Where to find Advertisers who are ready to spend on your blog!

One of the worries most of my readers have is being able to find advertisers who will pay them real money for a sponsored blog post or to place a banner on their blogs.

While this is not easy, there are places online to locate these advertisers with money in their pocket, looking for where to spend.

A few years back, I shared this guest post on aha-now, detailing some methods to help you find advertisers for your blog. The methods I discussed are still very fresh, producing desired results so you can go check out that post.

Today, I’m going to discuss a method/platform that some of us use with a huge dose of success. As a matter of fact, you might have come across this platform before without knowing it can serve you the other way round.

This platform is practically the home of thousands of advertisers. It’s one of the places where you find businesses that have money in their pocket and are ready to pay you for some exposure on your blog.

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Before we get to this platform, let me touch on a few things that can make it easy for advertisers to buy space on your blog.

a) Blog Engagement !

This is an important point and you can’t avoid it. When advertisers find out that your blog is a home for many targeted readers, they will be drawn closer to giving you their money.

Comments, Facebook likes, Shares, Twitter Tweets, Google Pluses, etc are all pointers to how engaged your blog is. These actually tell whosoever comes to your blog that there is some activity going on here.

Think of it…

How do you feel if you open a blog and notice 0 comments, 0 likes, 0 tweets, 0 followers, 0 shares, 0 and 0 and 0? That makes it look like a ghost town right? It looks completely dead. If you were an advertiser, will you buy space on such a blog?

If you are the owner of such a timid blog, you will need a bunch of other factors to convince me that your blog has the required amount of traffic. These social proof factors are elements that quickly announce the value of your blog so you must not neglect them.

It’s very possible to fake these figures. Oh Yes!

With a few bucks, you can buy thousands of fake likes, followers, shares and pluses on fiverr, seoclerks, etc. But mark my words, this simply goes further to nail you.

Once advertisers realized they wasted both time and money on your blog, they are never going to come back and give you more money.

Did you read this post? I shared with you how I made additional $1060. This is from advertisers who were satisfied with the first investment they did on my blog. So my social proof is not faked. You get real results by advertising on my blog. That’s the point I’m making here.

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b) Your Theme!

Listen, people don’t have time to waste on horribly looking blogs. If you are in a very competitive niche, you must be able to stand up to the current level of professionalism. Premium and very attractive themes have become so cheap. If you are not blogging for monkeys, you should try as much as possible to  get the  right materials for your blog. If it has to be a business tool, then treat it as one.

Note however that beautifully looking theme does not guarantee money. It only gives your prospects a welcoming environment to further discover your inner worth. Poor designs can however quickly chase interested buyers away.

I don’t want to dwell so much on these factors which you can already find here. Let’s dive straight to the platform and start seeing how to locate these advertisers clicking around with money in their wallets.

Finds Buying Advertisers on BSA!

BuySellAds is a hot online advertising marketplace with thousands of advertisers ready to just click and give you the money. What’s interesting here is the fact that most of those clients you can get to through this platform already have money to spend.  So with the right data (stats from your blog), you can easily get them on your side.


It’s pretty easy to locate advertisers on this platform.

You simply go to the Marketplace and search for properties or sites in your niche. You can simply click on the category to show a list of sites in your niche that are accepting banners.

This is where the journey begins …

Locate websites in your niche. Visit the sites and find out if they have banners on them.

Next, take your mouse cursor across any of the banners. Look at the link that shows just above your taskbar (bottom of screen). If these links point to buysellads.com, that tells you, effectively, the advertisers are coming from the platform.

buysellads advertisers

Click the banner, go to the advertiser’s site and hit the contact form.

They are already buying space on blogs in your niche. This means you have a greater chance to get them over to your blog.

– > Check out this post on how to write business letter that keeps Advertisers panting for my blog!

Please Note!

BuySellAds is a platform with quite popular sites. Some of the sites listed there have millions of monthly impressions. The temptation is for you to go checking out advertisers on such sites.

That will be wrong if your blog cannot measure those extremely popular blogs. For the most part, advertisers who look for such exposure will not even look at your blog.

The ideal situation is to look for sites that are as popular (or abit more or less)  as yours.If those sites gets business from BuySellAds, you too can.

A trick that works!

Most of these advertisers have paid to place banners on other sites but you can make an offer that will be difficult to turn down.

While they are paying for banners on other blogs, in your own package, let the banner be a free bonus on your blog. Rather propose to do a review on your blog.

The review has more advantages than the banners;

  • Banners don’t pull traffic from SEO but review posts do.
  • Once the banner period expires, traffic stops instantly but reviews keep generating traffic for as long as possible.
  • Etc

How much to price?

BuySellAds can already help you know how much those advertisers are spending on banners. This will be a strong foundation for you to set your own prices.

buysellads advertisers prices

Time to go to work!

Now you know where to go meet advertisers that have the money to spend on your blog. It’s time to put this method to test.

Just go to BuySellAds today. Search for properties in your niche and contact the advertisers you find there. If you contact 10, I’m very sure (from experience) 3 – 5 will be positive.

Let me know what you think about this method. It’s absolutely free to try

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