4 Blog Commenting Tips to Make Your Campaign Pop

In a world of meager comments good blog commenting tips seem to be hard to come by these days. Few bloggers uncover proven, effective tips and even fewer share helpful insights because they have yet to ponder these questions:

Do you want to get paid by sharing your opinion? For free?

Even as a greenhorn newbie blogger?

When you think about it, blog commenting is a ridiculously cool, prospering way to market your blog by speaking your mind.

If you’re disgusted with blogging for a chorus of crickets and are so mad that you’re prepared to throw your laptop off of a 50 story building, to smash it into smithereens, I can help ease your pain and quell your suffering, and, to save your laptop.

Blog Commenting Tips

My solution consists of 2 words: blog commenting.

Blog commenting is the simplest way to promote your blog, to expand your brand, to build bonds with power broker bloggers and to boost your blogging profits.

Commenting effectively on authority, relevant blogs is in essence getting paid for sharing your opinion. After you opine on, say, a site like Pro Blogger, 10, 20 or 50 folks may click on your link if you wow their pants off. 1, 2 or 5 folks may join your list. Or buy your eBooks.

You just got paid for sharing your opinion. For free.

That’s what struggling, frustrated, flummoxed bloggers miss out on. Anybody with a functioning brain can offer an opinion on a topic which tickles their fancy. Any blogger with a functioning brain can offer a comment on a topic which tickles their fancy. A meaty comment. A comment so freakin’ meaty that even the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating champion couldn’t wolf it down in one sitting.

Blog commenting – when done right – will ease your blogging struggles. Effective blog commenting is the prescription to your blog marketing ills. It’s the Land of Milk and Honey to the wandering nomad, the panacea to your pain, the key to boosting your blogging profits if you don’t have a stinking dime to devote to your marketing campaign.

But you gotta do blog commenting right to reap these sappy sweet benefits.

Here’s how.

Blog Commenting Tips

1 – Get Personal 

Think Godfather. But in reverse. For movie fans, Tom Hagan admonished Sonny for taking revenge on a rival mob fam, explaining how the mafia bit is all about “business, not personal.”

Smart blog commentators get personal. Really personal. Not in the Godfather way. I will not leave a horse head in Darren Rowse’s bed. Nor will I send Zac Johnson a Sicilian Message in the form of a dead fish wrapped in a bulletproof vest and butcher paper.  Nope. I personalize from a positive space.

blog commenting tips

I’ll personalize comments by addressing my fellow bloggers by name. Doing so makes my blogging buddies feel special. You like hearing your first name. Best-sounding word in your native tongue.

Personalize every comment you post to a blog. Stand out. Become memorable.

2 – Go Long Form or Go Home

Treat blog comments like mini guest post-sized pieces if you’re really on a roll. Or you can just publish 3 or 4 paragraph-sized comments to create a long form, memorable piece of content.

Most struggling bloggers never make their blog comments *pop* because they’re in famine mode, posting 1 or 2 line horderve style comments on 1 blog, then plowing through 10 or 20 blogs daily with the same piddly, value-less comments. Nothing of substance for readers and bloggers to masticate upon.

But the bloggers in feast mode publish 3, 4 or 5 paragraph masterpieces guaranteed to satiate even the most information-starved, prying, inquisitive readers and bloggers. These generous blog commentators make an impact, become memorable, drive traffic to their blogs and over short and long hauls these cats make a handsome profit through their diligent, value sharing commenting.

So much of this is about blogging reciprocity, as Enstine so intelligently wrote about.

Give freely. Receive easily.  Be generous with your comments. Fellow bloggers will generously help you out in countless ways.

3 – Align to Shine

Comment only on aligned blogs to use the most powerful of blog commenting tips.

Example; blogging tips bloggers should only comment on authority blogging tips blogs like Pro Blogger, Blogging Tips Dot Com and Ramsay Taplin’s Blog Tyrant. Because PB, BT, and BT readers are only interested in chatting about and reading about blogging tips.

Commenting on aligned blogs targets your readership. You know anybody with their peepers on your comment is interested in learning more about blogging. You won’t waste your time speaking to the wrong audience. You will maximize your time speaking to an intrigued audience.

4 – Persist to Prosper

Have you ever seen a commercial whose jingle plays in your brain box on an endless loop? Like, you can’t just get the song out of your head? This is the Commercial Effect. Hearing a message frequently enough can inspire you to play the message over and over in your head. To the point that you’ll remember it for decades.

I’m 42 years old and I recall commercials I watched on TV when I was 5 years old.

The power of persistence wins again.

Use the Commercial Effect to bolster your blog commenting campaign. Blog readers could care less about a blog commenting flash in the pan. No dodgy-ness allowed here. You gotta grow on readers to make enough of an impact to become memorable.

Take my friend Donna Merrill. She’s a tirelessly persistent, authentic, dyed in the wool blog commenting machine. If I turn North, South, East or West I see Donna sharing immense value through her blog comments. She’s memorable. Really memorable. And you betcha since scores of bloggers and blog readers sing her blog commenting tune she’s built a very successful blogging business in her little slice of paradise.

Do you follow these blog commenting tips?

Are you having a difficult time trying to make an impact with your blog comments? Where might you be struggling?

Commenting Resource for Your Reading Pleasure

I wrote an 80 page blog commenting eBook for bloggers who are having a tough time writing eye-popping, attention-grabbing blog comments. I explain why you should comment, how you should comment and where you should comment in great detail, dissolving your confusion and slapping around your blogging consternation.

How would it feel to boost your blogging traffic and profits by sharing your opinion for free?

Buy How to Build an Online Empire through Blog Commenting

Drop a comment

Let me know what you think about these blog comment tips. How has blog commenting been helpful to you. What results have you gotten this far?

74 thoughts on “4 Blog Commenting Tips to Make Your Campaign Pop”

  1. Great Post Estine, commenting is very important to increase the ranking of your website in search engines. Your blog commenting tips are really important and useful for readers. Thank for sharing your thoughts with us. Loving your work


  2. Hi Ryan,

    I loved your article here about blog commentting. I happen to stumble upon the power of blog commenting completly by accident. Here was the approcah I used:
    1) Of course, I like visit other blogs (websites) for research purposes. I would visit a blog post to receive ideas for my next article.
    2) Once I have sifted through the sand and dirt and found the gold nugget, I would leave a nice comment on the value I had received.
    This process might take me to 15-20 blogs and due to prospecting the best points, I am literally “rich” from all the information I have received. And, I have an outline for an amazing post that can help my followers.

    Then, one day I noticed a spike in my blog traffic like never before. After researching the cause, I discovered the traffic came from the sites where I had recently left a nice, detailed comment.
    With eyebrows raised, I went to work to determine the main reason for the explosive traffic was WHERE I was leaving the comments, as you shared in point #3. And, a strategy begin to take form.

    Since you covered so thurally HOW to leave a blog comment and WHY, if I may be so bold, I would like to share my blog commenting strategy:

    A) I am a member of several blogging syndication sites. The purpose of these sites is for people to “share” the post of others to increase S.A.O. Two such sites are Tribber (which I love) and Viral Content Bee (which I adore!).
    B) Prior to understanding the power of blog commenting, I would simply “share” others post and they would share mine. But, I decided to take it a step further.
    C) Now, prior to sharing, I would read the article and leave my thoughts on the subject, THEN go back and share the post.

    Since I started using this method, I have noticed my Social Authority rise; and, as you stated in this post, “influencers” begin to take notice and my blog popularity began to grow.

    I close with this: anyone SERIOUS about leaving blog comments need to really understand your second point, “Go Long Form or Go Home!”
    When I see a one or two sentence comment, that tells me the person most likely left the comment only for the link (which Google does look at), but no real relationship has been made with the writter! And, if you are serious about “Network” Marketing THIS is the ultimate goal.
    Take you for example. I have visited your blog SEVERAL times. So much so, I feel as if I too am a world traveler 🙂
    So, it’s more than just visiting your site to glean from it your wisdom and knowledge, but I am with you on your journeys.

    Best of luck my friend. And know, I am with you on your next trip 🙂

    – Bubbie Gunter

  3. Hi admin,

    It is no doubt commenting have big effect in get our website on the top in google ranking.
    there you mention 4 step how we comment on other website.
    you discuss these all step very briefly and in very simple wording.
    thanks to share these word with us.
    Maqbool Azam

  4. Hey Ryan,

    Nice tips and commenting is a great way to network, promote your blog, and build authority as you mentioned here.

    Number #3 is vital to your blog success. one thing I would add is to make sure you comment on subjects that you have a great interest in. It’s easy to tell when someone doesn’t put out the kind of energy in a blog post as oppose to one that does. Even some shorter comments would come across valuable than the longer ones that are dry.

    I also like #4. Yes I still remember that Oscar Meyer weiner song as well as the McDonalds double cheeseburger commercial from back in the 1980s. If we can give that same power to our comments then we will definitely see a lot of growth with our blogs and circle of blogging friends.

    Thanks for sharing Ryan! Have a good one!

    • Hi Sherman,

      Excellent point here. You can’t fake it to make an impact. Better to devote your energies to topics which interest you to craft genuine, thoughtful, insightful comments versus the long, dry, forced comments.

      You always have something helpful and interesting to add Sherman so you’re all good in this area 😉

      Thanks a bunch for commenting bro and have a fab week 🙂


  5. That’s one awesome post on blog commenting with many useful tips, Ryan.

    One additional way of using blog comments I’d like to share that not many people are using. It is replying to someone else’s comment. This is especially rewarding if the blog owner did not reply yet, or maybe never will.

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Hi Torsten,

      That is super, super clever.

      I do this sometimes because I spot a blog post or comment that catches my eye, hop in, reply to another comment and build a bond. It’s a quick, easy way to stand out even a little bit more from the blog commenting crowd and it does not cost you a cent.

      Thanks for sharing Torsten.


  6. Hi Ryan

    When I saw this post, I knew it had to be you. I always like your writing style. You are right! Blog Commenting is a cool way to build business and relationships. You need to show that you care with your comments.

    Thanks so much for sharing. Take care

    • Hi Ikechi,

      Yep, I guess it has my signature on it, right? 😉 Commenting opens so many doors when you do it the right way. No better way to make friends, build bonds, drive traffic and boost your profits – indirectly – for anybody from a newbie to veteran blogger.

      Commenting is caring indeed Ikechi.

      Thank you for commenting and caring buddy.


  7. Ryan,

    Actually blog commenting is really helping me to know more about blogging, because whenever i found myself in any of senior bloggers or Infuencers blog that am following like Enstine and other who met here on Enstine’s Blog like yourself, Enstine, Donna Merril, Sue, A. Smith, Sharman Smith, etc after reading the blog post, i then read the comments to know about others opinion about the post and from there i can now know how to contribute and comment, but if i dont really understand the post i wont bother to comment.

    At least am getting traffic to my blog via blog commenting particularly from enstine’s blog which i knew from my blog “source of traffic”…many thanks to Enstine for this opportunities.


    • Hi Tola,

      Me too 😉 By reading and sharing, learning and giving, and being open to different viewpoints expressed in blog comments I’m growing like a weed and also see my friend and reader network expand with each post. It’s win-win for all of us.

      Many bloggers miss out entirely on the deeper benefits of commenting because they’re in a hurry, being filled with anxiety. That was me. For a long time. But by addressing that worry and learning from pros you can benefit from this field on blogs, and you are certainly doing that Yola.

      Thanks for your comment my friend.


  8. that’s quite a lot of things i never knew or didn’t care about when it comes to commenting.
    i can’t fail to confess that i agree with you though on most of them.

    i clicked through to this blog because of the nature of your comment on onenaijablog.

    commenting is great if done the right way

    • Hi Precious,

      Wow, you still see my comments over there? It’s been years since I commented on that blog I think; or maybe, months? Either way, blog commenting wins again. Because we read stuff sometimes days, months and even years after posts go live and will still get clicks, build bonds and attract readers through evergreen blog posts and comments.

      Thanks a bunch Precious.


  9. Hi Ryan Boddulph,

    I first time read your post impressed with your wording and specially to your topic.
    Yes it is no doubt that commenting is the name to earn. For more earn you comment
    You describe importance of comment in heading with more explanation than other.
    At the end of the your post you mention a useful thing that is (Commenting
    Resource for Your Reading Pleasure) yes it is true with out read the you cannot able
    post a quality comment.
    Thanks to post your experience.
    Maqbool Azam

    • Hi Maqbool,

      The reading gives your comments great flavor. It’s like your armed with the knowledge to share something helpful and valuable, and hey, you’ll learn in the process too. Great for both blogger and commentor.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  10. Hi Ryan (and Enstine). I couldn’t agree with you more. Donna is a blog-commenting machine. Oh yeah, I agree with the rest of what you wrote too. 😉

    I enjoy commenting on other blogs. I started doing it in the hopes of getting some traffic back to my blog. If you do just what you said, leave meaningful comments that justify the time it takes to read them, and do it long enough for people to realize that just aren’t going to go away, then you will get some traffic back. It’s worked for me.

    What’s more important to me is (virtually) meeting other people. There is a lot of great information and great people out there writing great blogs. When you start to make connections with these people they can become like an informal, unofficial mastermind group. And all it takes is a few minutes to write a good comment. Who couldn’t benefit from that.

    • Hi Ben,

      The last paragraph perfectly sums up the blog commenting resurgence I’ve experienced recently. I went from building bonds thru commenting to getting burned out, to returning to commenting with a different energy: I am LOVING the mastermind aspect of helping, giving, getting help, asking, and virtually meeting with, and bonding with, genuinely, other people.

      That’s why I do commenting now. I have fun sharing, caring, and connecting. The other stuff is tasty icing on the cake – traffic, income, shares, comments on my blog (when I open them again next week) but wow is this virtual masterminding, meeting and friending folks fun.

      Thanks Ben, love your insight dude.


    • Hi Lorraine,

      Adrienne Smith’s blog post about my first eBook release?

      Paypal question in comment?

      Am I on the money? Or off my rocker? LOL….

      Pretty sure we cyber met there.


  11. Awesome article it was exceptionally helpful I simply began in this and I’m becoming more acquainted with it better! cheers. keep doing awesome.

  12. Its nice to see that i got a new tips regarding how to write a blog as i am very new to this blogging and i don’t know even what to write and what to post and i hope i will get some positive result while doing blogging by applying these strategy . Thanks for sharing such a good information . And i want to ask one question can any one tell me whats the function of comment luv and its asking that i can use three keywords , so which keywords i am going to use and where , and which keywords its a actually telling to use it ? whether the one we use for website for doing seo or something else .

    • Hi Ben,

      I may have to hand that keyword Com Luv question over to somebody else as I’m not the resident expert.

      If you’re confused about what to blog about Ben make sure you’re covering a niche you feel passionate about. If you follow your passion you’ll be able to write about it, and researching that topic to improve your knowledge and skills in that area will feel incredibly fun.

      Thanks so much for reading.


  13. Hi Ryan,
    I will like to say these are very short and powerful points you have made here and i will start working with them in mind. I don’t really know why am not a fan of comments, I just visit a blog, read the post i like, get the information and just leave without dropping any comment but i see it is really important .this is an eye opener. Thanks again


    • Hi Bob,

      Honest to goodness, it too me years to see the power in commenting. I enjoyed getting helpful info from posts like yourself and then moving on. Certainly nothing wrong with that. But then I saw the networking and bonding and marketing potential in sharing my thoughts.

      It is win-win for us bloggers. All the way.

      Thanks much for reading Bob.


  14. Four short and helpful points Ryan. And thanks also to Enstine, who continues to delight with interesting topics and guest bloggers.

    If I had to choose, I would pick #2 and #3. Long form comments are a must. One line responses simply won’t do. People who do it probably have a few screws loose, or they simply don’t understand. I mean, how they gonna attract people to THEIR blog with such a half-assed, half-hearted effort? Doh

    Alignment is another great tip. I can’t really add anything to it except to say that ‘birds of a feather flock together’. It’s a bit of a cliche, but it’s true. We go where the fish are, so if we’re targeting a specific type of blogger, then go to other blogger sites that are likely to have a nest full of them.

    Thanks Ryan


    • Hi Kim,

      Amen on both counts. You do a fab job sticking to all the principles here as can be seen from your commenting prowess.

      Unless you write a few paragraphs it’s so tough to stand out from guys and gals who write 3 or 4 paragraphs. Not because length trumps quality. But because the value, and mindfulness, displayed by someone who shares something in depth, will always rule over the guy or gal who’s just focused on trying to share a few lines and exit stage left.

      Thanks much for the share Kim 🙂


  15. I am happy to be one of your readers because almost every week I learn new blogging tips from you.

    Today, I just learnt how to deal with blog commenting.

  16. Very well explained, comments really do help us in gaining backlinks but we should always be careful about what we write in our comments. I would like to thanks for sharing the great guidance.

  17. Hey, Ryan!

    You’re the commenting man!! I can really say so! 🙂

    It is not just about the few words or few lines to add on top of the content one crafted.

    But the comment should be something to add an essence on top of the recipe, to make it more delicious and tasty.

    1 or 2 lines based comments just prove (to me) that one is not serious or even don’t know the power of the blog commenting.

    It is the blog commenting that made me connected with you and Enstine and I am really glad that I learned its power too soon.

    Not just it connected me with you guys but it helped to make myself noticed in the world. As you know coming from such part of the world is not an easy job to be connected with other people and become somewhat trustworthy.

    Glad that it helped me a lot and is helping me and I am sure will be helping me over the time.

    And I cannot deny for a centimeter of what you wrote; these 4 tips are so powerful and effective if applied correctly and consistently.

    To yours more success and enjoy Turkey! 🙂

    ~ Adeel

    • Hi Adeel,

      You got that right; you’re getting noticed more and more through the immense power of blog commenting.

      It’s crazy how we can share our thoughts thru simple, powerful, thoughtful comments, to become a known commodity. And you are doing it too my friend. It’s not even hard, really. A bit of mindfulness to spend 5 or 10 minutes reading and commenting on each post. Sharing your insights. Personalizing the comment. Once you get all that down you will be discovered in a big way.

      Thanks for the fab comment Adeel.


      • You so right with it, buddy!

        It is really not so very hard to throw in a great comment that flows with the content! 🙂

        Thanks, buddy! 🙂

  18. Hi Ryan and Enstine, so nice to see you here Ryan! Oh yes making those comments personal is really key to commenting. I go through some I get and if they don’t get my name right or talk about other things those comments go into my spam folder and are deleted.
    You are so right about Donna, I do see her comments everywhere all the time. Just like our friend Adrienne used to do too. It’s like a free ad right?
    I see many folks closing comments on their blogs Ryan, what do you think about that? I know you had too. Would it be better to hire a VA to respond to comments? I know it would have to be someone you really trust to answer for you. Just got me thinking ahead of myself.
    I hope you both have a great rest of the week Ryan and Enstine.

    • Hi Lisa,

      How timely! I note this because of your mention of comments being closed on my blog.

      I wanted to announce that my designer will completely redesign my blog this weekend, and comments will be back when he does the redesign. Thank goodness 🙂

      I am back and ready to read and to respond to all of them on my blog. And yep, I would consider hiring a VA – that you really trust – if you wished to have someone respond but were super busy with other engagements. Maybe they can add a few lines to be helpful, and to keep engagement going.

      In truth, when any of us makes it so big that we’ll make millions through our blog – think, Tim Ferriss – it’s impossible to respond to every one. Let alone keep up with them on any level. Before then though, minus some breaks here and there, it helps to really get down and dirty in the comments field, leaving comments on other blogs and responding to your own.

      Thanks Lisa.


  19. Hey Ryan,

    Welcome to Enstine’s Blog – This likely to be your first author post here, If am not mistaken.

    Honestly, I Have always wanted to be like you when comes to blog commenting … And thanks for given out your tactics to blog commenting.

    With the tips mentioned above; I’m sure to see more improvements on how i treat comments on my blog and how i comment on other blogs too.

    Thanks for the head-up

    • Hi John,

      I think I post once a LONG time ago, but may have been a different lifetime LOL.

      Thanks much for the read and comment. Let me know how your blog commenting works out for you, OK?


  20. Hey Ryan,

    Remember me or not? I think no, as it also took me around 10 minutes to remember you. BTW how would you remember, we had only one interaction and that too on your blog comments.

    See this conversation thread:

    “Karan Bhagat
    October 9, 2015 at 1:38 pm
    “I am a different blogging animal now. I can blog with joy while receiving a root canal and colonoscopy laying on a tightrope 2,000 feet above the Grand Canyon. ”
    I liked this because I also enjoy blogging this much.
    One thing I would completely agree with you is that “BLOGGING IS NOT PRESSURE”, in fact now if I stay away from my laptop for a day even then I start feeling sick as something is missing.
    I can proudly say now – Yes I am a BLOGAHOLIC (BLOG + ALCOHOLIC = BLOGAHOLIC) ?

    Ryan Biddulph
    October 12, 2015 at 9:03 am
    HAHAHA Karan can you hear me laughing from Nicaragua”

    Now may be you remember. I had to go to my inbox, search for notification from your blog and then visit the article I commented on, I had to paste it as it is. Wish Enstine had image uploading feature for commenters as well 😛

    Now talking about your post, I think I followed everyone of those advise 😉
    Thanks for the tips.

    • Hi Karan,

      I remember you vividly my friend 🙂 All because of that comment, your reference, and the notes you made.

      Hahaha….still have that comment response saved too. You keep meticulous records.

      Blog commenting wins again. It always does.

      Thanks for sharing….and reconnecting.


  21. This is another opportunity to learn from Enstine’s blog.

    He did a great job leading me to open comments on my blog. He taught me how to do it. And he showed me how to say thank you to my commentors, that’s if there is a word like that.

    I’m not used to it, making it difficult for me. To succeed, I need to keep on keeping on, Ryan.

    And today, you’re also here offering great tips such as these for me to consume and grow healthily with blog commenting. I’m blessed.


    You’re good. You’ve been in it for long. You know what it is. And it worked for you.

    You’ve given it to us for free.

    Keep giving and stay blessed.


    • Hi Francis,

      Honestly, I am getting back into the blog commenting game on other blogs right now. Took a little break.

      So I too am getting used to it again, releasing fears surrounding it, getting clearer on it. I resisted it for a while but commenting is a fun way to help, to assist, and to benefit others. I like serving. I like talking about blogging. What a fantastic medium to do both.

      Thank you much for reading Francis.


  22. Fantastic Tips, I like these way. Today I have learned new tips for Blog Commenting. I has been working on this way, but I don’t know about this tips. So, I thankful to you. Thanks for shared.

  23. Hey Ryan!

    Awesome to see you here on Enstine’s blog!

    First off, let me sat thank you, for sharing theses awesome blog commenting tips!

    I have read your book, “How to Build an Online Empire Through Blog Commenting” and would recommend it to anyone that is interested in building an online business.

    It is 80 pages of pure value and I use the tips that I learned every time I comment on a blog.

    I think my favorite tip is in regards to how much people like to hear their name. Therefore, we should be addressing them by name when we are commenting on their blog.

    I like to use their name at least twice and sometimes more, depending on the length of the comment.

    Another thing that I learned from your book is that the best comments are like mini guest posts. They combine length and value so that the readers really want to know what else you have to say and they click through to your blog.

    There are so many great tips and strategies that I could go on and on, but readers should just get the book and read it for themselves.

    Thanks again Ryan, for sharing your knowledge and helping me and many others to build successful online businesses.


    • Hi John,

      Thank YOU for that awesome eBook testimonial 😉 Seriously, it means so much to me.

      Ditto on the name dropping. We do it freely offline from time to time, to catch someone’s attention when we want to do so, so why not do it online? Names are bond builders, or, using names builds connections, said connections leading into wonderful, prospering worlds.

      So happy you enjoyed the eBook. I had fun writing it and wanted to share some usable tips for this underutilized bonding/marketing approach, that anybody from newbie bloggers to seasoned vets can use, from Day 1, to expand their reach online.

      Thanks for the value-packed comment John.


  24. Hey Ryan (and Enstine)!
    This is a perfectly timed post from a blog commenting ninja! The summer has been busy and commenting and connecting has gotten away from me. Time to get my ass back in gear.

    • Hi Corienne,

      Here here 😉 Ditto here.

      I am diving back into commenting on select blogs and after my blog redesign this weekend I’ll open up comments on Blogging From Paradise again. It’s definitely time.

      Happy this popped up in your stream now and thanks for your comment and support Corinne.


  25. This is surely an eye opener to that wonderful super Commenting Tricks for my blog I have been longing for.

    I really love the whole story from the 1st paragraph to the last. Enstine you are always the master of all Occasions

  26. Hi Ryan

    Many thanks for this great post. I always search for commenting tips and as a learning stage your post solve my many problems.

    Keep share post like this

    Thanks again

  27. Hi Ryan,

    Great to see you here on Enstine’s blog! I want to first thank you for the wonderful shout out here. You do have a great way of writing…You my friend are memorable.

    Sometimes I feel like a broken record because when it comes to commenting, I call it “The Backbone Of Your Blog.” Some sit there scratching their head trying to figure out why I repeat myself, but it is so true.

    First, as you mentioned – Please address the person by name for gosh sakes! It shows you care and you are a real person. And of course read the darn blog before you put a comment on it. I don’t know how many times I see comments from people and wonder if they actually even read the title?

    What is great about commenting on blogs is that people read them….Yes they really do. And when they read someone’s comment, there can be an instant attraction to that person. They get curious and click their CommentLuv if they have it. Go to their blog and start becoming a reader of said blog.

    I cannot tell you how many times people come over to my blog…or even better yet to my email telling me they just opted into one of my products/services because of a comment I have made. Cha Ching!

    If you are going to be a blogger, you really need to give in order to receive…but it has to come from the heart. If you are trying to fake it, you will never make it.

    Cheers from my chunk of paradise on the beach!


    • Hi Donna,

      The heart-centered note is what few get. Ya gotta do this commenting bit to have fun with it, to help, to be genuine, and to just be social, or your energy will block folks big-time.

      But when you do it right – as you do – those sales and readers come a ringing, cha-chinging, cha-chinging.

      I turned my comments off on Blogging From Paradise because I was burned out responding to them. But now that Phill is redesigning my whole site this weekend I will resurrect them. So happy to enter commenting on my blog with a fresh, new, charged perspective, so I can enjoy the ride.

      If you put your heart and soul into this goodness gracious will people read the comments, diving in, getting attracted to you, and it leads to so much helping and strong relationships and sweetness down the road.

      Thanks Donna. You really do rock 🙂


  28. Hey Ryan.
    Nice article.Thanks for sharing your views regarding blog commenting .I’m really very happy to see you on Enstine’s blog.

  29. Hey Ryan,

    Helpful tips you’ve given here. I’ve been commenting on blogs for a while but have very little results from it. I’m quite familiar with a few of these tips as well.

    In addition to your post, ShoutMeLoud released a chrome addon called Easy Blog Commenting. This addon automatically fills the comment details for me upon installation and configuration so far the website is WordPress.

    All I need do is just enter a few details about my submission and that’s it. Hope that helps someone.

    Thanks for sharing these tips.

    • Hi Babs,

      That is an absolutely awesome plug in by Harsh dude.

      Thanks so much for sharing it. Because this’ll save bloggers 5 to 7 seconds for every post, seconds and energy we can devote toward creating even more valuable comments, building connections and driving traffic and blogging income.

      Thanks again my friend. Fabulous add I know Enstine will appreciate.


  30. Hi Ryan and Enstine,

    Glad to see Ryan on Enstine’s blog, talking about blog commenting – one of my favorite (work!) activities. I can only agree with all your tips 🙂

    Sometimes bloggers make it hard to know their name, which is a shame as I always like to address the blogger by name and must admit to feeling quite huffy when people get my name wrong. (I’ll be honest – I usually change it, because it annoys me so much.)

    I think my spell-checker is very wise – it suggests Einstein for Enstine 🙂

    Regarding alignment – in general I do stick within my niche, although there are a few blogs I really enjoy and comment on. But what advice would you give, please, for reciprocating when people I don’t have a relationship with leave a decent comment on my blog from some totally random niche? I’ve always taken the view that – as they’re bloggers too – they might still be interested what I have to say, and it’s polite for me to reciprocate, and of course reply. Although sometimes I am pushed to find something relevant to say on topics I know nothing about.

    I’m not talking about obvious spam “awesome post” rubbish. They’re gone in the blink of an eyelid these days. I presume (hope!) I’m not doing any harm by commenting “outside my niche” ?

    Yes, I’m persisting – it’s sort of addictive once you get going!

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    • Hi Joy,

      That is a tricky one.

      I feel your gut may tell ya whether to comment on those folk’s blogs or now. For me, even if the comment rocks so much, if it’s outside the blogging tips or travel blogger niches I don’t comment on their blogs. Only because, I only have so much energy daily to speak only to blogging tips and travel blogging bloggers, and not much else to give outside of the niche. Nothing personal. Just about targeting, and bonding with folks from inside my niche.

      But again, if you’re loving it, go with commenting on their blogs.

      Thanks much Joy.


  31. Hi Ryan,
    Thanks a lot for sharing such a useful article . I am big follower of yours & learning lots of tips & trick from your Facebook sharing . And tips you have shared are really worth a lot for me .
    Thanks for sharing 🙂 . keep sharing with us

  32. Ryan, I’ve signed up for your newsletter and want to learn more about blog commenting. Blogging from Paradise, wow; what a title. I hope to learn more from your newsletters.

    • Hi Jeff,

      Really appreciate that buddy.

      Free eBook should be on the way tomorrow to ya. I did get a neat title and feel grateful to have nabbed it in time.

      If you have any questions please feel free to respond to my newsletter emails, to get clearer on topics.

      Thanks so much.


  33. Hey Ryan,

    Blog commenting is like a piece with the sweetness in it. It’s because if you have a blog and want to connect with other bloggers then blog commenting is the best thing.

    But some people don’t really take it in a positive way. they just try to get backlinks. I mean really? I agree with your points. Bloggers should mention the name of their fellow bloggers. It makes them special.

    To find the authority blog is necessary. But making human bonds with the bloggers is the key. I usually don’t notice the ranking or anything. If I have the bond with the person then I just share the thoughts about the article.

    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Have a great day.

    • Hi Ravi,

      It is strange how folks focus just on backlinks and ignore the human connection aspect. People miss out on the fun, loving, connecting part of commenting, if they see only links.

      Also, folks who go link building mad through commenting tend to use other bloggers to get links.Which is a terrible thing. Which also bites you in the butt in the long run.

      Excellent advice my friend. Thanks much for sharing.


  34. Hi Ryan,
    I am a regular visitor of your blog and it’s really happy to see you on Enstine’s Blog. And tips you have shared are really read worth.
    Thanks for sharing,

  35. I also suggest that you use trigger words on your opt-in pages. Trigger words will remind your visitors of what their problems are and they end up becoming more emotional. Because they are reminded of what their problems are, they are also reminded of how it should be solved immediately.

  36. Hey Ryan, and Enstine,
    This is really an interesting read about comments!
    After seeing the byline i thought you will be telling something about my commenting method! LOL 🙂

    Anyways, No worries, Enstine did that for me, and of course, you directed the readers to that post too!! LOL

    No prob, you too did something similar some time back in a testimonial you penned about Philipscom on my page. 🙂

    I still adore it,I am reminded of it when i was reading this pot. I was just going thru the other day while refurbishing my testimonial post, wherein you said and I quote: ….. is a kind, generous and thoughtful blogger who posts some of the more valuable comments I’ve read online. He’s quick to share his insights and experiences freely both on his blog and through comments posted at your local authority blogs.” Sorry to Enstine using his space for a long comment LOL 🙂

    Yes, Ryan, you said in your 2nd Tip: “Go Long Form or Go Home!
    Well said, my friend, yes, if you don’t want to say something solid why wasting time on our page!! 🙂

    Yes, generic comments or one word or online comments will not fetch any result, in fact, that is a mere time waste for the comment authors as well as the blog owner. But sad to say, these days many blog pages encourages this trend, may be because they are undergoing comment famine on their pages, so whatever comes in their way they just accept it, this is not a good trend.

    Today while i was reading another blog post about comments and page subscription i wrote something similar to this, and i would like to quote some of the points here again, we visit many blog pages on a daily basis and do subscribe to their page and try to post comments in the beginning, but the general trend i noticed is that one or two comments they post and they never even visit again their pages.

    Another thing in this regard i would like to say is that if a comment author posts the first comment on a page i am sure it get noticed by the visitors. But sad to say that these days some blog owners are using the reverse mode, for example this esteemed page of our dear brother EM used to follow that method, but sad these days he is using the reverse mode, i do not know why, i think once i post a note in this regard elsewhere on this page, sad it went unnoticed! Is there any specific reason to this?
    This types of change will surely change the mind of the people to comment soon! LOL

    Oh My, as you said, I am afraid my this comment is going to become a mini post!! LOL
    so let me put a full stop here.

    Hope, my friend EM will attend to my doubt! LOL
    Wish you both a wonderful and profitable week ahead.
    Best Regards
    ~ Phil

    • Hi Phil,

      You just won the award for the most valuable long comment EVER! Well done my friend.

      In truth, if you have fun helping people and making friends, writing comments like your masterpiece will be easy. What you just published would be like me and you meeting here in Istanbul, Phil, for a cup of strong Turkish coffee, chatting about blogs, business, and hey, even life, for like 30 minutes or so.

      The difference maker is, we’re writing about our chat versus using our mouths to talk about it. That’s all this is.

      Donna rocks in this regard, as do you, Enstine, and Don Purdum too. So much value to share, so many chats to have, and the benefits are astounding, when you think about it.

      As for the author leaving a comment first I have seen both approaches; meaning, the author leaves a comment before readers, or he lets readers take charge. Interested to see what folks say about each approach in the comments field below.

      Thanks PV 🙂


      • Oh, My!
        What a Reward!
        I appreciate your quick response, Ryan!
        As you said in your reply, yes, it’s like enjoying a cup of coffee together with chat and all that stuff you mentioned!
        I really enjoyed reading this comment response, i really felt that feeling too! 🙂
        Yes, when it comes to the fav subjects, i really become a talkative person 🙂 and then that generally fall on the paper or on the computer screen like this!!! LOL 🙂
        Nice hearing from you again Ryan,
        Regards to Kelly too!
        Have a wonderful time of travelling and writing
        Keep sharing
        ~ Phil
        PS: You did not say anything about the comments placing the order, first come first serve or first come last serve? LOL What i mean is the first comment author’s comment goes down when new comment authors come in! Is this a good trend?
        whats your opinion?
        Hope EM is the right person to give an answer to this LOL
        T C My friends
        ~ Phil

        • Oh OK, now I see what you mean. That’s a good question.

          For a long time I did first come, first serve, to reward the early commentors. Then I did the current trend of new comments appear on the top, so whomever shares their thoughts simply gets some shine for a moment, then, the next person takes their turn.

          I like the latter now because it prevents commentors from getting frustrated with being 10 or 20 comments deep, even if they show up 1-2 days later. But I see the other approach too, for rewarding loyal readers and commentors. So….I have no idea what to choose hahaha! For now, probably Enstine’s approach of new comments on top.

          But I will see next week after I open up comments again, after my blog is re-designed.


          • Hi Ryan,
            That is indeed a wonderful answer, I never thought of that, yes, indeed as my name says, I am indeed a Philips TUBE LIGHT!!!!
            That is really wonderful!
            Giving some shining for the new arrivals for some time!
            Great, I like it, hey, still doubt, Our dear friend EM may be having some other views in this LOL I would like to hear his version too, May be the same LOL
            Thanks Ryan for your quick response to clear my doubt.
            Have a wonderful day
            ~ Phil

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