5 Effective Link Building Strategies for 2015

The truth is that your post may never rank on the first page of the Search Engines if you don’t get backlinks from domain authority sites.

It’s now more about the quality of the sites linking to you than of the quantity.

In this post, you will see the effective Link Building Strategies of 2015.

I added an Infographic to this post for the visually inclined, but I’ll strongly advise that you also go through the text content below the Infographic as you’d learn how to execute the strategies highlighted in the Infographic.

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Link Building Strategies

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There’s a myth that has gone on for far too long in the Marketing space as regards Content Creation and Promotion.

Do you want to know what it is?

“Create quality content and the traffic will come”

Have you ever heard that?

Well, just in case you believed that; I’m here to tell you that it’s a myth and it’s just not true.

You may be asking, so what’s the right thing to do then?

Content Promotion

Yeah, that’s right; If you don’t promote your content it will not get seen by enough eye balls.

The subject of content promotion strategies is not within the focus of this very post, but I did a very thorough post on content promotion strategies; you should go read it if you want to learn how to get massive exposures for your quality posts.

5 Effective Link Building Strategies of 2015

1. Content Curation

Like I said in the Infographic, one of the fastest ways to get successful bloggers to share your post and link to you is to mention them in your post.

Every body needs a bit of promotion, so when you promote a blogger in your post, you just increased the chances that he’ll promote your post to his audience.

Try curating relevant posts in your niche just like I did with this post Top 400 Content Promotion Strategies by 26 Experts; as at the time of writing this post, that post has generated over 400 shares on Social Media.

2. Blog Commenting

One of the most over-looked link building strategy is blog commenting.

It’s true that most of the links you’d get from this strategy are no-follow links but it’s still valuable in providing diversity to your link structure, which is one of Google’s ranking factor.

For this strategy to work for you, you need to keep the following in mind;

  • Write valuable comments; add value to the post you are commenting on through your comment.
  • Write long thoughtful comments (this will get the attention of the community and the blogger).
  • Don’t drop links in your comments if it’s unnecessary.
  • Try to be one of the first to comment, that way you will get more exposure to your comments (you can follow your choice bloggers on feedly & subscribe to their newsletters, so you will know when they write fresh contents).

Blog commenting is so powerful when it’s done right.

Adrienne Smith mentioned to me that when she just started out blogging that she commented on 5 blogs a day, 5 days a week for 3 months and she became really known in her niche.

Today, she’s an authority; I highly recommend you read her post about how to do blog commenting right, so you can get the maximum value from it.

You can also use drop my link to find blogs that give blog commenting do-follow links.

3. Resource Page

These are pages created by bloggers to link to valuable posts in their niche.

So if you’ve got a valuable post, then you should reach out to bloggers in your niche and ask them to link out to your post because you believe it’s top quality and their audience will find it valuable.

The below are the search strings you can type in Google to find out resource pages in your niche.

  • “keyword” + inurl:resources
  • “keyword” + inurl:links
  • “keyword” + “helpful resources”
  • “keyword” + “useful links”

4. Broken Links

In this strategy, you simply help bloggers discover dead links on their pages, point it out to them and politely ask them to replace the dead link with yours.

You can use check my links chrome extension to find dead links in pages; the links that are dead will be marked in red when you run the tool on a page.

It’s easy to gain backlinks this way because you have provided some sort of value both by pointing the dead link to the blogger and offering a working relevant link as a replacement.

5. Infographic

Infographics are by far the easiest way I know to get both viral shares and backlinks from authority sites.

People love to share Infographics.

One of the most effective ways I use Infographics is by doing guest posts with them; it’s easier to be considered for a guest posting gig through an Infographic than through a text content.

Also, you can guest post on multiple sites with just one Infographic but you can’t try that with a text content; it’s way easier to stand out with an Infographic than it is to do with text content.

So when you guest post with an Infographic and people are sharing it, you are benefitting from both the social share as well as from the backlinks.

I wrote a thorough post on marketing with infographics, you can check the number 8 of that post; I wrote about how to get an embed code for your Infographics, how to promote it and 32 Infographic directories to submit your Infographics to.

Over to You

I’ve shown you how to get backlinks from authority sites that is sure to get you page one Google ranking with a bit of perseverance and consistency. Now, go ahead and put it to work.

Action Point

  1. If you found this post valuable, then make it viral by sharing it; YES, do it now
  2. Engage with me in the comments; let me know which of this 5 strategies are you most likely to give a try

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