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Welcome to my Thursday series and today, someone very inspiring is on board. By the time you check out 2 or 3 articles on her blog, you’ll be convinced 😉

I’m excited and this is because I’m able to share details about individual bloggers and business people. On my blog, you are going to be reading and knowing things you’ve never known even about your very intimate blogging and business friends.

So many of them have been listed in the past. Check out the list here. Now, let’s talk more about this charming lady!

Meet Yvonne I. Wilson

Yvonne_I_Wilson“Some may count you as an ordinary person, but history will prove itself once again that whenever there is power in agreement from people who uphold truth, extraordinary things happen for you.” – Yvonne I. Wilson

Yvonne is a business graduate with a master’s degree in Business Administration. She is also a nursing graduate and although she is no longer in the nursing profession, she continues to work in the Health care industry as the Manager of the Central Purchasing Department at the Government Health Services in Tortola, Virgin Islands where she has been residing now for the last thirteen years.

With a smile she says, “There is nothing really spectacular about me. I am just an ordinary person with an extraordinary global mandate on my life to impact, touch, inspire, encourage and empower those whom I come into contact with on a daily basis.”

Considering her quiet and often times reserved nature, she believes that to be a unique gift which she thinks she is so undeserving of. Her love to help others and putting others above self are qualities that make the gift even more special.

Up Close and Personal – Raw & Uncensored

Yvonne candidly admits that while she may have come from a very humble, poor upbringing, she revealed that she is no stranger to hardships, adversity, sexual and physical abuses, low self-esteem, depression, and suicidal tendencies, just to mention a few.

“I should have been a dead woman by now,” she says. “I had many attempts made on my life, the main one was the severe beaten I took over my head and my body with a chair until it broke into pieces. That shattered my trust.” she added.

She continued, “I’ve hit rock bottom in life more times than I can count or care to mention and will tell you, there is no more bottom left for me to go.” She added, “I’ve seen it all. The shame of having to deal with two young daughters – ages 16 and 21 years pregnant at the same time in my home while I was in a leadership position in the church topped everything.”

These are not things you would wish on anyone but she says she never wants to be pitied or ever looked upon as a victim of those circumstances but as a victorious overcomer and someone who just keeps on getting back up to reach the finish line every time she falls or is knocked down.

She has been divorced for the past 12 years now. It’s that marriage she says produced her three beautiful daughters whom she calls her rock, source of strength and who has stuck with her through the good, the bad and the hard times.

Life As A Blogger and How It All Started

Yvonne’s journey as a blogger began on January 10th 2012 and came at a very low point in her life. She disclosed she really had no idea what blogging was about but got the inspiration to start through a friend on Facebook.

She simply jumped right in hence, she says she made many mistakes. Her number one mistake was getting into blogging without first doing any research on it and not commenting on other blogs but wanting to be like everyone else. “Huge mistakes,” she says.

In addition to the many mistakes, she came upon challenges such as self-doubt, writer’s blog and not having enough time to really focus on her blog. The combination of mistakes and challenges made her blog like a ghost town and at times she felt she was talking to herself.

Her bounce back from an extremely low point in blogging came in January 2014. She calls it the rebirth when she moved her blog from Blogger to WordPress.

“I had become very frustrated with results that in hindsight, I see was established on a premise with false expectations. Moving my blog at the time was a risk, but one that I was willing to take.”

“My blog is not where I really envision it to be but I’ve done my research and I am learning from others. I also believe my blog has potential and because writing has always been my passion, I can see that the vision will come to its full manifestation sooner, rather than later.”

When asked about what advice she has for newbies and intermediates that are still not meeting their goals she had this to say, “Continue to write about the key related topics and the right people will find your content. Be passionate and consistent. You must exercise patience in what you do and prepare yourself to work smarter, not harder. Quality above quantity is a much better perspective. Be in it for the long haul for success is not an overnight thing.”

Mentions by Fellow Bloggers

Yvonne considers it a blessing and an honor to have received attention and made mention of in posts by fellow bloggers. Here are just a few:

Contributions and Guest Posts

Her most recent contributions and guest posts are as follows:

Where Else Can You Connect With Yvonne?

Are You Ready For Your Transformation?

Yvonne quickly admits that while the things she writes about may not work for everyone else depending on their situation at the time, it has been confirmed by persons who have emailed their testimonies or have commented on her blog about how they have been blessed, and that her blogs have inspired, empowered and transformed their lives.

She says she is not the kind of person to blow her own trumpet, but she believes that such validation and authentication puts her in the league as a true catalyst for change, a transformation specialist and a conduit through which holistic healing takes place and destiny and purpose is fulfilled.

Here are a few examples of some of her best posts:

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Moreover she says, “With faith all things are possible – your hopes, dreams and plans and you will have true happiness and success in the end.”

Time To Talk Back Live With Yvonne

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