2 ways to make money blogging with negative reviews

Bloggers make money in several different ways. As a matter of fact, I have written about 15 ways bloggers make money here.

In this other blog post, 18 top bloggers revealed to us how they make money blogging. Blogging is therefore an incredible way to generate income online.

The beauty part is:

Anybody can blog and make money. You are able to setup a money blog spending just $47. If you are busy, I can even install, configure and secure your blog for FREE.

What about making money with negative reviews?

This is another mind-blowing way to blog and make money. I know of bloggers who have built a steady flow of income on this model.

Negative reviews are a huge income source because of three main reasons:

  1. There is no perfect solution yet. Everything has a fault.
  2. People are always looking for something better.
  3. There is always a better option to anything.

If you understand this as a blogger, you can build a profitable business within a measure of time. This should work in any niche or market and I want to give you some more juicy details.

What are negative reviews

We generally know of two types of money making review posts:

  1. Affiliate Products review posts where you do review posts and link on your affiliate links with the hope to make sales and earn commissions.
  2. Sponsored Review posts where authors pay you upfront to do reviews and promote their products.

In both cases, you have to balance it up by being unbiased. The target in these two review types is bringing the readers to believing and buying the reviewed product.

But Negative reviews are different.

Your main objective is to help the readers walk away from the reviewed product and buy the mentioned alternative.

You basically focus on helping the readers see why they should cancel their subscription or not buy this or that product.

Here are some points to help you with negative reviews:

  1. Select a product people are excited about.
  2. Study the uses (not just features) of the products.
  3. Come up with a list of limitations and reasons why it should not be the people’s choice.
  4. Look for an alternative product that performs better.

You must be able to proof to your readers that the alternative product can help them get more results. That’s where  to power to sell lies.

You don’t only present the alternative and let the reader make his choice. This is often the case with comparative blog post type.

Let me flash an example:

We know Hostgator is getting really bad these days. So you could do a Hostgator negative review, showing your readers why this choice is nasty.

Alternatively, show your readers how they can get a better service with Siteground for the same price. If they find out they can move to Siteground, pay about the same price while benefiting from improved server performance and customer service, trust me you are going to get their vote.

2 ways to monetize negative reviews

Telling your readers Product A is limited and Product B is better isn’t going to help you make money. Generally, you are going to do one of these two things:

  1. Sign up to the affiliate program of the recommended product and earn commissions each time your readers buy. This is a better way to go for long term earnings.
  2. Contact the recommended product authors for some direct payment.

Either of these methods will fetch you some money.

So let me know if you’ve made money blogging with negative reviews before or if this is something you are going to consider in your strategies to make money blogging.

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How to make money blogging with negative reviews

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