Affiliate Marketing has NEVER made anybody money. I’m shocked!

One of the most trusted bloggers, a good and amazing guy, a man respected in blogging and online marketing industry has just made the most contradictory statement ever in the history of Internet Marketing.

According to Ryan Biddulph, the guy blogging from paradise, “Affiliate Marketing in its existence has never made any body money…” Is Ryan really in his right senses?

I have written about Affiliate Marketing and you can download it here. I have published blog posts on the topic and taught thousands of bloggers how to make money with Affiliate marketing. And above all, I have made money with Affiliate marketing. 

So is Ryan just trying to pull our legs or he’s really got something to share with us? I’m sure you are wondering what he’s up to.

I just returned from a friend’s son’s birthday party and found out Ryan was live on Facebook. Oh cool! Let me check him out, I said to myself


He was there live and looked really great and better than I ever saw on still pictures.

A couple of minutes I listened and interacted with Ryan on his Facebook Live video, he made some very deep phrases about blogging, affiliate marketing and Internet Marketing in general. At one point, Ryan declared his blog  never made him money. Hehe!

But what is it that works? If my blog doesn’t make me money, if Affiliate marketing, if Internet Marketing do not make the money, then what really does?


Please watch this video before you start throwing stones at Ryan


If you can’t seem to make money through your blog this may be 1 reason…..

Posted by Ryan Biddulph on Friday, June 2, 2017


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affiliate marketing does not make money

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