OMG!!! $6,000 per sponsored blog post?

$6,000 is big figure per sponsored blog post right? Does that look like a figure you may never get per post ? Well, I think you can so let’s read what I have for you today!

If you have been reading my blog for the past few months, I know you will be expecting me to talk about a blogger today because I feature exceptional bloggers on this blog every Thursday.

However, today I want to talk about a blog. Yes! While I blog-hop, I find some very helpful blog posts so I’ll be telling you about some of these articles from time to time.

I found a lady called Sue Ann. I’m not to talk about Sue though. I want to talk about one of the articles on her blog I think has real value for you. For more information about here, click here!

If you want to make anything between $50 and $6000 per blog post, you’ve got to checkout Ann’s article. Yes! It’s a guest article by Annabel Candy

In one of my recent articles on this blog, I mentioned sponsored posts as one of the ways to really make money from your blog. I know however some top bloggers that don’t use this as a money making method.

They have quite active and popular blogs but have chosen to not accept payment for product reviews or any sort of article. Well, that’s their decision but if you want to step up on your income, think about this. See the article I wrote here

!sponsored blog post

$50 or $6000? How to Decide What to Charge for Sponsored Blog Posts!

Most of us accepting sponsored posts on our blogs face this serious problem of how much to charge our clients. This has led to us loosing so many opportunities – we either charged too high and the advertiser simply said NO or we charge too low and earn a miserable figure.

So where are we?

Annabel uses two metrics –  unique visitors per month and Google PageRank, as a means of establishing a blog’s traffic, age and authority.

sponsored blog posts

Question: Does Page Rank still matter? Is PR update dead?

I know Annabel’s article was written in 2012. While a lot of things have changed since then, her article was recently updated this year 2014.

Wait! I’ll show you link to the article in a moment…

One of the parameters I know will always stand firm is traffic. This is not just about how many visitors you get per day. It’s about the quality of your traffic ;

  • Where your visitors come from (Geo – location, SEO, referral, etc) and
  • How much time they spend on your blog.
  • How they bounce off your blog.

I was recently contacted by a friend who gets 4000+ daily readers but is unable to monetize this traffic. When I looked deeply into his traffic stats, I saw reasons why no advertiser was ever going to buy space or sponsor an article on his blog.

It’s not just the quantity. It’s the quality. For the most part, 500 is better that 5000.

NB: Check out this article on how to get website traffic from specific countries

Now, let’s establish that you’ve got attractive traffic stats – that includes number of daily visits and excellent engagement rate (Time on site, low bounce rate, comments, social shares, etc). There are two main factors to help your price decision;

  1. You write the post yourself.
  2. The client does for you to just format and publish.

You see the price will definitely be different in these cases.

Ann has given out so much and interesting details and guiding points. It’s one of the most-read articles if you want to measure the real value of your blog and get paid the fair amount.

Check out Ann’s article here. 

Leave a comment here below and let me know what you think about it. What are the other factors that can easily help us seal deals and make money with sponsored blog posts?

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