HOT!!! How to increase referral traffic without Sweating!

There are different channels of traffic to your website. Generally, these are Organic search, Referral, Direct, Social, and email. Depending on your campaign and strategies, these generate different results on your website;

Social traffic generates more social shares, Organic search traffic converts more, etc. So while we need traffic from all of these channels, we may want to prefer some channels more. A huge targeted email list may be a good source of high traffic that converts. Why because those are your subscribers that know and trust you already.

Referral traffic (Traffic from links on other websites) can also be very targeted because visitors are attracted by the title and possibly description of your article before clicking to read more. We want to focus on this in this post and see how you can get more of this with a simple “Copy and Paste” exercise. 


How to increase referral traffic!

I mentioned above that referral traffic is traffic you get from links on other sites. These may be text or banners. There are generally 3 factors that affect the amount of referral traffic you can have at any time;

  1. The attractiveness of the link – It’s very important to make sure your links on other sites are as catchy and captivating as possible. The more sense/urgency/relevance you create in the title or description of your link or banner, the more your click-through.
  2. Another factor that directly influences the number of clicks you get from referral sources is the number of inbound links. That simply generally means the more the links, the more the clicks.
  3. A third factor which is most important to me is the relevancy. If your links are found on websites out of your niche, there is bound to be few clicks, high bounce rate and low time on site.

NB: Here are 11 ways to write in-depth articles that attract Backlinks and Google

referral traffic

Commonly used referral traffic strategies!

Here are some traditional ways to increase referral traffic;

  • Blog commenting
  • Guest posting
  • Banner ads
  • Text link ads
  • Mentions or natural links
  • Social bookmarking

You agree with me that these are all methods that require a lot of work (sweating) or direct financing. To have more referral traffic from blog commenting, you have to work hard on identifying viable and targeted blogs, reading and understanding the posts and leaving acceptable comments.

Guest posting is not any easy side of the coin. You have to value any article you submit to other blogs as much as you value those you post on yours. As we all know, it takes quite much to be able to come up with hot articles.

Social bookmarking and community sites like BlogEngage, Bizsugar, Kinnged, klinkked are great at generating referral traffic but you have to pay the price;

  • Commenting on other entries,
  • Voting/linking other entries,
  • Following other members,
  • Etc

Without these activities on such community sites, your entries will always remain buried and will never be seen. Being active on these sites is a win-win exercise. As you do for others, so shall they do for you. The more votes/likes and comments you get, the more clicks and referral traffic you attract.

Banner ads are common but cost money. The main issue here is as soon as the period you paid for expires, your banner is taken down and that makes an instant stop of referral traffic from the campaign.

Paid Text Links are great and may have some SEO benefits. But as we all know, Google is cracking them down except you want to go with the nofollow tag. Again, this cost money.

It’s not easy to be mentioned and linked to from other blogs. You have to deserve such a link from a worthy blog. No one is just going to link to your blog or website without a story to tell.

So you see  it’s quite a job to attract referral traffic using traditional methods. So how do we get this traffic without sweating?

Copy and Paste to increase Referral traffic

The answer to the question above is a strategically created platform called BroadedNet. Click here for how it works

On BroadedNet there is;

  • No commenting required
  • No voting required
  • No sharing required
  • No following required

All you have to do is Copy and Paste your blog posts Titles and URLs

increase referral trafficThe broadedNet idea is a simple one that takes your article to as many blogs as possible, generating a huge amount of referral traffic. It’s not a Private Blog Network. It’s simply an advertising platform (like Adsense) based on a credit system.

How does BroadedNet really generate referral traffic?

It’s simple! If you’ve read how it works, you’ll understand how the referral traffic comes in. Let me explain again…

As a member of the platform, you create your campaign by simply pasting your blog post url and title. Each campaign goes in a category. Once your campaign is approved by a moderator, it will instantly go live on other blogs that promote articles in your chosen category.

That means the more the number of blogs promoting articles in a specific category, the more your chances to get exposure from those blogs.

For any blog in the system to be able to promote articles, it has to be installed the free broadedNet widget which is what connects to the broadedNet platform and pulls articles in the specified category. Once the plugin installed, you simple go to your Widget area, pull the widget and drop where you want the articles to show.

broaded trafficHow does it look like on other blogs?

The way the widget appears on other blogs largely depends on the blogs inbuilt design.  Here is how it looks like on this blog’s sidebar;

referral traffic sidebar

You can chose to drop it on your sidebar, bottom or just below post content. There is no limit as to the number of widget you can drop on your blog at any specific moment.

The more exposed your widget is on your blog, the more clicks (referral traffic) you generate for other members and the more credits you earn in your account. These credits will enable you to post your own articles in the network for more referral traffic too.

Does broadedNet really work?

Here is a snapshot of part of my stats

referral trafficHits (in the image above) are clicks gotten from other blogs in the network. This is pure referral traffic. Network shows the number of blogs in the system that have generated these clicks. So you can see the traffic is coming from real blogs.

referral traffic network

BroadedNet is 100% Google and Adsense Friendly

I have had some members who thought by using this platform, they run the risk of getting their sites penalized by Google or their Adsense accounts frozen.

There is absolutely no need to panic because there actually is no reason to.

First, BroadedNet is not a backlinking platform. It does not connect any sites together. All links on the widget are nofollow pointing back to the platform where clicks are recorded before being redirected to destination.

Secondly, the platform gives no room for click fraud or fake page views. It’s frankly necessary you understand here that no clicking or page viewing is done on the platform. You don’t view pages or clicks links on BroadedNet to earn any reward. No visitor or member is manipulated to click or view a page to earn. That makes it 100% adsense compliant.

Visitors can only click BroadedNet entries on other sites (not on the platform) based on relevance and the need for more information. What they see is the article title that causes them to move their mouse toward it and click. The only reason they do is to go get details – not for any reward.

Your blog running a BroadedNet widget is PERFECTLY save!

How to get the best out of BroadedNet

Like every advertising platform (and in order to get referral traffic), the more important thing here is the title of your campaign. The more attractive your titles, the more likely you will get clicks. So on BroadedNet, I recommend constantly tweaking your campaign titles to you settle on what works best.

Secondly, if you place your campaigns in the wrong category, you get lesser results. If your article is on the latest mobile phone in the market, don’t place it in the social media category. That will be a pure missed target.

The last thing to get more exposure, clicks and referral on BroadedNet is the amount of credits you offer per click. The more the credits, the more the exposure.


So you now know how to start pulling relevant referral traffic to your blog posts without sweating. Just go over to BroadedNet and create a free account. You’ll have some free credits so you can start publishing your campaigns.

Free 500 Credits On BroadeNet

Here, you can have 500 credits to start with. Just share this post on social media and you’ll unlock the coupon code to give you up to 500 instant credits.

Thanks for sharing and unlocking. The coupon code: REFT

When you pick the code, login to and click ‘Got Coupon Code?’ Enter the code in the field provided and click to receive the credits.

Let me know what you think about BroadedNet. Are there some other simple ways to get referral traffic?

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  1. Hi, Enstine thanks for your recommendation.
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    You have always have a wonderful and streamline ways of presenting your thought and views and always making it looking effortlessly

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  3. I like your posts and follow these suggestion on my blog.I m not as fast as you but because main source getting life of site is only getting traffic by top search engines

  4. Hi Enstine,
    This is a great way to get some referral traffic. You’ve done a great job with Broaded.Net. The idea of promoting posts through a widget on other blogs, that too through specific categories is genius. If someone strategically uses this method, it will be a great source of referral traffic. Keep up the good work.

    • Hey Brian,
      Thanks for showing up here and for being one of my top users
      Congratulations for winning 10000 credits on taking part at the guestcrew contest

      Are you aware of the up coming update (which is already live on this blog though)? You will have the option to show the content on the widget plus gravatar. Checkout my broaded widget on my right sidebar. What do you think about it?

      • Hey bud, I think it looks fantastic! Can’t wait for the update! I’ll keep my eyes open and hey I’m pumped about winning the credits! I already set up a new campaign.

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    Great stuffs man. Seriously, I can’t help but to agree on your tips! Keep up man.

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    I don’t know how you do it all my friend. Thanks for sharing… Chery :))

  7. Great concept here to advertise by paying with credits instead of cash without the need for clicking to earn! I just started with you all so have not built up a momentum as I am awaiting approval for posts now.

    Just not too sure about what is the best credit to charge as I am currently trying the 35 to 55 range?

    • Hey Caleb,
      Welcome on board. I think I moderated your posts
      I don’t know if some got rejected but just be sure to post to the most appropriate category

      Have a wonderful day

  8. Great tips Enstine!

    I was unaware of broaded net and I just signed up for it. You mentioned some amazing strategies for driving amazing referral traffic.

    Thanks for sharing with us! 🙂

  9. I have always ignored guest posting and social bookmarking etc and blog commenting is my favourite because you learn many new things when you comment on other like here I learned about broaded net.going to try it.
    thanks for sharing it.

  10. This sounds very interesting ,Enstine
    will ask Monna and Lesly from our PAC group
    about there experience with it . I use your
    MyComment Authors plug in ,and like it very
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    Thank you

    • Hey Erika,
      Again PAC members are awesome and I love that they got into broaded.
      Talk with them and hear their side of the story 😉

      Thanks for supporting me with MyCommentAuthors

  11. Nice article Enstine!

    Broaded has been good to me, since I began using it a few months ago. All I have to do is remember to use it!! LOL!!

    What I particularly enjoyed about the way you structured this article, is that you gave great information about referral travel, exploring many options in addition to just Broaded. That puts the Broaded program in a great context for others to understand the high value of what you created!

    Enjoy your week my friend!

    • Thanks for being so supportive Deb!
      You have been a wonderful addition to my community. There is more coming to broaded to make it a wonderful traffic tool 😉
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    You have done your due diligence with and I really have to commend you for that. One thing that you mention which I haven’t been doing is choosing the category that goes with my blog topic. I don’t know how I’ve been overlooking that, but I’ll take note to make sure I do this on future posts.

    A thought just came to mind when you mentioned that our blog titles would be shown on other blogs. Have you ever thought about adding our gravatar with each of our links to our posts, and if so, is it feasible? I thought it would be a good branding idea if this could be done.

    Thanks for the value you give to the blogging community! I hope you’re having a great weekend!

  13. Hi Enstine,

    I had never heard of BroadedNet until I read post. It seems like a great system. I certainly will be sharing this post and taking you up on your kind offer. Thank you.

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    Thanks again!

  15. Wonderful as always Enstine. Actually Referral traffic pays a viral role and the amazing fact is referral traffic is also not very difficult to get. You can simply get good traffic by hitting up some comments daily on other blogs, sharing articles on social networks as you described above.

    On the other hand, I am enjoying your splendid network 😉 Thanks for this invention man …!

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    I am on blogspot/blogger platform so i can’t use, i need that plugin for this platform too. will you make it available for blogspot users ? I am asking this because i am on blogspot platform & i am not on WordPress ! waiting for your reply eagerly.

    Issac paul

      • Hey enstine,

        Thanks for replying bro 😉 do please lemme know after the work is done 🙂 & will it affect my adsense account ??? because in adsense TOS they said if i get paid traffic 🙁 so is it adnetwork friendly ??

        Issac paul

  17. Hi Enstine

    Thanks for the free credits, and for taking the time to explain in detail how is safe for Google and Adsense. Sadly Adsense and I have already fallen out over some unintended transgression on my part, so I certainly don’t want to offend the big G too. And now I am reassured.

    I’ve been building up credits rather than using them for a while because I still need to get my promotions a bit better organized – but now my mad January is behind me I’ll have more chance.

    Have a great weekend. Joy

    • Hey Joy,
      Good to hear that the madness is gone 😉
      Time to start posting on the platform. I’ll be glad to approve your campaigns.

      Hope the weekend is going well

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    Referral traffic from blogs converts pretty well as it is a sort of recommendation and trust that those visitors carry with themselves. I like it how broadedNet efficiently sends referral traffic with zero work from my side.

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    • Hey Man,
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  22. A lot of money spent on many so called advertising hubs turn to be a waste of resource hard earned. And in most cases you get traffic cheat that would not translate into real traffic. Broadednet simply closed the gap. With or without adwords you can be sure the network will bring you quality traffic so long as you have quality content and it’s only a matter of time before your traffic becomes terrific!
    Thumbs up Broadednetwork @Broadnet.

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    • Good to see you here Joan and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.
      You are a PAC member right? This has been on PAC for a couple of weeks now? Monna and Lesly too have the widget on their blogs.

      Let me know when you are ready for it and if you need any help, don’t fail to let me know.

      Do have a wonderful weekend Joan

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    Very good post…I have used blog commenting, guest posting and bookmarking on social sites…These ways are very beneficial to increase the traffic.
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    I hadn’t heard of but I love the sound of it. It sounds like it would be very beneficial to sign up. I’m going to have to check this out for myself. I like how we can add a link to the post we want.

    I was thinking it was going to pull our latest post and in my case I have several topics like recipes that may not fit this audience. But then I have to see what categories they have, perhaps I’ll fit right in :).

    I’m going to share this for sure. It’s a great tool for bloggers and what I like most is how easy it is to set up. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    I hope it’s been a great week! Have a great weekend Enstine :).

    • Hi Corina,
      First, thanks for sharing and spreading the word 😉

      It’s definitely going to be useful and it covers almost every niche. If you don’t find your category, I’ll be glad to add it to the list so just shoot me a mail 😉

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    This is a nice post and a nice way to get refferal traffic . I have used and got good traffic with it help. Would like to know when the blogger widget will come as the campaigns are showing inactive due to it .

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    Finally i have registered to become a full member of and I also a section in your blog which states that retweet or like or plus to get 500credits which I did but I did not get any approval of credits..

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  32. This is seeing BroadedNet from another approach.

    The truth about broadednet as a powerful referral traffic generator has been written out here.

    Glad that you wrote about this. This would help more people make good use of broadednet.

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  34. I am using and I really recommend it to every blogger very high targeted traffic if you blogging about internet marketing in general.

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    • Hi Edi,
      I’m shocked that a few blogger guys I have gotten did not succeed to make this thing to work with simple Javascript.

      It’s just about connecting to an url, runing a php file and returning the html

      Are you skilled at JS?

      • Running it through Javascript is not really my challenge anyway, The main issue I face is I can’t generate the PHP code from my BroadedNet control panel. I can’t click it, My Generate button isn’t working on my Broadednet acct, many WordPress users that have Succeeded must have done it by directly installing the plugin.

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  39. Hi Enstine!

    I have to admit, I really like Broaded.Net and am glad I went back to self-host so I can utilize all it’s benefits! I have generated traffic from it as well as found some really great bloggers to connect with. I like the variety of topics there as well!

    Definitely passing this one along as I think Broaded.Net could be beneficial to many more bloggers who aren’t using it yet.

    Thanks for this fabulous post and the credits!


    • Hi Brenda,
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      I’m working on making it better and hope it’s going to be a huge source of traffic for members in the very near future.

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