This hidden trick is guaranteed to double your income!

You are reading this post because you want to double your income right? You are just like me and everyone else here on planet Earth.

Growth is the thing that’s constantly sort for. No one wants to be stagnant  – even the wicked wants to grow in wickedness.

Well, there is one area where people hate growth – Poverty! No poor person would want to grow from one poor stage to the other. Ask anyone on the street and they will tell you they want a better life. I’m yet to meet someone who says “I want a poorer life” 😉

Let me share with you a little trick that will help you double your income online and boost engagement on your blog. This is from a SEO point of view.

If you have a blog or site that’s already receiving some traffic from Google or any other search engine, you’re surely going to appreciate what I’ll be discussing in the following paragraphs.

To make sure you don’t miss a point, get rid of every distraction – close all Facebook windows, Twitter, stop the music, Short down the TV, Switch off your phone for a moment, grab a cup of coffee…

If you do exactly what I share on this post and don’t see a positive change in your business after one month, then go tell the whole world that I’m fake. But I know I’m note because I’m revealing to you a little secret that will add more to your earnings.

NB: You need to have a blog that’s already getting traffic from search engines. The more your search engine or natural traffic, the more you can use this little trick to earn more.


Why Search Engine Traffic?

Search engine traffic is money making traffic! It’s traffic source with higher conversion rate.

The single reason readers click search results to your page is because they think you have what they are looking for. All things being equal, search engines send targeted traffic to your blog.

Someone goes to Google and expresses a need (types a search term) and Google responds and says “hey I think these websites have what you need” by displaying results from most to the least relevant.

Searchers now click to your page and if they find out you have the materials they want, they take the necessary action – sign up, buy, download, bookmark, share, comment, etc

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Here is how to double your income with hidden SEO Traffic trick!


Step 1 – > Identify your most popular page or blog post:

The first thing to do is to identify the most popular post/page that  gets the highest traffic from search engines. This is golden start point.

Every site that gets traffic from search engines has some pages/posts that are more popular. Those pages/posts get a greatest share of the SEO traffic. Those are the pages we are going to work with.

How do you know these pages or posts?

Simple! Use your SEO tool or GSC account. In this post, I’ll be using GSC simply because it’s freely accessible to everyone and has all the necessary ingredients we need for this exercise.

– > Go to Google Search Console

Log into your Google Search Console Account. Select the domain you want to work on from the list and click Search Traffic -> Search Queries.

double your income

What you see is a list of keywords that drive traffic to your blog. On the table, click to sort by “Clicks” from top to bottom. We are interested in the keywords that drive the highest traffic – the highest number of clicks.

Click the keyword (query) to get the page that gets the traffic from it. There are more statistics available on these pages but we are interested in just these.

NB: You may want to display results of a longer period so as to know what has been working for you over time.  So set the period using the date range form fields.

A single page on your blog can be receiving traffic from more than one keyword. What we do here is get top keyword that sends the most traffic. However, that keyword has to be as close to a buying decision as possible. So if you think the top keyword is vague, pick any other keyword that’s a buying keyword.

Now we have two things ready to work with;

  1. The SEO most popular post.
  2. The keyword that drive traffic to this post.

You may not know this but this is crucial information we have come out with that can add huge value to our online business.

What do we do with this material then?

Simple! We will increase the money making capacity of that popular post in a way that’s sure to increase our income.

Here is what I propose  . . .

First, tweak this popular post a bit by adding some more meat to it – add some more images (not too many though), videos, paragraphs, etc, and resubmit. Do some more backlinks to it. These actions will boost its rankings and possibly improve its natural traffic.

Step 2 -> Time to monetize your popular posts

Here is the core point! If you do this properly, you’ll be shocked how your online earnings will improve.

You are not just going to go out there, pick any product and hang on that popular page/post.  You need to get super targeted product for a high conversion rate.

What I recommend is get advertisers who are targeting the keywords driving traffic to the post in question.

For instance…

If the keyword “how do I make money online” is the top keyword driving traffic to your popular post, find out from Google who is targeting and paying for this keyword.

how to increase income

Visit the companies listed in the sponsored Ads section on the result page. Find out if they have affiliate programs. If they do, signup and grab your affiliate links. I’ll tell you what to do with it latter.

Another option is to contact them (these advertisers) directly and try to sell banner space on the article. For the most part (if your traffic is really encouraging), they will be positive.

The journey continues …

Now you have the popular blog post and targeted product to advertise on it. You have also signed up to the product’s affiliate program and your affiliate link is ready. Here are three ways to go but I highly recommend the third method;

1 – Grab an affiliate banner and paste on the post. Generally, I’ll recommend using a 300×250 banner at top left or top right of content. You may also want to use it somewhere within the post or at the bottom of the article. These are some positions that have proven to generate results.

2 – Sell ad space to product owner; I mentioned above that you can simply contact product owner to advertise on the post. While this will only generate short term earnings, it can be a method to boost income.

You already have a blog post that’s getting targeted traffic from search engines. So by strategically advertising a highly targeted product on the post, you stand a high chance of making more sales.

Bonus information

Once you have the page that’s getting more traffic, you can use it to reduce your bounce rate. Common! Be mart!

All you have to do is create a related post and link to it from the most popular article. I recommend you check out a post I have written on a smart way to create internal links that drastically lower your bounce rate.

See the bounce rate reduction article here!

Now you know what to do to increase the amount of money you make from your blog or website. The only thing that keeps you back is lack of required action. If you don’t try this method, you won’t know how effective it is.

So give it a try …

Go start work! It should not be difficult. Let me break it down for you so you can have an action plan;

  1. Log into your GSC account or use any keyword tool of your choice.
  2. Get a list of your top posts that get the most traffic from search engines.
  3. Get the buying keyword that sends the highest traffic to your most visited post.
  4. Go to Google and search for advertisers that are targeting and paying for that keyword.
  5. Sign up  to their affiliate program or contact them for a deal.
  6. If you go by the affiliate program method, grab affiliate banners and paste on the page 

You are surely going to generate more sales from that post and possibly double your income.

Let me know what you think about this little trick. Leave your comments and share it with friends


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