How To Increase Productivity In Your Business With Tor Refsland!

Happy Thursday and welcome to this day’s post where I talk to you about someone awesome. I have spoken about so many awesome bloggers in the past so you can find them listed here.

Today, we have another guy you’d like to meet if you care about how to increase productivity in your business.

I read his blog so frequently and can tell you he’s the go-to guy when it comes to productivity tips. I also was featured on his blog as one of these incredibly busy experts who shared on 80 productivity tips.

Meet Tor Refsland

Tor Refsland pictureTor Refsland was working as a SAP system administrator for one of the biggest companies in Norway. He was working hard toward becoming one of the youngest leaders in the company. Then something happened…

On a vacation in Turkey he almost died by falling 393,7 feet into a certain death while paragliding. It was a HUGE wake up call. He started to review his life and decided that he needed to do some major changes.

He had been working his b*tt for about two decades helping business owners and shareholders to build their dream. It dawned upon him that he might as well do the same for himself.

So he decided to leave his six-figure job in order to follow his passion – to help online entrepreneurs SAVE TIME and INCREASE RESULTS.

Why Time Management And Productivity?

He choose a field that he is passionate about, but also which he’s really good at.

When he used to work for one of the biggest companies in Norway, it was a total grind working crazy hours. No matter what he did, he couldn’t seem to keep up with his never ending growing to do list.

He knew for a FACT…

that if he didn’t do something about the situation FAST…

he would either LOSE his job…

or get BURNED OUT (or both).

So he created his own time management system, where he managed to increase his own productivity with 200%. In other words, he managed to do in 2 hours what I used to do in 8 hours.

He is sharing his system in his free eBook.

Download this free ebook specially prepared for you, my readers.

increase productivity with Tor Refsland

Download his free eBook “Insane Productivity Hacks” and learn how to DOUBLE your productivity within 7 days.

Then another life changing event occurred.

A Princess Was Born

The 1st of June Tor and Sara became the proud parents of baby daughter Luna.

Tor Refsland

Having a newborn baby with colic meant that he really needed to put his time management skills to the test.

After several tweaks and rearranging his schedule, he managed to find a great balance between being a father and putting in the necessary time for his business.

Tor says that learning how to save time is just the first step.

He says that how you spend your time is what really matters.

If you manage to save 30 minutes per day and you spend it by watching a stupid sitcom, it was all for nothing.

The funny thing is that after becoming a father, he is able to produce more results in his business, despite working fewer hours.

It’s All About Kaizen And Focus

Kaizen is a Japanese word and it means to continuously improve (yourself or a process).

In every activity Tor does in his business, he’s constantly looking to crack the code for that SPECIFIC activity, so he can get the BEST results with using as little time as possible. It’s all about finding the best way to leverage your time.

In about 8 months, he won the award for “Most Epic category” on Jon Morrow’s blog Boost Blog Traffic, he got interviewed 6 times, guest posted 15times forbig websites and got featured as an expert on 24 websites. For more details, click here.

He says that nothing of that would have been possible, if he didn’t FOCUS on how he spent his time.

It’s important that you focus on your most income generating tasks for your business every single minute.

Download his eBook “Insane Productivity Hacks” and learn how to DOUBLE your productivity within 7 days.

Engage with Tor

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