4 Blog Commenting Tips to Make Your Campaign Pop

In a world of meager comments good blog commenting tips seem to be hard to come by these days. Few bloggers uncover proven, effective tips and even fewer share helpful insights because they have yet to ponder these questions:

Do you want to get paid by sharing your opinion? For free?

Even as a greenhorn newbie blogger?

When you think about it, blog commenting is a ridiculously cool, prospering way to market your blog by speaking your mind.

If you’re disgusted with blogging for a chorus of crickets and are so mad that you’re prepared to throw your laptop off of a 50 story building, to smash it into smithereens, I can help ease your pain and quell your suffering, and, to save your laptop.

Blog Commenting Tips

My solution consists of 2 words: blog commenting.

Blog commenting is the simplest way to promote your blog, to expand your brand, to build bonds with power broker bloggers and to boost your blogging profits.

Commenting effectively on authority, relevant blogs is in essence getting paid for sharing your opinion. After you opine on, say, a site like Pro Blogger, 10, 20 or 50 folks may click on your link if you wow their pants off. 1, 2 or 5 folks may join your list. Or buy your eBooks.

You just got paid for sharing your opinion. For free.

That’s what struggling, frustrated, flummoxed bloggers miss out on. Anybody with a functioning brain can offer an opinion on a topic which tickles their fancy. Any blogger with a functioning brain can offer a comment on a topic which tickles their fancy. A meaty comment. A comment so freakin’ meaty that even the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating champion couldn’t wolf it down in one sitting.

Blog commenting – when done right – will ease your blogging struggles. Effective blog commenting is the prescription to your blog marketing ills. It’s the Land of Milk and Honey to the wandering nomad, the panacea to your pain, the key to boosting your blogging profits if you don’t have a stinking dime to devote to your marketing campaign.

But you gotta do blog commenting right to reap these sappy sweet benefits.

Here’s how.

Blog Commenting Tips

1 – Get Personal 

Think Godfather. But in reverse. For movie fans, Tom Hagan admonished Sonny for taking revenge on a rival mob fam, explaining how the mafia bit is all about “business, not personal.”

Smart blog commentators get personal. Really personal. Not in the Godfather way. I will not leave a horse head in Darren Rowse’s bed. Nor will I send Zac Johnson a Sicilian Message in the form of a dead fish wrapped in a bulletproof vest and butcher paper.  Nope. I personalize from a positive space.

blog commenting tips

I’ll personalize comments by addressing my fellow bloggers by name. Doing so makes my blogging buddies feel special. You like hearing your first name. Best-sounding word in your native tongue.

Personalize every comment you post to a blog. Stand out. Become memorable.

2 – Go Long Form or Go Home

Treat blog comments like mini guest post-sized pieces if you’re really on a roll. Or you can just publish 3 or 4 paragraph-sized comments to create a long form, memorable piece of content.

Most struggling bloggers never make their blog comments *pop* because they’re in famine mode, posting 1 or 2 line horderve style comments on 1 blog, then plowing through 10 or 20 blogs daily with the same piddly, value-less comments. Nothing of substance for readers and bloggers to masticate upon.

But the bloggers in feast mode publish 3, 4 or 5 paragraph masterpieces guaranteed to satiate even the most information-starved, prying, inquisitive readers and bloggers. These generous blog commentators make an impact, become memorable, drive traffic to their blogs and over short and long hauls these cats make a handsome profit through their diligent, value sharing commenting.

So much of this is about blogging reciprocity, as Enstine so intelligently wrote about.

Give freely. Receive easily.  Be generous with your comments. Fellow bloggers will generously help you out in countless ways.

3 – Align to Shine

Comment only on aligned blogs to use the most powerful of blog commenting tips.

Example; blogging tips bloggers should only comment on authority blogging tips blogs like Pro Blogger, Blogging Tips Dot Com and Ramsay Taplin’s Blog Tyrant. Because PB, BT, and BT readers are only interested in chatting about and reading about blogging tips.

Commenting on aligned blogs targets your readership. You know anybody with their peepers on your comment is interested in learning more about blogging. You won’t waste your time speaking to the wrong audience. You will maximize your time speaking to an intrigued audience.

4 – Persist to Prosper

Have you ever seen a commercial whose jingle plays in your brain box on an endless loop? Like, you can’t just get the song out of your head? This is the Commercial Effect. Hearing a message frequently enough can inspire you to play the message over and over in your head. To the point that you’ll remember it for decades.

I’m 42 years old and I recall commercials I watched on TV when I was 5 years old.

The power of persistence wins again.

Use the Commercial Effect to bolster your blog commenting campaign. Blog readers could care less about a blog commenting flash in the pan. No dodgy-ness allowed here. You gotta grow on readers to make enough of an impact to become memorable.

Take my friend Donna Merrill. She’s a tirelessly persistent, authentic, dyed in the wool blog commenting machine. If I turn North, South, East or West I see Donna sharing immense value through her blog comments. She’s memorable. Really memorable. And you betcha since scores of bloggers and blog readers sing her blog commenting tune she’s built a very successful blogging business in her little slice of paradise.

Do you follow these blog commenting tips?

Are you having a difficult time trying to make an impact with your blog comments? Where might you be struggling?

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