How to Create a Money Making Product even if friends call you stupid!

Initially, I thought it was hard to create a Money Making Product. How stupid I was!


I think a lot of people still think it’s some rocket science to be able to own a hot money making product online. This category of people just forgot their thinking caps back at home or simply, they have been living under an isolated bridge.

The good news is, it’s easy to create a Money Making Product these days even if everyone thinks you are lame.

I want to share 2 product creation methods for dummies and I hope by the end of this post, you are going to connect the dots and come out with something that steadily generates income for you online.

My story!

Here is a bit of my story. This may encourage and cause you to work.

My first ever Internet Marketing product was a PLR ebook. (we will see details on PLR shortly). I never knew what I was doing but I decided I was going to give this thing a try.

I bought a dog training PLR ebook of 67 pages. Worked on it and gave it a personal touch. It costed just $47 and I sold over 10 copies for $27 each.

I knew close to nothing about marketing. I had no community online. I never even knew what blogging was. I have never been a dog training instructor. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even have the tail of a dog by the time I took this product to the market. But I made over 300% profit.

Even if you are more stupid than I was, you can own your own product

Later on in 2011…

I created EasyRetweet and made over $10,000 in sales. Then sold it out for $13,500 to a member. I still was a newbie. Though with some PHP coding knowledge, I put on my thinking cap.

My friend Valentine from Nigeria, that same year created JustRetweet and sold on Flippa for $20,000. Valentine knows absolutely nothing about developing websites. But how did he do it?

Many more friends have products making money for them. They are not experts in product creation but they made it.

You too can…
Create a Money Making Product

Why is it important?

The best way to make money online is by owning your own product. Affiliate marketing is a great way to generate income. But you actually will be working for someone else.

Here is the point…

For a product that pays $33.33 as commission per sale, you’ll need 10 sales generate $330. What if you are a creator of that same product with 500 affiliates promoting it?

If your affiliates drive traffic and generate 1 sale per day each, you are sure to be banking over $400 per day. Does that mount up to $12k per month?

Product owners always make money!

If your product hits its market target, there is bound to be sales. That’s money you are making. The problem is that most products are a waste.

Secondly, some don’t have an affiliate program. Don’t be selfish. If you want to keep all the money from sales, you end up not making sales. You can recruit affiliates to drive traffic and shoot your sales through the roof.

But how do you create a Money Making Product?

I want to build on the assumption that you are coming from no where;

  • You have no programming skills,
  • You are not even a nurse,
  • You know nothing about playing guitar,
  • You don’t even know what it means to train a dog to sit,
  • You know practically nothing about playing golf,
  • You’ve never ever seen a garden before,
  • You know nothing in weight loss.
  • You’ve never dated before so you don’t even have the least advise to give someone,
  • etc

So how do you go about it now that you know almost nothing?

I don’t really think you are stupid. I just think it’s the right time to start something.

1 – Start with PLR

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. Private label rights are a special type of right or license which you purchase where you are legally allowed to edit and publish the product as your own.

That means if you purchase a PLR product (software or article bundle), you are free to go ahead and change the way it looks, include your name as the author, customize it the way you want, set your own prices and keep 100% of the sales.

Some people think PLRs are completely dead. Though the industry has suffered losses in recent times, it’s not completely ruined.

It still remains a source of vital information and something you can use to create a product that makes you money.

It just has to do with you getting to the right industry and choosing the right PLR product:

create money making products

2 – Hire an expert

For the most part, this is a solid step towards creating a highly profitable online product. It’s not always a simple thing to do though as it involves a relatively more important amount of investment.

However, the most important thing here is not even the money to invest. It’s the idea which always is difficult to come up with.Create a Money Making Product

You must be able to think out of the box to get something uncommon. One reason why most of us fail is the fact that we are unable to come up with product ideas that make a difference.

Sometimes, we copy the ideas of very successful businesses and then struggle with the competition. Sometimes we copy the wrong ideas.

Why not sit and think to come up with something yourself? Why not pick someone’s idea and add some uniqueness ?

Here are some case studies…

1 – My story

I created just with the Twitter Retweet function. My of my friends named Valentine took it to the next level and added Facebook likes and Google Plus.

That made JustRetweet more awesome. But remember the owner (Valentine) has no idea what it means to code or create websites.

2 – Spencer Haws and his excellent SEO product LongTailPro

One of the most highly recommended SEO desktop app has been LongTailPro. Spencer, the founder and owner came from his own problems to build what later on became a very successful, money making product.

Spencer in his word is “NOT a programmer of any kind” With a background in banking and finance, he had that bright idea, hired a coder and became own of a million dollar SEO software:

create a money making product

Here is Spencer’s story

Lack of profitable ideas is the reason you are broke. If you can give your brain a little work, you maybe able to come up with an idea that will lead to the next big thing.

Facebook, MS Windows, Pinterest, Twitter, etc, and even the Internet itself are all results of some people’s ideas. What makes them different from you?

Where do you find the qualified experts?

Today, the Internet has made it quite easy to find the right experts for any project you can think of – from writing, design to development.

Go to Upwork, and a host of other job sites where you have top experts in any field you can think of.

Thank you!

Are you a product owner? Let me know what you think about. Share your comments in the comment box below.

23 thoughts on “How to Create a Money Making Product even if friends call you stupid!”

  1. I have clung to each of these limiting beliefs in the product area. Like a baby to its pacifier ? I let ’em go by deciding to have fun creating a product. And to trust in the process. Then I published my audio course. Bloggers, create products early on in your career. Add a price tag to your work. Cut through money blocks.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. The title of this post makes me laugh. However, I agree that most people think that product creation is way to hard. They blog for days on end about a topic, create awesome content, yet they don’t they they are worthy of creating a simple ebook or video series. With research anyone can become an expert on a topic and create a great product.

    Even if you have no intention of releasing it create a product anyways. It will build up your confidence and you skills. Also, you can use that product as a lead magnet or free content if you never release it. Just give it a shot!

  3. Yes your article has a lot of insight. I have my trading systems that I offer to my students. I will check out Udemy as suggested by you. Thanks a lot for this.

  4. Phew!
    Just read through the whole article word by word
    You really talking about me, I am a novice when it comes to online marketing and making the real cool money online. But I have learned some important tips to work with here now, think carol site will be my first call and we can talk more later on Facebook

  5. Hello Enstine,

    Boy! It’s been long since i have got here Man.. Wonderful article as usual… I usually expect nothing but quality from you whenever you publish a new article which one! Well is awesome.

    Since i got into online advertising and saw product owners perform their thing, I know it’s really PROFITABLE.. i have made efforts to produce my products too.. I have that in your mind.

    I have gotten several guides on how to produce a product and i think yours should make the listing of excellent information…

    I love this article, As soon as i get some space… I will work on my product creation abilities and i also advice everyone to get this done as well. Great article my personal friend….
    THANKS …

  6. Hello Enstine, Yeppers this is one of my goals for 2015 and one I had better get on because the year is ticking away. I loved all your suggestions, time to start thining outside the box as you have stated.

    Thanks for sharing
    Chery :))

  7. Hi Enstine

    You sure showed me that it is no brainer to make money. Makes me wonder why Bloggers find it difficult to make money online.

    I do hope this awesome ideas of yours does not eventually become abused as it so easy to implement.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Smart people tend to think they do things better than others and do it themselves. “Stupid” people get the smart people to do the work and make themselves look good by surrounding themselves with people smarter than they are.

  9. Do you know what is the most recommended way of earning money online? It is Affiliate Marketing and you are right that it would be a bonus if you yourself are a creator of that product 🙂

    I see you are doing great with creating products and selling them online. Because you are great at marketing, that’s what I personally believe.

    I did create couple of tools but could not make money out of them because I really such at marketing.

    I want a favor from you, I created one WordPress plugin with a name Motivate me. Check it out and tell me If I created something valuable or not.

    Thanks 🙂
    Came to your blog after a long gap……

  10. Great post as usual, Muki. I love the aspect you mentioned “recruit affiliates”. It’s really a sure way to triple one’s profit.

    Now, the question is… How do one get affiliates to promote one’s products? Definitely not talking about Clickbank or CJ.

  11. Hey Enstine,

    Boy! It’s been long since i got here Man.. Wonderful article as usual… I always expect nothing but quality from you when you publish a new article and this one! Well is awesome.

    Ever since i got into online marketing and saw product owners do their thing, I know its really PROFITABLE.. i have made efforts to create my products too.. I have that in mind.

    I have gotten several guides on how to create a product and i think yours should make the list of excellent information…

    I love this content, As soon as i get some space… I will continue to work on my product creation skills and i also advice everyone to do this as well. Great article my friend…

    Thanks for sharing,
    Biggest Regards,

  12. Interesting post enstine

    Experts like neil patel too, agree that product owners make far more money than affiliate marketers.
    But the thing is creating a market for product is harder than creating the product. Additionally the cost included can be irritating as well.

    However I’ve made several products such themes, e-books myself.

    Will now head to carol’s blog for resources.

    Thanks for sharing

  13. Hello Enstine,

    I wasn’t expecting this from you because it’s just a coincidence.

    Just last month I wrote a review of Carol’s PLR Shoppe which I’d say is a great product idea to start with. At some point I have “worked for Carol” as you say – as an affiliate. Guess what…I made sales from selling her PLR content on my site.

    Why I’m calling this a coincidence is because I’m in the process of creating my first online product, which will be coming out soon and you’ve touched on “products…”. After I discovered this was the best way to go, I couldn’t think any better other than get to work and brainstorm on a product that fits my audiences’ needs. From it, I hope I will be able to earn more income than what I currently get.

    Great post Enstine.

    • Hey Enock,
      It’s exciting to know that your own product is coming up soon. I’m seriously waiting for it.

      Yes, Carol has been working on her PLR shop and I think it’s a great way forward. I spoke with her recently on that and I’m quite sure she will be bringing more value to it.

      Thanks for showing up bro. Hit me up when your product is live

      • Hi Enstine,

        Sure, I will inform you once I’m done and the product goes live. I do not want to rush it though, because I believe in the notion “Better late than NEVER!”

        Carol is an enterprising woman and from her we can only expect great ideas, value, and much more! If the post review of her PLR content could be of any help to your readers, then I’m glad to leave a link here: How To Overcome Blogger’s Block By Leveraging PLR Content.

        Thanks Enstine and I’ll surely inform you as soon as the product is out!

  14. Hey Enstine,

    Excellent suggestions, I guess opening up affiliate option is a great way to boost sales. It not only boosts profits for the owner but also opens up revenue streams for others.

    I haven’t checked out Udemy yet, am planning to put together a course for GuestCrew soon. So it is surely on top of my to-do list now,

    Uttoran Sen,

    • Hey Uttoran,
      I love that you were able to underline the fact that affiliate options opens up revenue streams for others. That an awesome to help others while they help you.

      I have seen a remarkable change with BlogExpose since adding the affiliate program. It’s really been an awesome update

      I’ll be excited to know more about the course so I’m seriously waiting 😉

  15. Yet another clever trick! Right, sir? 😉

    Let me tell you, I’m a huge fan of the way you create those magnetic article titles 😀

    Now, that PLR thing you mentioned here is actually very informative. I’ve heard of open-source programs, but this one is a new term to me.

    Time to try it by myself XD

    Thanks a lot for this article. Have a great week 🙂

    – Ritesh Saini

  16. Hi Enstine,
    You are right: It doesn’t take rocket science to build a product that sells online. I have had success with a freelance career online and I started with nothing: no audience, no list, didn’t even have a website then. But I was able to make it because I could prove that I was the best candidate for the job.

    I agree that its better to have your own product, than to be just an affiliate. You are more likely to make more money when you have your own product. Then instead of keeping all the money to yourself, you can use affiliates to sell your products and generate even more income. This is a strategy I am currently working on implementing soon.

    • Hey Chioma,
      Good to see you here again and thanks for the feedback.
      You know I just coded an affiliate system for my new platform BlogExpose. Traffic has doubled just in 1 week because bloggers are already promoting and earning from it. I think that’s one of the best ways to spread your business online. My target is 1000+ affiliates promoting the platform. The sky is the limit 😉

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