5 simple ideas to develop Internet of Things Applications

A lot of buzz has been developing around Internet of Things Applications as its use is getting more and more popular with people. It is estimated that by 2020 around 30 billion products will be using internet of things to communicate with their owners and other IoT enabled devices.  By that scale, there will be huge demand for niche IoT applications.

A recent study by First Site Guide shows that 26 smart objects will be around every human on earth.

Think of IoT as being able to remotely sense apparels or devices across existing network infrastructure. IoT applications therefore allow you some control over your room temperature, cookers, cameras, etc while away from home.

Here are a few ideas that you can get started with, to develop and test your IoT Applications building skills!

Internet of Things Applications

5 simple ideas to develop Internet of Things Applications!

1 – Remote Room Temperature Regulator:

It is a hot day and you want your room to get cooled before you reach your home. You can call someone at home, or  you can simply access your RRTG (Remote Room Temperature Regulator) app on your smartphone and do the needful yourself. This is convenient in a lot of ways and I already see a lot of demand for such an app. As your first test app, you may even find basic code blocks to build such an app on internet itself.

2 – Remote Light Switch Regulator:

A remote light switching IoT app will find demand with those people who regularly leave their house, for long out of town trips, for different personal or business reasons. People in such situations usually leave their lights switched on, if there is no one to attend to the house. The RLSR app can help them switch on and switch off their lights according to their needs and time of the hour and save on electricity costs.

3 – Remote Garden Sprinkler Regulator:

This IoT application will find huge demand with people who are fond of their gardens but do not have enough time to care for them. A remote garden sprinkler regulator app will let them keep their well watered, without dividing their time between gardening and other important work.

4 – Remote House Alarm Regulator:

When people are in a hurry to leave, they often forget to tend to important things before locking and leaving their house. One of them is switching on their house security alarm. An IoT application to regulate the house security alarm will help them save time and also give them peace of mind w.r.t. security of their house.

5 – Remote CCTV Controller:

A lot of times people have to leave their house in the custody of maids and servants. They would really appreciate an app that would let them keep a close watch on their property even from a far away distance. This could be in a huge demand from single mothers who have to leave their kids in the care of nannies’ or babysitters. Anyways, house security is already a big business and so would be any app that extends its reach.

These are just five ideas that can get you started with Internet of Things Applications. If you browse through the internet, or even go through daily newspapers you can get scores and hundreds of ideas to develop an app.

Internet is a very kind and giving place for developers who are looking to build various types of applications. You can easily get code blocks and assemble your new and unique app in a jiffy. The secret to success is starting early. So you can start now with a simple app and develop better and more complex applications as you develop your skills.

Let me know what you think in the comment box. Do you already have any Internet of Things Applications you use? Have you developed some?

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