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Hidden link building trick ~ I swear you need to know this!


There is this hidden link building trick every blogger should know about. Not only does this work. It is also easy. With it, you really can boost your search ranking and draw that most-needed natural traffic to your pages.

This has to do with Blog Commenting, but with a twist. Keep reading to discover

I know we’ve been told a lot about blog commenting. I won’t get into those details now. However, I must underline that blog commenting is a powerful growth exercise. It can help you massively in growing your blog, while connecting with other influencers.

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A note on backlinks and PageRank quality metric!

Backlinks are a strong force in SEO, though this is quite tricky. Not all inbound links are the same. We know of Contextual or editorial links, Profile links and of course Comment links.

Now, the weight or importance of these links also highly depends on the PageRank (PR) of the source domain. A backlink from a PR8 domain is heavier than links from domain with a lesser PR value.

Though Google stopped revealing new PR values of domain names, PageRank is not dead. According to this post on Google Webmaster Central blog, PageRank is still one of the 200+ ranking clues.

NB: PageRank and Domain Authority (DA) are two different SEO metrics. You can read more about Domain Authority here.

Are comment links still important in SEO?

This is one of the questions I get asked so often and my answer to it is yes. Though a lot has changed, you can not completely roll out links from blog comments.

In the past manual blog commenting used to be one of the most popular ways to build links quickly and effectively. But as folks started using tools to automate and spam the activity, an update was necessary from Google. However, this did not completely devalue comment links. Check out Matthew Woodward’s experiment as he shared his results on this post

But what is this link building trick powered?

Ok so let’s get to the meat of this post.

Here is the thing…

You just created a blog post and you want to rank it on Google for some keywords. You’ve done your OnPage SEO on the article :- Keywords in title, permalink, first paragraph, h2 tags, image alt, etc. You’ve also garnished it with some LSI keywords and your status is GREEN.

Then get CommentLuv Premium…

You may already know about this plugin and you are thinking, “well I know this trick…”

Hold on!

There is more to this plugin than you probably have known…

Here is what happens…

If you have the premium edition, it allows you to link to one of your last 10 articles each time you drop a comment on another CommentLuv enabled blog.

link building trick

I just tried dropping a comment on donnamerrilltribe.com and here you see that the last 10 articles on my blog have been pulled down. So I can chose to link to any of these articles.

But here is the problem…

I want to focus on one article on my blog, build links to it and rank it on page one of Google. That doesn’t mean I should stop writing other articles. Right?

The more articles I publish on my blog, the more the one article I want to rank high gets pushed off the list above.

In my example, I want to rank this article. But it’s no longer one of my last 10 articles. It’s listed above the 10th post. Does that means at this level, I’m no longer able to build links to it using CommentLuv ?

Solution -> CommentLuv Favorite Posts

Well, I’m still able to keep building links and pointing them to this post no matter its position. CommentLuv Premium has a feature called Favorite Posts.

This allows me to add 5 more favorite articles (Posts and pages) to the list. Though the post I want to link to is now on the 20th position, here is what to do:

Go to the Favorite Post section on your CommentLuv Premium dashboard

link building trick

In the Post Search field, start typing the title of the article. CommentLuv will run a search and pull down a list of articles. Click the title you want and then the “Add” button. Don’t forget to save the changes:

link bulding trick

Note that you can add a maximum of 15 favorite posts to the list. That’s because the list cannot contain more.

By default, it pulls 10 posts, giving you the opportunity to add 5 more of your choice. If you add more than 5 favorite posts, that will reduce the number of default posts on the list.

So what’s the result?

link building trick

You see I can keep building links to this same article despite its position on the queue.

Now you know this Link Building Trick

This is something that really works. You need to try it to see the results on your blog. If you’ve got CommentLuv Premium, go ahead and mark any post you want to rank high as favorite.

If you don’t have the plugin yet, I have a special 40% discount code for you from Andy, the developer.

Buy CommentLuv Premium Here! Coupon code: punchspammers

Once on the checkout page, enter the coupon code: punchspammers

NB: This is only available for the first few

Where to find CommentLuv enabled blogs to comment on

Once you’ve had CommentLuv Premium installed, the next step is to go commenting on blogs with the plugin.

However, you are cautioned to only drop comments on blogs in your niche for better results. If you are in my niche, here are some blogs to start with

Another quick tool to use is Dropmylink to locate commentluv blogs in your niche.

Now let’s conclude…

With this simple link building trick, you can drop hundreds of comments on hundreds of different blogs, linking back to a single post on your blog.

This will certainly boost your ranking for that promoted blog post and of course, you will see both direct and natural traffic.

Kindly share this post on social media to spread the word. Also drop a comment and let me know what you think.


Enstine Muki

Blogging Coach, Certified Cryptocurrency Expert and Serial Entrepreneur


Excellent post, it motivated so many bloggers who want to create quality backlinks by using premium CommentLuv plugin. You have nicely explained each and every step in detail.

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Hi Enstine Muki,

You have revealed such a great link building technique, which is safe and risk-free. Thanks for sharing this helpful hidden link building trick with us.

Robert A Kearse

Enstine!! You are the KING!

This is great info. I have CommentLuv premium and have had the exact problem of not being able to link to old quality posts that I wanted to promote through blog comments.

I have some evergreen content that I will now be able to grow backlinks for with ease.

I do have one suggestion and that is to remind everyone to PING their backlink comment urls (once approved) for SEO purposes to make sure they get indexed immediately.

Thanks for sharing this valuable info!

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Robert,
    Thanks for the comment and suggestion. I hope you are set for a more wonderful week ahead

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And please share the limit of good amount of backlinks one should make daily. Cheers!

Prosperity Kenneth

Hello Enstine, this is wonderful once again. I appreciate all your well covered points, and I will exploit all the tricks. Thanks much!

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it motivated so many bloggers who want to create quality backlinks by using premium CommentLuv plugin. You have nicely explained each and every step in detail.Thank You so much enstine for this wonderful post.


hi Enstine
Wonderful post gonna try this plugin.Thanx for this informative article 🙂

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