How to Build a Blog Community with Adrienne Smith

Do you want to learn how to build a blog community? Do you want to take your blog from a ghost town to a busy and noisy city? Do you want to learn the hidden secrets of networking with the right people in your niche?

Now, in today’s Thursday post, I’m going to tell you the story of someone that’s an icon in blogging. She’s helped many (including me) to be successful in blogging today.

Adrienne Smith has what you need to grow your blog from an almost abandoned home to a busy business ground where everyone signs up to receive important materials.

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Meet Adrienne Smith, the Engagement Superstar

Adrienne SmithIf you’ve ever had the chance to speak to Adrienne on the phone, via Skype or Google Hangout the first thing you’ll notice is her southern draw!  It’s pretty much a dead giveaway that she’s from Texas, born and raised.

One thing that I find different than most of the people I’ve connected with online are that Adrienne didn’t find her way to the internet until she was five months shy of her 50th birthday.  She’s not bashful to tell her age either because she knows that she’s earned every single wrinkle.

How This Online Thing Really Began

Those close to Adrienne know her story but for those of you who don’t here is a little about how she got started in the online world.

February 23, 2003 was the date her father passed away.  He had a really rough life with more illnesses than a human being should ever encounter but it was due to his strength and determination that he lived to be 80 years old.

That’s why when he passed away due to the neglect of his physician it devastated her to the core.  She fell into a deep depression that took two years to climb out of.  As soon as she started to get her spark back she knew the corporate life was no longer for her.

Everyone should wake up each morning eager to do what they love and after having been in corporate America for over 31 years, the thrill was definitely gone.

But what is a 48 year old woman with no other experience supposed to do?  Who starts their careers over at that age?

A friend told Adrienne about this movie everyone was talking about back in December of 2006 called “The Secret”.  Like most that watched it they too thought all you had to do was believe you could do anything you wanted and you could.

So in January of 2007 when the company she worked for downsized, she was let go from her position but instead of being upset she danced her way right out the door and into the unknown.

She looked into a few other things first before coming online but her journey started in March of 2007.

You name it she tried it, bought it and has the t-shirt to prove it.  It wasn’t until she bought a $37 eBook that changed everything for her.  It taught certain things you needed to do each day for seven days straight in order to promote affiliate products.

Most were told you wouldn’t make a dime for months but she not only made the money back she spent on the eBook within just three days, she’d made a profit by the end of those seven days.  To say she was hooked was an understatement.

The Turning Point

Affiliate marketing was very good to her over the years but the frustrations with Google were exhausting.  She was also tired of always having to find another product to promote because they were really becoming fewer and fewer that she cared to associate her name with.

It was November 2010 that she purchased a course from Alex Jeffries that would teach her how to build a business from scratch.  A real business,her business and not one that promoted other people’s products.

In that course though the traffic method they taught was blog commenting.  That’s what started Adrienne’s journey that lead her to becoming the Engagement Superstar her readers and friends now know her to be.

She saw commenting as a way of connecting with others instead of just a traffic method.  Because of the comments she left, more and more people started getting curious about her and were eager to visit her blog.  A friend entered her into a contest that Danny Iny was holding promoting his new book at that time, Engagement from Scratch.

Adrienne was elated when she learned she was the winner of that contest which crowned her with the coveted title of “Engagement Superstar”. If people hadn’t noticed her by this time they sure were now with people like Danny Iny shouting your name all over the internet.

She’s gone on to create her own product from all that she’s learned through this process called Build a Blog Community.

Her students have had marvelous results just from implementing what she teaches in this course.

It’s all about making those important connections and through those connections can come experiences like she’s had over the past four years.

She has a successful consulting practice now that has grown out of her love for helping others figure this blogging thing out.  There is so much involved and so many people who will steer you wrong.  Those that prefer to take their time and figure this out on their own; well it might take them a year or two longer to reach their desired goals.

She works with those who believe their time is much more valuable implementing the strategies that will get them to where they want to be within those few years others are willing to waste because they don’t want to spend money on their education.

The Personal Side

Adrienne is less than one month away from her 58th birthday and living the life most people only dream about.  Although she’s traveled some during her life she prefers to stay home with her four legged daughter, Kayla.

She did recently return from a week’s vacation with her family ona cruise to the Bahamas.  They all gathered to continue

Kayla & Mom
Kayla & Mom

celebrating her mother’s 90th birthday which she turned this past May.

She has been divorced for over 25 years with no children of her own but here beloved dog Kayla.  She’s just one of the many reasons she loves working from home.

She’s owned her one bedroom condo for over 24 years.  Three years ago in August they moved her mother next door to her so that she could be close to care for her.

You can find Adrienne on her blog at so please be sure to stop by and say hello, especially if you haven’t had the chance to meet her yet.

She’s one of the few people you’ll ever meet who is eager to help you if you need it.  Most only wish they had someone to turn to so she would like to be that person for you.

My Links to Social Sites

She has a number of guest posts but some of her more recent ones are:

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Engage with Adrienne

Time to engage with Adrienne. Drop a comment for her. Check her posts and social media. She will be here to reply to comments and to engage with you.

55 thoughts on “How to Build a Blog Community with Adrienne Smith”

  1. Thanks Adrienne for replying my comment. i am very glad to see my comment in your blog.thanks once again.

  2. Hi Adrienne and Enstine,

    What a wonderful Biography of your life Adrienne.

    I remember the very first time I found Adrienne’s blog and it was from another friend’s blog. It was amazing! After I read her blog post, I felt liberated. It was like no other blog post I had read. I said to myself this woman is for real. Writing in a way that everyone could understand. That was about six months ago.

    You are so awesome Adrienne. You go out of your way to help others, including me to achieve their goals. People come from all different niche’s to read and comment on her blog. She gives massive value in all of her posts which resonates with all of her readers and we love her.

    She asks for your telephone number and calls each and everyone of us to see if there is anything we are struggling with and she is available to us by phone, her blog and e-mail. She has a grateful heart.

    People take notice in how you treat them and she treats us well.

    Thanks for sharing her story with us, Enstine.

    You both have an awesome night and weekend ahead!


    • Hi Linda,

      Thank you Linda and for your wonderful and kind comment. I’m truly touched and I’m so glad that you came over to my blog from Glenn’s. He’s a great guy too and that’s what I love about this. We get to meet so many amazing people and some will stand out to us while others maybe not so much. That’s just like meeting people offline because some you’ll connect with and others you won’t. I’m glad we did and I’m thrilled to know you.

      As you know, I think it’s important to make that initial connection special so that’s why I ask for the phone numbers. Hey, it works right!

      Thanks again Linda and hope your weekend was wonderful. You know mine was.


  3. Hi Adrienne,

    You are definitely the engagement superstar, that is for certain. Also, I think what makes you one of a kind is by being open and honest sharing your story and struggles. I can appreciate that and it is inspiring.

    Enjoy the rest of your week and I will see over on your blog.


    • Hey Kurt,

      Thank you for your kind comment and sorry for my late reply. As you know I had some celebrating to do offline this past weekend so I got a little behind with things.

      Well I believe there is no other way to be than honest. People who aren’t 100% truthful are only hurting themselves but I think when we do share our ups and downs with our audience that they see a little of themselves in us as well and that just makes us that much more human. I can only see that as being a good thing.

      Thank you again and you enjoy your week okay! I’ll see you on your blog too!


  4. Hey Cori,

    Why thank you Cori, I’m truly touched.

    I never thought I would ever be where I am today. Looking back I just thought I would always be an employee working for someone else. I never expected things to turn out like they did but as they say, everything happens for a reason right! I think we’re both happy about how things turned out.

    So are you my dear and I’m so glad we’re connected as well. I appreciate your comment, thank you so much and you enjoy your week.


  5. Hi Enstine Muki!
    i am blogger i am new here. i am very glad to come your blog this is very helpful and interesting blog. i have got new information from this.any way thanks for good information.

    • Hi Muhammad,

      Happy to hear that you’re new and I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me.

      Enstine has a lot of great content to share so if you’re here to learn then you’ve going to have a blast.

      I wish you the very best.


  6. Hi Adrienne,

    Enstine did a wonderful job telling your story. I learned a little more about you here and now I admire you even more!

    Our stories are similar in that I fell out of love with my Corporate job and longed for something different and my own.

    You are indeed a blogging superstar and I for one am glad we connected!

    Take care!


  7. I’m so happy that I’ve found Adrienne through various channels. First, a Linkedin Group that I used to post on and more recently, through another blogger who was singing her praises. I’ve gone away from the idea that connections are the most important thing, and thankfully Adrienne has been there to prove me wrong on both occasions.

    This time I’m listening and won’t stop. Relationships are important and for that, so are people like Adrienne! Thanks for sharing this look inside her life.

    • Hey Duke,

      Well I appreciate you coming back around Duke and although I think we all have to figure out what works best for us when it comes to our online ventures, I don’t think anyone should ever ignore the connections we can make. Who else is going to read our content, share it and shout our names from the rooftops! Yep, we definitely need people to help us with that so I’m glad that I’ve been able to prove you wrong and that you’ve seen the light! LOL!!!

      Thanks for sharing that Duke and for your comment. I hope you have a terrific week my friend and thanks for stopping by.


  8. Hi Enstine,

    Yet another amazing lady for the week!

    She is indeed a wonderful woman, her tireless engagement with here associates and fellow bloggers are really prasiseworthy, and that is why she got that wonderful and awesome title called “Engagement Super Star” Yes, she is worthy of that title, Her activities on her blog will tell it all! I am sure she will be a great encouragement to many around the blogsphere.

    Thanks Enstine for share a bit more about this super woman!!
    Congrats Madam Adrienne! Keep it up!

    Wish you all the best. Keep showing your wonderful loving touch to all who come across!

    Happy weekend to all!

    • Hi Nisha,

      I appreciate your kind words Nisha, thank you so much and it’s nice to be noticed. I mean I started out just like everyone else having failed at so many things but stumbling into the blogging niche I found I had a true love for this. Helping comes naturally to me so to be noticed for my giving nature and long winded comments, that really does say a lot. Just being yourself does really pay off.

      Thank you for the comment and I was very honored to be mentioned here on Enstine’s blog. He’s had a lot of awesome people he’s highlighted over the year.

      Enjoy your weekend and thanks again.


  9. Hi Enstine,

    A big thank you for profiling Adrienne here…

    I connected with her on her blog some time ago and I opted into her list where she asked me for my phone number; to be honest I didn’t believe she was going to call but she did.

    And all through the conversation I patiently waited to hear when the conversation would switch to a Sales pitch but that didn’t happen and as a matter of fact she consulted for me for about 30mins if I’m not mistaken.

    She has since become my mentor whom I confer with from time to time.

    I want to use this opportunity to say A BIG THANK YOU Adrienne for teaching me to be relationship conscious and to really care about my audience.

    It was a total attitudinal shift that you brought to bear on me and I’m eternally grateful.

    One more time… Thank You Adrienne

    • Hi Dan,

      So nice to see you here Dan and I really appreciate your wonderful comment.

      I’m glad you found me, you opted into my list and had a chance to connect with me, the person. The lady behind the blog, the one who truly does care about others and really wants to help. It is ALL about the people, the relationships you can build along the way and the wonderful connections you can make. As you’ve witnessed yourself, it does make a big difference.

      I’m glad we connected and I’m happy that I can now call you a friend Dan. I admire what you’re doing and your willingness to learn.

      Thank you again for your awesome comment and I hope you’re enjoying your weekend.


      • Hi Adrienne,

        Thanks for being a friend and yes, I’m an incurable learner. I love to learn new things, so I would be toast if not for people like you who I can learn from.

        And yes, my weekend is going great.

        And see Adrienne, I’m connecting with Enstine, we’ve sent a couple of messages back and forth just because of what you thought me, I’m now able to forge meaningful relationships with my fellow bloggers.

        I feel like just giving you a hug.

        Once again, THANKS

  10. Hello Ramsai,

    I’m glad you enjoy what I share, thank you for saying that and I’m pleased to be here at Enstine’s blog.

    Thank you for your visit and enjoy your week.


  11. well smith is a great blogger ..when I first landed on her blog I was amazed with her writings and thanks muki for bringing her into this

  12. Hey Adrienne and Enstine,

    This was a great feature of Adrienne. I believe it’s been around 2 years since I’ve known Adrienne and what a help she has been. I definitely have followed her lead and many great things came out of it. I don’t know where my blog would be if I didn’t meet her. And it’s great to know the reason why she started blogging. This shows the importance of having a strong why to lay out that strong foundation for you blogging venture!

    Great share! Happy Hump Day!

    • Hi Sherman,

      Great to see you here and thanks for the compliment.

      I love hearing how I’ve helped or inspired someone in some small way since meeting them online. The years are quickly speeding my aren’t they but it’s been two years already! Just glad we crossed paths and I was able to help you come out of your shell a little more Sherman. Your content is great plus you’re a super duper guy too.

      Thanks for the comment and visit. Sure do appreciate that and you have a wonderful day.


  13. Hey Enstine,

    Great feature on Adrienne. I remember it was her and her site that really changed who I was an how I wrote. She was just so friendly and giving and it came across in every word she spoke. And every opportunity I can, I always try to use Adrienne as an example of how to engage and communicate with people online.

    She’s simply the best.

    So great to learn so much more about her and her life, her family and her dog.

    Hope you both enjoy the rest of the week.

    – Andrew

    • Hi Andrew,

      Oh stop it, those compliments are making me blush.

      Thank you Andrew for saying that and I’m just so thrilled that I came across in that way and you felt comfortable from the start. Because of that we’ve become fast friends too who support each other which is once again the reasons people need to be sure and nurture the relationships they form with other bloggers. I’m definitely happy to be there for you my friend.

      I appreciate your comment and visit Andrew, thank you for your ongoing support. It means the world to me.

      You have a great week.


  14. Hi Adrienne and Enstine,

    Two favorite bloggers in one post! Wow what value 🙂

    Learned even more about Adrienne’s online career – but I already knew she was great professionally.

    So it was lovely to learn more about her family (already read about her lovely Dad). And now it was great to “meet” her Mum (you’re kidding me she’s 90, right?) and Kayla. I’d love a dog, but been having a few doggy problems lately so it’s not really going so happen, other than for “dog-sitting” purposes.

    Enjoy the week both of you. Joy

    • Hi Joy,

      I’m happy to hear you learned something new about me. 🙂

      I have shared a lot about my family with my readers. My Dad was a huge part of my life as well as my Mom. Yep, she’s 90 can you believe? I’m SO blessed that she’s doing so well Joy. Kayla is a pure joy, I love that dog so very much. Sorry you’re having some issues at the moment with some dog sitting mishaps. Kayla doesn’t get along with most dogs so unless they’re small we pretty much just stick to ourselves.

      Thanks for the visit Joy and I hope everything is going well for you. Take care my friend and have a great rest of your week.


  15. I’ve been reading Adrienne’s blog for a while but it was lovely to have this opportunity to read her story and find out how she got to where she is now.
    I too know that feeling of wanting to be doing something different in your career and it’s great when that dream becomes reality.
    Have a wonderful week!

    • Hi Kirsty,

      Great to see you and thanks for stopping by. I know that several of my readers know my story by now but I always appreciate the support. It’s also nice to know that a good bit of us are eager to want to do something else with our lives. I think only few of us though actually go for it. It can be a very scary thing.

      Appreciate your comment Kirsty, thank you again and enjoy your day.


      • Hi Adrienne,

        Yes, you’re right. Branching out into the unknown can be very scary and this prevents many people from doing it. However, as we have both discovered, it can be a great adventure too!

        Enjoy your day,

  16. Hello Enstine, What a Pleasure seeing Adrienne here. And OH Yeh I have not only chatted on the phone with this southern gal I also got to meet her in person.

    I just loved how you shared her story with us here on your blog, I now know a little but more about this Awesome Gal..

    Thanks for sharing.
    Chery :))

    • Hey there Chery,

      Meeting in person is so much fun isn’t it Chery! I think that just makes our friendship that much more real. We can have those types of connections with our online friends and if we get the chance to meet in person than that’s just that much better.

      Thanks for your kind words my dear, you’re the best.

      Enjoy your week now, I sure know you will.


  17. Hi Enstine, Yes, Adrienne is truly the Engagement Superstar and an inspiration to all of us fellow bloggers. She not only has a successful blog and business, she is every bit as wonderful in person as she is online.

    You did a great job of telling Adrienne’s amazing story. Any blogger who doesn’t know of Adrienne should head over to her site now to check it out. Leave a comment there and see how quickly she responds!

    • Hey Carolyn,

      I so appreciate your visit and comment Carolyn. Thank you so much for that and I only wish we all had the chance to meet in person like we did. That was SO much fun and I think it just adds to the fact that we can form real friendships online just like we do offline.

      Thank you for your kind comment and I hope you have a wonderful week.


  18. Hi Sarah,

    I’m glad you stopped by and read this post. What did you find the most helpful? Curious to know what might have stood out to you in particular.

    Appreciate the visit and hope you’re enjoying your weekend.


  19. So grateful and bless to read this post on How to Build a Blog Community with Adrienne Smith. It’s very great help for me. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  20. Hey Enstinemuki. i really love(her) Adrienne’s blog.. what a stunning article.. and building blog along with her sounds really nice……I’ve known her and been active on her site since just last month only – so I’m very new, but you see, when she responds to my comments, I feel the connection and it’s as if we’re just closed friends chatting and not strangers separated by a thousand mile distance. She’s that awesome!…Love to read this update dear.. <3

    • Hi Sneha,

      I so appreciate your compliment and glad that you do feel that instant connection just from me responding to your comments. It’s like we’re just two people having a normal conversation right! That’s how you get people’s attention and make them feel special because we all are very special in our own way.

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment and you have a fabulous and fun weekend. Hope to see you again soon.


  21. Wait… who are you talking about? Adrienne? Adrienne Smith… not sure I…

    Oh… Adrienne! Love her! lol This is a very nice piece about her and I’m glad she continues getting the recognition she deserves. Well, now that I know just how much information we’ve learned about her through her posts I need to go back through mine and see just how much I’ve divulged about myself! lol

    Great stuff here, and I know both of you will continue to do well in blogging. I hope to be y’all when I grow up. 🙂

    • Hey Mitch,

      Yep, it’s me dear friend! LOL!!! Kind of spilled the beans more in this post so did you learn anything new about me Mitch?

      I appreciate you stopping by and always appreciate the comments. Thanks for the visit and have a wonderful weekend.


  22. Hi Adrienne

    I am absolutely delighted to meet up with you here on Enstine’s blog and to learn more about you. I am reading your story and admit that parts of your personal story is my story as well. Therein lies that deep seated connection even though we are both miles apart.

    I confess that I am still a bit shy commenting on a pro blog such as yours with such prolific writing skills you have. I do read your blog and share your posts as my time online would permit.

    Your product on how to build a blogging community seems like a worthwhile investment and I would love to try it in the near future.

    More empowerment to you as you continue to share your wisdom and teaching with us. You are valuable to the blogging community. And you are awesome!

    Enstine you bring the best to us. Thanks to your entrepreneurial foresight that you came up with this to feature bloggers. Cheers my friend. 🙂

    • Hi Yvonne,

      It’s a pleasure to see you Yvonne, I know we’ve crossed paths before. It’s nice to hear that you can relate to bits of my story and I’m hoping that the parts that are similar are the good ones. No one likes to hear that others have struggled in areas too, especially on such personal levels.

      Please forgive me for chuckling but when I hear someone say that they’re shy commenting on a pro blog like mine my first thought is “if they only knew”. SO many times I tell people that I got to where I am purely by mistake and I’m just like everyone else. Heck, I’m so much older than everyone else too so you can imagine the insecurities that can play through your brain when I see these young ones running circles around me. Please please please never be shy to comment on any of my posts, I welcome them all and even a little chat behind the scenes Yvonne. Seriously…

      I know my course has really opened some eyes for a lot of people, just me laying out everything I’ve done and why it’s really so much simpler than you think. When you’re ready though.

      I appreciate that compliment Yvonne, thank you so very much.

      My special thanks to Enstine for having me once again. I was honored to be featured on his other blog as well so it’s always fun chatting with his readers too.

      Thank you Yvonne for the wonderful comment and I hope you have a terrific end to your week.


  23. Hello Philip,

    It’s always nice to heard from people I’ve been connected with for a few years now. I do meet most of my friends through blog commenting and because I do respond to everyone then that helps me shine a little brighter.

    Yes, I do respond to all emails as well because the spam ones are pretty easy to see. I think that’s very important about responding to emails and for those that don’t, well they do lose a lot of respect from me. I happen to be on a very well known person’s list who “claims” to be about building relationships yet I responded to an email he sent me but he never replied. Just goes to show you that not everyone practices what they preach.

    Good to see you and thanks for the comment. Hope you enjoy the rest of your week and take care.


  24. Hi Enstine,
    Oh! My!
    Adrienne! Is Here As the Person of the Week!
    What a good thing to know a bit more about a known person! 🙂
    I met this Amazing woman just two years back~
    And I have been to her place often and do comment on her posts, and I had the opportunity say about her in my pages several times too!
    The amazing fact is that whenever we comment on her posts, there will be a feedback immediately after our comments! That really surprised me and those constructive feedbacks prompted me to visit her page whenever I get her email notification.
    I wonder such a busy person how she could attend such a lot of feedback!
    Just 3 days back, i received a pvt. mail from her and wherein she wrote:
    “You know I respond to all my emails no matter what subject line you use.”
    This again surprised me and come to the conclusion that this is where she engage or develop relationships with people.
    And she is now very well known as the Engagement Superstar!
    Nice that I met her online! 
    Thanks Enstine from bringing out some more personal sides of this evergreen Engagement Superstar!!
    We Wish Her All Success In Her Future Endeavors!
    Keep sharing
    May you both have a wonderful and super engaging week ahead!! 
    ~ Phil

  25. Wow,

    I didn’t know all this about you, Adrienne. You really are a tough cookie and a born entrepreneur. It takes a lot to sell an affiliate product, it takes even more to recover your capital in 3 days, then make profits in 7 days.

    I can attest to the fact that you are a master in building lasting relationships. I found your blog through Enstine, and have been following it since. Your warm personality does shine through on your blog. Glad to learn more about you.

    Thanks for featuring Adrienne, Enstine.

    • Hi Chioma,

      I’m not sure I was a born entrepreneur but when you have no other options and you have to get the money coming in then you put your head down and go to work. I did do everything above board of course, nothing dishonest about this process but it was a wonderful learning experience as well.

      I appreciate that and glad you found me through this lovely man. He is someone the blogging community has to thank for all the help he’s given us and the lessons he’s taught. The ways he continues to come up with things that can help us as well like his new platform. It was a pleasure to meet him as well and we’ve been buddies ever since.

      Thank you for your comment Chioma and it’s been a pleasure getting to know you as well.


  26. Hi Enstine,

    WOW! I was just on Adrienne’s site, checking out if she has a new post (as I’m always excited on what she has to say) and then I went to yours and poof! Here you go talking about her.

    I’ve known her and been active on her site since just last month only – so I’m very new, but you see, when she responds to my comments, I feel the connection and it’s as if we’re just closed friends chatting and not strangers separated by a thousand mile distance. She’s that awesome!

    Thanks for telling us her story! I am looking for ways to purchase her course, still saving up for it. Finances are tough for me currently but I know her course is definitely worth it.

    Thank you Enstine for such an inspirational post today.

    Have an awesome Wednesday and I am looking forward to your next post.


    • Hey Luna,
      Welcome to my blog and thanks for checking out about this beautiful lady. She posts on Mondays so I make sure I don’t miss any of her articles too.

      What she shares is just awesome that sometimes I don’t wait to get her email alert in my inbox. I just keep my eyes open on her blog.

      Good luck as you brace up to grab a copy of her product. Be sure to check out BlogExpose if you care about paid writing jobs. That may generate some income 😉

    • Hi Luna,

      Surprise! Yeah, as Enstine mentioned I only post on Monday’s now, been doing that since late last year. Just way too much to do to post twice a week anymore but I’m thrilled that you were curious.

      I appreciate you sharing how my responses make you feel. That’s exactly what I try to teach others, just be yourself and make that connection because over time that’s going to be very important as people make their rounds to other blogs and don’t feel that same way. You’ll want to come back to certain blogs time and time again and we all want them to be ours.

      Glad you enjoyed my story and hearing how I’ve been able to make my way online. I know if I can do this then others can as well. I appreciate that you’re saving up to buy my course, that means a lot and I wish you the best with that.

      Thank you for your comment and you enjoy what’s left of this week.


  27. Hello Adrienne,

    You’re a super teacher to us! I am so grateful that I met you online in 2013 and since then I am your big fan!

    You’re truly a blogging superstar. Your every post, every comment and every email have something for us to learn, to understand and to adapt.

    What I learned best from you is that you have to be personal with what you write. To be you when engaging with any one. This gives an impression that you’re true and you preach what you do.

    Say my regards to your mom and a hug to Kayla! 🙂 I so love dogs but we can’t pet them in house. 🙂

    To yours success! Keep shining!

    ~ Adeel

    • Hi Adeel,

      Well I’m very flattered by your comment and that you feel I bring that much to the table. Thank you so much for saying that. Gosh, we’ve been connected that long now? See how time flies.

      I’m glad that what I share and the say I share it others find helpful. I do believe that when you’re just yourself then people can connect with you so much better. There is way too much “stuff” being put out there just to entice us all in.

      I’ll be sure to tell Mom Hi and give Kayla a big old hug. She’s asleep right now snoring away but happy to do that. Sorry you’re not able to have dogs in the house, they are such wonderful companions.

      Thank you Adeel for your comment and do enjoy your week.


  28. Something went wrong(Internet problem):
    Hi Enstine,
    Really Adrienne Smith is a great women what i know!
    I had commented on her some awesome post. 1.(How to Become a Blog Commenting Superstar) really very helpful!
    The writing quality of her is excellent.
    I see her blog is not update since some weeks.
    However, thanks for sharing this article. Keep it up.
    Have a nice day.

    • Hi Minhaj,

      I’m flattered, thank you for that compliment.

      Glad you’ve stopped by and visited my blog and enjoy my writing style. The moment I changed that made all the difference in the world.

      I’m not sure what you mean about my blog not being updated for a few weeks. I’ve posted on a regular basis every single week this entire year so I think you might be on the wrong blog. LOL!!! Yep, I’m very consistent with my posting schedule.

      Glad you enjoyed what I had to share and thanks for the comment. Enjoy your day and end to this amazing week.


      • Hi respected sister Adrienne,
        Nop! I am not on the wrong blog as you think! I am on your blog and will be.

        Definitely such kind of serious bloggers are always consistent with their posting schedule. (Not like as mine) LOL 😀
        Actually the problem is- i use some crazy online tool to get update of latest post from my desired and favorite blogs. I also added you!
        I did not get ( latest post update may be some problem occurred in this tool.
        For your LOL!!! word i am bookmarking your now!!
        However, i feel happy to take part of such kind of discussion.

        And would love to see your valuable comment on my LOL! blog too! Will you Adrienne?

        • Hi Minhaj,

          I understand what your issue was now and I know at times when people don’t clear their cache that the sites they visit are not in real time but glad you were able to clear that up.

          Appreciate the bookmarking of my blog and hope to see you again in the near future. Just remember, I have a new post every single Monday morning bright and early at 8:00 am CST. 😉

          Thanks for the comment and if I have the time I’ll stop by your blog.


          • Hi Adrienne,
            Definitely you will see my all crazy comments on your blog if i alive! 😀
            Usually i do not bother any one by replying comment after comment.
            Anyway, glad to know that you recognize my problem!
            And waiting to see your valuable comment on my blog!
            Have a nice day!

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