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Meet Akaahan Terungwa

Akaahan TerungwaWriting in a conversational manner that is entertaining and worth reading (even when one is tired) is rare – not many writers and bloggers have the gift. However, when one lands on – the blog run by Akaahan Terungwa, it is clear to see that he knows exactly what he is doing. It is also crystal clear to see that apart from writing in a very clear and entertaining manner, Terungwa also clearly displays dexterity with the use of English as a medium of communication. It is indeed clearly impossible to decipher that he is not an original English speaker…truly, for some, the art of writing – and writing excellently is a gift; a gift that has been clearly nurtured, cultivated and developed.

However, something bothers Terungwa: he believes that aside being a good writer, one should also be smart enough to monetize his/her writing for power, money and fame. This, he has sadly discovered, is not the case with many (otherwise) great writers. For all such writers, their talents simply amount to nothing. Or mere stress at best!

With this reality haunting him, Akaahan Terungwa launched the very first course he prepared for his growing number of followers/readers called SBA (Smart Bloggers Academy)This course is an 8 week intensive course that teaches what blogging is and how to intelligently leverage the vast opportunities that come with the reality of blogging for greater heights both in life and in one’s chosen endeavors. This course opens only a few times a year. In it’s course detail, Terungwa treats such important details as:

  1. A blog is not a business (but rather, a tool/leverage to take an existing business to the next level).
  2. Alexa rank, Page rank etc. are all useless…what matters is conversion!
  3. How to effectively monetize a blog with traffic that is in it’s 100’s.
  4. How to sell with every blog post.
  5. And many other amazing things the pro bloggers are passionate about hiding from you!

Terungwa holds that if you are not a professional blogger, then, certainly, you are a dumb one. Which are you?

Aside writing blog posts and other awesome entries, Akaahan Terungwa has written many eBooks amongst which is the Mini Importation Millionaire: an eBook that teaches the basics (and details) of importing anything from China, Europe and the US to any part of the world, especially, his native country, Nigeria. This eBook alone has been purchased over a thousand times!

Akaahan Terungwa is a damn good writer and writes in a manner that makes his readers easily comfortable with him and makes conversion a breeze! However, because of his very busy schedule, he hardly advertises the fact that he writes in a freelance manner. If you are lucky, you could get him to write for you by contacting him directly. Please, note however, that Terungwa may turn down your offer if you are not serious and do not appreciate the quality of great writing.

Here are some of his masterpieces:

  • My Struggle Living The Dot Com Lifestyle: 4 Lessons You Can Learn From Me
  • How To Make Real Money With Affiliate Marketing
  • Legitimate Academic Freelance Writing Companies That Actually Pay
  • Blogging Is For Fools…Don’t Do It!

Time to interact with Akaahan

Akaahan will certainly want to chat with you.Drop him a comment and he’ll be around to respond


17 thoughts on “Your Writing Ability Is Truly Gold…Leverage It Creatively – Akaahan Terungwa”

  1. I completely agree with you. When I started my first blog. I started it as an hobby but now I am earning from blogging.

  2. nice article …i am new to blogging world and i am really finding it difficult.But i found this article quite informative….most charming thing is your addressing style…thanks

  3. Hi,
    i totally agree with you, blogging is sure another way of communication and creating conversation with people and this can only be done when the blogger is a good orator. A blogger is a good thinker and a strategist. you have great masterpiece for all bloggers to read through. Good work Akaahan

  4. You made an excellent post on it. Your presentation style is very good. Its contain lots of information and tips I need. As a newer its very helpful for me to understand and work with it. I specially say one thing , I had fun reading this and many great insights here. I will share this information with my friends and they will certainly love to read this. Very informative, I’ll definitely give these 5 stars.
    Thanks for sharing this great article.

  5. Hey Akaahan,

    I found this blog post through a roundup blog post you did and it’s great to get to know a little more about you here on Enstine’s blog.

    I do believe that it’s a great privilege to leverage bloggong to build other streams of income as well. There’s so many that start blogging but have no direction or clarity which is pretty much how I started. It’s great that you have a series that will help those that want to use blogging as a strategy to build their businesses and make money online.

    I look forward to hear more from you in the near future. Until then, take care and have a great rest of the week!

  6. Hi Akaahan Terungwa,

    Glad to see you here and you are utterly right about “blog is not a business” and we can use it for growing our business and other promotion things.


    • Hi Tushar,

      Sincerely, a blog is not a business…it is a simple tool that ensures that a business is taken to new heights via expertise display, garnering of new clients, increased visibility etc. If for once anyone imagines that a blog is a business, he/she has truly missed it!

      Enjoy the day!

      Akaahan Terungwa

  7. Hey Akahaan,

    Happy to see you here on Enstine’s blog 🙂

    Akahaan is one prolific writer I have known ever since I came into the blogging space. He is what he preaches and keep his game up at all time.

    I for one knows him as a blogger with a difference and so highly recommend his blog for great reads!

    Do have a great weekend Enstine and Akahaan 🙂


    • Hello Jackson,

      I never knew you took note of my work – and what I do over at NTP – it’s a pleasure and a pleasant surprise to know. Sincerely, I appreciate your kind and very honest, matter – of – fact words.

      Do make the day great!

      Akaahan Terungwa

    • Hi Dennis,

      A hearty welcome awaits you 🙂

      See you at NTP! And, remember to thoroughly enjoy yourself while there.

      Akaahan Terungwa

  8. Nice to meet a prolific blogger who is passionate about what he does, especially one from my homeland 🙂

    Hi Akaahan Terungwa, I do agree with you that blogging is a powerful tool and that once a person can write well, they should be able to monetize their skills or use their writing skills to get fame, recognition. A blog can be used to also create credibility and establish one’s self as an expert.

    It is wonderful meeting you. I will definitely be heading over to your website to read more of your articles.

    • Hi Chioma,

      1. Passion is something that should drive even the very core of life itself…without it, everything takes a very dull color and sleep naturally finds a home even when very important tasks are contemplated. For me thus, it’s either I’m passionate about something or I don’t even undertake it at all…simple, but crazily efficient.

      2. For writers and those who can easily maneuver their way with a pen (or keyboard as the case may be), the sky is the starting point…gone are the days when writers went to bed with an empty stomach 🙂

      3. It would be my sincere pleasure connecting further.

      Do enjoy the day!

      Akaahan Terungwa

    • Howdy Rahul,

      It’s great connecting with you here at Enstine’s blog. Are you also a professional freelance writer?

      Be certain to make the day great!

      Akaahan Terungwa

  9. I’m so excited to found you at Enstine’s Blog – Terungwa

    Truly, its an honor meeting a fellow Nigerian Blogger dinning on the same table with me. . That’s totally amazing!

    I’ve heard it over time and again about product /goods importation among Nigerian Blogger but i never put-in my interest towards it.

    Hopefully, I shall lay my hand on your Mini Importation Millionaire during my spare time.

    Have a great day – Terungwa

    • Hi John,

      It’s a pleasure connecting at Enstine’s…isn’t he a wonderful guy?

      The Mini Importation online business model has been making waves for sometime in Nigeria…however, the new arrival of the various online marketplaces and their unique ‘pay on delivery’ option has revolutionized the whole model. Completely. I can authoritatively tell you that it is the model for both today and tomorrow.

      Be certain to make the day great!

      Akaahan Terungwa

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