SwissCoin SCAM ~ Now on CoinExchange and Still Scam?

Swisscoin SCAM! That’s what I hear from some individuals. They are very sure about it and they’ve made up their minds not to even give it a try. They believe this opportunity is scam!

Some are on the fence. They keep asking ‘Is Swisscoin SCAM?’

Now, the more they hang around, asking questions, time is going. But here is a simple question:

Will you risk €500 and stand the chance of being the next millionaire or spend your money now (on Hamburger, roasted fish, beer, dresses, women, etc) and stand the chance of regretting (seriously) afterward?

Edited: Swisscoin is now listed on CoinExchange. Start Trading now!

I’d rather lose €100 than seeing I have lost €1000,000 in trying not to lose €100

Kristoffer Koch (the Norwegian guy) heard about BitCoin in 2009 and decided to throw away $27. The results was $886,000 a few years later.

I’m very sure Koch regretted he didn’t invest more. Well, check the story here

SwissCoin SCAM! That’s what some say.

swisscoin scam

Swisscoin Scam or Ponzi!

Whatever you think and say (or write) may not really have an influence on some positive minds. Risk bearers and  investors are optimistic.

I think there are very few people on earth who break through and these are people who see the positive side of things. The truth is, they are the winners.

The same things were said of BitCoin and a bunch of people are wallowing in regrets as we speak. You may join them very soon if you don’t step forward and create a free SwissCoin account.

Want to know more about SwissCoin? Checkout my review here.

Admit it or not, you have lost a huge amount in the past on some flashy offers. Now you are scared. Of course it’s said “Once bitten by a snake, you get even more scared of an earthworm

You failed in the past. Yes but does that mean you should retreat?

No brave soldiers surrenders after failing in a battle. The war continues

According to to Donald Trump, “Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war”.

Have you been told SwissCoin is Scam?

You probably were motivated and you were at the point of taking a positive step. You had everything set to invest but someone fired some waves of discouragement into your spine.

You have changed your mind! You just went back to join the camp of the 90% who are failing. That’s just it.

But here is what’s happening…

Many of those who talk about Swisscoin scam (or this or that opportunity is scam) end up investing and by the time they take their decisions to a positive change, they won’t come back to you. They are moving on and you are stagnant.

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SwissCoin MLM is making money for me:


But why do I have to tell you this?

I’m a risk bearer and positive thinker. In my camp, you find the winners. This might have just been my opportunity to turn things around.

I have no 100% proof that SwissCoin is not SCAM and I’m not here trying to convince you that it isn’t. I want to conquer your fears because I know that’s the driving force behind being broke. You ask too many questions such that you end up finding reasons and justifications why you should not dare.

I have done some minimum research and the results are big enough to melt my fears away. The Swisscoin community is growing so rapidly worldwide and I’m not one of those to sit back and not take action.

swisscoin is scam

In 2 months, my network has grown to over 1300 members and over €6,000 in bonuses. While the network marketing opportunity is a huge attraction, the coin mining (€0.1 per coin right now) is what makes it even more exciting.

That means with €500, you get  5000 coins. The company will split this and you’ll get 10000 coins (I assume this happens at the current mining difficulty of 1:1). See details here

The coin trading value now is €0.03. But this is projected to €10 by 2020. But I can say confidently that they way SwissCoin is going, this is just the minimum.

Going by this projection, your €500 investment today is worth €100,000 by 2020. You now understand why a $27 investment could bring in $886,000 return in 4 years

Create your free SwissCoin account here

SwissCoin Startup Event, Frankfurt 02,  201 July 2016

On the 2nd of July this year, SwissCoin was officially launched at Frankfurt. Here in this video is an overview of what happened.

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Some more SwissCoin pictures




Some global SwissCoin activities

swisscoin DurbanSwisscoin miners in Durban, SA

swisscoin south africaMore SwissCoin miners from South Africa

SwissCoin chinaMore Swisscoin activities in China

Why do some people think SwissCoin is SCAM?

Unfortunately, a couple of people that have tagged SwissCoin scam don’t have enough facts to support this statement.

Some have however gone to point out the website, being a single-page site. Some say MLM is not a valid marketing model in Cryptocurrency. According to them, Swisscoin is ponzi scheme, with no actual product/service being sold. However, to get miners into the business, SwissCoin sells educational courses on Blockchain technology.

Why is SwissCoin very popular despite the scam tag?

I think one of the main reasons behind SwissCoin success is the indisputable success of BitCoin. Most of us missed out on the BitCoin opportunity and the riches amassed by starters of the cryptocurrency grand father have kept many on their marks, waiting for the next big thing in the industry.

Secondly, the MLM compensation plan makes it easy for supporters to promote and earn commissions. Literally, you can do SwissCoin and mine hundreds of thousands of coins without any reasonable upfront investment. All you need is talk and promote it, get people to sign up, earn bonuses and buy packages using the earned bonuses.

What do you do now?

SwissCoin is giving out 100 free coins to everyone of the first 1000,000 miners. That makes a total of free 100,000,000 free coins.

Create your free account now and secure your free coins. Once you make up your mind to invest, those coins would have been in your account. Note that this free gift will end with the 1000,000th new member.

What’s your opinion?

I’d like to know what you think about swisscoin scam. Let’s talk in the comment box.

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