How Chris Hufnagel can help you create a better WordPress Site

Thursday is my most exciting day of the week as a blogger. The simple reason is that I get to write and publish about somebody. For the most part, these are bloggers whose works speak for themselves.

I have published over 20 of exceptional bloggers and Internet Marketers in this series so I encourage you check out the list here and be sure to connect with them.

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This week, we have someone I just met. Chris got me hooked when I got to his blog through a comment he left on Sue Anne’s blog.

I followed the link and his blog pulled out a large “wow” from my belly. I couldn’t leave without dropping a comment so I did just that. A few minutes after my comment, Chris was on my blog and it’s been warm friendship since then.

Meet Chris Hufnagel

Chris Hufnagel
Chris Hufnagel has been working with WordPress for over 8 years now. He specializes in creating amazing looking WordPress sites that convert readers into customers.

For the past 2.5 years Chris has been a full time freelancing WordPress developer. During this time he and his wife have traveled the united states for 6 months (while still working) and welcomed a new baby into the world.

How Chris got his start in online business

Chris got his start in the online business world from creating mini niche Adsense sites. He was hooked once he got that first Adsense click. After building a couple of these sites he realized that his favorite part was the building of the site and not the SEO, content creation, and promotion. This is when he started taking on web design clients.

While working with his clients in his freelancing business Chris saw a need to help teach people that they can do a lot of things in WP themselves without hiring a developer. A lot of his clients would come to him needing a pretty basic site setup. With just a little bit of knowledge they could have set these sites up themselves. This is how was born.

What is WP Brain all about?

At WP Brain Chris blogs about all things WordPress, blogging, web design, website optimization, and online business. Chris is hoping that by providing readers with WP knowledge they will be able to create their own amazing websites.

By breaking complex tasks down into simple steps the WP Brain readers are able to do some awesome things with their site.

Chris is always working in WordPress finding the best themes, plugins, and tricks. He turns these into resources for his readers to save them time and money by showing them the things that really work.

WP Brain’s future

Chris is working on a beginners WordPress course which he plans to release for free. The course will show you how to go from idea to website using WordPress. In the works are also many other courses that will cover topics like business websites, e-commerce, and website monetization.

Best of WP Brain – Yours free

chris enstine fans

Chris is offering all you (my readers) readers free access to his “New blog checklist” which you can get by visiting HERE. The checklist takes you through everything Chris does on new blogs to help give them the best start.

I have a copy of this report. As a matter of fact, I had to print it out so I can carry the hard copy with me where ever I go. I’m glad Chris is offering this to you so thank you buddy.

Here is a list of some of the must reads from WP

You can find Chris on:

Time to engage with Chris!

Now I’ll be excited to see you engage with Chris. Drop him a comment in the comment box below. Follow him on social media and check out his blog. Do you have an issue with WordPress? Talk to Chris about it.

20 thoughts on “How Chris Hufnagel can help you create a better WordPress Site”

  1. Hey… I just checked the blog and it full of great resources and insight. I will be connecting with you chris and am so happy for you about welcoming a new baby into the world…

    • Hi Sneha,

      Thanks for stopping by the blog! Glad you liked the posts.

      It is an amazing time welcoming a new child, so exciting!


  2. Hey Sayantan,

    Thanks for the kind words about my blog! Glad you found it helpful. Plenty more content to come so be sure to stop back often!

    I agree, Enstine is very well connected!!!


  3. Hey Enstine,

    Thanks for letting us know Chris and his amazing blog WP Brian. Seems like you are a well-connected man, with connections to all great people over the web like Chris.

    Just checked his website, and it is flooded with great piece of content with numerous tips and tricks.

    Thanks for letting us know him.

  4. Happy weekend sir Muki, and thanks for introducing to us Chris and his son WP Brain.

    Thanks for the copies chris I’ll make sure i use them well, and you should expect me on your blog anytime from now…have a nice weekend!

    • Hi Eedris,

      Thanks for checking out this article! I hope you enjoy the website! Lot of great ways to improve your WordPress website on there.

      Have a great weekend!


  5. Yeah, WordPress site is important for blogger to make their website like more professional. Thank you for sharing this post with him. I will surely connect with him and try to get some tips from him if i need. Hope this post will help the newbies bloggers.

    • Hi Romjan,

      Thanks for reading this article! Yes, WordPress makes it very easy for new entrepreneurs to get a site up and running!


  6. Hi Chris

    A warm welcome to the club and good to see your enviable expertise in wordpress development.

    It is a sweet reality that all bloggers can’t be great web developers and in my opinion they should not be. In this way the demand of different blogging chores for outsourcing would ever be rising up and up.

    This is an age of specialization and no doubt to be jack of all trades in blogging is good thing but once a blogger develops his authority he should not waste his time doing all chores by himself and should outsource to get the professional output.

    Thanks a lot Enstine for featuring this amazing online professional.

    • Hi Mi,

      Thanks for the welcome. It is so true. Not all bloggers can be developers, but I bet they have their own set of skill which is what they SHOULD be working on. You can’t do everything yourself!

      In the beginning though it can be really tough to get started and hire people. Also, it is key to learn what needs to be done and how it works so you can manage the people that do it for you!


  7. Thanks enstine for introducing chris

    I just checked the blog and it full of great resources and insight. I will be connecting with you chris and am so happy for you about welcoming a new baby into the world.

    Looking forward to connect with you

    • Thanks Adremi, I look forward to it! I am glad you found the blog useful, that is the ultimate goal.

      Look forward to seeing you around,


  8. Hi Enstine
    Thanks for introducing us to Chris and Chris to us, I must say Chris is a guru, he knows his job very well; it is a great site and resources.

    Delighted to meet you Chris and I enjoyed reading the story of your journey online.

    Your rise from nothingness to where you are today and the blessing of a baby is worth praising God for, I rejoice and celebrate you.

    By this I am connecting to your blog as well.

    • Hi Emebu,

      Glad you found the article and my site helpful. Thanks for taking the time to check out both!

      It has been a journey and all the hard work is finally paying off.

      Hope to see around on and as well!


  9. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the kind words. I know exactly what you mean. I have seen so many clients that come to me with an AMAZING idea, just the execution of the website portion was not so great. A lot of times the problem is they don’t have the budget to hire me, but the things they need to do they could do themselves if they just had the know-how.

    I can not wait for this course to be done either, going to make a huge difference!

    Definitely a big moment in your life when your child is born! Thanks!!


  10. Wow Enstine!

    Thank you so much for featuring an expert such as Chris! I only wish I was aware of his expertise way back when I first started trying to learn the many complexities of the WordPress platform!

    Because initially, when I got my first few exposures to it, I was literally like a dear in headlights!LOL!

    And boy could I have used an expert like Chris to help guide me through the waters!

    And I would have gladly paid for access to his proven expertise! Congratulations Enstine! You’ve managed to over deliver once again my friend!

    Chris, it is indeed a pleasure to meet you! And I will definitely be spending more than my fair share of time at your site going forward!

    And I for one can’t wait to see what proven secrets you share inside your course! Until then, wishing you much success!

    And big congrats o the birth of your new child! Take care!

  11. Hi there

    Enstine – thanks for introducing us to Chris, what a great site and resources.

    Chris – delighted to meet you and hear about your journey online. To have achieved all that you have achieved alongside welcoming a baby into the world fills me with admiration.

    I look forward to connecting on your blog too.


    • Hi Joy!

      Nice to meet you as well. Glad you like the site!

      It was quite a crazy time 6 months ago when my son was born. He is growing up so fast. I am blessed that I get to be home with him every day, thanks to my freelancing and blogging career.

      I think one of the best things I did for my blog in March was meeting Enstine!


  12. Hey Enstine, thanks for featuring me today. It has been great chatting with you the past few weeks.

    I will be around all day to answer any questions about WordPress, blogging, and online business your readers may have!


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