Boost Traffic & Engagement with MycommentAuthors 1.4 ~ Upgraded!

MyCommentAuthors 1.4 is here with cool updates and light bug fixes. It’s your number 1 commenting plugin to help you bring back your visitors, boost traffic and engagement.

My readers have been quite excited since I released this plugin. It helps me show appreciation to them, feature them on my blog and give those who are more active a dofollow back.

If this is your first time of reading about this wonderful engagement plugin, here are a couple of posts I have written about it before;

What’s New in Version 1.4

There are two major additions in this version.

1 Reserve List

In the previous versions, your blog admin email was excluded from the list of commentators by default. There were however issues with this option as this did not work well if your blog has more than 1 admin email.

In version 1.4, you simply add any emails to the reserve list and these will be removed from the generated comment authors. You may want to exclude all admins, guest authors and publishers, etc.

To do this, simply locate the reserve list option on the plugin settings panel and add the reserved addresses (comma seperated) in the field.

boost traffic

2 – Gravatar Table Template

In the previous versions, we had the Gravatar Box and Simple text list templates. In version 1.4, I have added another template I call Gravatar Table. This shows the gravatar of the commentators in an html table. This is what the generated list looks like;

boost engagementSo now you have 3 templates to choose from. Remember you can always preview before generating the list.

Upgrade to Version 1.4

It’s quite simple to upgrade from any preview version to the current version. Simply go to your WordPress plugin page. Locate MycommentAuthors and click to upgrade.

MyCommentAuthors Sponsors

I’m grateful to xtheme team and Jackson, the worthblogger who believe in this plugin and have decided to sponsor it



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That’s it!

Be sure to give this plugin a try. Publish your list of commentators, send them a mail from the plugin. This will help boost traffic and your engagement.

NB: To send mail from the plugin, you must use an email created on your blog in the Email From field on the plugin setting panel. This is actually a requirement by most shared servers. Avoid using yahoo, gmail or any external email. Use personal address like,, It has to be an address on your blog.

So have you used this plugin before? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

If you like the plugin, share this post on social media to help promote.

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20 thoughts on “Boost Traffic & Engagement with MycommentAuthors 1.4 ~ Upgraded!”

  1. Hi Enstine,
    It is indeed a great joy to be here again after a while.
    Hey, I have been using this plugin for some time and I have published a lot of posts by using this wonderful plugin. But to my surprise, these days it’s not working well with me and am unable to generate the results, is there any problem? Please revert. By the way I have noticed that Jackson the sponsor’s link worthblogger too is broken. Pl do check.
    May you have a great time of sharing ahead.
    ~ Phil

  2. Hi Enstine,

    Thank you for the reminder of this great plugin. I had deleted it a while back because something was wrong with my theme and now that I have that problem solved, I’m happy to see the updates and I now have it installed again.

    If you haven’t tried this plug in yet, be sure to do it today.

  3. Really a great plugin for wordpress blog. i use it on my blog to generate commentors list at the end of every month…
    I liked it very much and i will continue using it on my blog
    thanks for this plugin….

  4. Hello Enstine, I just noticed this post about the upgrade to your plug in HUM How did I miss this. i guess I should do this before I finish my blog post HUH?
    I do love the idea of thanking those who have been actively visiting and commenting on my blog How Cool is that to get a Thank YOU!!

    I know I loved it.. Thanks for all you do.. Chery :))

  5. Hi Enstine,

    I just did my monthly “My Comment Authors” post and the newly updated version works a dream. It was very encouraging to see the list of visitors to my blog – thanks again for this useful tool.


  6. Seems like a quite useful. Will definitely make use of this plugin and drive more comments. Thanks a ton for sharing this useful plugin.

  7. Good Morning Muki,
    Thanks for introducing such awesome widgets for better engagement. I am pretty sure people will be more eager to see their name in the widget for which they will be more active.

    MSI Sakib

  8. Hi Enstine

    Congratulations on yet another accomplishment with regards to this new upgrade.

    Two things that are now on my to do list the moment I switch to self hosting are MyCommentAuthor and BroadedNet.

    So happy that I discovered your website. Thanks for updating us with this post.

  9. That’s a cool plugin wow we can really accelerate our traffic and engagement that is very important to have high on your blog with this awesome plugin of yours Enstine.

    And thanks for listing me in the top commentators, I am loving it wow 😀

  10. Hi Enstine, MyCommentAuthor sounds great and I have been looking for something like this, so I will check your links out and find out more so I understand better. I can say that comments are a vital part of blogging, so looking forward to more learning, thank you

  11. Hi Muki,

    This plugin really worth it at all cost. Counting down on this plugin is enough to boost blog traffic and earn thousands of comment in due time.

  12. Hey Enstine,

    Thank you for giving us this update about your awesome plugin.

    I will look into my plugins in order to update to the latest version.

    Meanwhile at the end of the month, i will be putting this plugin into use for my blog as
    i will use it to include commentators of my blog into my first ever monthly income report. I know this is possible.

    Concerning broadedNet, am happy to be part of the users of this system. Thank you brother for introducing this to me.

    Have a nice day ahead.

    Oloyede Jamiu

  13. Hey Enstine,

    Thanks for upgrading it, As my blog is totally ready and have some great comments all across the blog post.

  14. Hey Enstine,

    Thanks for upgrading it,
    As my new blog is totally ready and have some great comments all across the blog post.
    Surely at the end of September i am going to use it on my blog.
    Keep Sharing & Update everything


  15. Hi Enstine,
    Thanks for the update. I hope you’ve made all the necessary modifications. Am actually gonna check it out. Will give you feedback after installation. Thanks for sharing and do have a nice weekend.

  16. Wonderful – I am shifting to wordpress soon and this will be on top of my TO DO list after I have migrated , Commentluv + My comment author plugin can get alot of engagment.

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