Affiliates! Get paid per free signup on BlogExpose!

I have added an affiliate system to BlogExpose and I want to pay you for every blogger you refer to the platform. My aim is to make sure everyone that tries to promote this money making tool makes money.

NB: If you don’t know what BlogExpose is, check out this detailed post I wrote on Carol’s blog and be sure to sign up for free.

Making money on BlogExpose now is easy

There are 2 ways to make money with this exciting platform

  1. Get hired by companies: Companies are looking for bloggers to hire for different writing and review jobs. All you have to do is signup for free. Use a gravatar enabled email and make sure your profile (Brief Bio) is properly filled. This will help attract companies to you.
  2. Join the affiliate system: The reason for this post is to give you some more information about the affiliate program and how to get paid per free signup.

BlogExpose is a platform that’s free to join. Bloggers apply for jobs for free. However, companies will be paying a fee to publish job offers.

Some bloggers who are interested in gaining more traction on the platform may chose to pay to get featured.

These are the two main ways the platform will be monetized. I may be adding some more money making features like banners ads, etc but that’s in the future.

So I’m teaming with some sponsors to pay you real money

My sponsors and I will be paying you some money straight to your Paypal for helping us promote the platform.

For each qualified signup you send to the platform, we pay you from $0.20. Once your earnings meet the minimum required ($5 for now), you can request for your money to be sent to your Paypal.

You only need 25 free accounts to hit the minimum limit. Given that you are paid per free signup, it will be really easy to earn $100 from BlogExpose.

Before I give you some proposed methods to promote the platform, here is what you should do;

get paid per free sign upThe first thing you are required to do here is to enter your Paypal email in 1 above. This is where we pay your commissions.

Next, copy your affiliate link in 2 above. You may want to use any redirect system to cloak your link and track your clicks. Below, I have suggestions how to promote your link.

Once you have earned the required minimum, click the Request Payment button (3 above) and we shall process your commissions within 24 hours.

You don’t have to wait for the 15th or the last day of the month. There is no refund policy that obliges us to hold your earnings. If you share and promote your affiliate link today and generate up to the minimum amount, we are ready to pay you.

Within your account, you can access the list of your recent affiliates and their account status.

get paid per free sign up referrals

Fraudsters be warned !

I know some of us are thinking how to create fake accounts and manipulates IPs in order to be paid.

Don’t be stupid!

I have a script to fetch you out and once you fall within the radar, your accounts will be frozen and any earnings held. There is no way you can escape from the fraud detection mechanism put in place. I won’t tell you more!

Promote your link genuinely

There are numerous ways to promote your link genuinely and be paid clean money. I won’t be able to cover these promotions method here. However, here are a few.

1  – Write a blog post

As an affiliate blogger, the best free way to promote an affiliate product and make money is to review the product on your blog. Sign up to the platform and use it for a while. Gain an experience and then share it with your readers.

Once you create the blog post, link to the platform on your affiliate link.

2 – Share on Social media

Social media is the best way to get some quick sign ups. Just share your link on your profiles and of course, write some brief description. Once your friends signup, you get paid.

Apart from sharing your direct affiliate link, you could share your blog post url. That will drive some traffic to your blog where more is written about the platform.

3 – Place banners on your blog

On your affiliate page, you will find banners (more coming). Just copy the banner html script and past on your blog. Those banners have been optimized to attract clicks so give them a try.

4 – Others

Send to your list, talk to friends and promote using any other legitimate free methods you have.

I want to pay you today so start promoting the platform

What do you think? Share your views in the comment box below


58 thoughts on “Affiliates! Get paid per free signup on BlogExpose!”

  1. Thanks for the information I will be joining now and I will find out how easy leads are. The only thing I don’t like is the minimum payouts. I currently do marketing for various programs that pay instantly via PayPal. But I will give this one a genuine go. Thanks again

  2. Nice post most of the affiliate program which i came through was based upon the conversion but in this it is totally different then what i was thinking it is really great to earn money by just signing up. Thanks for sharing this article enstinemuki .

  3. BlogExpose should be a nice place for any blogger who wants to get exposure required to earn money either as a writer or an affiliate.But please,Muki,could you add one more payment method apart from Paypal.This is because Paypal does not allow some countries to accept payments.Like in Nigeria,we can only make payment with Paypal,but won’t receive through Paypal.Thanks.

  4. Hi Enstine,

    Oh, this is indeed yet another useful platform for the blogging community.
    I am sure this will be a great help to your fellow bloggers. Few days back, I read a review on this platform written by Philip Ariel of Philipscom and I found it this is a wonderful opportunity to the bloggers who desperately in need of some financial assistance.

    Thanks Enstine for finding time to develop some innovative tools, ideas and platforms
    Keep up the great work.This is indeed awesome!!

  5. Hi Enstine,

    nice being again after a long leave. You’re really a money making genius. Funny enough, you never leave others behind, you always help others to make it also. Am happy now.

    I have signed up as an affiliate at blogexpose, add the banner on my blog now though am not fully back to take my blog along.

    have a nice day bro.

  6. Hi enstine,

    I really enjoyed with this article to describe blogexpose, and are also interested to join in affiliate system soon.


  7. Hi Enstine Muki,

    Thanks for the nice opportunity for bloggers, and also thanks to BlogExpose team which make it easy for bloggers to earn money though its affiliate programe.

  8. I have sent my blogexpose affiliate link to my email list. Let’s see what’s going to happen ? Between that i’m writing a review post of blogexpose on my blog. It will be published soon. 🙂

  9. I have sent my blogexpose affiliate link to my email list. Let’s see what’s going to happen ? Between that i’m writing a review post of blogexpose on my blog. It will be published soon. 🙂

  10. hi muki,
    you were awesomw and your ideas were also awesome… i was following your blog for past 10days and you were doing great job for bloggers by posting great ideas… thanks forall the posts dude….
    surely i will join blogexpose, thanks for the new platform…

  11. It’s good paid out for each free member who join to BlogExpose. Do they give more revenue for any other affiliate ?

  12. Hello Enstine,

    You are an person who always want to make opportunity for blogger. blogexpose is an smart job place for blogger. As they will get paid for each refferal so it is highly helpful for blogger. Now blogger have another opportunity to earn smart amount of money.

    Thank you for making opportunity for blogger.
    Kind Regards
    Yasin Rishad

  13. I dint hear this thing before that we can get a such amount only from doing some little stuff.
    But I have doubt in my mind how long it will take? I am talking about time.I am new to blogging I hope you dint mind my silly questions. btw nice post. I really appreciate your initiative Enstine Muki. Thank you

    • Hi bro,
      Thanks for asking the question

      However, I don’t understand specifically the point you are pointing to. If you signup today and start promoting the platform, as you as you hit the limit, you’ll be paid. No time to wait

      Let me know if I answered you

  14. Online business is a difficult thing to break into. There are literally thousands of ways that you can make money online

  15. Hi Enstine,
    Thank you very much for the opportunity. But i have same question to ask that how much it converts? And i hope you will write more about it.
    Great work! I really appreciate

  16. Hi Enstine,

    Thank you for yet another program to help us earn for a living.

    I’m new to all this so so I still have to read through your post and understand it very well.

    But this looks amazing.

    Have a great week!


  17. Hey Enstine,
    Looks good, I think I should sign up for this affiliate program. BTW how much does it converts? Can you tell me the conversion percentage?

    • Hi Anurag,
      I just made public this feature and don’t have any data to measure conversion rate.
      However, if you promote to the target audience, you should expect a good conversion.

      Hope to see more from you

  18. Hi, Enstine,

    There you go again – coming up with awesome ideas to benefit everyone involved! Awesome idea and program! Thanks for creating this.

    Have a blessed day.
    ˜Carol Amato

    • Hey Carol,
      After the awesome post on your blog, this idea flashed in my mind and I worked tirelessly to bring it to pass.

      Hope to reward my fellow bloggers with the affiliate commission as they help promote the platform too 😉

      Won’t it be a wonderful idea to use your aff link on that post?

  19. Nice article sir, its very useful for some newbies who want to earn money online without sweating.

  20. Heyya.. Enstine ,
    This is a great step ahead. I already know BlogExpose is doing great and an added aff program will only take it further. I appreciate your initiative in this and congratulate you for bringing out such and important offer to the fellow bloggers.I appreciate Enstine for his relentless effort in creating new plugins and platform for the benefit of bloggers and readers around the globe… 🙂 🙂

  21. Hi Enstine,
    Thanks for providing this opportunity and I think this really very helpful for those who want to earn money and I am one of them 🙂

  22. Hi Enstine

    I’ve been missing your blog due to being in catch-up mode still with my offline work – never ending reason – and soon I’m going back to stay with my Dad.

    However, before I go I’ll check out your BlogExpose affiliate program. You never stop helping us with new ways to make money. Thanks for your amazing efforts.


    • Hey Joy,
      A couple of posts I missed on your blog too. I checked and found you have the banner beautifully placed on your sidebar.

      I pray this works for you 😉

      I’m working on making this platform better. Hope to help the bloggers while they help me spread the word. Thanks for being an active member 😉

  23. Hi Enstine bro,
    This is a great step ahead. I already know BlogExpose is doing great and an added aff program will only take it further. 🙂
    Joining it right now 🙂

  24. Hi Enstine,

    Another Interesting awesome update about Blogexpose.
    I’ve been on blogexpose since the start. The platform works awesome. It is lightweight and runs smoothly.
    Getting paid for recommending free sign-up is the best way to earn as you won’t be asking your readers for buying anything.
    Awesome update.

    Thanks for sharing.

  25. Hi Enstine,

    You are at it again. Always coming up with such creative ways to benefit everyone. Thanks for helping me out earlier when I lost my password. As with your other products, I am looking forward to seeing this grow and become a great success.

  26. I got this blog some time back on the internet.While looking for ways of getting traffic from a specific region or country in that matter.My queries were quite well answered.Thanks for the great work going on in this blog.
    Lemme get into earning money.
    Oh i actually subscribed to your blog so that i keep coming for great pieces of work.Thanks lots enstine.

  27. What a real exciting update to introduce to the BlogExpose
    You really making it happening overthere
    Nice one…

  28. Hi Enstine,
    That is really good news to the bloggers as well as to the company/business owners!
    I appreciate your initiative in this and congratulate you for bringing out such and important offer to the fellow bloggers!
    Yes, the other day I posted a note about this in my page and today I am happy to note that i posted the referral link logo on my pages side bar with a note. pl do have a check,
    I am sure many will be benefited by this project.
    Keep up the good work,
    I am sure this will be a mutually benefited project!! LOL
    Keep sharing
    Keep caring
    Have a great day
    ~ Phil

    • Hey Philip,
      I saw your promotions and congratulations on making a sale already. I’m sure more will signup from your promotions within the week. You know this is weekend and many readers are not online.

      Thanks for being a source of inspiration 😉

      • Hi Enstine,
        Thank you so much for the quick response! 🙂
        Yes, let us hope that many may join there via my referral LOL
        May you have a great time of week’s rest
        Have a Blessed Sunday
        Keep informe
        ~ Phil

  29. Now i understand why you’re been called ” The Money Making Blogger”

    Honestly, You always create a Platform to make both partners smiles in terms of ( Earnings + Relationship) . . Remember; I’m not trying to flatter you – But just a little 🙁

    Just few days ago, Phil of Philipscom enchanted me on How Helpful BlogExpose will be to Bloggers and Online Marketers, which got my attention more deeply

    Although am not a fan of Affiliate marketing due to my state . . But trust me, I’m gonna stay on-top of the Game this time

    Best Regards,
    John Maduka

    • Hahaha nice words and I thought you were flattering me until I read you weren’t 😉
      I hope to take this to another level so thanks for being part of it

      What’s in your state that stops you from doing AM?

      • Seriously, My country has so much drawback to Online Earning. . which A.M can’t favor me for now

        Even as at yesterday, I went-on to Register my company but the requirements were much , Then i had no choice than to fall back to who i am

        But which ever way, I’ll keep on pushing Ahead
        My voice shall speak for me – Someday!

    • Hi John,
      Nice to meet you here at Enstine’s page,
      As noted in the whatsApp message it is really good to speak to you the other day.
      Thanks for the kind mention about me and my page here,
      I appreciate you for the kind consideration.
      I just posted a note in this regard in my page as well as embedded a logo in my page’s side bar about this wonderful offer Enstine and Team is providing for bloggers as well as for the business community.
      I appreciate Enstine for his relentless effort in creating new plugins and platform for the benefit of bloggers and readers around the globe.
      I am glad that, i am a part of this wonderful offer.
      May you both have a wonderful and profitable weekend
      ~ Phil

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