How to get free dofollow backlinks from 15 Commentluv Blogs [PART 2]

One of the biggest problems of most bloggers is how to get free dofollow backlinks from dofollow high PageRank websites.  The simple reason is that backlinks still remains one of the top ranking factors according to Google.

That’s why most bloggers do crazy things today to get these backlinks. However, one of the simplest ways is to drop reasonable comments on dofollow commentluv enabled blogs in your niche.

I know, with a little bit of effort, you can still get on Google page even without a single backlink to your article. I have written on 4 ways to rank on Google page #1 without backlinks. I recommend you check that post out.

How to get free dofollow backlinks ~ 15 Commentluv Blogs PART 2

In part 1, I shared 5 commentluv dofollow enabled blogs for you to drop comments and get some awesome dofollow backlinks to your articles. In this part 2, I will be adding 9 more blogs to the list. That will be a total of 15 so I encourage you check all the blogs on the list. If you are comfortable with them, take your time to read articles and drop reasonable comments.

But don’t comment for the links

There are generally three benefits of blog commenting:

  1. Backlinks
  2. Direct Traffic
  3. Connection

Commenting for backlinks is the wrong motivation. That’s because if you have this at the back of your mind, it influences your posture during the activity and that will adversely affect the quality of your comment.

Most people who comment for backlinks do all the odds just to get their comments through. However, a lot of backlink-hungry comments end up in the waste basket.

The reason ethical bloggers drop comments on other blogs is to create relationships. That’s because relationships generate editorial backlinks, traffic and income.

If you position yourself to connect with other bloggers through blog commenting, you do it rightly. So I encourage you drop comments on these blogs to create a relationship. The backlink reward will be secondary. Of course you are going to get traffic once your comments start attractive eyeballs.

Kim Willis created an impressive post on blog commenting. I recommend you check his article on what friends taught him about it here

How do you comment for relationships?

Here are some things to do if you want to connect with bloggers in your niche through blog commenting;

  • Search for blogs in your niche
  • Read the articles deeply to acquire knowledge
  • Drop a reasonable comment that adds value to the article
  • In your comment, speak directly to the blog owner
  • Reply to any replies from blog owner

But how do I identify dofollow links

One of the frequently asked questions I get from many starters is how do I know a link is dofollow or nofollow?

Well, it doesn’t require you buy any complex software. You are not even going to spend a cent on that. All you need is install a plugin in your browser.

I use Google Chrome at the moment and this extension is what I use to make the difference between dofollow and nofollow links.

In the images below, you’d notice that nofollow links are surrounded by red dots. Dofollow links don’t have anything around them.

The list of dofollow commentluv blogs

Ok so here is the list in no specific order. If you’ve been worried about how to get free dofollow backlinks to your blog, try engaging on these blogs:

1 –


How to get dofollow backlinks

Tor Refsland is the guy behind this blog. If you want practical tips on boosting your productivity, this is one blog you should connect to. Check out the blog here

2 –


, the lady behind this blog, is one successful bloggers I have known for over a year now. Her blog is clean, comely and features articles on blogging, web traffic, money making, and related topics. Check out her blog here

3 –


jesper dofollow blog

Jasper Oldersom is the guy behind this blog. If you are interested in learning how to  write persuasive copies, check out Jasper’s blog here

4 –



Mitch Mitchell, the guy behind this blog is an awesome guy and someone filled with wisdom. On this blogs, he shares his thoughts on writing, blogging social media, internet marketing, and many other things. Check out his blog here

5 –

Igert le RouxIgert le Roux is the brain behind this blog. It’s quite simple at the moment but I love the quality of articles I have read published by Igert. Internet Marketing is a business, a career, not a game. If you want more about this, check out what Igert shares on her blog!

6 –

peter doffollow link

Peter is the “remote Thai village marketer who cares”. He is 70+ years of age but still loving every bit of his online businesses. For sure age is not a barrier to online success.

Check out Peter’s blog and be sure to grab his free gift on 25 Hot Ways To Get FREE TARGETED TRAFFIC.

7 –

chrisdeewaard dofollow link

This is a personal blog belonging to Chris Deewaard. He provides blogging and Internet marketing solution for online businesses. I suggest heading over to it here for more engagement

8 –

wealthmissionpossible Lisa

This blog is powered by Lisa Jahred who helps his readers create a profit-generating website that gets traffic and conversions.

Lisa is a full-time online marketer who specializes in content marketing. Her passion for helping people in all aspects of online marketing flows through all the content she provides. Visit her blog here

9 –

blondish dofollow linkIf you are interested in blogging tips, webmaster resources, web design, graphic design, social media, search engine optimization, social networking, and related topics, I recommending checking out Nile Flores’ blog here.

NB: These blogs are commentluv dofollow enabled today. They can change any time without notice. It’s up to them so I don’t give you any guarantee that by the time you visit them, they will still be dofollow commentluv blogs.

As I mentioned above, your first attraction should be to connect with the bloggers behind them. You should not primarily worry about how to get free dofollow backlinks from their blogs. Once you create relationship, the backlinks will follow.

So let me know what you think in the comment box. If your own blog is commentluv dofollow enabled, let me know so I can feature it in the next post in the series.

NB: Don’t forget to grab Enstine’s ebook on Affiliate Marketing for bloggers. Use coupon code: CD16

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    Thanks for sharing your favorite blogs with do follow comments!

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    I have a question for you.I have made over 100 comments on high page & domain authority blogs but Alexa is not showing the backlinks, please tell me why?

  13. Hey Enstine. Thanks for this post. It’s important, I agree with you, to always view blog commenting as a way to expand and improve your knowledge of a niche topic and to build relationships with the people you’re connecting with. If you comment on a lot of an individual’s blog posts on a niche related website, there’s a higher chance you’ll get a guest post opportunity too. Or they may share your content. Maybe you’ll even get a contextual backlink in one of their existing or future blog posts! It’s not link building, it’s relationship building 😉 Thanks for another excellent post Enstine! – Carl.

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  17. I have a quick question for you, Enstine, or anyone else who may know the answer. I have left comments, made posts, and published content to many websites that supposedly were giving dofollow links, and after waiting more than a month, I have only had 1 show up in my backlinks domain list. Is this common? Maybe I am not being patient enough. Comments? Ideas?

    • Hi Renee,
      A lot of things count here…
      Were those comments approved?
      Were there on sites that haven’t had any issues with SEO?

      Try commenting on active blogs with clean SEO record. 1 month is enough time for any sane site to get it links indexed

  18. will this dofollow commenting will help to get good link juice for our posts ? and also generally how much it take to get a link juice if we post a fresh one.

  19. o-follow links aren’t really all that important. People who leave lots of comments on other blogs and websites can have hundreds or thousands of them. (In the past you could juice your site’s ranking this way, but no longer. Unless, perhaps, the no-follow links come from a super authoritative site–like the footnote links in Wikipedia.)

    One do-follow backlink from a unique domain or subdomain is all you need–you don’t need multiple links from that domain or subdomain. (In fact, lots and lots of dofollow links from one place might be construed by Google to be spam.)

    Friends, coworkers, colleagues, supporters, grateful recipients of your help or sponsorship, reviewers of your product, and business suppliers are also a potential source for do-follow backlinks. But the best (and most) do-follow links come unexpectedly, linking to your great content.

  20. Thank you for these amazing Tips, I checked some blogs and they are still do follow.. its great. Please keep updating this list. It is very helpful

  21. Lots of great tips I figured out over time. The number one thing that has brought me the most readers that actually read (and not skim) over time is commenting on related blogs with quality comments. Even old articles bring them in.

    Social media helps support people who want to get notice by Twitter or whatever but has drawn fewer new readers than comments.

    Had not thought about the obvious full name though. Have just used my first name to be “friendly” ? Thanks.

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  23. I agree, there is no need to spam sites to get backlinks, as these comments will just be deleted anyway.

    I have a site that has been hit by spam comments, up to 20 per day, and it is very annoying having to go in and delete all of the comments.

    I have installed CommentLuv on this site and this is great for stopping spam. I have had no spam comments on the site since installing it. I see that you are using CommentLuv, do you find that it helps with the combat of spam comments?

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