Attributes of High-quality Backlinks: What Makes Backlink a Quality one?

If you’re a blogger, we reckon that you may already know how extraordinarily essential backlinks are. Heck, they can even be considered the lifeblood of the biz itself!

That said, not all backlinks are ever created equal. While some can help to boost your ranks awesomely. Others may leave a negative impact on the whole, being even destructive. And yes, it’s important to know thoroughly, which is which!

After all, the future of your business website itself may depend on it

And in today’s article, we’ll tell you how to do that,

Read on the attributes of high-quality backlinks!

Backlink Quality – Well, It Depends!

Purely subjective, literally every single blogger may have a comprehensively different take on what a “high” quality backlink is & how it works.

But thankfully, there are certain, major criteria that help to evaluate the perfect backlinks. The criteria’s that we’re going to be taking a closer look in a while.

Remember; a quality backlink, in all its intent, must be seen as a trustworthy, quick endorsement to your Websites rather than just a way to manipulate your SE Results. Don’t hesitate to throw away the useless links that can ruin.

And in that spirit, here’s a look at some of the significant factor’s worth considering when building your backlink strategy – listing out all the elements, so you don’t have to.

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Backlinks, Explained –The Top 10 Factors To a Quality Backlink!

1) The Relevancy of the Source

Let it be with Google, Yahoo or Bing. The relevancy plays a hugely considerable/noticeable part in the search engines’ quest to offering reliable and latest results. And rather obviously, the same also goes for consideration with backlinks too, even to an end that may affect your site’s ranking levels.

Sure, backlinks can be relevant in a range of ways. But when SE is concerned, the quality of backlinks will often be limited to the relevancy of the linked site, the pages relevancy and finally, the relevancy of the contents themselves.
Simply put, the Quality of the Backlinks depends on how much considerably it resembles the content they lead to is with yours – the closer, the better.

2) The Domains Age

Though less important, Google stated that your domain’s age nevertheless can often be a ranking factor. And yes, it can somewhat affect the quality of your backlinks.

With age comes to trust – according to Google, the longer a website has been around, the more it can be trusted, and theoretically, having backlinks/connections that lead to these “GOAT” kind of websites can supposedly give your sites an edge.

That said, matt cuts – the head of Google’s webspam team has since confirmed that your domain’s age, while impactful, is not a factor that needs to be bothered about

3) The Trustiness of the Source

Though rare, backlinks quality often tends to depend on the trustworthiness of the site itself, meaning that the more known & reliable a website is, the better its links will be.

Popular sites like Wikipedia, BBC, New York Times, etc., are wholeheartedly are amongst the most trusted sites out there, and having at least a single backlinks from the likes of them can quickly get you the benefits of hundred others.

Make no mistake; these kinds of high quality, seeding Links are extraordinarily hard to come by. But hey, having at least a few, for the SE’s sake at least, can do you a ton of good.

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4) Traffic Quality

Often a lot underrated, before all the backlinks become algorithm/evaluating fodder for search engines, the top duty for them was to drive traffic to their own sites, directing users to contents that are relevant to their searches

And in some ways, they still are – though a whole lot has changed considerably over the years.

Nevertheless though, having a top backlink placed in a prominent/noticeable way on a reputed site can easily make it a top-quality one as it can, regardless of its ranking levels, bring you a constant stream of targeted traffic.

5) Ease of Acquiring

Quality demands expense – and the more easily a backlink is affordable/available, the less the quality it’ll likely have. And yes, it’s a hotly bothering fact.

Imagine, if the backlinks were so easy for you to get, the chances are that millions of people may have utilized them before you, and a Billion more will get to enjoy them after you – and yes, these may include your competitors, rivals, etc.…

Yup, see the problem?

Needless to say, always make sure to engage only with backlinks that are exclusive to you. Sure, you may’ve to tackle a bit of hassle. But contemplating over the shady alternatives, we’d surely say all the bothers be well worth by the end.

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6) The PageRank Factor

Though not as relevant now, PageRank is still a significant factor that considerably has a say in where a website needs to be ranked on the search engine results. The higher the PR rating, the better will be its position/place on the list. And the weaker the PR, the lower, ah… you get the point, right?

After all, blogging itself would be a waste of time if Google just doesn’t care about your backlinks, isn’t it?!

Anyway, backlinks that connect to these kinds of high PR websites/web pages often tend to offer better quality, thanks to the higher visibility they enjoy. Then again, this would only work if the texts they link to themselves are amazing.

7) Domain Rating

Like PR but still relevant, domain rating is one of the most popular/common metrics out there for backlink analysis. But because of its popularity, the DR is also a lot famous for being the target of much manipulation.

Suffice to say, that’s why it’s recommended also to consider URL ratings too when doing Backlink analyses.

Rated from 0-100, the higher your domain rating, the better wholeheartedly be their backlink quality -or precisely how very effective it can be to your needs.

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8) Anchor Text Relevance

As a general rule of thumb, the quality of a “Backlink” can be extraordinarily increased if the word that makes the clickable text is also the same as the words for which you’re trying to improve your link rankings for.

Mind you, variations are essential. Because otherwise, it may look monumentally odd to have all your links all peddling the same exact anchor text link words.

Thankfully, this also makes spotting bad backlinks easier, as Black Hat/Negative SEO practices often tend to generate thousands or more links with the same A-Texts.

9) Paid Vs Non-paid

Make no mistake; paid links can surely help boost your rankings. However, they still can’t be termed as “high quality” thanks to the sheer extraordinarily huge risk they carry – especially since they “do” undermine the quality of search results.

Look for naturally excellent backlinks, offering enhanced/maximized quality while still being easy on your wallet. And if possible, Free is always the best way to go, as Premium ones, if it got detected, can get you penalized.

10) The Quantity

Google hates spam, period – and being so, the number of B-links established on a particular site can also affect the potency of all the individual links themselves. Usually, the fewer the links, the better, as their trust& quality will be far less thinned out.

Sure, this may depend on several other factors too; like the quality of content, the style, its presentation, etc.… But as far as we take quality as top-most, it’s advisable to link only with pages that house less than ten external links or so.

Again, Google hates spam – and as bloggers who thrive only by their vast ecosystem, we should too.

The Conclusion – Yes, The Backlinks Are Awesome!

Frankly, you can easily sum up this whole thing with the fact that in most cases, the easier a backlink is to acquire, the less useful it will probably/typically be.

At the end of the day, though, it would be purely unrealistic to consider/expect all backlinks to be perfect. And even if a backlink falters in meeting the criteria’s, that doesn’t necessarily, make it a harmful, low-quality one either.

Consider what you need, what you want & try tweaking your Link strategies accordingly. Don’t forget; proper backlinks take time and effort, and it’s integral to stay patient,

And yes, the results are definitely worth the wait,


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