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Six Figure Salary A Year Blogging ~ 8 week training program!

Six Figure Salary is a series I’m starting on this blog to reveal a system that has everything you need to make 5 to 6 figure income a year blogging. I call it ‘6 figure salary’ because that’s exactly what you get after going through this 8 week step-by-step training program.

This hot video training program holds you by hand and walks you through everything thing you need to create a lucrative blogging business, become your own boss and pay yourself a handsome amount of salary.

Six figure is any amount from $100,000.  Count the figures in that amount. They are six. That means with blogging, you can generate an average of $8333 a month.

Now, I’m talking about, a money making training program with 8 Modules of Intense Blog & Affiliate Marketing Training. As a matter of fact, this platform has everything you need to find Success online.

Take the $1 trial for 7 days!

Why am I telling you this?

There are 2 reasons I’m writing about this program and encouraging you to join;

The first reason is that I’m a member. So you’re going to meet me there and we have a lot to share in the forum. Now, if you are reading this blog for your first time, you probably don’t know much about me. Check out my About Me page. I have helped many in this industry and they are following my tips and making money online.

You really have to listen to me and follow me if you want to live a lifestyle of freedom, making money online and spending time with family. Fire your boss!

The second reason I want you to join community and training program is the guy behind it. Zac Johnson is an authentic money making blogger and affiliate marketer with years of experience.

He has mastered the art of blogging and in this training program, he will show you how to do same. This millionaire blogger and affiliate marketer has also been featured in several magazines and news publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Search Engine Journal and many more. So you see why we should follow him?

Here is more…

On this platform, we also meet some of the top money making bloggers and affiliate marketers. Zac has gone out to get the best in the industry on board so that members are well served with the right money making materials. Check out this picture.

six figure salaryI have always said what makes the real value of a platform is not the script or the servers. It’s the people you meet on board and interact with.

On training platform, you don’t only meet Zac Johnson. Here are some other experts and six figure salary earners that have contributed to this training program;

You know as well as I do that these guys have something real good in the package. This makes blogging and affiliate marketing training platform a place to be.

8 weeks to become a ‘six figure salary’ blogger

This platform is sub divided into three main sections all aimed at training you to become your boss. Let’s briefly look at these 3 sections;

1 – 8 week training program

These are strategically planned training videos to “fabricate” a money many blogger and affiliate marketer.  As a member, each week you will be delivered a course (excellent video training) that will fully train you on different aspects of blogging and Affiliate marketing.

These 8 powerful courses will reveal details of systems, tools and the how-tos used by Zac himself and other savvy bloggers to generate 5 – 6 figures online.

Everything you need to know about WordPress, SEO & Content creations, Social medial, Affiliate Marketing, Adsense secrets, blog monetizing, list building, buying and selling sites, etc.

Now, what i love here is how these 8 week course is planned. You will have a course available each week, taking you from one step to the other. Imagine being a completely trained money making blogger, affiliate marketer and six figure salary earner after 8 weeks.

2 – Video Directory

This platform has over 100 hot training videos just about everything you need to succeed online. Apart from the videos in the 8 week training course, you can access hundreds of other videos in the video directory.

Did I mention that you can even request a video?

3 – The forum

The forum is a very important feature of this six figure salary training program. This is where you meet with experts, expose your problems and find answers.

Zac Johnson himself is very active in this forum and will be there to give you any personal assistance to make money online.

The Six Figure Salary Journey – Week # 1

6 figure salary

In week 1 of this training program, a solid foundation is laid. Now this is the MAIN reason why so many bloggers are failing today. They have the wrong foundation. They have the wrong information in the beginning and that hugely affected they journey as bloggers.

There are 9 solid lessons to learn in week 1 of Zac’s ‘six figure salary’ training program. These are well designed to give you the perfect start you need for your 6 figure salary blogging career;

Video #1: Finding the Right Niche for Your Blog – This is as a matter of fact where you either fail before start or you lay a solid foundation for a successful blogging and Affiliate Marketing career. Don’t gamble like others who have ended up quitting. Trust as Zac in this video walks you through and with the help of free platforms help you discover your perfect niche.

Video #2: Picking a Great Domain for Your Blog – One very important component of your blog is the domain name. How do you choose a name that people can easily remember? Lesson 2 comes in as a great help

Video # 3: How to Setup Your Blog in 5 Minutes – This is a Do It Yourself (DIY) video that shows you exactly how to install and setup your blog in just 5 minutes. You don’t need to hire an expert for this.

Video #4: Choosing the Best WordPress Theme for Your Blog – Do you know that a bad WP theme can cause your downfall? While a perfect theme is no guarantee for success, you must avoid the bad ones that can hurt your six figure salary blog.

Video #5: Top WordPress Plugins for Your Blog – I love this lesson! There are few great and free WordPress plugins you are recommended to start with. Don’t make the errors we made in the past.

Video #6: SEO Basics for Your New Blog – If you want your blog to rank well in the future, there are some basic SEO settings that you must not miss at this very beginning. You absolutely need to know these point before embarking on this six figure income journey.

Video #7: Free Traffic Methods for Your Blog –  The success of every online business depends on traffic. No matter how excellent your content is, without traffic it’s as good as not having any. This video exposes some of the best ways to start getting traffic to your blog for free.

Video # 8: Free Traffic Methods for Your Blog – This video is actually the beginning of good things 😉 Most of us who think we make money with our blogs need to go back and learn some basics. That’s the only way to break off that poverty line.

Video # 9: Featured Blogging & Marketing Experts – This video introduces you to the top expert in the industry that will be helping you out with mind blowing materials on the platform. I just listed them out above but more will be said about them in this video.

This is just the tip of an iceberg. Remember this is full blown power training course and an authentic money making forum for real marketers and six figure income earners. You are about the join the most exciting community on the Internet and like I said in the beginning, I’m already on board.

How much does it cost to become a six figure salary blogger?

You can start off with just $1 for the next 7 days. This will help you have an overview of what’s inside. I know you will be hooked once you dive into this. After the $1 trial period, then a recurring $97 per month until cancelled.

Here is the shocking truth…

You may have to pay the recurring fee from your pocket only for 3 or 4 months. Now, as this platform teaches you how to make money blogging, you should be making money from the teachings a few months later. With this, you can pay your monthly fee. That means the program should take care of itself after a few months. If you pay yourself a six figure salary, then this shouldn’t be a problem.

Take the $1 trial for 7 days!

Are you a member of this training program? What do you think about it? Let me hear your thoughts in the comment box below.

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Sumit Thakur - January 3, 2015

I am a big fan of your blog Enstine Sir and that is why I enrolled for this course for 7 days trail…But I am not able to do anything in and every page just says page doesn’t exist….I have paid one dollar for 7 days trail…
Please help me..even I am not able to cancel monthly subscription…???
Waiting for reply

Utsav - December 28, 2014

Hey Enstine Muki ,
You are really doing a great job … Very well concept
Thanks for Organising such a great training module for us

Gary Stein - November 26, 2014

This is great. Trying to get a six figure salary is super hard, but I feel like if you work hard, you can achieve it.

Nisha pandey - November 15, 2014

Hello Enstine,

This look like a wonderful course. And the trial offer is amazing. I would love to grab this trial offer and monetize my blog.

Zac johnson is amazing blogger and expert affiliate marketer that everybody knows very well. I recently posted his amazed interview on my blog. I am a big fan and regular reader of his blogs too. I don’t want to miss this wonderful opportunity to learn “make money blogging”.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful course with us. Have a nice day!
Nisha pandey recently posted…Interview with Multitalented Personality Zac Johnson, a super affiliate, writer, and public speaker by professionMy Profile

RAHUL PANDEY - November 6, 2014

it is great course for newbies. thanks for this post

George - November 4, 2014

I just made up my mind to fully get into blogging after reading a lot of interesting stories around. Though this seems not to be an easy trip, I think this course will help show me the way. Besides, with just $1, I’ll be able to know what’s on the inside.

Giving it a try 😉

Chery Schmidt - November 4, 2014

Hello Enstine! What a great review! I just wish I didnt have so much on my plate right now I would love to jump on in with you.. Certainly worth a dollar to check it out! Wow what an Amazing Deal!!

Thanks for sharing.. Chery :))
Chery Schmidt recently posted…Your Foundation To Online SuccessMy Profile

    Enstine Muki - November 5, 2014

    Hey Chery,
    You are correct about this course. It’s amazing having to learn from the best in the industry.
    Hope to have you on board, may be later 😉

Raaja Anandhan - November 4, 2014

Hi Enstine,

Useful program for bloggers from the blogger. Thanks for sharing this. I ll join this and see you there.
Raaja Anandhan recently posted…5 Common Title Mistakes Bloggers Should Not MakeMy Profile

Make Money Online! An Infographic And Some Vital Information On This Line! - November 3, 2014

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Chris Goldberg - November 3, 2014

$1 for seven days? Not bad if you are starting to blog. The seven days trial period have a lot of meat to give so I will also promote this course to my readers and newbie bloggers who want to start blogging career.
Chris Goldberg recently posted…How BloggerBux Get 1300+ Visitors In One Day With Single Referral Site AloneMy Profile

    Enstine Muki - November 5, 2014

    Hi Chris,
    That’s a nice way to have an overview of what’s inside. With that, you have full access to some courses.
    Good luck to anyone giving it a try

Erik Emanuelli - November 3, 2014

Hi Enstine,
if I could go back in time to 2010 when I started blogging,
I would have hired a professional to teach me the right path.

I guess this course may be a smart investment for any new or middle experienced blogger, who want to upgrade to a new level.

Thanks for the share,
have a great week!
Erik Emanuelli recently posted…Start Monetizing Your Blog with SeedingUp : Interview with JohannesMy Profile

    Enstine Muki - November 5, 2014

    Hey Erik,
    We started in our early days learning as we grew. No formal training 😉
    Anyone starting now and coming across this course will certainly have a lot to learn from it

    Thanks for stopping by bro

Suprabhat - November 2, 2014

Hey Enstine

Thanks for sharing with us.
I will surely going to grab the 1$ package for the 1st week and will see does it helps me in achieving my aims or not.

Suprabhat recently posted…How to Promote Your Blog and Get More TrafficMy Profile

Nathaniel Kidd - November 2, 2014

Thank you Enstine for providing us with this. I am sure this membership will provide some cutting edge no nonsense knowledge. Those are some heavy hitters that you mentioned here in your review. Thank you for the share.

    Enstine Muki - November 5, 2014

    Hey Nat,
    That’s sure fact. These guys inside are banks of useful knowledge. I’m in myself so I know what I’m talking about.

    highly recommended for everyone willing to learn how it’s done 😉

Deborah Tutnauer, MEd, MSW - November 1, 2014

Looks like a great course Enstine!
I know when I first started my online marketing journey 8 years ago, we were all learning as we go and making some of it up when we couldn’t figure it out. Now there are training programs like this that basically take a blogger, or an entrepreneur looking to create an online presence, by the hand and guide them through all the steps, both practical and thought-wise.

It’s a wonderfully comforting thing to earn 6 figures per year without being tied to a job or an employer. Doors open on the freedom front which then gives rise to altruistic focus and ability too! The funny thing about making money is this: When you crack the code and abundance starts to truly flow, increasing it is much easier than it was to get to that point initially. Setting up a solid foundation from the beginning helps a new business easily be scalable later on.

Thanks for sharing this information Enstine.
Deborah Tutnauer, MEd, MSW recently posted…Triage – How to Prioritize for High Income and Low Stress Working From HomeMy Profile

    Enstine Muki - November 5, 2014

    It absolutely is Deb considering the guys behind it. If we had something well organized like this when we started, things would have been different now (maybe)

    Most of us want that kind of freedom and big figure salary. However, we know it takes time to get there especially in a very competitive world like this we are in 😉

    Thanks again for being part of my blog today Deb. Do have a wonderful week 😉

Zac Johnson - November 1, 2014

Thanks for the great write up Estine. Feel free to shoot me any questions you have and I invite everyone to try out and let me know what you think!
Zac Johnson recently posted…eCommerce Tips for Increasing Holiday SalesMy Profile

    Enstine Muki - November 2, 2014

    Hi Zac,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a word of encouragement. You did a great job on this platform. I’m sure it’s going to be one-stop-point for most desiring to make real money online.

    Do have a wonderful weekend

Ammar - November 1, 2014

Thanks for this notification Enstine. You broke one more stunning news. I might be joining it straight ahead. Se you there than 🙂

Nitin mohan - November 1, 2014

hi Enstine thats an awesome thing you are organising this time

Oloyede Jamiu - November 1, 2014

Hey Enstine,

Thank you for updating us about – The Rise of the Entrepreneur with Zac Johnson.

I know him pretty well and he is a respected blogger and a guru who knows his stuffs.

This kind of courses is one that you and I should be spending our money on because its not like those crappy courses from fake bloggers claiming they are making money blogging.

Another good part of this course you have said is the option to try out the course with just $1 for the first month.

Joining this course is worth the money in my opinion with all these experts that are on board.

2015 is here, we all have to make money blogging….

– Oloyede Jamiu
Oloyede Jamiu recently posted…Monthly Income, Growth & Traffic Report – October 2014My Profile


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