BroadedNet traffic Stats in Google Analytics, Free Credits Voucher

Google Analytics is the free  most reliable tracking and traffic stats platform you can think of today. It’s also the best way to monitor your campaigns and know which to take down and which to focus on.

I have just added a smart piece of tracking code to broadedNet that will automatically create BroadedNet campaign in your GA account and track all the clicks you get from

NB: BroadedNet is a blog promotion tool that will generate real traffic to your blog without search engines or Social Media. It’s a free platform so you can sign up right this moment. To know how it works, click here. 

To view your BroadedNet stats in your Google Analytics account, select the date range. Click Acquisition -> Capaigns

You should see the BroadedNet campaign

broaded google analytics

In my case (the image above), do you see how engaged and targeted the traffic I get from broaded is? An average duration of 12 minutes 50 seconds is very impressive.

To know the specific campaigns on and which blogs are driving your traffic, click on “BroadedNet”.

Use this to create relationships

Relationships is a strong factor in blogging. Right here in your Google Analytics account, you can know which blog in the broadedNet network is sending you traffic.

Why not send a mail to the blogger telling him/her that the broadedNet widget on his/her blog is sending you traffic? That will be a cool way to discover and connect with more bloggers. In blogging, what else is as great as networking?

Free credits on

I have created  a coupon code for you to grab some free credits on broaded. This will help you get more exposure and traffic. unlock the coupon code below!

Thanks for sharing and giving us a lift. Here is the coupon code: TRFIC

Go to broadedNet and sign in or Sign up. Click “Got Coupon Code? and enter this coupon in the form field to add more credits to your account

Have you been using broaded before? What are your results?

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