Exactly how I made additional $1060 and how you too can!

One of the most exciting moments is when you get paid real money from your blog. This is happening to most of us over and over again and for the most part, what we do is just rinse and repeat.

Yes. While we try to device new methods to earn additional income, more of it just comes from traditional methods – advertising, product sales, affiliate marketing, etc.

I keep doing something and in the past, it generated $810 straight to my Paypal and $250 to Bank Account. This is not completely new. However, most of us neglect it. I’m sure if you follow this little working method, you are going to make additional money.

So what’s this method Enstine?

It’s simply advertising but let me underline a point before you start frowning – If you work hard on your blog, every passing day adds more value to it. That means as the days go by, you should be able to make more money from your blog.

Make use of your buyers list

This is where the gold is. My buyers list is one of my most precious money making instruments I have. I split this list into 2 major categories – Product Buyers and Blog Advertisers.

The truth is if you’ve been paid by advertisers in the past, you stand a better chance to make more money from them. Most of us spend time looking for other advertisers not knowing those we’ve worked with in the past can still pay us more money.

I always get back to my advertisers to make additional money!

One of the things I strive to do is build a good relationship with my advertisers. I try as much as possible to match their investment with considerable value in terms of targeted exposure. I don’t just get interested in their money. I show more interest in their satisfaction because I know I can always count on them for more.

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I will not name names here but these are exactly the figures;

  • Advertiser A: First Job > $150 —- Second Job -> $160 Paid to Paypal.
  • Advertiser B: First Job > $250 —- Second Job -> $250 (Bank Transfer)
  • Advertiser C: First Job > $150 —- Second Job -> $250 Paid to Paypal.
  • Advertiser D: First Job > $200 —- Second Job -> $400 Paid to Paypal.

Yes. I have worked with 4 of my advertisers more than once. As you can see in above, some of them paid more than they did for the first job.

Interestingly, one of these valuable partners got back to me by mail and wanted me to announce the upgraded version of their product to my community. This simply means they got value in their first investment.

Looking at my Google Search Console, I see Google driving traffic to my review posts. Before I kicked out JetPack (For incompatibility reasons), I always got interested in the section that shows me where my readers click to from my blog. Of course, I noticed my review posts keep driving traffic to those products reviewed.

With this, I’m confident that my advertisers are getting value from my blog

Here are Paypal screen shots for payments that were sent to Paypal.

make money blogging

So why am I showing you this?

You are my value reader so I feel telling you this will encourage you to do same and make more money. Here is what I propose you do;

Get back to those that have paid you money before and offer them another opportunity. If they paid you for review posts, offer them another opportunity and this time, add a bonus. That’s the charm of it. I love this because it works.

To sum it up…

Don’t keep running after new customers and forget about those you’ve dealt with. Get back to them. Usually, they will be positive and give you more money.

Let me know what you think about this in the comment box.

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