How I made $29000 in my first year online!

Can someone tell me why it seems our days are no longer 24 hours? Things are going so fast. Do we still really have 24 hours per day?

Wasn’t it just the other day we were talking about New Year, January 2013? I woke up this morning and found out today is 3rd January 2014. The year has gone so fast. My jaws dropped! I’m also growing old…

By the way, here is how to be a successful blogger in 2014

I took off some few minutes to think about the past and ask myself a few questions:

  • Where did I fail the past few years?
  • Where did I succeed?
  • What were the causes of my failure?
  • What were the main factors behind my success?
  • Etc

I came with a long list of facts and reasons to justify my results (both positive and negative) However, I’m not going to eat up your time with my boring list. I’m just going to share with you 2 factors that put about $29 000 into my pocket during my first year as an Internet Marketer.

While $29k may not be a considerable annual income, it is however a boost for someone who is just beginning.


What were the 2 main factors of my success?

1 – Focus!

As a beginner online, one of the things that can keep you confused, scammed and finally discouraged is to trying many things at once. The Internet is full of scam and junk. Β You must be able to filter through this mess and settle on few products that have captured the attention of their consumers.

Everyday we sign up to new lists and these keep messing around our inbox with must of them making fake crazy get rich now promises. Now, if you are not informed, you will keep jumping from one product to the other, buying every new thing that comes up and promises you access to the White House’s bank account. These are all crazy stuffs you MUST keep away from.

I quickly realized this early in 2012 and what did I do?

  • I stopped signing up to any list.
  • I stopped reading fake, inflated sales copies
  • I went back to my Download folder on my Hard Drive, deleted must of the junk I had downloaded and selected a few of them.
  • Finally, I made up my mind to Focus

FOCUS is the reason behind the success of many Internet Marketers and bloggers. You need to focus on an opportunity, nurture it to its maturity before jumping to something else. Stop catching everything that glitters. Focus on one opportunity. Study it and grow in it.

Why is focus necessary?

  • When you focus on an opportunity, you gain more knowledge.
  • You grow in experience.
  • Your expertise grows
  • You become renown in it
  • You becoming the go-to person in the industry
  • You learn more about the market
  • You make more sales
  • You make more profits

If you are doing Affiliate Marketing like me, you need to select very few products you know are in high demand and focus on their promotion. Be sure to have full knowledge of the products – buying and using them yourself or working in close collaboration with their authors.

  • Don’t write fake reviews simply because you want sales.
  • Avoid writing reviews without a practical knowledge.
  • Stop lying and showing fake income proofs.
  • Be real online. Let people know they can contact you somewhere and talk with you. Use your real names and business address.

I recommend you pre-sell the product and drive traffic to the presell page. That will surely increase conversion.

While social media traffic will always work well, Search engine and PPC (search PPC and Social PPC) traffic will convert the most.

2 – Be an author!

A greater share of my $29 000 income came from my own products. I think this is one of the best and fastest ways to make money online.

While you are free to keep all that comes in, you can also recruit and army of affiliates to help drive crazy traffic to your page while you take care of other things.

People think you need to be an expert in a field to create a product. That’s not correct! No matter your level in coding or writing, you can still be the author of the next hot product.Β All you need is the product idea. The next step is simply to outsource the creation to the competent hands.

Here is a more detailed post on my story

Everyone can make money online but you need to do the things the way they should be done. It’s not luck! Study the system and follow the principles:

  • Choose the right products.
  • Focus on the chosen products.
  • Create your own products to generate more income.

That’s it! Let me hear your contributions in the comment box below.

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Enstine Muki

Certified Cryptocurrency Expert, Problogger and Serial Entrepreneur

  • Victor says:

    Sir Enstine

    I must Confess that you are truly a guru when it comes to write up and testimony about your blogging achievement, I truly envy you and I am practically learning from you.

    Thank You Sir

  • suresh says:

    You have said most things that are important to everyone, looking to other blogs or reading them is waste of time. By the way some people here in this article still they think you are lying, but I believe it’s true, since I too made most money online and never calculated nor interested to do such things. In this year I might be making good amount and 4 digits per month.

    • Hey Suresh,
      Thanks for being part of this post
      Yes it’s not easy to start keeping these stats but once you get started, it will be easy to track them.

      Good luck to you bro and hope to see you on my blog again

  • Dk Patel says:

    Really a great post Where I have seen too many people to Give up in their Early age of blogging for not making money But really you have done a great job.

  • You are always on the right track and you have the ‘secret’ most of us don’t have when we get started with ‘online money making’. I remember a few years ago i used to NOT FOCUS on anything!
    I would sign up to thousands of lists, i will read thousands of sales page, i will look at thousands of screenshots of $$$$ and keep dreaming on…..

    If only i have just FOCUS and launch a product that would have been netting me $$$.

  • James says:

    Hi Enstine,

    Congratulations, you’ve just fired in me the impetus to move forward as a blogger. This is an inspiring post, and its message is crystal clear, that with focus and hardwork, there is possibility of making quality money as a blogger.

    Thanks for sharing and do have a prosperous new year.

  • Shoukot says:

    Now i am cleaning my hard disk drive (HDD). πŸ™‚

    My first comment to your blog

  • Vicky says:

    Hello Enstine,

    Great work mate, I’m really glad that you’ve earned a great figure of income in a short time. Although I agree everything need focus and consistency to achieve a goal.

    Thanks for sharing

  • What an excellent achievement. You are an ingenious blogger and have been looking at some of the things you are doing. You are an excellent role model as a blogger and a marketer.

  • Adesanmi Adedotun says:

    Hi Enstine,

    This is more than a good beginning if I may say. A very wonderful start up, making $29k within the first year of being an internet marketer is very awesome and convincing at the same time. Wishes you more this 2014

  • Sunday says:

    Hi Enstine,
    The power of “FOCUS” for online success cannot be ignored. Being focus means that one would become an expert in a field. I agree with your reasons on why “FOCUS” is necessary.
    Moreover, the acronym expansion by Kingsley tells it all :
    A good one from the Wise one!

    This comment, I have also shared in kingged.com where this post was syndicated and bookmarked for Internet marketers.

    Sunday – Kingged.com contributors.


  • Lisa says:

    Way to go Enstine, that’s really great starting out too! Focus is key and I sometimes subscribe to lists I really shouldn’t it. I should work on that for the coming year as well. Thank you for sharing with us your methods and success. We can all learn a lot from this one Enstine!

    • Hey Lisa,
      Happy New Year and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment
      Yes, I plan to be more careful this year and thanks for being part of my active community.

      Do have a wonderful week

  • Kingsley says:

    Thanks for sharing your awesome tips with us on how you made $28,000 in your first year online. The money itself is not what’s important; what is most important is that you were able to make that MUCH in your first year online. That’s absolutely awesome because there are lots of people who don’t even make that much in their first couple of YEARS online.

    And yes, I agree with about the power of focus. Didn’t a wise man once say focus is:


    Without focus it would have been difficult and very frustrating to make that kind of money in your first year. Running after the latest money making online fad would only lead to frustrations.

    And therein lies the problem with lots of newbies – chasing every latest making money online fad. I don’t blame newbies that much because it’s so easy to get overwhelmed with the many different offers getting released almost daily; and getting bombarded by unending email promotions.

    I like the tips you followed to get focused, especially that of no longer signing up to lists and no longer reading inflated sales copy. That’s the first step to getting focused with truly making money online.

    And for those who think not signing up to new lists, especially so-called “guru” list will keep them from not knowing what needs to be known, the truth is that what most of us need to succeed is already WITHIN us, but we don’t take action because of the need to learn more, even though we already know enough.

    Anyway, absolutely awesome tips you have revealed here, Enstine. And happy new year to you by the way.

    Regarding your request for this post to be shared, it has been shared on the Internet marketing social networking site, Kingged.com, as usual, and it has been “kingged” by me, πŸ™‚

    • Kingsley says:

      Oops, I meant to say $29,000, not $28,000, but good thing that to err is human, πŸ™‚

    • Great comment Kingsley and thanks for sharing this article on kingged. I’m excited each time I get shared on your platform. I have shared some of my traffic stats with you and you agree with me that kingged is one of my sources of referral traffic. I do really recommend it for targeted traffic.

      Thanks again for throwing more light to the article, and as we know, better days lie ahead

      Happy and Prosperous new year

      • Kingsley says:

        Good to hear that Kingged.com is one of your sources of referral traffic, Enstine.

        I look forward to more KINGLIKE content from you in the coming days!


  • Sekhar says:

    Congrats Enstine, you are really inspiration for new bloggers like me. Your blog posts are also good guides.

  • Tharun says:

    Hi Enstine!
    This is simply known as success in blogging. You have achieved great job in earning money online. You will surely be blessed with more online money and have a happy life ahead. It still breaks my mind, how did you managed so well…. Anyhow its really a great news about that income..

  • Your hitting it right on the head Enstine! Focus honesty and creating products. Your definitely in the 1%!

  • Erik Emanuelli says:

    First of all congratulations, Enstine!

    $29.000 is a great sum of money. You should be proud of you!

    In order to increase my daily productivity, I design in my mind a pyramid of the most important things to do according to my priorities.
    Then gradually I’m doing everything else, depending on time left (if there is some).
    I find it very useful to leave out what is not important to me, so as to focus only on the most important tasks.

    Thanks for sharing your experience, Enstine.
    My best wishes for a successful 2014! πŸ™‚

    • Hey Erik,
      I think that’s the way forward. One must be able to shred off the things that are less important and focus on the significant ones. Anything else may lead to a waste of time and other resources.

      Thanks for stopping by and Happy Year to you and family too

  • Hi Enstine,

    Oh my goodness! Earning that much so soon is commendable, and I agree with what Nikhil mentioned about – you must be the only person online making money SO quick πŸ™‚

    Yes, time flies and at times I also feel that I wish we had another pair or hands and another few hours instead of the 24 hours in hand – they fly too soon! But I guess we’d still be doing more of what we do always, isn’t it? Working hard and putting in all our efforts.

    Your stats are commendable, and now is the time you need to teach people like us how we should earn too, something I plan doing in this year, though not as fast and not as much as you. I’m not a marketer, but have friend’s who are, and I agree with what you said about believing in the product yourself before you try to sell or write about it to another person, which is very important as that’s how you build trust, isn’t it?

    Ah…focus is what we all need, and I’m glad you are getting more and more focused on doing what matters, and the results are all out in front of you with that.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Wishing you and yours a very Happy and Prosperous New Year πŸ™‚

    • Happy New year to you Harleena!
      I think the year is starting off on a good footing for me πŸ˜‰

      Well, I think there are many who do well too in their very first year online and some even better than I have done.

      I think the only rout to success online is following principles – do the things the right way. I hope 2014 for me will be better πŸ˜‰ I’m working harder towards a bigger success

      Thanks for your first comment on my blog this year.

      Happy New Year to you and family

  • MSI Sakib says:

    Hi Muki,
    My first word for you is “Congratulation”. Hope you can do more in this year. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Firstly Congratulation bro.. You are earner faster than anyone in the World on Internet. You must get this money and you are total right to get more because your hard work and your writing style is quite different then others.

    I am thinking you are one of the top blogger in the world in future. My best wishes with you.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • >