OMG!!! $6,000 per sponsored blog post?

$6,000 is big figure per sponsored blog post right? Does that look like a figure you may never get per post ? Well, I think you can so let’s read what I have for you today!

If you have been reading my blog for the past few months, I know you will be expecting me to talk about a blogger today because I feature exceptional bloggers on this blog every Thursday.

However, today I want to talk about a blog. Yes! While I blog-hop, I find some very helpful blog posts so I’ll be telling you about some of these articles from time to time.

I found a lady called Sue Ann. I’m not to talk about Sue though. I want to talk about one of the articles on her blog I think has real value for you. For more information about here, click here!

If you want to make anything between $50 and $6000 per blog post, you’ve got to checkout Ann’s article. Yes! It’s a guest article by Annabel Candy

In one of my recent articles on this blog, I mentioned sponsored posts as one of the ways to really make money from your blog. I know however some top bloggers that don’t use this as a money making method.

They have quite active and popular blogs but have chosen to not accept payment for product reviews or any sort of article. Well, that’s their decision but if you want to step up on your income, think about this. See the article I wrote here

!sponsored blog post

$50 or $6000? How to Decide What to Charge for Sponsored Blog Posts!

Most of us accepting sponsored posts on our blogs face this serious problem of how much to charge our clients. This has led to us loosing so many opportunities – we either charged too high and the advertiser simply said NO or we charge too low and earn a miserable figure.

So where are we?

Annabel uses two metrics –  unique visitors per month and Google PageRank, as a means of establishing a blog’s traffic, age and authority.

sponsored blog posts

Question: Does Page Rank still matter? Is PR update dead?

I know Annabel’s article was written in 2012. While a lot of things have changed since then, her article was recently updated this year 2014.

Wait! I’ll show you link to the article in a moment…

One of the parameters I know will always stand firm is traffic. This is not just about how many visitors you get per day. It’s about the quality of your traffic ;

  • Where your visitors come from (Geo – location, SEO, referral, etc) and
  • How much time they spend on your blog.
  • How they bounce off your blog.

I was recently contacted by a friend who gets 4000+ daily readers but is unable to monetize this traffic. When I looked deeply into his traffic stats, I saw reasons why no advertiser was ever going to buy space or sponsor an article on his blog.

It’s not just the quantity. It’s the quality. For the most part, 500 is better that 5000.

NB: Check out this article on how to get website traffic from specific countries

Now, let’s establish that you’ve got attractive traffic stats – that includes number of daily visits and excellent engagement rate (Time on site, low bounce rate, comments, social shares, etc). There are two main factors to help your price decision;

  1. You write the post yourself.
  2. The client does for you to just format and publish.

You see the price will definitely be different in these cases.

Ann has given out so much and interesting details and guiding points. It’s one of the most-read articles if you want to measure the real value of your blog and get paid the fair amount.

Check out Ann’s article here. 

Leave a comment here below and let me know what you think about it. What are the other factors that can easily help us seal deals and make money with sponsored blog posts?

46 thoughts on “OMG!!! $6,000 per sponsored blog post?”

  1. Hi! Enstine.

    Page rank really matters bro?? I had charged $100 for my first ever sponsored article on my blog . My DA and PA were both 1.
    I think the PR,DA and PA doesn’t really matter when you get a good client. Those sites who advertise on Google ads and AdWords are the once to pay you the most. It’s tour luck too, whether you get a honest client or not.


  2. Thanks Muki… It’s a great Stuff, I was really surprised that $6,000 per sponsored post. It’s really Amazing and thanks covering a very helpful article for bloggers.

    Happy Blogging!!!

  3. Hi Enstine,

    Getting sponsored post opportunities looking very difficult for me, as you said having less traffic with good engagement helps bloggers to increase brand value, I am trying to get more quality traffic to my blog, I haven’t checked Sue’s article till now, I will check it out, thanks for sharing the information.

  4. Hi Enstine sir,
    Really awesome article on sponsored blog post, and $6000 OMG it’s really big amount and after I saw the title of this post I was like owwww!

    BTW really really worth reading article, Thanks for sharing and looking forward for more shocking articles.

  5. Another great posts from you Enstine….Yes indeed $6000 for a sponsored blog post isn’t something easily attained… But i do think its achievable considering Ann’s post.

    Very informative posts…Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great article about sponsored posts. I never thought that anyone can get order of sponsored post worth $6,000.
    I was thinking that sponsored posts may worth few dollars but the reality is completely different…
    Thanks for your article Enstine and Keep moving ahead Sue…

  7. Wow! Such kind of post always inspires us to make money online more and more as well well hard work for making huge amount of bucks. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Wow $6000 per sponsored post. It’s just simply amazing. This article was unbelievable for me. But as you have written about it then i will surely have to trust on it. Thanks for the ultimate guide Enstine!!!

  9. Hi Enstine,
    I had to go over to Sue’s blog, that was a guide as to charges we take from sponsored posts, I don’t still know if I charge low or high, I guess my charges are moderate.

    These post has placed itself as a remindal, I totally forgot adding a advertise with us page on my blog after moving it to wordpress.

    All thesame thanks for sharing, do have a wonderful day ahead. 🙂

  10. Another great post indeed.

    Don’t really believe in sponsored post, but with approached on will anticipated looking for my first sponsored post on my blog.

    This is a great article and thanks for sharing !!

  11. Hi Enstine,

    $6000 for a sponsered is really big big amount. Truly speaking i’m still trying to find my first sponsered post. If you could help with the resourse that will be much apprecialbe. This is a great article and thanks for sharing !!

  12. Hey Enstine,

    Really $6000 per sponsored post really huge, if anyone can start getting offer like this then one can easily make living out of it. I had got $120 max for sponsored post.

    I am trying to increase it by improving the quality of my blog.

    Thanks for sharing

  13. Hey Enstine,

    Great post indeed!

    $6000 per sponsored post is really a very big figure and you really taught us very well how to grab that. You really contributed something very valuable at Ann’s blog.

    I appreciate your efforts buddy. Keep Going 🙂

  14. Thank you for writing about Sue Ann and her blog. I have really gained a lot on the sponsored post article. One can really make it big by embracing sponsored post(s). Thanks for the clearer messages in your article.

  15. that was unbelievable.

    `1 articles 6000$ ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I Never believed sponsored posts can be priced at high amounts such as these.But If it is ,it was great

  16. Never believed sponsored posts can be priced at high amounts such as these.. 🙂

    That’s a complete eye opener post

  17. Yes I have same plan because your post has given me a great boost regarding confidence with which I am looking to make handsome amount of money 🙂

  18. It sounds good! $50-$6,000 per sponsored blog post. I read this article and got an idea..we don’t need to fight for adsence all time. Sponsored posts are the best substitute of ad networks to earn huge amounts in short time..

    • Hello,
      If you work your blog and make it popular, you definitetely can earn good with sponsored posts. I have been doing good with it in recent times.
      Thanks for your feedback

  19. It sounds good! $50-$6,000 per sponsored blog post. I read this article,and got and an idea..we don’t need to fight for adsence all time. Sponsored posts are the best substitute of ad networks to earn huge amounts in short time..

  20. Hello Enstine,

    Again wonderful job. I just loved your work always.

    I already know Sue Ann and visited this post too by Annabel. It was great info and what I was looking for. She provides great information on her blog and interviewed several pro bloggers. I have visited some of the awesome Pro bloggers interviews over there. All were awesome and inspiring too.

    Thanks for sharing more details about Sue here. Have a nice day!

    • Hi Nisha,
      Sue’s blog is one to read constantly especially by money making bloggers. She shares impressive tips and methods and this guest article is one of those exciting contents you can only read on her blog.

      thanks for sharing your experience with us Nisha.

      hope to talk with you again soon

  21. Ohh.. how I forget to read this splendid post. Actually I always used to search for how to get adsense but this post has given me a new hope in monetization of blogs.
    Again I will say you done a great job by this information because it will motivate many bloggers like me 🙂

  22. (You spelled “lose” wrong.)

    Even if I had strong analytics, I’d personally feel bad accepting $6,000 for a simple sponsored post.

  23. Hi Enstine,
    useful article for anyone starting to monetize their blog with sponsored posts.

    I like the graphic with informative details and prices.
    It’s a great start for deciding the fee to ask to advertisers.

    I’ve just read also the post at Sue’s blog.

    Thanks for the share Enstine!
    Have a great weekend! 🙂

    • Hi Erik,
      How are you going this weekend my friend?

      Sue’s blog has much more incredible content. You just have to click around and discover a lot more.
      thanks for your feedback bro and do have a wonderful weekend

  24. Hey Enstine,

    Had i hear this somewhere else… Will have just argued it but then you’ve said it! You’re the boss! What more can i say?

    Nice update bro 🙂

  25. Hey Enstine,

    I just read the post and I have to say it would be great for someone like me who has no experienced with sponsored post. Using PR and Unique Visitors would be a great criteria to go off of to determine what to charge. You would think they would go off of that when deciding who they want to do business with, right?

    Thanks for the share Enstine! Have a great weekend!

    • Hey Sherman,

      what about my lead system pro review? You are on your way to making money with reviews right?

      It’s so interestign to get thos $200, $500 and sometimes $1000 or $2000 sent straight to your paypal to write a review 😉

      Hope to rise up to that level of 1000s of dollars too per post 😉

      Good luck brother

  26. Hey Enstine,

    I know Sue Ann and she teaches a lot of wonderful things over on her blog.

    I’m not surprised by this post but that’s cool that Annabel updated this one and I think anyone eager to make money in this way would be eager to either learn from what you’ve shared here on your blog already about this topic but also checkout what Annabel has to say as well.

    As you know I don’t do this either but the post definitely has me curious.

    Thanks for sharing this with us and I’m sure Sue Ann appreciates that too.


    • Hey Adrienne,
      The way you are going, I won’t be shocked to hear that an advertiser gets to you with such huge offer to talk about his/her product on your blog. You’ve got the market that most of us want.

      I know you won’t accept just anything for the money. Your readers first and any product you want to talk about must be relevant 😉

      Hope you are doing great this weekend and thanks for stopping by

  27. Hey, Enstine,
    Happy to be here again
    I am glad that so far I made 6 CommentLuv LOL
    Hey, you always make people in confusion with your terrific abut lovely and catchy titles.
    This time too the curiosity thing/business or what you call KEYWORD brought me at ones from a serious job and I read and write this comment. Hey Enstine you introduced yet another wonderful personality from the blogging world,
    Sponsored Posts!
    Indeed this is a new subject to me and I need to check out more about it
    I just had a glance at here place and back here to say a few words of thanks
    Indeed you introduced a wonderful person thru your page. Amazing indeed I am going again to Ann’s place to have a serious reading LOL
    May you have a wonderful weekend Enstine!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Best Regards
    ~ Phil

  28. Sponsored posts are really a great way to earn lots of money. Just going to check out Ann’s article on this and I am sure I will find something pretty great and lucky.

    Wish me luck Enstine, Keep writing 🙂

  29. For Sure Sir, You Really Do know How To Catch Someone’s Attention With Your post Update.

    Nice Article.

  30. Sponsored posts had been a thing that shocked me when I got my first offer in 2012, I was running heta-sceta, asking various bloggers how to charge without loosing the client and also gaining moderate pay from the offer, I wish I found this post then.
    I had received a few more after the first, but They hardly ever come. Since my traffic went up, I also had to increase price per blog post, but something concerns me Mr. Enstine, which introducing stats to your clients, Do you see Difference between daily readers and Page views, How do you state their differences, since this is a fact we must explain to clients properly.

  31. Well written bro.

    It’s possible to get $6,000 per sponsored post but it’s not only the quantity of traffic but the quality of traffic that matters. In addition, bloggers should be able to negotiate a better deal from advertisers, not settle for less and be able to back up the negotiation with a good service.

    And, thanks for quoting one of the the articles on my blog.

  32. Enstine,

    Powerful stuff man. Thanks for sharing this and I can’t agree more of using the PR and traffic to scale for income.

    But if you are already on PR5, you can start demanding like no tomorrow. Haha!

    Good job!

  33. It’s really look interesting Post. is it possible $6000 for per Sponsored post ? Enstine Muki Bro i have blog but low traffic how to get sponsored post for my blog please reply me

  34. Hey Enstine,

    Thank you for writing about how much is supposed to be charged for sponsored blog articles.

    This is going to be the first time of knowing about Sue Ann and her blog.

    I will definitely check her out when i have time to read the referred article.

    You have been able to show us that we can charge up to $6000 per sponsored article on our blog but it depend on how much value our blog can offer to the sponsor.

    Thanks for writing.

    Take care and have a nice day ahead.

    – Oloyede Jamiu

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