How Mentions, Implied links can boost natural visibility & Search Traffic!

The search engine industry has constantly been plagued by algorithmic updates and there is visibly no sign that this will cease any time soon.

While industry experts are still struggling with the swollen list of Google Ranking factors, the search giant keeps updating its algorithm in an effort to kick off poor quality websites from its front page.

Link-building has always been a strong search engine ranking factor. However, in recent past, there have been speculations that this will soon carry less importance in Google’s ranking algorithm.

A common factor discussed among SEO experts is “brand authority” but how does Google measure this? To clear the cloud, Google just released this patent that gives us insight about how the authority of a brand is measured.

Implied Links and Express Links

In the patent, Google calls brand mentions, “implied links” and the regular backlinks, “express links”

Here is a quick example…

My website is and my brand is ‘’ or simple ‘EnstineMuki’

If my brand is cited or mentioned on other websites (not linked to), once somebody is typing it in a search query, a connection is being made in Google’s eyes. Google stores this information and will consider that I earned an implied link.

What does this mean?

In order to improve brand authority and gain more search engine visibility and natural traffic, you will need to pay considerable attention to increasing the number of mentions – linked or unlinked. However, with the ‘nofollow’ link attribute being commonly used, some linked citations may not have any SEO effect.

Should you integrate implied links to your SEO strategy?

My answer to the question is yes! Having your brands mentioned on popular site will certainly improve your natural visibility. That also will hugely improve your brand awareness.

2 ways to get mentions and building a long lasting brand awareness!

There are many ways to attract citations and build brand awareness online. While I encourage you check out this guide by Neil Patel, here are some few points to help you out;

1 -> Do it Yourself

  • Guest post authority site. Mention your brand on your guest articles.
  • Answering questions on Q&A sites.
  • Commenting on authority sites.
  • Forum participation – Get active on forums in your niche.
  • Sign up to Google alert and get notifications to email whenever content is published on topics you are interested in.
  • Use Buzzbundle, a paid tool to monitor topics on social media, blogs and forums. This tool allows you to respond to discussions using the software. It also allows you to track your brand, company, products and services mentions.
  • Use infographics: Allow your readers to re-post your infographics. Create an easy copy paste html script and include your brand name just under main graphic content.

-> Check this post for how to get free professional infographic for your blog.

2 -> Outsource to experts

One of the best ways forward in business is to outsource tasks to experts who dedicate time to guarantee your success.

In order to improving online brand awareness, I recommend outsourcing to BrandCitations. They take guess work out of the way and manually submit your content to forums, blogs and Q&A sites.

Implied links

BrandCitation takes your white hat link building and brand awareness as a priority. Looking at their packages, I think these are quite affordable.

Rather than paying for some junk SEO service that exposes your sites to Google penalties through link spamming, I highly advise dealing with a proven service that puts energy to work for natural result.

Brand Awareness Case Study – 15% Up after 1 month

In this case study, BrandCitation was able to improve its awareness and traffic by up to 15% in 30 days just by using one of its awareness strategies – questions and answers.

brand mentions

Here are ways BranCitation promotes your brand for more mentions and natural visibilty

  1. Blog commenting
  2. Posting answers on Q&A websites
  3. Forum posting

brand citation

Measuring your brand awareness online

It’s important to measure your Growth and Return On Investment (ROI). This will help in your present and future campaigns. Fortunately, there are free tools you can use.

One of these tools is Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console). This is simple in that it shows your impressions and clicks on your brand name and brand keyword on SERPs.

Another free tool to measure your awareness online is Google Trend

Here is an example for Pat Flynn

brand name measurement

That’s it!

While you take time to check out BrandCitation, do drop a comment and let me know what you think about your brand awareness. What are your strategies to promote your brand and how successful are these?

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  1. Hi Enstine,
    You described this article beautifully. You are right implied links are very effective for brand authority and awareness
    Thanks for this awesome post!

  2. Hi Enstine Muki,

    Great post indeed!
    First of all I am thankful to you for this great post about Brand Marketing. I am so excited because I am also using these techniques to promote Brand value like Commenting, Forum post and participating in Q & A sites.

    Any way thanks Enstine Muki for sharing such great description.

    Areesha Noor!

  3. Hi Enstine bro.

    Definitely a very useful article for build brand awareness online successfully. I like all of your points in this article. And, i also read Neil’s guide about that topic.

    I am implementing some of these and mostly spend much time on blog commenting
    Posting answers on Q&A websites
    and Forum posting and so on!

    Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing this informative article with us.

    Happy blogging.

  4. Hey enstine. I noticed that some of your posts, for e.g this one appear in more than one categories. This post appears in make money online as well as SEO category. Does it not cause any internal duplication in Search engine’s crawlers eyes? Or this concept is just a myth?


      • Asked it because I had read a lot of discussions about “with in website duplicate content”. For example if crawler crawls two different pages and finds same content. So, it is now declared as a myth. Thanks for clarification.

  5. Hey Enstine ,
    i would like to thanks , i also using blog commenting techniques for improvement of my blogs traffic & this article clear my several doubts. thanks you a lot.
    Can you tell me the back links funda

  6. Hi Enstine

    An eye opening post and one that is set to make every blogger focus on building relationships.

    I think this is very interesting and it is set to change SEO. I have actually known about this concept but I thought it was nothing till today.

    Thanks Enstine for sharing.

  7. I appreciate the sentiment Enstine. I will take a closer look at BranCitations buddy. I am happy to as you have much wisdom to share. Keep up the great work my friend!

    Take Care,


  8. Enstine,

    Great stuff here. Thanks for explaining the difference between implied and express links. It seems that we need to be focusing on the number of implied and express links rather than good old back links. Trying to keep up with the Google gods is exhausting to say the least!

    I think in addition to those tactics you have mentioned we need to focus on in-depth, quality, rock star content. Content that really goes into detail about a topic that educates, and solves problems for a reader. Use statistics, a case study within the post, infographics where applicable, images that help illustrate your points.

    I’ll have to give Brand citations a look based on what you wrote and some feedback here in the comments.

    Thanks for sharing Enstine.


    • Hey Kurt,

      I have been reading your blog for the past few weeks and think you’ve got the method for in-depth, quality, rock star content. That’s what Google loves and you are giving it just that quality. You should soon be getting some quality traffic from SEO

      Yes give BranCitations a closer look and if possible talk with them. Something inside for you buddy 😉

      Thanks for being part of this post man

  9. This is very nice.
    I have been doing this and I am getting some result
    My new site just 3 months old, but getting some search engine queries that are really surprising me, but thank God I can get the reason behind the results today

  10. Hi Bro,
    This post is something that will open people’s eyes on link bilding scenario. We see the novice bloggers going behind links and this mentions and co-citations will really make them to offer value and buil relationships.

    I had read about co-citations in a couple of blogs like kissmetrics, but hadn’t taken it seriously. After reading your take on it, I am ggoing to work on it the best way I should.

    Thanks for your tips bro. 🙂

  11. I’m using BuzzBundle now and it’s a great software to get you increase your traffic by promote your website on many sites: Q&A, forums … etc.

  12. I would like for you to thank you regarding this kind of precise submit about Brand promoting in addition to attention. This particular submit have increased the information a great deal about the Brand Promoting in addition to Consciousness.

  13. Brand Awareness is the great way to get more inbound links.

    I am usually using Yahoo answers and quora for getting more implied links.

    Can you suggest me more Q/A websites?

    Thanks in advance

  14. This is a very awesome post Enstine,
    Brand building is what every business should focus on from day one.

    You need to positioned yourself as an authority in your niche this way, you’ll be getting lots of mentions and links from a wide range of sources.

    I did read that Neil’s guide this morning and ts really packed with lots of useful information.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Theodore,
      It’s exciting to see you again around man and thanks for the comment.
      I love what BrandCitations offers to it’s client. It’s something I recommend trying out.

      Have a wonderful weekend bro and thanks for being part of the party

  15. Hi Enstine,

    This is a good post and thanks for bringing this info to the community, I’m sure most of us didn’t know about this before now.

    I’m loving the whole concept of implied link where we don not need to get a link (dofollow or nofollow) to get some visibility in the search engines – Impressive.

    In my opinion, the Big “G” (Google) is making things very easy for the white hat guys and very difficult for the black hat guys.

    Thanks again bro… Nice post

  16. Hello Enstine,

    I appreciate you taking time to create this post. I know it took a lot of research. The information is way too much for me to digest in one sitting. I have already opened a couple of other blogs you referred to like Neil Patel’s and the one about us patent.

    The point about brand citations and brand awareness is still new to me, and kinda looks complex too. Can you please throw more light on it but with less technical terms. I am still a newbie blogger and I am trying hard to learn how to work the ropes.

    Thanks for the job you are doing once again. I will still check them out too to understand better

  17. Hi Enstine,
    I use the blog commenting to improve my blog’s brand value. Am I doing right? You beautifully described the concept of “implied link”, but I have a doubt in it. I usually mention your brand name “enstinemki” in google. I think- it adds implied links in the perspective of Google.

    Am I getting it right or not?

    Please do clear my doubts…..Enstine…

    • Hey Nik,
      My brand name in Google will pull together any indexed content online that has it mentioned. Did you checkout the recent patent I linked to?

      Yes you are correct

  18. Hi! Enstine,
    I would like to thank you for such a detailed post about Brand marketing and awareness. This post have increased my knowledge a lot about the Brand Marketing and Awareness.

    Currently, I am using Guest posting, Forums, and Comments as a Way to market my content over the blogosphere. I will surely use the tactics you have mentioned above. Thanks for this post!
    Surely Visit again!
    ~ Umair Akram

  19. Brand building is much more than mere link generation. I think the overall infuence of a brand, from social media following, interations, down to mentions in authoritative sources like Wikipedia, all help in enhancing search ranking.

    • Yeah and Google is moving towards implied links. That means website owners and SEO specialist have to pay attention to mentions and citations 😉

      thanks for stopping by

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