Be Inspired, Empowered And Be Transformed With Yvonne I. Wilson

Welcome to my Thursday series and today, someone very inspiring is on board. By the time you check out 2 or 3 articles on her blog, you’ll be convinced 😉

I’m excited and this is because I’m able to share details about individual bloggers and business people. On my blog, you are going to be reading and knowing things you’ve never known even about your very intimate blogging and business friends.

So many of them have been listed in the past. Check out the list here. Now, let’s talk more about this charming lady!

Meet Yvonne I. Wilson

Yvonne_I_Wilson“Some may count you as an ordinary person, but history will prove itself once again that whenever there is power in agreement from people who uphold truth, extraordinary things happen for you.” – Yvonne I. Wilson

Yvonne is a business graduate with a master’s degree in Business Administration. She is also a nursing graduate and although she is no longer in the nursing profession, she continues to work in the Health care industry as the Manager of the Central Purchasing Department at the Government Health Services in Tortola, Virgin Islands where she has been residing now for the last thirteen years.

With a smile she says, “There is nothing really spectacular about me. I am just an ordinary person with an extraordinary global mandate on my life to impact, touch, inspire, encourage and empower those whom I come into contact with on a daily basis.”

Considering her quiet and often times reserved nature, she believes that to be a unique gift which she thinks she is so undeserving of. Her love to help others and putting others above self are qualities that make the gift even more special.

Up Close and Personal – Raw & Uncensored

Yvonne candidly admits that while she may have come from a very humble, poor upbringing, she revealed that she is no stranger to hardships, adversity, sexual and physical abuses, low self-esteem, depression, and suicidal tendencies, just to mention a few.

“I should have been a dead woman by now,” she says. “I had many attempts made on my life, the main one was the severe beaten I took over my head and my body with a chair until it broke into pieces. That shattered my trust.” she added.

She continued, “I’ve hit rock bottom in life more times than I can count or care to mention and will tell you, there is no more bottom left for me to go.” She added, “I’ve seen it all. The shame of having to deal with two young daughters – ages 16 and 21 years pregnant at the same time in my home while I was in a leadership position in the church topped everything.”

These are not things you would wish on anyone but she says she never wants to be pitied or ever looked upon as a victim of those circumstances but as a victorious overcomer and someone who just keeps on getting back up to reach the finish line every time she falls or is knocked down.

She has been divorced for the past 12 years now. It’s that marriage she says produced her three beautiful daughters whom she calls her rock, source of strength and who has stuck with her through the good, the bad and the hard times.

Life As A Blogger and How It All Started

Yvonne’s journey as a blogger began on January 10th 2012 and came at a very low point in her life. She disclosed she really had no idea what blogging was about but got the inspiration to start through a friend on Facebook.

She simply jumped right in hence, she says she made many mistakes. Her number one mistake was getting into blogging without first doing any research on it and not commenting on other blogs but wanting to be like everyone else. “Huge mistakes,” she says.

In addition to the many mistakes, she came upon challenges such as self-doubt, writer’s blog and not having enough time to really focus on her blog. The combination of mistakes and challenges made her blog like a ghost town and at times she felt she was talking to herself.

Her bounce back from an extremely low point in blogging came in January 2014. She calls it the rebirth when she moved her blog from Blogger to WordPress.

“I had become very frustrated with results that in hindsight, I see was established on a premise with false expectations. Moving my blog at the time was a risk, but one that I was willing to take.”

“My blog is not where I really envision it to be but I’ve done my research and I am learning from others. I also believe my blog has potential and because writing has always been my passion, I can see that the vision will come to its full manifestation sooner, rather than later.”

When asked about what advice she has for newbies and intermediates that are still not meeting their goals she had this to say, “Continue to write about the key related topics and the right people will find your content. Be passionate and consistent. You must exercise patience in what you do and prepare yourself to work smarter, not harder. Quality above quantity is a much better perspective. Be in it for the long haul for success is not an overnight thing.”

Mentions by Fellow Bloggers

Yvonne considers it a blessing and an honor to have received attention and made mention of in posts by fellow bloggers. Here are just a few:

Contributions and Guest Posts

Her most recent contributions and guest posts are as follows:

Where Else Can You Connect With Yvonne?

Are You Ready For Your Transformation?

Yvonne quickly admits that while the things she writes about may not work for everyone else depending on their situation at the time, it has been confirmed by persons who have emailed their testimonies or have commented on her blog about how they have been blessed, and that her blogs have inspired, empowered and transformed their lives.

She says she is not the kind of person to blow her own trumpet, but she believes that such validation and authentication puts her in the league as a true catalyst for change, a transformation specialist and a conduit through which holistic healing takes place and destiny and purpose is fulfilled.

Here are a few examples of some of her best posts:

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Moreover she says, “With faith all things are possible – your hopes, dreams and plans and you will have true happiness and success in the end.”

Time To Talk Back Live With Yvonne

Time to engage and talk back live with Yvonne. Show some love by leaving her a comment. Check her posts and social media. She will be here to reply to comments and to engage with you.

34 thoughts on “Be Inspired, Empowered And Be Transformed With Yvonne I. Wilson”

  1. Hi Yvonne!

    I just recently found your excellent blog, but I had no idea what
    a truly inspiring personal story you had to share!

    And after reading this particular post, your stature has definitely risen
    even higher in my eyes!

    No one who isn’t wise and incredibly strong internally, could have not only endured,
    but risen above such personal circumstances, the way you have!

    Thank you so much for sharing your truly inspiring story and demonstrating what
    true inner strength, faith and resilience can do for those of us wise enough to
    practice it!

    And thank you so much for featuring her Enstine! As her perseverance serves
    as an inspiration for us all!

  2. Hi Adeel,

    So nice to be catching up with you here at Enstine’s. I just want to say thank you for the endorsement 🙂 and of course for your kind words of encouragement. I am so happy that we got connected and are able to interact and learn from each other.

    Have a great day/weekend. Blessings 🙂

  3. Hello Yvonne and Esntine,

    Actually I have nothing more to say but this:

    Yvonne is part of those awesome folks who are an inspiration to me. Read her content and you would want to interact with her.

    Awesome woman!

  4. Hi Enstine,

    This is indeed a terifiying story about a wonderful and indeed a daring personality.
    I amazed to read how Vyonna faced all those challenges in her life right from her childhood.

    I appreciate her boldness and I wish her all success in her future endeavors. Thanks Enstine for sharing yet another awesome story of an awesome woman.

    Keep sharing. Nice weekend!

    • Hi Nisha,

      Lovely comment indeed. I appreciate you taking the time from your busy schedule to stop by and to weigh in on this.

      Life for the most part I would say is beautiful. On the other hand at times it can be daring – putting us through some of the most horrific experiences. The latter is the foundation of self-discovery and growth into the amazingly beautiful people of who we are today.

      Thanks and have a great weekend.

  5. hey Yvonne,

    I have heard about your blog but visited it for the first time today,

    Thank you Enstine for this excellent feature, always great to find new bloggers,

    I think those people who have gone through it all and have faced an all time low and then came out of it strongly are the best people to motivate and empower others – because they themselves know the entire process well.

    will be looking foreword to check your blog more often,

    Uttoran Sen,

    • Hi Uttoran,

      I am super excited to meet you and connect with you for the first time here on Enstine’s blog. I am fond of meeting new people because I do believe that we are all unique and special in our own way and have something to positive and empowering to share.

      Your comment means a lot. And I agree that people who have gone through hardships and hit an all time low and are able to come out of it and share their experiences are among the best to motivate and inspire others. Of course no one wants bad experiences. We prefer the good ones but when we have difficulties I think we are better people at heart and are able to be more patient and compassionate towards others in their own troubles.

      Look forward to checking out our blog as well. I appreciate you stopping by. Do have a great weekend.

  6. Hi, Yvonne,

    What a wonderfully inspiring story, and I appreciate you sharing that with us.

    I think it’s great that you got a business degree and have a background in nursing. My daughter is an ICU RN and loves it. It is high stress, however, and I remind her to pace herself.

    You’ve been through many challenges in your life and have emerged a strong role model for others to follow. I applaud you for that. For turning bad experiences into opportunities and fuel to do good in the world, and to share love and encouragement with others.

    I’ve actually made some of the same mistakes as you, but we learn and grow through them becoming better bloggers along the way. We’ve all faced self-doubt at some point (usually the beginning), that’s for sure.

    I love your advice to be passionate and consistent. Amen to ‘quality above quantity’ <— simply love that!

    Yvonne, I appreciate what you shared, and would like to stay in touch.

    Spreading the word…
    Carol Amato

    • Hi Carol,

      I am humbled and honored by your comment and I am glad to know that you were inspired by my story.

      The thing is when we look at it carefully, there is some experience that we’ve had in life that ultimately draws us together from all walks of life and where we bond together as a community. We suddenly realize well I’m not the only one that’s been through a particular situation and here’s someone else who was able to rise above the bad and as you rightly said, “turning bad experiences into opportunities and fuel to do good in the world, and to share love and encouragement..”

      Thank you Carol for the work that you are doing helping us to grow and to excel in our area of specialty whether as bloggers, business women/men and entrepreneurs. As the word says, “iron sharpens iron.” 🙂 Will definitely continue to be in touch.

      Have a great weekend. Cheers! 🙂

  7. Hey Yvonne / Enstine

    What an uplifting post. I have always found the ones who go through extraordinary hardship and live to tell the story are the ones that are able to assist in restoring faith in others. Yvonne you have had some hard times. And I don’t feel sorry for you, but feel blessed that you shared your story. Even addressing old wounds can bring back some of the vulnerability but also strength.

    I always enjoy when I am in contact with people who can hit rock bottom, be dazed by it and then pick themselves back up.

    I read through the titles of your posts in awe of your dedication and hard work and I will make my way through the list.

    After reading about your blogging adventure, I smile because I to jumped into blogging with no idea of what I was in for. What a shake up. But now I read diligently and comment as much as I can. One because I enjoy it but also because I have gained so much. My steep learning curve is because of receiving advise to read posts exactly like this one.

    When I first learnt that I had to put effort into other bloggers, I was shocked and started very slowly and half heartedly and I tell you what, that soon turned around and now I feel it is a great part of my day. Thanks for the motivation.


    • Hi Rachel,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a valuable comment. It is very much appreciated. Lol! I am so glad that you did not feel sorry for me. And I am certain that Enstine would agree, his blog is not for pity parties. 🙂

      Additionally, I subscribe to the idea that hardships in life are the greatest teachers. They reveal things to us about ourselves that ordinarily we would never have found out. They help us to THRIVE, grow and to build our strength to bring out the ‘giant’ hidden inside of us. Also as you brought out in your comment addressing old wounds can bring back strength. The vulnerability I believe comes mostly when someone is not properly healed of their old wounds.

      I am glad we at least share one thing in common and that is the way we entered blogging – jumping right in not knowing anything about it or what we were in for. The good thing about that is that we become learners from early on and not as though we already know everything.

      Thanks for your contribution. Glad you took the time to stop by.

  8. Enstine I must say thank you for introducing me to this wonderful woman.
    She has had her troubles in life, more than anyone should have had to deal with. Her character shines through making her the wonderful blogger that she is.

    “I also believe my blog has potential and because writing has always been my passion, I can see that the vision will come to its full manifestation sooner, rather than later.”
    I will look to find more about Yvonne Wilson. Thank you! #pacblitz

    • Hi Kathryn

      It is certainly a pleasure meeting you here at Enstine’s blog and I want to thank you for your kind words of encouragement.

      I look forward to sharing and interacting more with you and to learn more about you as well. Have a blessed day/week.

  9. Hi Enstine and Yvonne,

    Good to see another lovely lady here this month. I definitely learned some new things about Yvonne.

    I am SO sorry life hasn’t been the easiest thing for you my dear, no one should have to endure the types of troubles that you have. I know I say this a lot but I am truly blessed that I did just lead a pretty ordinary life. Compared to what you’ve had to endure during yours, I’ll take my boring life any day.

    It’s a strong woman though that perseveres through it all and is able to live to tell others how they do can do the same. We live off other people’s inspiration who have been through much harder times than ourselves and not only are living to tell the tale but showing us what’s really possible.

    I’m glad you’re here, I’m glad you helping others learn and understand what it takes and I so appreciate you sharing this with us all.

    So glad we crossed paths Yvonne and I wish you the very best.


    • Hi Adrienne,

      For starters, you have me here chuckling! Of course not – your life is not boring! 🙂 You are a tough ‘cookie’ yourself because being married and then having to go through a divorce is NOT an easy thing. I admire the strength of such a person knowing that it is something that can cause one to lose their mind. I concur that it’s a strong woman that perseveres and live to tell about it.

      I always say, we’ve all got to learn how to take a licking and then keep right on ticking! Trials. tribulations and all of our experiences however bad or good, they come to make us stronger as a person, they increase the size of our faith and then we can go out and be witnesses to the world and to show others they can and will make it.

      I really appreciate you taking time from your busy schedule to stop by and share your thoughts. Have a wonderful day/week. Cheers! 🙂

  10. Ever since I met Yvonne in ABC, it has been an awesome experience.

    First her blog is a blessing to the world. I was so inspired by her story and how she was able to turn her rejections and struggles into empowerment. I am even more inspired that despite all the horrible hardship, she was able to give peace and hope to others.

    Yvonne you are amazing..

    I am happy to read your story and know more of your personality. Thumbs up

    Thanks Enstine for sharing Yvonne’s story and creating this space where we get to meet new bloggers. Take Care

    • Hi Ikechi

      Thanks for such a lovely comment and feedback. 🙂 You are right that we met through ABC and I must tell you although it was just a few months, the interaction among us made it seem like many years ago.

      I am happy to hear how you’ve been inspired by my story and I believe by the same token that you have been blessed.

      My further encouragement is that in spite of what we go through in life, we must always keep the right attitude. And whenever we fall, always look for the opportunity to rise above the circumstances and thereafter allow our experiences and the story of how we overcame to be a source of inspiration and hope for others.

      Thanks for your input. Have a great day/week.

  11. Hi, Yvonne

    Nice to get to know you tho’ ABC Community. I am always inspired by your information on Facebook.
    As I am reading your story in this post, I am surprised how my life experience almost similar to yours: from poor family, 2 daughters (29 years & 23 years old), divorced for 12 years, had a non successful blog with blog spot for few months 5 year ago, restart the blogging journey about 6 months ago.
    Glad to see that you use your life experience to enrich the contents of your posts. Your life story really shows people there are always hopes and opportunities as long as we will stand up from the fall and walk again. Cheer for you – the confident woman.

    Will share it on FB and twitter for such nice inspirational life story. -Stella

    • Hi Stella,

      So glad to see you here. Your words are kind and uplifting – to the point where I am blushing. 🙂 It is good to see how you have overcome as well and I am so delighted that our paths crossed.

      On this journey called life we wish we would not meet the thorns but have all bed of roses and that everything was smooth without so much as a worry. Our Creator however has other plans though and it is so true that out of each test, there is a testimony and for every mess there is a message. It is also not so much that we go through difficulties in life, but our attitude that makes all the difference.

      Thank you for your participation. Have a great week.

  12. Hello Yvonne,

    Your story is a very inspiring one. I mean, you passed through all that, and yet you refused to give up?

    I feel so inspired. Your story about how you coped as a parent of two pregnant teenagers is one I am going to read immediately, and I believe a lot of parents out there will be inspired by your story.

    Thanks so much for being so open and honest.

    (zooming off to check out your blog)

    • Hi Toby,

      Such a pleasure meeting and connecting with you. Your comment means a lot and I must say that I am encouraged by it and even more excited that you were inspired.

      I must admit there was a time that I questioned why? Why I had to be going through such “hellish” situations and as a result had such low self-esteem and never thought highly about myself. I shrunk back even more from the spotlight but now I understand that my painful experiences have a purpose assigned to it and instead of asking why, I ask what for or who is this pain for? Once that is revealed to me, I can move in that direction or reach out to that person to lend them a helping hand be it physically with an action, through prayer or my writing.

      Thanks for checking out my blog and do have yourself a great weekend. Cheers! 🙂

    • Hi Brent,

      I appreciate you taking time from your busy schedule to read this post and comment. I recall we both shared in Sherman’s roundup blog post just a few days ago. It’s great connecting with you also.

      Have a fantastic weekend. Cheers! 🙂

  13. Hello Enstine and Yvonne,

    When I visited Yvonne’s website and introduced myself to her few of her posts, a couple of weeks ago I knew I had come across a wonderful warm hearted human being. I was lucky enough to get to know via Harleena at Aha Now.

    I must thank you Enstine for giving us the opportunity to get to know Yvonne better. I am stunned at what I just read. Yvonne, hats off to your courage to tell it as it is and determination to move past all the hardships and for being such a humble lady.

    I feel lost for words right now to describe how much I admire you.
    I also want to applaud your blogging journey. That’s sensational, informative and motivating for newbies like me.

    Thank you for this post Enstine and Yvonne. Off to share it as this is going to be of great help to many.

    • Hi Hema,

      Happy to see you over here at Enstine’s blog. I am deeply touched and even more humbled by your kind words. 🙂

      I think we can always tell when our heart and our human spirit connect with someone for a move into a whole new dimension we had never dreamed of. It is a feeling that gives you that aha in your gut – sense of community, family, genuine friendship and most important of all where purpose and destiny ‘collide’ for a greater good. I continue to say that about Enstine and I can also say that about you. I am honored to be connected to you guys.

      Thank you for coming and leaving such an awesome comment and for sharing this post. Have a great weekend.

  14. Life As A Blogger has never been easy for me either but above all i have learnt Be Inspired, Empowered And Be Transformed
    By just reading this post your Inspiration has just moved me to a higher level in blogging.

    • Hi Ejiga,

      I am so happy to meet you and to connect with you here on Enstine’s blog. I concur that blogging is not easy and the temptation will always be there to not bother with it and just give it up. But I often look at trials and testing in a way that it is not for the person who is actually going through the experience at the time but for someone else whether in the present moment or in the future.

      That is why it is important that we share our experiences with each other because it is a means of encouragement and to give another person hope for the future. And from what you have expressed after reading this post is that your level of inspiration has just moved to a higher dimension in blogging. That’s awesome! 🙂

      Continue to be encouraged, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Have a great weekend.

  15. Hi Enstine,
    It is really amazing to read a bit more about our friend Yvonne.
    No doubt she is such an amazing person I met online in the recent past.
    If my memory does not go wrong, i met her on the pages of Harleena’s AhaNOW and Adrienne’s AdrienneSmith pages. Her comments on those pages caught my attention and i visited her page and i have developed a good rapport with her thru her pages. But I never knew the struggle she underwent. It is really a surprising thing to know that she faced severe difficulties even within the family. I appreciate her for facing all such calamities with courage. Her entry into the blogging world too is really wonderful. It is good that she revealed the mistakes she committed in the initial stage of her blogging! I am sure that will be a great lesson for the newbies who wants to join the blogging world.
    Nice that you brought out lot of things from the life of this wonderful woman.
    I thank God for her life, and i appreciate her willingness to use her writing skills for proclaiming what she believes.
    I wish her all success in her future endeavors.
    May her tribe increase.
    Thanks Enstine for presenting more about this amazing person.
    May you both have a great time ahead.
    Best Regards
    ~ Phil

    • Hi Philip,

      Thank you for stopping by and ffor leaving such an awesome comment. Your words of kindness are very encouraging. I believe that we are allowed to go through difficulties in life not so that we be destroyed but that we can survive the storms and live to share our testimony about those things with others and to be a source of encouragement.

      I have been blessed to have connected with you – you have been very supportive. I appreciate you very much. Have a great day.

  16. Hi Enstine,

    I am beyond words right now, humbled, honored and even a bit teary eyed 🙂 all at the same time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for featuring me here on your blog. It is not something that I could have ever imagined when our paths crossed and we connected with each other a little over a year ago.

    Life have a way of taking some unexpected twists and turns where purpose and destiny collide into what I consider a phenomenal movement that brings us into full alignment with what our Creator intended for us from the very beginning of our creation.

    You are one of the pro-bloggers that I look up to as a role model. A gem in the blogging industry, an entrepreneur who is not afraid to take risks. You are a great teacher and I know many [myself included] will continue to look to you and learn from the gift that God has so richly bless you with. I look to you as more than just a fellow blogger and friend – you are more like a big brother.

    Thanks once again and have a great day and enjoy the rest of the week. Cheers! 🙂

    • Wow Wow!
      Uplifting and encourage words. I’m really fueled and I love the fact that we didn’t just meet. We got hooked by divine arrangement.

      I can see better days ahead so let’s keep giving my dear friend.

      Thanks for accepting my invitation and for providing the necessary materials. You are blessed

  17. I was fortunate enough to meet her at Aha!NOW ABC community. I still remember she commented on one of my first few write-ups which were terribly written and poorly presented.

    But she was kind and wise enough to motivate and encourage me for what I had to share. I’ve been following her incredible blog posts since November 2014. And I must say her uplifting posts are out of the world. 🙂

    I’m glad that this post helped me know more about this charismatic and super passionate lady who is strong enough to empower others while her own journey have had storms.

    I actively follow her social media updates. And I’m a fan of her inspiring, touching and encouraging quotes.

    Thanks Enstine sir for featuring Yvonne ma’am. Have a fantabulous day both of you. 🙂


    • Hi Rohan,

      Thank you for all your kind and encouraging words. I am grateful to have connected with you in 2014 and I had no idea the impact of what I shared had on you.

      Continue to be encouraged. You are doing a great work impacting others as well. Have a blessed day/rest of the week.

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