Hidden Blog Commenting Trick For Huge Traffic & Networking!

NB: Do this little blog commenting trick I want to share here and stop complaining of traffic. You will see how this works for you and takes your blog to a big new level. It really works so… 

  1. Read this post carefully.
  2. Do what I to explain here.

We as bloggers know the importance of blog commenting. As a matter of fact, it has been the main tool that has grown my blog this far in less than 2 months.  With blog commenting, you can literally and quickly build a popular blog, breaking the barriers of traffic and networking – by networking, I meaning building relationships with like-minded bloggers. 

For my one year and a few months of blogging (I started blogging in August 2012), I have realized that bloggers love comments from real people. Apart from sharing their articles on social media, leaving comments on their blogs is always a source of motivation and some excitement.blog commenting for traffic

Do you really want to own a very popular blog?

Everyone wants to be owner of popular blog right? I have written this article on how to build a very popular blog in 90 days. You need to check it out

How to build a very popular blog in 90 days

We have generally read around how to leave engaging comments on blog posts. Bloggers have learned to grow from the usually decried short ‘great post’ type of comment to more comprehensive and detailed blog comments. As a matter of fact, some commentators like Harleena, Efoghor Joseph Ezie and Kingsley (and a few others) will challenge your article by leaving comments sometimes 2 times longer than the post. This of course is what we want to see. This not only adds value to the post but also increases the time spent on site. We know how positive this is for marketing.

However, there is something I have been doing (not aggressively though) that has added more value to my blogging career in terms of traffic and hooking up with others. This is what I want to propose to you in this post.  I have noticed a few bloggers do this same thing on my blog and without knowing, I became real fan of theirs.

Is your blog attracting comments?

Before I share with you this little trick, I got just recently an interesting proposal from a Clickbank vendor who found the number of comments and engagement on my blog so exciting. Despite the blog being very new, he thinks that it will be a good deal for him to do business with me.  The question is – what do I do to have close to 2000 valuable comments on a blog that’s just about 2 months old?

The truth is blogs with CommentLuv attract a lot of visits and comments. Sometimes you may think those comments have no commercial value but from my experience, they are worth money.

Now if you want the real benefits of blog commenting, I encourage you invest in the premium edition of commentluv for a couple of reasons:

  • Encourage commenting on your blog (a big social proof factor)
  • Pull traffic to your blog through search engines (people search a lot for commentluv enabled blogs on Google)
  • Pull traffic from commentluv blogs directories and posts all over the net
  • Reward your commentators thereby encouraging them to comment
  • Encourage repeat visits through the ReplyMe module inbuilt
  • Deal will spam comments through GASP premium
  • Etc

2 other things I’m not sure you know about commentLuv Premium

1 – >Favorite Posts

While this is one of the most underused feature of CommentLuv Premium, it is an inbuilt capacity to pull huge attention to some of your favorite posts or pages.blog commenting

Simply set a page/post as favorite and commentluv will add it to your 10 most recent posts being available in the drop down list when you comment on CommentLuv enabled sites. Now in the image below, my 3 posts illustrated above are appended to the list. This will keep being so for as long as these posts remain in the list

blog commenting

2 – > First Comment Redirect

What happens if someone comes to your blog and leaves his/her first comment? I  have found myself really lost on some blogs. After hitting the submit button on the comment form for the first time, the page turns and raps back to no where. It’s embarrassing!

You should be able to take that new visitor who has made his first engagement on your blog to a special page. That’s what I think

blog first comment

I know of plugins dedicated to this but why junk up plugins when just 1 can do more than enough? With CommentLuv Premium, you can simply indicate the page/post to redirect your first time commentator to. Now use your brain to craft content for that page. Check out CommentLuv Premium here

Blog Commenting – > Traffic & Engagement trick

This is really no big secret though 😉 It’s only a secret because very few people are using it.

The only reason some people comment on blogs is to drop that link. That’s the wrong approach to blog commenting. If you change your mindset and start seeing it from the networking aspect, you’ll be building a golden package for yourself in the feature.

So how do you make blog commenting to work for you (pull traffic and build a network) ?

Here are the 2 things you normally should be doing :

  1. Read the article thoroughly
  2. leave reasonable comments

Take it to the next level …the trick

Reading articles and dropping quite impressive comments have proven to work but a little more effort can add more value to it.  Here are 2 things you should be doing that will confidently position you as a blogger to deal with:

  1. Reply to blog owner’s reply to your comment: That’s it! When you drop a comment on a blog, naturally, the blog owner will reply to your comment. Go back and reply to his reply.
  2. Reply to visitor’s comments: This is by far a proven way to attract attention. You have read the blog post and have a clear knowledge of the matter discussed. It’s time to engage with other readers that have dropped comments. Replying to readers’ comments will not only introduce you to them and drag them to your blog, it will also help the blog owner get more repeat visits.

How to leave highly engaging blog comments and replies

  • Be personal in the comments – You may even start the comment with some personal opening phrases.
  • While replying to a comment, draw the commentators’ attention to something he will be happy you know about it (not necessarily related to the post commented). For instance, tell him about a recent post you read on his blog that grabbed your attention.
  • Don’t forget to make a useful reply to the commentator’s comment
  • Then leave a final sentence that will course him to come back and reply to your reply – something like a question, an overt opinion, etc

Now this will help us transform blog commenting into real discussion and relationship building activity

What do you think?

Have you been replying to comments on other blogs before? Do you think this will work for you?

Share your comment and reply to replies on this post 😉

103 thoughts on “Hidden Blog Commenting Trick For Huge Traffic & Networking!”

  1. Hi Enstine Muki,
    I found your article very useful, attractive, engaging and informative for every newbie blogger like me.
    Thanks for this blog commenting ideas.
    I will surely consider your points before commenting.

  2. Another great post, Enstine sir. Thank you for these very valuable provoking tips on blogging. Well, Earlier I was very non-serious regarding the facets of commenting and replying emails but now I am opposite of it.
    I look forward to your next post. Thank you!

  3. Hi Enstine, thank you very much for this great post. This definetly is an issue(blog commenting) I did not attach much importance to. May be because I am just starting out, or just because I still belong to the old school where link building was done with spammy black hart technics.
    After reading your post, I am now wiser. I know for sure I have to endeavor to search for fellow bloggers of like minds – networking, provide helpful and useful information to my site visitors among other things, and try to be real. In addition I know I need a Mentor to cut short the learning curve associated with the online business.
    The main problem faced by most new entrants (including ME) into the online game is the need for tools which are necessary for the business but are out of reach for the newbie. There are free alternatives, but their funtionalities are limited, how do we address this problem until we gather funds to purchase the needed tools?

  4. Thank you Ernestine,

    I followed your example and installed commentluv on my small, German site. Let’s see if this becomes a win-win situation (valuable feedback for for me, backlinks for visitors) or if there will only be spam 😉

  5. I wish to thank you very much for this information that you shared freely. No doubt you have demonstrated that truly commenting on relevant blogs can be used for Links building, moving traffic your way and most importantly, building relationships even if they are virtual.

    I must admit that I am aware of this trick but I didn’t know how powerful it was until I read about it’s potential from your post. I think you have taken this technique to a different new level. I am going to implement and exploit to the fullest this free and very effective method. And to take it a step further, I am installing the commentLuv plugin(free one for a start)

    Again, I say thank you.

  6. Hi Enstine,

    We the bloggers are well aware of the importance of blog commenting, but today after reading this post I have learnt a few things about commentluv that seem very interesting and helpful.

    Thanks for sharing this blog commenting trick:)

    Subha Sadiq

  7. Hi Enstine,

    We the bloggers are well aware of the importance of blog commenting, but today after reading this post I have learnt a few things about commentluv that seem very interesting and helpful.

    I wish I could have a look on this post before:) Anyways, Great stuff Enstine, wish you best of luck!

  8. I like that you mention blog commenting as a way to network with other bloggers. Most people just think about leaving the comments and moving on. The earlier we get that the better it would be. It’s not just about leaving comments all over the web. It’s about fingering out a couple of blogs on which you’ll constantly leave comments and build win-win relationships.

  9. Hello sir,
    You are great. I read your article and i don;t want to get close your site tab because your post sharing are great. I’ll get nice information to my knowledge.
    Thanks brother.
    But in my mind came a one question. Can i use CommentLuv free plugin on my blog please help me regarding to my question.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Surendra, just to reply to your post on enstinemuki.com in October 2015. I remember you asked ” Can i use CommentLuv free plugin on my blog please help me regarding to my question.”

      Well, I presume you might have installed the free version of commentLuv plugin on your site. If not the answer to your question is YES! You can use it. I presume also that you know how to do it.

      Again, if not sure, login to your blog Dashboard, look for plugins, click on Add New. Look for a window where it says “Search Plugins”, type commentLuv plugin and press “Enter” on your keyboard. You will be presented with plugins in this categorey. Intall the one by Andy Bailey, the one I use and which is good.

      I hope this helps.


  10. First of all thanx for the article!
    I am not able to leave your site. The reason is simple – high-quality attractive content.
    Just opened several tabs on my chrome!
    enjoying it!

  11. Wow. I actually use Comment Luv already on my blog, but I didn’t know about some of these premium features. They look incredibly useful. Also, your tip on replying to lots of comments on someone else’s blog post is genius. 🙂

  12. Enstine:

    I was hoping if I hung around and studied your blog posts enough! Sooner or later you would reveal your closely guarded secrets!LOl!

    Seriously, your trick, which is incredibly shrewd marketing my friend, is absolutely fabulous! And I’ll start practicing it asap!
    Excellent content! And thanks so much for revealing/sharing it! And will pass it on as well!

  13. Enstine:

    They say the unsuccessful often focus on price, while the successful focus on providing value! And that’s certainly what you have done with this particular post!

    Now I know to come back and further engage with the blogger owner as well as some of the other contributors!

    Powerful indeed! Thanks for sharing! And will definitely start applying your excellent strategy!

  14. Great article! I tend to comment on blogs that use commentluv, but I don’t use it myself.. Hmm! Perhaps I should look into installing this on my blogs!

    • I’m sure you’ll see a great change in engagement on your blog Andrew if you give this plugin a try!
      Thanks for your stopping by and dropping a comment 😉

  15. Enstine, I particularly like your 2 suggestions for taking blog commenting to the next level. They are 2 tips that are really quite simple but I can see how they could be very effective in keeping the dialog going and in generating more interest in your own blog.

    • Hey Glenys,
      Thanks for the visit and comment.
      These suggestions are simple but hard to practice 😉 Sometimes, with over 50 comments to read and moderate a day, it becomes not quite easy to meet up 😉

      do have a wonderful week Glenys

  16. Hi Muki, I guess your a really good at blogging, you are the type of blogger that will help readers find the information they need and like me, I am always a reader of different blog that is why I made it successful and make at least $60 USD per day, thanks and God bless.

  17. Hi Enstine,
    I am Getting it. I like your post. I am fairly new to blogging and I was writing like crazy and it was good. BUT, I realized if I was in this for the long run, I was going to have to connect with people and actually leave comments. I was reading posts, but didn’t comment. It was actually a little difficult at first. But then I started getting connections and . . . . it is so much better. So, I am off to a slow start, but at least I am now off to A start.

    I agree with you. I like CommentLuv for many reasons. I think you made some good points about it — I do like the First Comment Redirect. (I also like that it helps with spam).

    Hopefully,you will be one of my new connections 🙂


  18. Hey Estine,.,. Thanks a lot for the tricks. I hope that you will take my opinion in a positive way. I think that quality content can change your life. Isn’t it???

  19. Good Day, Enstine!

    Thought you’d like to know that today I am arriving from your comments over on the LinkedIn group where the question is asked about “commenting.” This stuff works, eh?

    You’ve probably seen my comment to Naveen above concerning the redirection feature in CommentLuv so I won’t reiterate it here. Thanks for pointing it out because you have saved me from installing YACRWNCP (yet another comment redirect welcoming new commenters plugin). Yep, I made that up! 🙂

    • Yes Vernessa it really works! I love that group and linkedIn in general. It’s beginning to get some traffic for me 😉

      If there was way to eliminate all the plugins I have and still function normally, I will not hesitate to follow the instructions. I never tried YACRWNCP before. I don’t even need it 😉

      Thanks for your presence and contribution Vernessa. I hope you are having a wonderful week

  20. Hey Enstine,

    I must say that this is a wonderful blog post. Blog commenting is an absolutely great way to bring in traffic to your blog.

    The trick to make blog commenting work is to do it on a regular basis.

    I also find out when blog commenting if you get to be one of the first persons to comment then this can result in more traffic as well. CommentLuv enabled blogs rocks.

    Thanks for the post.

    • Hey man,
      Let me add this to what you just said – if you get to a good post where some one else has already made the first comment, just reply to it. That way, your comment still hangs at the top (that’s in the case where the comments are displayed in ascending order) I have seen some guys do that 😉

      How about that?

  21. Hi Enstine,
    Yes blog commenting has many advantages. I do actively participate in commenting on other blogs. I love to comment.

    At my start it was hard to get comments. But now I am happy all because of “CommentLuv” thanks to this awesome plugin and your awesome tips.
    Have a great day.

  22. I do love commenting, plus it is one of the top traffic sources for my new blog 😉

    So far, everything is good…but I do feel I can do more (not in terms of commenting though! I already have around 99 blogs I actively comment on – well, 90 to be exact..about 10 sites are just for research and reading). And, managing these 90 sites itself is hard…adding more blogs is just going to make it tougher (I can’t spend too much time with this – got to focus on my studies, right? :D).

    So, I am looking to guest posting…I haven’t done it in a while (apart from the post on your blog and one at another blog…so, it should be interesting).

    I do reply back to the replies I get….that’s why I use a different email for my commenting efforts, it’s easier to keep track of the notifications 😀

    But, I don’t actively reply back to the comments of others (I have done that a few times…but not so much). Like you mentioned, it is a great way to gain attention; I have seen a few bloggers use this technique effectively 😀

    Thanks for these tips, Enstine 🙂 Appreciate it! Hope your weekend is going well!

    • I don’t know how Physics Review got in the twitter username field…it was in my to do..must have copied it 😉

      Can you fix that, Enstine? Thanks!

    • Hi Javeen,
      Thanks for the awesome article you submitted to me when I was just too busy offline 😉

      I understand what it means to like – studying, blogging and embracing other stuffs. Quite time demanding isn’t it? And with 90 blogs on the list, reaching all of these is not a possibility at times 😉 You just have to do your best and give more time to studies – that’s what I think 😉

  23. Yes blog commenting is the best way to drive traffic and this trick is the best to start with as new blogs are not able to drive traffic and then doing a blog commenting ina right way is one simpler way for getting traffic and this will helps a to insipre to write ome post .Yes I think more comments on our post really insipers bloggers to write more.Its obivous feeling of the mankind if someone praise our work then we really feel happy and after the strict rule from the google and google alogorithm updates its really important to comment on high traffic blog and to drive more traffic.

  24. Commenting on other blog is a readily a powerful technique to draw in traffic. The engagement and relationship it promotes are awesome. Applying this technique successfully can also improve the click through rate of a website.

    Hence, it becomes really important to adopt a system that would make this work effectively. Luckily, the tips shared in this post can give a newbie blogger a head start.

    More so, the CommentLuv Plugin is much more than a commenting tool. Its premium version should be a “must installed” plugin for any blog that crave to make difference!

    In kingged.com – the content syndication and social networking website for Internet marketers, this post was shared, and I have left the above comment.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor


  25. Hi Enstine,

    First of all, I must admit that the title you use is interesting. I think anyone who saw this title will probably start reading this article, as I did.

    I’ve done a few things from some of the instructions in your article, such as replying to comments addressed to my previous comment. It’s great! Honestly, at the beginning I started blogging, I was not too concerned about blog commenting 😉

    I got a new lesson about blogging from this article. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Enstine.
    I don’t t know how to say this, but this article is very useful for me 🙂

    Hoping you have a splendid weekend.

    Kind Regards,

    • Hey Nanda,
      I’m so glad to read your comment this morning. My excitement is that this article has helped you out 😉
      I’m sure we bloggers will keep the commenting and replies active. what I encourage is to be able to curl a phrase at the end of each comment or reply that will keep us coming back to say something 😉 That will certainly work in more cases.

      BTW how is the weekend moving over there? Hope you are having fun

      • Hi Enstine,

        Thanks for the replies.
        Yes, I still want to continue to learn to be better at blogging. That’s why this article is so helpful to me. I thought, would be great if there was a conversation in the blog comment section. All bloggers would want it, including me 😉

        I spent my weekend with blogging and watching movies. It’s like I want to relax on my weekends. how about you? Hope you are having fun too.


        • Hey Nanda,
          Thanks for keeping the discussion warm
          Yes, my weekend has been good. It’s still being prolonged though due to today (Monday) being a local public holiday 😉

  26. Hi Enstine,

    Just from the comments on this post, It’s obvious you practice what you preach!

    When I first started blogging, commenting on other blogs was something I didn’t do. When I started I found so much value in it. Not only was I learning a lot from reading others post but I was able to make some great connections. These connections went from our blogs then to our social media accounts etc.

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information and hopefully others start to see its value

    Take care Enstine!

    • Hey Wilson,
      I remember I was reading Adrienne Smith’s post where she linked to your article about increasing traffic by 12%. I linked up to your blog and got hooked. I left a comment and that brought you to my blog and since then, we have been on each others blog commenting and sharing. That’s very exciting. While we both appreciate and share our contents on social media, commenting is one of the activities that keep our blogs very active. This will surely continue for as long as we blog.

      The reply you did on the comment I left on your blog yesterday was so attractive so I had to go again to your blog and continue the engagement. That’s just what I’m talking about. That’s how blog commenting should look like – useful discussions.

      I hope everyone gets to understand this and we make blog commenting a real traffic and networking tool.

      Hope you are having a great weekend. Mind will be too long as Monday and Tuesday and public holidays here in my country 😉

  27. Hey Enstine! I love this idea! I have went back and commented on a few blogs int he past when I received an answer to a question before but never really gave this much thought. Awesome Awesome stuff my friend! I am also going to give your suggestion a try and comment on others comments It certainly makes sense to me.. Thanks for sharing your tips. Chery :))

    • Hey Chery,
      Testimonies and feedbacks I’m getting really show this thing works so well. I’m made to understand that kingged.com pulls it’s traffic essentially from blog commenting. That’s a ‘WOW’ traffic source and I’m working towards fully experimenting it. It surely will work

      BTW I was on your site through the link left here. I’ll be giving that system a closer look this week

      Do have a wonderful Sunday Chery and thanks for making it a date with me here today

      • Hello Again Enstine. Yeppers Already taking your advice HeHe I did sign up with kingged.com last week Via your advice but I really haven’t figured out how to use this site yet! Is there some sort of a training for the site anywhere? Looking forward to connecting with you soon.. Have a Blessed Sunday My Friend!! Chery :))

        • Hey Chery,
          How was your weekend? I’m still on weekend though 😉 Today Monday is public holiday so my weekend is pretty long
          Well, I don’t if Kingsley has any training materials. I’ll find out from him. However, what I recommend now is submitting your contents, voting others, making comments, adding friends. Doing this should fetch you some traffic from there 😉

          Thanks for adding me as friend there on kingged.com . Hope for more engagement

          • Hey Again Enstine!! I had a Crazy Good Weekend! Spent it with my family, went to see the Monster Trucks Fun Fun!! And you still on the weekend Cool! What kind of a public holiday is it? Interesting??

            As for Kingged.com I am learning more and have added you as a friend, I will find some time to spend there today.. Thanks for the advice my friend.. Chery :))

          • Aha! good to have time with family 😉 I’m just driving in with my wife, baby and some two other family member. We went to out to a popular food spot for super. It was so exciting 😉

            As a matter of fact, the big day is tomorrow, Tuesday 11 February – that’s the reunification day. Today being a bridge ( a day between 2 public holidays) is automatically a public holiday. So the weekend continues tomorrow. Long one isn’t it?

  28. Quality blog commenting may not necessarily be about the length of the comment, because someone can come up and write stories totally unrelated to the content of discussion. Quality blog commenting is about adding value to the content, sharing your views and opinions, agreeing or disagreeing with the author’s views.

    Blog commenting can provide a lot of values when done right, it can help one build a brand that can easily be recognized with quality due to the quality of comments you leave around the internet.

    Blog commenting has improved my blog in a lot of ways and apart from the backlinks you can build with it, you can also build relationships with other bloggers, expose your posts to a wider audience and attract quality and targeted traffic to your blog.

    I am an active member of a blogging community called Kingged.com and since i joined the site my blog engagement and traffic has been improved.

    • Hey Desmond,
      The prove is that you are the highest winner of the daily cash contest over there at kingged.com. That shows the quality in your comments

      Keep it up and thanks for showing up bro

  29. Great advice, Enstine. I always feel it takes a comment stream to another level when people start interacting with each other, as you suggest. In order to facilitate this, though, bloggers must have systems in place for notifying readers of replies to their comments – without that, it’s unlikely to happen.

    • Yes that’s an important addition Sue – the replyMe and I think a theme that supports replies with quite deep nesting
      I’ll pay attention to this

      Thanks for the comment Sue. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend 😉

  30. Enstine
    As usual, another great post. Thank you for these very valuable and thought provoking tips on blogging. As a subscriber to your Newsletter, I find you always provide rich content and valuable insight and guidance for bloggers and internet marketing alike. Thank you for your plethora of information and help! I look forward to your next post 🙂

    • Hi Beckster,
      Thanks for being a loyal subscriber. It gives me such a huge encouragement to work harder towards providing more useful content

      Thanks for bringing this to my knowledge and do have a wonderful weekend

  31. Hi Enstine,

    You continue to amaze me my friend with your ideas, we all know how important blog commenting is and I should be doing it more aggressive but sometimes I just don’t find the time. But you idea is really great to put an additional effort in a blog post that you have already read and commented on, it would be very useful to start a discussion with one of the comments and to reply to them. If you didn’t got their attention in the first time you will surely got theirs on the next reply. Thanks again for sharing your great tips.

    • HI Qasim,
      We all have that issue of time. A lot to do in a day with just 24 hours 😉

      Thanks for sharing your voice here with us. Let’s keep the engagement going through commenting

  32. Another awesome post from Enstine! This is a quick one to thank you for mentioning me as one of those that leave “cool” comments, 😉

    I will take my time to read through this some more and reply in “more” details later, 🙂

    Thanks again!

    • Hey Kingsley,
      Even those with dark eye glasses know you are on the list of those who drop exceptionally good comments

      Keep it up. Waiting to hear from you here again

      • Thanks again, for mentioning me in this article, Enstine. Like I said I would, here’s my response, in more details, 🙂

        You are very correct about the power of blog commenting. In fact, you only scratched the surface of this power. It’s far more powerful than most people know. And it can bring a ton of traffic, if done right, if done consistently and if done massively.

        The type of blog commenting you are even talking about in this article is “individual” blog commenting, but do you know that it can be a MAJOR source of traffic generation for even big companies?

        It can even get similar or even better results than traditional content marketing. Perhaps the new term should be 💡 “comments marketing”? Hmmmm, did I just create a new marketing term? 😀

        I say so because blogs commenting, on its own, has been the MAJOR source of traffic for Kingged.com, for the past year and a half now. So major that blog commenting, ALONE, has brought MILLIONS of traffic to Kingged.com… yes, millions.

        But of course, not from my efforts alone. In fact I didn’t even do anything, compared to what our in-house commentators have done.

        Talking about specifics… Kingged.com has had 5 to 10 in-house commentators who have been commenting, almost on a daily basis, on tons of blogs out there. Our records show that they have made 10,000+ comments in 1,000+ top blogs since 2012.

        And these 10,000+ comments in 1,000+ blogs continue to bring us extremely targeted traffic, non-stop. We can even decide to stop all forms of promotions and we will continue getting traffic for years to come!

        All from blog commenting! And if you ask me – that’s some real power right there.

        Ask most bloggers how they first learned about Kingged and they will tell you they saw someone leave a comment on their blogs, linking back to Kingged.

        And yes, I am talking about valuable and quality comments. Not crappy nor spammy backlinks-seeking type of comments, 😆

        When blog commenting is done massively and consistently, you can even forget about relying on Google for traffic. Even though we still get traffic from Google to Kingged.com, that’s not something we rely on. We don’t even do anything to get love from Google. We once did, in the beginning, but not anymore. Any traffic now from Google is what we call “unexpected bonus”. We focus more on other forms of traffic generation and blog commenting is a MAJOR form for us.

        This way we can sleep peacefully at night, without bothering whether Google will release one of their animals or not, 🙂

        Remember, Enstine, I told you in private a week or so back about a massive article I was writing about this subject, right? It’s since been completed but other things got in the way of releasing it. Now that you brought this up, I will release it in the next couple of days.

        The article will detail exactly how Kingged.com has used MAINLY blogs commenting (10,000+ comments in 1,000+ blogs) to get MILLIONS of never-ending highly targeted views, since we started… and of course, how anyone can achieve similar or even better results, 🙂

        Thanks again, for an awesome article. And thanks for sharing this on Kingged.com. I have “kingged” it and I am sure others will too!

        • “Comments marketing” 😉 looks like if people get well educated enough on this, it will work 😉

          I think the post you are about to publish will be one of the most read and promoted on kingged.com. We will definitely want to know what the commenting secret behind your platform is. Yes we see your staff everywhere leaving quite impressive comments.

          As a matter of fact, this my look like the beginning of a new marketing system. Your success story will surely inspire a lot of online entrepreneurs to invest in commenting on other blogs for traffic. I’ll be expecting the post this week 😉

          Thanks for coming back and leaving detailed comment as promised Kingsley and do have a wonderful weekend

  33. Hi Enstine, well I learned something new today 🙂 I didn’t realize about favorite posts with CommentLuv Premium. I will be off to check that out today. I’ve gone back to comment on an authors replay but not that often. It really depends on what the reply was, etc. I do notice a huge drop in comments when I’m not out and about commenting which has been hard to do with a full time job, writing posts and an ill mother. I try to at least do 5 per day and sometimes can get to 25. Thanks for sharing these tips with us today Enstine and have yourself a great weekend!

    • Hey Lisa,
      In short, blog commenting is not easy. With lots of things to do here and there, it becomes some times hard to leave even 5 comments

      Yes, I think blog owners should help make their comment replies conversational. They way you end your reply can really make the commentator to come back or not.

      Have you tried the commentluv favorite feature? How did it go?

      • Enstine, I did try it and it was easy to do, thank you! Didn’t take more than 3 minutes to do. I like when something is EASY to accomplish 🙂

        • Hey Lisa one of the pages I’ll add as favorite is the “Advertise on my blog” page. I’ll add an attractive title so I can draw traffic to it. That will surely add to how much I can sell on my blog 😉

          As a matter of fact, I intend to add money making blog posts or pages to the list of favorite

          What do you think about that?

  34. Hey Einstine,

    Earlier I was very non-serious regarding the facets of commenting and replying emails but now I am opposite of it. I understood the importance of comment exchange with time and seeing the good outcome for my blog.
    As respect begets respect similarly comments begets comments but I embrace only honest comment like if somebody is aware of my shortcomings and not letting me know. It is so well and good if readers like my post.
    Needless to add awesome catchlines again and never forget to keep us up to date through your considerable post after post.

  35. Wow! Isn’t it great to be recognized by a problogger like Enstine for my quality and engaging comments? I must say I am greatly honoured by this mention. Being mentioned alongside bloggers like Harleena Singh and Kingsley is a thing of joy.

    Yes Harleena knows how to pull the strings when it comes to engaging comments; she has been everywhere leaving those comments you cannot ignore. At a point I was wondering if she had time to do any other thing for herself until I caught the fever myself 😀 Now it is difficult for me to visit a blog and leave a liner or two liner comment. I just find it impossible to do.

    Well, Kingsley has become relatively popular with his ‘Comment and win’ contest on his website. That has made him respond to virtually every comment left on his site, and also visit several blogs daily to keep the engagement going. Now he is everywhere doing what ideally should be done – leaving constructive and complementary comments. I am happy knowing Harleena, and now Kingsley too. Maybe I will soon form an association of engaging blog commentators 😀

    Enstine, I must say you are a personality that is difficult to ignore and as far as blogging is concerned, you are moving at a jet speed. I would say you made the right decision to start blogging otherwise the blogosphere would be missing a great talent like you.

    Since I found out blog commenting was a way of engaging others and building relationships, I have held on to it tenaciously and would never let it slip off my hands. It has revolutionized my blogging life; and it’s only a fool that would throw away a system that works so well for him.

    About return visit? That is one aspect I just learned today and would try to add that to my way of improving comments and solidifying new relationships. Let me also say here that Adrienne Smith is one person that surprises me with the way she seeks after every new visitor to her blog. She gets personal by sending you a mail or giving you a call. If we all add this virtue, engagement on our blogs would improve significantly. Don’t you think so?

    • Hey Joseph,
      I see you putting to practice Enstine’s revealed trick 😉
      I also see you leaving quite impressive comments around. Good image of you

      • Luke, thanks for the observation. I am trying to practice what I believe. A lot of bloggers tell you how to do things but they never do what they advise. That makes them hypocritical to some extent.

        I have been trying to help keep blogs engaged and rich. But one thing missing in my engagement has been the area of returning to continue the conversation. I am learning to add that now. Thanks for appreciating my comment. Do find time to visit my blog if you don’t mind 😀

        • But to be honest Joseph, you’ve really mastered that aspect in this conversation. You’ve leave comments on this post four good times and not just comments, but some insightful thought.

          I pray a time will come I can master this art very well. Leaving comments on blogs has been one thing that I find too stressful, though I have been very active in sharing other bloggers post I find interesting and worth sharing.

          Definitely, am sharing this one on twitter and giving my likes to it. Google+? Definitely.

          Thanks Enstine, the way you approach this subject makes me rethink on my believe on blog commenting for driving traffic. You already know my stand on this issue. But for now, I will sure put your advice into practice.

    • Hi Joe,
      I can see Luke too has taken note of your wonderful comment. Nature cannot be fooled – if you sow rightly, you harvest and that’s what you and the few others and doing. Bloggers around do appreciate you hanging around and dropping reasonable comments. I’m not different 😉 I’m just doing the right thing – telling the world that you guys rock 😉

      Thanks for the serious engagement bro and do have a wonderful weekend

  36. “Reply to blog owner’s reply to your comment” this is powerful. You can start a good relationship by doing so. Just keep it up, share valuable comment that can help the blog owner and other commentators. That isn’t difficult to do, it’s just sharing what you know in a certain post. Be friendly, I must say.

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social bookmarking and networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  37. Hello Enstine,
    As always, another wonderful article,
    Yes, I agree with your blog commenting is a great way to drive huge traffic and it also add value to the article. Blog commenting is very necessary to appreciate others work and get same as reciprocal.
    It is 100% true Commentluv attract a lot of visits and comments.
    I found this post on kingged.com and left a comment there.

  38. Hi Enstine,

    Oh yes…you have done SO well with this blog, and it’s just reaching greater heights each day, and that’s all thanks to your hard work and effort 🙂

    Yes, I am glad I’ve added those list of posts, though I need to add the latest and better ones, so good reminder for me. First comment redirect is something new, or perhaps I still need to create a page to direct people onto as yet, so never really gave it a detailed look.

    I agree with you about commenting (thanks so much for the kind mention too), and I would say, while we write long comments and work hard there, you work smart and write crisp and to the points, yet effective comments dear friend, and I love your tricks, which are so important.

    I wish more people would understand that commenting isn’t about leaving links, and these backlinks don’t hold all that much of a value as earlier, but the relationships you build with the blog owner is what counts. I can see you do a lot of what you mentioned, so I am not surprised to see so many comments on your blog too.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Happy weekend, and I hope you have a relaxing one and not work too hard 🙂

  39. Interesting idea Enstine. The double comment idea is definitely something that not many people do, and so those who do it definitely stand out.

    Like you mention though, I think rather than just deciding to always double comment, it’s important to focus more on writing engaging comments so you have more of a reason to come back and comment again.

    Hope you’re having a great weekend man

    • Hey Josh,
      Thanks for your input on this article 😉
      Yes, We are having a long weekend here – ends on Tuesday due to some public holidays on Monday and Tuesday in our country. That makes the weekend very long 😉

  40. The first comment redirect seems like a good idea. Never thought of that, so logged in CM and did that. Thanks for this tip.

  41. Hello Enstine,

    While what you shared here is quite an open secret, it is worthy of pointing out how very few bloggers ever take time to observe it and implement. I have kept arguing that many persons get it wrong when they comment like machines! I have replied many comments and asked questions which never got answers.

    Only a serious blogger would feel and understand my dismay…damn! How would I take anyone who never answered his questions serious?

    Great article I must say…and a nice weekend!


    • Hi Terungwa,
      Good to see you here and thanks for the comment.
      Yes, I love your engagement especially here on my blog. You do exactly what I try to explain here and I think if we all get educated on this, we will all be getting better results from bog commenting

      Do have a wonderful weekend 😉

    • Terungwa, that’s exactly why a lot of bloggers are failing. If you want people to be interested in you, you must first be interested in them. So if a blogger does not show that he is interested in his readers, they would dump him for someone who shows concern.

      If a readers takes the pain to visit your blog and leave a precious comment, why on earth should you not respond to at least show how much you care. Visiting and reading your posts is not an obligation on the part of the reader; there are millions of blog he could as well go to read contents from. We must therefore see it as a favour from them and then respect them for their decision to keep reading our posts.

      I get concerned when I leave a comment on a blog and it never gets any response from the blog owner. We must all learn to do the ideal thing by responding to comments left on our blogs. Do have a pleasant weekend.

  42. Hi,

    I have a two year old blog but I don’t receive comments at all on my blog. Only some of my posts receive comments and the reason is that I am not using commentluv commenting system for my blog.

    I guess I’ll need to move from my existing comments to CommentLuv. Your blog post has enlightened me to do so.

    Thanks for the post.

    • Hi Devinder,
      I think on a more general note, some niches get commments more than others. However, do switch to commentluv and let’s see the results. I’m sure there is going to be an improvement in the engagement.

      Thanks for your visit and comment

  43. Hey Enstine,
    After long gap form blogging, I am again here. The trick you have described is very clear and effective as I had done the very same ( Reply to Reply) on some blog na few time ago.

    The important thing is the comment system of blog. If a blogger uses very simple comment Module its obvious , more comment will be landing on that blog. I am using CLuv plugin and on my very new blog ( A new blog launched,) has attracted comments on it.
    You have remind me this reply to reply commenting Enstine. I would like to thanks for writing about this. I hope you will have a look on my newly established blog soon.


    • Hey Ravi,
      I can see the new blog is kicking off well. I’m on it but will be reading the posts in more details in a short while from now. I know you will soon take this blog to a whole new level. You are certainly good at that 😉

      • Hmm, yes its going up just with the first post it rocking. However there are a lot of factors that are supporting a new blog.

        And you know it better 😉 , after Emfastincome, this blog has grown rapidly as I can see 🙂
        I am following somewhat similar tactics 😉

  44. Hi Enstine,
    I thought I was going to read a rehashed material on blog commenting. It’s not easy to find fresh unique content on commenting on blogs these days. I even thought everything about commenting has been written but you came out with a completely fresh approach – well, maybe not very new but I think you are bringing out something that has been underexploited.

    I totally agree with you on this point – replying to comments on other blogs from other visitors will do a lot to encourage relationship building.

    Enstine you have a style that’s unique and I love jumping over here to read your posts. Keep being unique my friend and your new blog will soon explode 😉

    • Hi Luke,
      Thanks for those nice words 😉
      Yes I think this aspect of blog commenting is not fully used. It however has the inherent power to bring in exceptional results.

      Let’s put it to use and expect the results

  45. Hi Enstine,

    I’ve used one of your methods to promote my posts while commenting is, while commenting ComLuv displays number of recent posts and I choose best post or use different post for different blogs. This sometimes help me to targeted the right audience.

    And I’ve not aware about ComLuv premium will redirect the first commentors in to targeted post as we set. Will go and get it CLP soon.

    Thanks mate.

    • Hey Naveen,
      Don’t forget to use my affiliate link while buying clp. This will get for you my bonuses – ViralBird and CashDonator

      I’m happy you were around today and do have a wonderful weekend

    • I’m with you, Naveen — I noticed the redirection on our host’s site (Enstine) the first time I commented here but I didn’t know it was another benefit Andy added to CommentLuv Premium. In fact, when I saw that nice page Enstine put together to welcome “me” I went off looking for a plugin in the WordPress repository! (slaps forehead)

      I’ll have to spread the word. (I should know about every feature in CommentLuv premium because I was an original beta tester of the plugin before it launched a couple of years ago!)

      • Hey Vernessa,
        Didn’t know you have been a commentluv user even before it went public 😉 I think the redirect function is handy. I love it

        LOL so you went looking for a plugin that already is installed on your blog? Good to know this post helped you realize the riches embedded in commentLuv Premium

  46. I think this post is awesome, one of the best I’ve been reading and commenting today.
    Blog commenting is for sure the key to success, this CommentLUV plugin, the premium version is giving a lot of engagement. I like the like feature, you give a like and get 10 more post to choose from, I like it a lot!

    • Hi Daniel,
      Thanks for your visit and comment today 😉
      I noticed you just liked this page – thanks for that act of promotion

      About the Godaddy promotion code, is there any code less than $2 that allows Paypal as means of payment?

      • My pleasure. I’m afraid not… so my dear friend when you deal with Godaddy cheap domains, I mean very cheap domains, those starts from $1.17 you also deal with direct credit card transactions every time you want to get them, but pay close attention because only first year is that cheap after that you can look for yet another renewal coupon and the cost per year would be under 10 bucks, and that saves you couple bucks too, I know this because I have 15 domains at Godaddy and is my favourite domain registrar of course.

        We’ll meet again when you come up with updates Enstine! Regards!

    • Daniel, the reason a lot of bloggers end up leaving spam comments is because they are looking at the link juice and as such they want to get as much comments on several blogs in order to enjoy the juice. But if we look beyond the link juice and comment for the sake of complementing the efforts of the writer or to add value to the post, we would take the time to read and understand the post before leaving our comments.

      Leaving comments should be fun. It should give you joy to see someone benefiting from the comment you leave on a blog.

      Besides, building of new relationships should be the greatest gain of blog commenting. If everything else goes, good relationships remain, and that would keep us going no matter how tough the circumstances are.

      • Hello Joseph,

        Your understanding of what drives spammers is quite thorough…unfortunately, it’s a big shame that any ‘blogger’ in the 21st century would believe that such tricks still work. The truth is that, they don’t!

        On my blog, any comment that I deem is just there because of the fact that I run a commentluv system is removed and never goes live! Such ‘commenters’ can try elsewhere!

        It’s good to meet at Enstine’s. Isn’t the guy doing a great job?


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