BroadedNet 1.3 Update with Gravatar added on Widget!

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BroadedNet version 1.3 is here with an interesting update. While more updates are being cooked, this is something I’m excited about.

I have written so much about BroadedNet here (and many other bloggers have written about it too). The most recent article I wrote on this blog is this one. In this article, I show you how broaded is perfectly Adsense and Google friendly. It’s not anything near PBN, backlink tool or fake pageview generator. So check that post out how this tool is clean and should be used by anyone.

On that same post, I got a beautiful suggestion from Sherman Smith (Thank you bro) and that set my coding fingers to work.

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HOT!!! How to increase referral traffic without Sweating!

referral traffic

There are different channels of traffic to your website. Generally, these are Organic search, Referral, Direct, Social, and email. Depending on your campaign and strategies, these generate different results on your website;

Social traffic generates more social shares, Organic search traffic converts more, etc. So while we need traffic from all of these channels, we may want to prefer some channels more. A huge targeted email list may be a good source of high traffic that converts. Why because those are your subscribers that know and trust you already.

Referral traffic (Traffic from links on other websites) can also be very targeted because visitors are attracted by the title and possibly description of your article before clicking to read more. We want to focus on this in this post and see how you can get more of this with a simple “Copy and Paste” exercise. 

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BroadedNet ~ Customized widget, targeted traffic on autopilot!

BroadedNet is the new generation blog traffic tool for targeted traffic without SEO or Social media. Go here and sign up for free. To install the plugin, simply go to your WordPress Admin -> Plugins -> Add New. Search for broadednet, install and activate.

If you are already a BroadedNet member, be sure to upgrade the WordPress plugin from version 1.0 to the most recent version. Go to your WordPress Admin -> Plugins -> Installed Plugins. The should be an indication that there is a new version for BroadedNet. Just click to ‘update now‘.

In this post, I want to take you through version 1.1 of the plugin. What this does is enable you display just what you want on your blog. I also will be given you coupon code for free credits. The code is available at the bottom of this post.

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BroadedNet traffic Stats in Google Analytics, Free Credits Voucher

broaded google analytics

Google Analytics is the free  most reliable tracking and traffic stats platform you can think of today. It’s also the best way to monitor your campaigns and know which to take down and which to focus on.

I have just added a smart piece of tracking code to broadedNet that will automatically create BroadedNet campaign in your GA account and track all the clicks you get from

NB: BroadedNet is a blog promotion tool that will generate real traffic to your blog without search engines or Social Media. It’s a free platform so you can sign up right this moment. To know how it works, click here. 

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Boost Traffic & Engagement with MycommentAuthors 1.4 ~ Upgraded!

boost engagement

MyCommentAuthors 1.4 is here with cool updates and light bug fixes. It’s your number 1 commenting plugin to help you bring back your visitors, boost traffic and engagement.

My readers have been quite excited since I released this plugin. It helps me show appreciation to them, feature them on my blog and give those who are more active a dofollow back.

If this is your first time of reading about this wonderful engagement plugin, here are a couple of posts I have written about it before;

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