive. This is a nice tip for me that I should work more on titles and meta description. Nice post.


Hellow Enstine it is my advice to you can more most on your blog to my help and your Vistors..

And I am satsfy with you for Publish your post…


Siddharth Sharma

Hellow Enstine it is my advice to you can more most on your blog to my help and your Vistors..

And I am satsfy with you for Publish your post…



Hey Enstine,

I’m sorry I’m so late getting by this post but better late than never right!

Wow, thanks for the mention here and I’ve really been working on those headlines. I know that at times I’m not really putting as much thought into them but for the most part I’ve really improved and Jon’s report really helped with that too. Great shares there.

You are right about everything you’ve shared here. I religiously do the meta description but I was told the SEO title was a waste of my time. I noticed in your image example you have yours included. I always write my own separate description but quit including the title some time ago. It’s obviously not hurting me any though.

Great shares as usual, thanks for pointing these out. We definitely don’t want to overlook anything that can help us stand out.

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.


    Enstine Muki

    Better late than never my dear friend 😉 Always a great pleasure to have you around despite your huge list of blogs to visit and comment 😉

    If you share beautiful ideas and tips, be sure to naturally have others link to it. Links are not to give the linked material some favor. It’s primarily about adding value to your post by giving more useful info to your readers. Good share there at your blog …

    When you run a search on Google these days, you realize that your keywords get bolded on SERP. Those entries with bolded keywords(in titles and description) tell you there is some importance attached to it. I think SEO titles are not a waste of time 😉 Sometimes, we get told things but we tend to follow what practically works 😉

    Yes, it’s been a nice weekend especially with my wife giving birth to a baby boy. I’ll surely tell you friends more about it
    Do have a wonderful weekend as well


      Hey Enstine,

      I totally agree with you, it’s to help our readers learn more and hopefully benefit from what we’re already sharing. It’s not to get the love back necessarily but it’s always nice to be recognized.

      I think that with all this stuff that comes out and all these different announcements that are made I sometimes never know what’s right or wrong. I mean my title shows up anyway so I was just told it was an extra step and waste of time so I stopped.

      Congratulations Enstine, a baby boy. You proud papa, I’m so happy for you and your wife. That’s wonderful news. Can’t wait to hear all about it and see pictures.

      I know you’ll have a great week now.



Hello sir,

First, ton thanks for this post.
Second, i just read a post in full for the first time.
Third, i just started a website and its 1 month now (only 6 posts) but very low traffic and now i got a clear idea in writing titles and description.
Fifth, ton thanks again for this wonderful and informative post.

Sujith – Founder of techuloid.com

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Sujith,
    Thanks for reading and commenting and congratulations on your new site. I have been on it and can say it’s taking a beautiful direction

    Be active on blogs in your niche and you’ll soon start seeing traffic on your way

    Have a wonderful week

Tola Korede

Firstly, i wan to commend you Enstine Muki for great working your doing and also sharing tips on Website Traffic Generation here on your website. Kudos bro!
Back to your article or post, really Post Title is what will attracted the visitors to your website and it will leads them to your website to read the description or content of your website. If what they read interest them definitely they will come back or bookmark the site and also share the webpage. For instance, your article case study because many online marketers will surely read this can of article to know two things to increase traffic to your website.

Anyway, useful articles.



Hey Enstine,

Thanks for calling our attention to an important function of post description.

The blogger including webmasters have al
ost forgoten the post description as an element to increase the click through rate (CRT) of their posts on the SERPs.

This is probably due to our over-concentration on post description as a SEO tool or its complete negligence for a mere reason that it is no more as an effective SEO strategy as it was on search engine.

No reason in getting #1 position in google if CRT is low.

Thanks for sharing

Joy Banerjee

I do follow these things but not used paid services like … Google Adword or Facebook promotions – any other idea to boost the traffic ?


Hi Enstine,

Thanks for sharing this information. I hope you don’t mind that I will share this post in the Dutch Blogger Community. The only 2 things the bloggers keep asking me are: how the increase traffic to their website and how to make (more) money with their blog. This blog post will give them a good view where to start. Nice job!

    Enstine Muki

    Hi Rachella,
    Do go ahead and share 😉 Thanks for the engagement

Frank Joseph

Now this is something even I am doing it wrong, i don’t care much about my description and just allow search engine to determine what is right for it.
Going to give my title as well as my site description more attention starting from now.

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Frank,
    That should fetch more clicks for you. Give it a try bro

Nanda Rahmanius

Hi Enstine,

Awesome post!
I came here because I saw the title of your article is interesting. As you said at the beginning of the article, if you read this, it means you need traffic: Yes, you are right!

Indeed, I was thinking the same thing with you about the title and the description. I worked hard in determining a good title and description to attract readers, thank you for this article, I can see that you give an example in this article. All of this becomes more obvious when I read this article.

Thanks for sharing this helpful article, Enstine.
I really loved this article and I’ve already bookmark it 😉


    Enstine Muki

    Thanks for the wonderful comment Nanda and do have a wonderful week as I hope to see you around again 😉

Sherman Smith

Hey Enstine,

I do have to say that these are some true Golden Nuggets you shared in this post. I never really thought about how much the Title and the meta data should match each other. Especially for a Facebook PPC campaign. At one point I had what I considered a high CTR at that time but realize how important the description and the title should match although it made sense to me that they should match. I will definitely keep these tips in mind! Thanks for the share!

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Sherman,
    These two pieces are always important to be relevant and linked. Why the title plays a greater part, the description should not be the reason why the visitor didn’t click 😉 Putting both together can mean a lot 😉

    Thanks for being part of us today and do have a wonderful day

SK Saini

Hi Enstine Muki!

Though up to now too, I was stressing over my Post title and meta description but completely ignoring the relativity between the two. After going through your post, I really understand how to make them relative to enhance CTR.

I have edited my current post trying meeting your instruction. I have added it to this comment for your review. Waiting for your review and guidance.

For once again, thanks a lot for such a nice information.
SK Saini

    Enstine Muki

    Sweet! I think you’ve got them well linked up
    That should spark clicks if shown on the home page of SERP 😉

    Thanks for stopping by and do have a wonderful weekend

Chery Schmidt

Hey Enstine! When I read your e-mail just now I knew I was going to get some great information and I did just that! I do try to make a Catchy title of course as well as a description to build that curiosity but yet I never knew about this wonderful plug in to help me do so. I am off to my blog to get free SEO by Yoast WordPress plugin now!! Thanks for sharing, Seems I am always learning something here. Chery :))

    Enstine Muki

    Hi Chery,
    I’m glad this post was helpful
    Yes! Yoast is a wonderful free SEO plugins. Give it a try and let me know how it goes
    Do have a wonderful weekend and see you around again soon

Geri Richmond

Hi Enstine,

Wow, twice in one night. That’s a record for me. I don’t usually comment on one blog twice in the same night but, I felt compelled to share with you the fact that some marketers are moving away from CommentLuv and going to Disqus instead.

The reason is because they want people to comment on their blogs because it’s great content and not just to get a link. That’s not the only reason. There is a another reason that has something to do with SEO.

What is your opinion about this?
I think there are probably some good reasons in going with Disqus but, I’m going to have to look into it further.

One thing I know for sure is that the Internet is ever changing.
Let me know what you think. 🙂

    Enstine Muki

    I’m honored to have you here twice same night 😉

    Most big blogs have more to do than just moderate comments. Disqus is some sort of a relief as it certainly brings down the number of daily comments 😉 Of course, they have grown and some how have a large community

    I think smaller blogs should stick to something that rewards and encourages visits. If that’s what commentluv does, then they should stick to it until when they think otherwise 😉

Geri Richmond

Hi Enstine,
WOW!! Great post with so much information. I bookmarked it because I’m going to need to come back and re -read it.
I knew about the title and description but, not some of the other points.
Thanks for all the info and I’ll be back.
Have a great day! 🙂

    Enstine Muki

    I’ll be so excited to see you back Geri. Do have a wonderful weekend 😉

Asaolu olubayode Andrew

Hi Muki,

Thanks for this wonderful post, not until when i read this post i’m always too lazy to write my description for the post. i know how important it is, but i only thought it;s just for me to put words that probably talk about the post.

But from what i’ve learnt here, i think it’s in best position for us to always write the summary of the post, so as to let searchers know what they are to gain. Thanks for this great post.

    Enstine Muki

    Hi Asaolu,
    I’m glad this post was helpful
    Of course we need to let searchers know what’s on the post before even clicking. That helps increase the number of clicks

    Do have a wonderful weekend and hope to see you here soon


I am so ignorant of SEO but I agree with you that a catchy title and good description will definitely attract readers to a blog.
Thank you for this enlightenment.

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Juliana,
    We all were ignorant at one point. Spending some time digging around will give you the basic knowledge

    Thanks for your engagement

Funmy Kemmy

Very educative. Thanks for sharing.

New Bloggers (including me) will greatly benefit from the post.

Uttoran Sen

Hey Enstine, nice post,

Yes, the description snippet and title plays mojor role in ranking sites on Google serps.

Now that bigger sites can no longer rank for those terms with their authority alone – they too need to write those snippets carefully,

Uttoran Sen,

    Enstine Muki

    Good observation about those ‘big’ sites. They need to stand up to the changes.
    Thanks for your contribution bro


This is really an amazing thing I was lacking in some area that you have made it clear and describe where the problem is.
This has helped me out a lot and really helpful
As if I am seeing some of results right now.
Thank you

Veronica Lee

Great tips! As a blogger, I find that giving a post a catchy title is crucial! Even as a reader myself, I tend to only click on those posts with titles that grab my attention as I scroll down my RSS reader. Thanks for the advice!


When it comes to increase traffic post title and the keyword on the prominent place in the title plays crucial role and then descriptions that we should focus to provide best available information to the readers with suggested keyword density on heading tags and post body without stuffing it.

Once the post gets live, social signals are important to add fuel in the fire.

Thanks, have a wonderful day.

sushil thapa

Nice article thanks for sharing is there any tool like yeast seo for blogspot blogger

    Enstine Muki

    Hi Sushil,
    I have never worked with blogspot before so I have no idea if there is any. You may have to Google it out 😉

Angela McCall

Hi Enstine,

A lot of us beginners do not understand CTR, PPC…what the heck are these? I just hate these terms. Also, Yoast completely confuse me. Honestly speaking, I don’t know how to use it.

The biggest challenge for me here are SEO and Affiliate Marketing. I believe I’m much better making money through blogging by just having a referrals, it’s mire guaranteed.

I understand that aged domains, killer content, catchy titles…are the ones that makes a difference to your SERP. If you’re not even PR4, Google index your post much slower up to 21 days, I’ve been reading “SEO for Bloggers” lately and I’ve learned so much more just by reading Adams book.

However…blogging isn’t really that easy.

Anyway, I’ve replaced Yoast with SEOPressor. SEOPressor is not free but I understand it better. Lately, I’ve been doing my research on “long tail keywords” vs “shirt tail keywords”. The more precise you are with your title the better you are to rank higher on Google #1 page.

For example: How to start a website design business

This title, although its ling tailed, is still too general. It would prolly rank highly if the title goes join like this: “How to start a website design business with less than $100”

….and then if course the catchy title along with the meta description should match.

I didn’t understand this till now. I prolly have tong I back in all of my posts or just the ones with high organic search and craft the SEO, develop a better meta description and change some of the titles.

Blogging is sure a work that is never done. Anyway, thank you for sharing us your nuggets, I’ve learned more from you. Have a great week.


    Enstine Muki

    Hi Angela,
    This is excellent. I love your understand in SEO
    I’ll appreciate if you write a book on SEO after all your studies

    Is that something you are thinking of doing?

      Angela McCall

      Not really. I hate SEO. But with the SEOPressor, I have warmed up a little to Writing for SEO. I wasn’t aware of how Google works, like for instance, finding the H1, H2, H3 tags. I just write for humans and tried to do my Keyword Decoration to the best of my knowledge. SEO, no matter how much I want to ignore this, I know it’s important. So I am forced to learn this.

      I’m sure if I’m writing for a newspaper or magazine the old fashion way, on paper, I won’t have to deal with SEOs. But catchy title and killer content are always rèlevant. Computer nor not. It’s a “must” thing to do.


        Enstine Muki

        I’m impressed the way you are learning. A the next few years, you’ll be an expert in that 😉
        I love to deal with hard working bloggers

          Angela McCall

          Like they say, “practice makes you perfect.” I’m a student of life. And to me, the more I understand about the SEO the easier my life writing here online. LOL

    Angela McCall


    • it’s mire guaranteed = should say “it’s MORE guaranteed”

    • “shirt tail keywords” = should say “SHORT tail keywords”

    • ling tailed = should say “LONG tailed”

    • if course = should say “OF course”

    • tong I = should say “TO GO”

    Sorry, its really hard to type on my tablet. I keep hitting the “i” instead of “o” they’re so close together. I should have proof this better before hitting submit.


      Hi Angela..

      It is a proof that you are a human being… LoL… 🙂



        Enstine Muki

        I don’t like working with those mini keyboard 😉


          Hi Enstine,

          I believe, as an Internet Marketer or blogger we should go for “OPTIMIZED” keyboard…:)

          Enstine Muki

          Hi Karmakar,
          Kindly through more lights on “OPTIMIZED” keywords. My readers may not understand what that is 😉

        Angela McCall

        Hahaha…Karmakar, you’re funny!! 😀

        I’m back on my laptop and I like this one better. I can type 70 wpm. And so when I’m on tablet or iphone which constantly keep correcting my words that I entered in there, it’s a disaster! But…I grab my tablet or iphone first, first time I wake up because it’s more convenient and easier than to go to my desk…it’s a lot nicer reading underneath my blanky. LOL



          Hi Enstine,

          Just do a search in Google “Optimized Keyboard”… you will be amazed to see how many results you are getting… 🙂

          Optimized Keyword results = 84,80,000

          Optimized Keyboard results = 94,90,000

          So, Don`t you think it will be a great concept to write your next article on “How to optimize your KEYBOARD for better copy writing or search ranking etc.”… What you say… LoL… 🙂

          @ Angela,

          You statement of – 70 wpm… forced me to join https://10fastfingers.com/
          How am I supposed manage my time… 🙁

          So, don`t you think we can make a good content out of it…

          As a blogger what if you concentrate on increasing our typing speed?

          Does it going to affect our traffic?

          As, more typing speed means we are going to finish our article in less time OR our blog commenting activities in less time, that means we will have MORE time to work for our other traffic building strategies…

          What you say… Are you up for this article challenge????…



Mi Muba

Perfect tips. That is why it is widely said that spend more than of the time while writing your post on making its headline. It’s just like the front door of a place. If it is not attractive no one will bother to enter into it.
Once thanks for proving your arguments with lot of examples and go referrals that really enhanced its value.

    Enstine Muki

    Good analogy Mi. If the front door is not attractive, very few people pay attention to it
    Thanks for stopping by and making a comment today and hope to see you around again pretty soon

Chetan Bhatt

Thanks for sharing this awesome article with us . I will surely take care of the above mentioned things before writing any post.. 🙂

I. C. Daniel

Definitely headlines and meta description take a great role, and also the piece of information you offer to your readers have yet another major role.

The first position for blogging communities actually is taken by “addictedme” and the second is your friend and the 3rd is blogster, 4th is viralwriter and 5th is blogengage, on my end.

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Daniel,
    What’s up today?
    There are often those differences that comes with differences in Google domains. Listing in .com are often not same in different locations and different extentions 😉

    thanks for pointing that out. ABCDBlogging was first where I wrote the post 😉

      I. C. Daniel

      Today start snowing so it’s worst. Regarding the rank, I always use Google dot Com anyway you right because gives different search result on different extensions, also keep in mind that “personalized ranking” is affected in a way or other by “visitors habits” and that’s because Google collect our “browse history”. See you next time buddy!

      PS: the clickbank ads called “get paid to draw” you have running is a poor written 50 page eBook, may hurt your brand, my advice, get rid of it and replace it with something that actually works, something like Chris Farrell membership which offers a nice cut.
      PSS: there’s no “extentions”, correct is extensions, I too make mistakes all the time, important is to “learn from mistakes”, even if are silly mistakes. See you next time buddy, always a pleasure.

        Enstine Muki

        Thanks for the points you raised. I’ve removed the banner. no doubt they have not responded to my mail
        BTW did you buy the product? If it has just 50 pages and carries value, the number of pages won’t be an issue though

          I. C. Daniel

          Actually I wanted to advertise this product and to make sure is a good product I start researching couple months ago, are people who actually buy this kind of stuff because they don’t know a thing about or too lazy to make research first then complaints, refunds starts… :)) . See you buddy!

Erik Emanuelli

Hi Enstine,
I agree with your points in your article.

An attractive title is the first thing you need to attract visitors.
And bloggers must know very well how to write catchy titles for their content!

And having the right optimization such as description and keywords is very important too. Luckily we have nice plugins that help us achieve this.

Very useful post, as always, Enstine.
Thanks for sharing!

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Erik,
    Wordpress makes it quite easy with free SEO plugins and themes. Other platforms don’t readily have these facilities.

    Thanks for your visit today and making a contribution. Do have a wonderful week ahead

Nwosu Desmond

I totally agree with you about post titles and description being able to improve traffic. A catchy post title can only raise curiosity but a well written description can compel the visitor to check out the link.

It doesn’t end there, ensure to capture the visitor with the first few lines of the article. Explain what the concept of the topic is all about, highlight the problems and how you intend to solve them. Get them interested in the post with the first paragraph and you’ll surely keep such a fellow longer on your site.

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Desmond,
    You are very correct! When the visit now lands on your blog, there are other ways to keep him engaged. It begins with your introduction. Poor introduction may take him off

    Thanks for your contribution man

Harleena Singh

Hi Enstine,

You are SO right about all that you wrote in the post today 🙂

The ONLY thing that would actually bring a reader to your blog would be a catchy title – so it better be a good one. Also, the description and first few lines of your post, which should briefly describe what your post is all about.

Yes, they do have the automated stuff but it’s any day better to write your own description and using the keyword and its variations in-between if possible too. I do both of these, though I need to work on making my title a little more catchier – so this is a good reminder for me. However, it shouldn’t be too long too or else it becomes tough to tweet (hint hint!)

Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Harleena,
    Thanks for the comment and the hint. Yes, titles have to be short, but not too short. Just short and long enough to be read and tweeted 😉

    If there is something I’m working on now, it’s about being able to write very attractive titles. Hope I succeed in that 😉

    Do have a wonderful week and thanks for being part of this post

Renaud Gagne

Hey Enstine!

Great post with some very important information. I am kind of conflicted about how much it is related to traffic…it is also closely related to copywriting AND conversions.

That is a questions I have been asking myself. Is traffic really my ad? Or is it the “thinking” and “planning” of my target audience?

I could be fireing PPC or doing newspaper ads all over the planet with a good headline but…if I don’t do it to the right people with a Unique Selling Proposition I am wasting money

So…what is traffic? 😉 (Impressions? clicks? conversions?)

I think traffic is deeper than we think.

    Enstine Muki

    Impression -> clicks -> conversion. That’s the order but I think traffic starts from Clicks and ends with conversion and the whole chain is important and unbreakable.

    Poor titles and poor descriptions often lead to high impressions and less clicks.

Nikhil Ganotra

Heyy Enstine,
Great research indeed. You shared an ultimate post.Generally the main aim of every blogger is to drive traffic to their blog and you have suggested the best tips for them which are often ignored by many blogger, icluding me too.
Thanks for a lot for sharing us useful tips with us.

Stay blessed, Happy Blogging 🙂

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Nikhil,
    Thanks too for stopping by and leaving a comment
    Hope to see you again around


That’s definitely a way for the WordPress platform users. SEO packs are really great sources of help when it comes to optimization. It is great that you brought this nice union and connection between the post title and its meta description. I am trying to do this technique using blogger. So far, so good and it rocks once you hit the top of the list.

Thanks for sharing this bro.

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Dimaks,
    Thanks for the contribution and for making a point
    Good to hear it works for you on blogspot

    Hope to see you here again

Abid Omar

Hi Enstine,

Great Post bro. And thanks for featuring my blog here. Once again thanks for found the mistake in my blog post description and correct it in my upcoming posts. Really usefull one. Thanks 🙂

Abid Omar

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Abid,
    You may have to retouch that description and make it more relevant to the title. That will surely increase the number of clicks

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