How I made $29,000 in my first year online!

Can someone tell me why it seems our days are no longer 24 hours? Things are going so fast. Do we still really have 24 hours per day?

Wasn’t it just the other day we were talking about New Year, January 2018? I woke up this morning and found out the year is ending. The year has gone so fast. My jaws dropped! I’m also growing old…

By the way, here is how to be a successful blogger in 2019

I took off some few minutes to think about the past and ask myself a few questions:

  • Where did I fail the past few years?
  • Where did I succeed?
  • What were the causes of my failure?
  • What were the main factors behind my success?
  • Etc

I came with a long list of facts and reasons to justify my results (both positive and negative) However, I’m not going to eat up your time with my boring list. I’m just going to share with you 2 factors that put about $29 000 into my pocket during my first year as an Internet Marketer.

While $29k may not be a considerable annual income, it is however a boost for someone who is just beginning.


What were the 2 main factors of my success?

1 – Focus!

As a beginner online, one of the things that can keep you confused, scammed and finally discouraged is to trying many things at once. The Internet is full of scam and junk.  You must be able to filter through this mess and settle on few products that have captured the attention of their consumers.

Everyday we sign up to new lists and these keep messing around our inbox with must of them making fake crazy get rich now promises. Now, if you are not informed, you will keep jumping from one product to the other, buying every new thing that comes up and promises you access to the White House’s bank account. These are all crazy stuffs you MUST keep away from.

I quickly realized this early in 2012 and what did I do?

  • I stopped signing up to any list.
  • I stopped reading fake, inflated sales copies
  • I went back to my Download folder on my Hard Drive, deleted must of the junk I had downloaded and selected a few of them.
  • Finally, I made up my mind to Focus

FOCUS is the reason behind the success of many Internet Marketers and bloggers. You need to focus on an opportunity, nurture it to its maturity before jumping to something else. Stop catching everything that glitters. Focus on one opportunity. Study it and grow in it.

Why is focus necessary?

  • When you focus on an opportunity, you gain more knowledge.
  • You grow in experience.
  • Your expertise grows
  • You become renown in it
  • You becoming the go-to person in the industry
  • You learn more about the market
  • You make more sales
  • You make more profits

If you are doing Affiliate Marketing like me, you need to select very few products you know are in high demand and focus on their promotion. Be sure to have full knowledge of the products – buying and using them yourself or working in close collaboration with their authors.

  • Don’t write fake/biased reviews simply because you want sales.
  • Avoid writing reviews without a practical knowledge.
  • Stop lying and showing fake income proofs.
  • Be real online. Let people know they can contact you somewhere and talk with you. Use your real names and business address.

I recommend you pre-sell the product and drive traffic to the pre-sell page. That will surely increase conversion.

While social media traffic will always work well, Search engine and PPC (search PPC and Social PPC) traffic will convert the most.

I’m not leaving out Pinterest. It’s becoming the second Google

2 – Be an author!

A greater share of my $29 000 income came from my own products. I think this is one of the best and fastest ways to make money online.

While you are free to keep all that comes in as profit, you can also recruit an army of affiliates to help drive crazy traffic to your page allowing you more time to focus on other areas.

People think you need to be an expert in a field to create a product. That’s not correct!

No matter your level in coding or writing, you can still be the author of the next hot product. All you need is the product idea. The next step is simply to outsource the creation to the competent hands.

Everyone can make money online but you need to do the things the way they should be done. It’s not luck! Study the system and follow the principles:

  • Choose the right products.
  • Focus on the chosen products.
  • Create your own products to generate more income.

That’s it! Let me hear your contributions in the comment box below.

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