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Your Writing Ability Is Truly Gold…Leverage It Creatively – Akaahan Terungwa

Akaahan Terungwa

Wow! It’s going so fast.

Do we still have 24 hours a day?

We are Thursday again and I’m  here to talk to you about another blogger. I have spoken about may and will keep talking about these awesome friends till the Internet is taken down.

I have featured both men and women that are making it happen in blogging. You can find them here.

If you want to be featured too, just keep hanging around my blog. I surely will spot you one day. Continue reading


Shobha Ponnappa: a forte in digital marketing breakthroughs!

Welcome to another exceptional introduction! We continue our journey of talent discoveries today by hooking up with someone exceptional.

This is just an episode in a long series whose end is unforeseen. Check out exceptional bloggers and businessmen I have feature in the past here.

I love us to discover more bloggers. I take the initiative to talk about any influencer here. This is done completely free. However, if you don’t want to wait for your time, we may discuss a fee. Continue reading


Meet Swadhin Agrawal, the freelance writer and social media strategist!

Swadhin Agrawal

This is the second featured blogger post after the break I took. Last week, we saw how Brent Jones can help can help maximize your email marketing result. If you didn’t read that post, I recommend you check it out.

There have been many more bloggers and these are top guys/gals you waiting to connect with you. You know success in today’s blogging is about connecting with the right people. Don’t fail to check out this list of awesome bloggers.

NB: Getting featured is actually free and I do the contacting. I have a long list of wonderful bloggers I’ll be featuring here. I’m sure you are the next on list. Continue reading


Maximize Your Email Marketing Results with Brent Jones

brent ones online

It’s another beautiful Thursday and I’m here with another awesome blogger and Internet Marketer. What’s so exciting on Thursdays is that I get to talk about someone special (or a special product). In the past, I have featured incredibly awesome bloggers you shouldn’t fail to connect with.

Check them out here!

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Brent Jones, a rising star in the world of freelancing and internet marketing. Continue reading


Social Media Marketing Facilitated! GuestCrew may just be what you need!

Social Media Marketing

After a break on my Thursday Series, I’m back and this time, with a bit of spices added to the mix. I used to just present exciting bloggers but from today hence, I will be doing some product presentations too.

I have so many bloggers who have exceptionally great products to power your business and it will be my pleasure to let them talk to us about their products.

Donna Merrill, Don Purdum, James McAllister, Brent Jones, Joy Healey, Adrienne Smith, Carol Amato, Ryan Biddulph, Tim Soulo, etc are authors and product creators so we will be hearing from them on Thursdays.

Today, let’s kick off with Uttoran Sen. He talks to us about his platform and how this can help you market on social media. Let’s hear from Uttoran so over to you buddy…  Continue reading


How Chris Hufnagel can help you create a better WordPress Site

Thursday is my most exciting day of the week as a blogger. The simple reason is that I get to write and publish about somebody. For the most part, these are bloggers whose works speak for themselves.

I have published over 20 of exceptional bloggers and Internet Marketers in this series so I encourage you check out the list here and be sure to connect with them.

I have a list of wonderful bloggers who mainly are my readers. I’ll feature them here completely free. However, if you want to be featured without having to wait for your free turn, shoot me a mail  Continue reading

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