BroadedNet ~ Customized widget, targeted traffic on autopilot!

BroadedNet is the new generation blog traffic tool for targeted traffic without SEO or Social media. Go here and sign up for free. To install the plugin, simply go to your WordPress Admin -> Plugins -> Add New. Search for broadednet, install and activate.

If you are already a BroadedNet member, be sure to upgrade the WordPress plugin from version 1.0 to the most recent version. Go to your WordPress Admin -> Plugins -> Installed Plugins. The should be an indication that there is a new version for BroadedNet. Just click to ‘update now‘.

In this post, I want to take you through version 1.1 of the plugin. What this does is enable you display just what you want on your blog. I also will be given you coupon code for free credits. The code is available at the bottom of this post.

In version 1.0, articles were randomly picked from the BroadedNet network in selected categories. While this still remains an option, version 1.1 makes it more targeted and does not limit you to one category.

You will be able to search the network and select articles to show on your blog based on keywords, number of credits offered, categories, etc

Creating Custom Widgets in BroadedNet

The first thing to do is create your custom widget in your BroadedNet account and add articles to it.

Remember you can create as many widgets as possible for different spots on your blog. Each widget can only contain 50 articles that are rotated on your blog with the highest credits topping the list.

Login to your BroadedNet account and click ‘My Widgets

broaded plugin


On the next page, you’ll have a list of your active widgets.


In the image above;

1 – Enter the name of your widget and click “Create Widget“. The name can be anything for your internal use only. It only helps you tell between your different widgets. You may want to use different names to describe different positions on your blogs;

For instance;

  • MyMainBlog
  • SideBar
  • FooterSpot
  • etc

2 – Click “Add Articles“. This will allow you search the database and select articles to add to your widget on your blog. From the search tool, you may want to search by keywords, category and number of credits offered. Here below is what the page looks like;


Just check the article you want to show on your blog and click the “Add Articles” button. Those selected articles will show on your blog.

You may want to select articles that offer more credits. However, be sure these are of more quality and are targeted to your audience.

NB: The articles you add to your widget will stop showing as soon as they run out of credits. They will also be automatically removed from your widget if they are deleted or modifiedΒ by their owners.

You can pick articles from different related categories and add to your widget. I’m thinking of something like Mobile, Technology, etc πŸ˜‰

View the articles that are currently on a widget


3 – Click the “View Articles” link to view the articles that are currently on your widget. To remove an article from the widget on your blog, just click ‘Remove’

NB: Take note of the Widget ID. This is what we need for the widget to function on your blog.

Install the Widget on your WordPress blog

Now you have created your widget and added articles to it. Let’s see how to show these articles on your blog. Make sure you have broadedNet version 1.1 (or above) installed and activated. If you are still running version 1.0, please upgrade from your WordPress Admin plugins page. Here is how your new widget looks like.



To now add your custom widget on your blog, select “My Custom Widget” option in the “What to show on this widget” field. Next, copy your Widget ID from your BroadedNet account and paste in the “Your Broaded Custom Widget” Field.

NB: You will still need your API which you can get from your BroadedNet Account on the “My Account” page.

The drawback of using custom widgets

The main issue with custom widget is that you have to (from time to time) connect to add more articles to your widgets. I have mentioned above that articles on your widget gets removed each time their owners modify or resubmit them for approval. They are also removed once deleted by their owners. They only go dormant each time they run out of credits.

This can however help you earn more and more credits as you are able to go in only for articles with more credits

Show random articles

Showing selected articles is just an option. You may want to randomly show articles on your blog from selected categories. That comes through the Β “Random Article Titles” Β option on the “What to show on this widget” list.

Free credit Coupon

Thanks for helping us share this article on social media. The coupon code is: B11VR

NB: If you want this locker on your blog too, click here for more

What do you think about broaded? How is it working for you?

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  1. BroadedNet has really turned to another Google Hangout for bloggers
    Many traffic coming screamingly to my sites freely without needing to bother my heads on what to do
    BroadedNet need more promotion by most of us members for us to get more sites for our contents to be shown up
    Thumb Up to Enstine Muki

  2. Hi Enstine,

    Thanks for this detailed explanation. I’ve already running this widget on my blog but, not updated yet. I would soon implement on this. This is really an amazing plugin.

    Thanks again for this update. Have a nice day!

  3. I have Just joined at but I didn’t knew how to setup the widget. But now I know that. Thanks to your step by step instructions… Will sure gonna setup it on my blog.

  4. HI muki,

    i really liked this article soon i will be sharing it on my facebook profile. I am sure that the informative you shared through your post is useful for my friends and all readers.

    i will follow your blog everyday to see your new post.

    thanking you

    Akshay Naik

  5. Hey Enstine

    This is the first time I’m hearing about this traffic generation technique. This technique looks quite interesting to me and I may give a try to it soon. Enstine, will it have any negative impact on our blog loading speed and are we safe in Google eyes when we are showing links for other blogs on our website as some of them can be bad blogs in SEO terms.

    • Hi Anil,
      It will not have any negative effect on your speed or SEO. It’s not a private blog network. It’s not any link tool. As a matter of fact, you don’t get any links or SEO benefits from the platform. It’s quite free and safe.

      Give it a try πŸ˜‰

  6. WOW, yet another awesome article at entsinemuki. I going got sign up for the awesome site and lets see how it goes.


  7. Hii Enstine,

    The guide you mentioned is really helpful and I’m eager to try this out but do this require any minimum number of traffic stats? Do let me know about it as I’m stuck with it for now..

    I don’t wish to try a thing just for a sake and waste my time because I’m just a newbie and having less traffic compared to other older blogs.. Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Same question here. Because my blog is hosted on blogger. Is there a way how to integrate the script on blogger widget, Enstine?

  8. Hi Enstine,

    First This is great and wonderful Article I just joined Broadednet today. Thanks for everything you do for the community. You are such a great help. Really Good work thanks a lot Keep it up ,

    Leena Shah

  9. Hi Enstine,

    I just joined Broadednet today. Thanks for everything you do for the community. You are such a great help.

    I am using the “Random Article Titles” option for now. I just need to add some more campaigns.

    Just one thing, I didn’t find any category for leadership development and I had to put my articles under personal development which is the closest. I hope you will add that category one day.

    Thanks Enstine for your help and for all the updates. Enjoy your weekend.

    Be Blessed,


    • Hi Neamat,
      Welcome on board broaded and thanks for giving it a try
      I added the category “leadership development”

      It will be great to get some of your friends in that category to post content in it. That way, it will not be empty πŸ˜‰

      Hope to hear from you soon about it

  10. Hey Enstine,

    Thanks for another awesome update. Now I can choose best articles to show on my blog. keep updating. is awesome.
    Please update its generating widget option I want to show articles one of my blogger blog.
    By the way thanks for giving us free credit coupon code. Have a Nice day πŸ™‚

  11. Nice Enstine but I also request you that please also develop an alternate widget for the users who are not on WordPress so that they can also be able to entertain with policies and traffic.

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  12. Hi Muki,

    This recent update looks great and more appealing than the earlier one. What concerns me most is about the category, can one choose more than one category?

  13. Hey Enstine,

    I have read in some blogs where some users made suggestions as regards adding some featured to and here comes it!

    This is really cool, Enstine. Selecting what article(s) I want to show on my blog is to a very large extent an awesome feature I welcome so much. I know this is not last and will not be last update you are going to make on this wonderful network.

    Once again, hats off bro!


  14. Just landed here from andriene’s blog and I’ve seen quite impressive reviews from other blogger about broadednet and I’m gonna be joining it now.


    • Hey Joy,
      This will help members get the most targeted contents to their blogs thereby increasing clicks and traffic.

      I’d like to know how it works on your blog πŸ˜‰

  15. Yes Enstine,

    Sorry i had mentioned something wrong above πŸ˜› , i should not say without Plugin we still need it, but we have use that custom code which we had got while creating the custom widget.

  16. Hey,

    Finally the wait is over Create Our Own Widget Option is working fine for me and had applied on my blog now without using plugin we can add Broadednet widget on our blog.
    Thanks Enstine for BroadedNet Credit coupon code this will help us boost our traffic.

    Thanks for sharing

  17. Hey Enstine,

    Awesome post as usual. I knew this would be coming but hey, you’re really fast! I’m going to try out the new feature and let’s see how far it goes.

    At the moment, I pretty love Broaded and I think it has huge potential to grow. Do tell me if you need some help in it and would be delighted to help in anyway possible!

    Have a great Friday man and take care!

    • That’s impressive Reginald and I’m excited to hear that. If you help spread the word, write a review about it, that will be awesome πŸ˜‰

      Let me know if that’s something you can do

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