7 hot tips to make more money blogging – blogging income tips!

Every blogger who makes some earnings wants to make more money blogging.

That’s simply because man is always on the look-out for more. We always want more and I know you are not different.

Isn’t that why you are reading this article? You are like everyone else who wants more and that’s just fine.

So in this post, I want to share with you some helpful tips for you to make more money blogging. It’s not just about making money blogging. It’s about growing your income.

As you make money from blogging, you need to see your income grow from month to month. Without a steady growth, something isn’t right. You must stop and rethink your strategy.

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But how do you make more money blogging?


1 – Work on your conversion

If you want more, it means you are already getting something. So my first tip is to try to step-up your conversion game.

That’s the best and easiest thing you can do to increase your income.  Improving your conversion is like trying to polish what you already have at hand.

Do you have the right conversion tracking tools?

And how many of your readers convert to email subscribers or buyers.

A simple adjustment in your blog could mean a lot.  See my recommended list of conversion tools you need as a blogger.

2 – Focus on what already works

Have you found out what’s working for you? There is certainly something that’s giving you money right this moment.

There are different ways bloggers make money. In this post, I came up with 15 different ways to generate income as a blogger. But trust me you don’t need everything on the list.

Some of these will be more profitable than others. It all depends on your niche and the strategies you have in place. But once you’ve found your soft spot, rinse and repeat.

Focus is one of the reasons I made $29,000 online as a newbie. Absolutely with little experience on the Internet Marketing Scene, I was able to focus on something that worked and grow it to a nice source of income.

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3 – Add more income sources

Put your eggs in different baskets. 

In the point above, I asked you to focus on something that already works. What you should do is make sure you build it to a stable point. Once it’s moving (like on auto-pilot), add another income source.

A solid way to financial freedom is building a multiple income streams. But this should be done strategically. You may not succeed growing all your income streams together. You must be able to engage one after the other. That way, one source of income will help develop the other.

For instance:

Generate more money with Affiliate marketing. Use the income,  hire experts to create your money making product

4 – Drive more targeted traffic

As money making bloggers, traffic is the lifeline. No traffic, no money and one of the ways to make extra money is to increase your traffic.

You can’t make money if you and grand ma are the only readers of your blog. And note that it’s not just about traffic. The traffic has to be relevant.

While you should turn to new traffic channels, I recommend growing your current channels. Double your effort in what you currently do.

Don’t neglect SEO. Search engines are known to drive the most targeted free traffic to online business. Though difficult, it’s not impossible.

5 – Turn to existing customers

One of the ways I make more money as a blogger is I always turn to existing clients. I blog for money. So I keep an eye on strategies to generate income as a blogger.

If you have clients who pay you directly (From sponsored post offers, sales of services/products, direct ads, etc), you should have a buyers list.

It’s one of your important assets as an online marketer. You can always turn to your buyers list with promotional offers and chances are high for them to buy more from you.

In this post, I discussed how my buyers helped me generate $1060 more from my blog and that still continues.

6 – Invest in premium growth tools

You need the right tools to make more money blogging. And every day, we have new tools coming up to help us face new challenges.

Be watchful and upgrade.

If you are not using premium SEO tools for instance, get one like SEMrush.

Sometimes you just need to move to a stronger web hosting to increase your traffic.

I moved from Hostgator to WPX Hosting and my income also increased. The reason is that WPX sorted out all my downtime issues, increased my site load speed, etc. I had a more stable blog that’s generating more income.

I moved from free Mailchimp to paid MailerLite. Needless to say there was a nice increase in my blogging income. I’m now able to deal more correctly with my subscribers, able to automate my business with a huge deal of satisfaction.

NB: Here are some other recommended Web Hosting for your WordPress blog

  • Siteground great for bloggers. Start with $3.95/mo
  • BlueHost, another great option for bloggers. Start with $2.95/month

7 – For affiliates, turn to recurring payment

Affiliate Marketing is one of the ways bloggers make money. Looking at income reports from many bloggers, Affiliate Marketing is always on top of the list.

I can’t tell you it’s simple. But it’s effective

It simply means you promote products created by others and earn commissions. You can download a copy of my book Affiliate Marketing for bloggers if you are just new to this.

There are two ways affiliate marketing commissions are paid:

  • One time Payments
  • Recurring Payments

Online today, there are more and more affiliate offers that pay one time commissions. That means once a sale is sealed, you are paid a certain percentage just one time.

If you must promote this commission structure product, I will recommend you focus on products that pay 40% and more on a reasonable price.

I really don’t get excited to promote products that pay less than $20 in commissions per sale. Some high ticket products may pay awesomely well. But for the most part, it takes a lot more energy to generate a sale.

Recurring commissions affiliate product is what I recommend if you want to make more money blogging. In this payment method, you generate the sale once and get paid month after month.

This works for subscription platforms where members pay a monthly fee. Each time your referrers get billed, you are paid your commissions.

The more recurring commissions products you promote as a money making blogger, the more your blog income grows.

The problem with recurring earnings is that once your referrers cancel their subscriptions, your payments too are canceled. But overall, I recommend focusing on this model to experience a steady growth in blogging income.

I hope these 7 tips help you generate more and more income as a blogger. Kindly Save/Pin on Pinterest and drop a comment below:

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