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It amazes me how new opportunities to make money online spring up every now and then. While you can make money creating blog posts or even participating in forums, here comes an opportunity to make money commenting.

If you are a blogger, you’ll agree with me that blog commenting is one of the most rewarding blogging activities today. However, monetary reward has never been part of the package. Well, before now, I had never come across a blog that pays me to leave a comment on it. is coming up with this and making a huge difference in the blogosphere.

If you have been commenting for traffic, engagement, exposure, backlinks, etc, while not add more value to the mix? Start commenting now for the traditional benefits plus COOL CASH

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Here is a brief talk about

make money commenting

My first encounter with was through a comment made on one of my articles on I however took that as a normal comment from a visitor. Well, this soon changed as the comments were regular and full of value. Next, my Google Analytics stats  soon started talking of  There was an interesting number of referral traffic coming to my blog from this content network.

Before we see the Google stats showing traffic from, let me mention here briefly that bought over EmFastIncome from me. I also had a $200/month advertising deal with them so you see has been a serious partner and sponsor of both (which they now own)  and

As a matter of fact, I’ll be publishing details of this transaction in the days ahead. I’ll also be writing more about on this blog so stay tuned.

Thanks for sharing this post!

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Traffic from

One of the things I get from is targeted traffic. From the screen shot below, you can see the number of visits from kingged. As a matter of fact, in the last few days, was the second source of referral traffic to my blog.

One other thing to draw your attention is the average number of minutes spent on my blog by visitors from 03:18 is good pointer to the targeted nature of this traffic.

make money commenting on blogs

Make money commenting on

This is not a joke! is giving everyone an opportunity to make money online even without a blog. All you need to do is connect to the site, comment on the posts that are being published and win money. Up to $1000 is put aside every month for commentators and social media users. Though this is a contest, everyone commenting on the platform can win.

For details how to comment and be paid, check out this blog post

Traffic, exposure, leads and profits

While is giving us this opportunity today to make money commenting on it, there is more in that package. I have shown you above that targeted traffic is part of the deal. Now, from details given on this contest page, you realize it’s not just about the money. While commenting, you get more traffic, links, exposure, friendship, leads, etc.

How much money can you make by commenting on kingged?

It all depends on you. You can make up your mind to earn more by being more active.  Beside commenting, you can do some more social media promotion and be paid. As a matter of fact, you also get paid to post to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Isn’t that an interesting opportunity?

Simple reason people don’t make money online

I can tell you for sure that there is just one big reason people don’t make money online. They don’t focus. They keep jumping from one cheap “big thing” to the other leaving behind the real gold that requires just a little effort. Who even told you you can make money without work?

Here is a real opportunity you can focus on and make real money. Give a try. Stop messing around and wasting time running behind some crazy millionaires claim.

Yes, you can make money with this opportunity kingged is offering you. Head over to the contest page and read more.

Here is a summary of the’s opportunity

  • You can make money commenting on blogs
  • You can make money sharing articles on social media

I will also like to hear from you

What do you think about this contest by Do you know of any opportunity where you can make money commenting on a blog? Let me hear your thoughts in the comment box

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  1. The posting is very informative and it is easily readable and understandable too. After reading this blog I would surely be going to register in Kingged community and I’m sure it is going to enhance my requirement.

  2. Thanks for informative post and today i am going to try it let me know if it’s available for all countries.

  3. Hi Enstine,
    You have written this article very well in simple language, thanks for this awesome article. is great way to earn money by just commenting but this is not available in India.

  4. Sorry for the late response to your comment here. I just checked today and noticed you didn’t receive a reply.

    About your question, I think it’s answered now since you are not only a registered Kingged member but you seem to have also won some cash in the daily cash giveaway, ?

    Of course if you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

  5. Wow that’s awesome, I will join Kingged community as soon as I leave your blog 😉

    Thanks for sharing these new and awesome methods for bloggers, your posts are incredible 🙂

  6. Thanks a bunch for sharing this with all of us you really
    know what you’re speaking about! Bookmarked. Kindly also talk over with my web site =).

    We will have a link exchange contract between us

  7. Hi Enstine,
    I have account on and i am not so active here. Hope i can active more on kingged. Really it helps in many ways like driving traffic and building relation with others and so on.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing this useful post with us.


    • Hey Juliana,
      I’m glad to hear you are gaining visitors from here. I’m sure you’ll even get more from kingged. Just be active on it and you’ll see results

  8. This is very new to me as a matter of fact i got to this blog by accident but i guess it was meant for me to be here becasue now i am commenting so everything does happen for a reason. i will look into the kingged and see if it is for me.

  9. That kingged site can use a bit more polish. I just signed up and have been using my site with commentluv and none of my url’s are retrieved properly.

    • Hey Tony,

      Good to also see you here. I see we already sent you a message on Kingged telling you how to enable your commentluv links to start showing. And from what I can see on one of your comments, it’s already working for you, 🙂

      If you run into any other problems on Kingged, feel free to let me know.


  10. Enstine Muki sir really great post, I always searched how to earn money from online, in your post gives commeting, guestpot, and other gives moeny you wirte, it is accepted by Goolge, Google consider it’s real traffic or prmotion, please carfy my doubt sir, and it’s real way I am the happist person. thank you sir you gave great post to me. now I go to, thank you sir

    • Sorry for the late response to your comment here. I just checked today and noticed you didn’t receive a reply.

      About your question, I think it’s answered now since you are not only a registered Kingged member but you seem to have also won some cash in the daily cash giveaway, 🙂

      Of course if you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

  11. This is a great post, as I had no idea this was possible. Who would have thought that we could get paid for being sociable?!

    Thanks for the share, and hopefully we’ll understand how to master this.

    • Thanks for your comment, Amiti. Who would have thought that indeed, 😀

      Thankfully it’s true, and lots of the first people have already been paid. Go check it out and if you run into any problems on Kingged, let me know, 🙂

  12. I like your article. Very informative. I have not known for Kingged so far but i have made some money posting on forums that pay for every post. Good luck in the future and many online earnings.

    • Hey George,

      Good to see you adding your voice to this. If you decide to join Kingged (you should, :D) and run into any issues with getting started, just let me know!

  13. Hello Enstine,

    First, I want to let you know that your new blog is AMAZING! Second, this is a great post. I love commenting on blog to get traffic, engagement, and expanding on a topic. It’s even more appealing to know that we can earn cash just from the comments we leave. I never knew such a thing existed. Thanks so much for sharing this opportunity in this well written post.

    Stacie Walker
    Woman in Leadership Founder

    • Hey Stacy,
      Good to see you right here and thanks for the beautiful comment. This blog is AMAZING because of its community and that of course includes you.

      Yes, you can now monetize your blog commenting activities. Straight over to kingged and do let me know how it goes. Those guys are just awesome !

      Do have a wonderful week and hope to see you around again;

    • Not only does it exist, Stacie, the first set of people have already been paid on Kingged, with one person receiving up to $80 in cash, just for commenting.

      You should check it out, 😉

    • Yes you can, Madhur.

      It kicks off 1st of February, just few days away, 🙂

      Join and get started when you can. And if you run into any issues, just let me know.


  14. Hi Enstine,

    I must say that this is rather amazing. Never thought you can make money by commenting alone. It is so strange that I will immediately go to that site to see what is all about.
    You are right: new money making opportunities arrive every day on the market. You just need to be aware of them. WOW!

    Have a wonderful day

  15. That’s a very useful post.I did not know anything about and it is great to know about it from your post and i have opened in other tab and i am trying know more about it…Thanks for the useful information….

  16. Hello Enstine,
    First of all I want to say thanks for this amazing article, I am going to join Kingged it is unbelievable to get paid for commenting, I am hearing first time over the internet, that you can earn money only comments even without own blog.

    • I see you also joined Kingged. Good to see you on board.

      Like I have been telling others, don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any problems.


  17. Hi i first think its also a spam post like your earlier like download and know how tto get some 5 figure bugs .Its interesting about .I will also try this if it works fine it not we get some links for our website.


    • I see you also joined Kingged and have already gotten started commenting. That’s awesome, 🙂

      Please don’t hesitate to let me or any of the active members know if/when you run into any problems. There’s always someone around to help, most times.

  18. There are many source to make money like Google Adsense etc. Well If this is true to make money just to start commenting on so I will 100% start commenting for Make money 🙂

  19. Hey Enstine great post about Kingged!

    I’ve been using Kingged for a couple months now after being introduced to it by my friend Piyush, and I can honestly say it’s by far my favorite blog community platform out there. Kingsley, Sunday, and all the contributors are pretty cool people and I’m glad I’ve gotten to know them. Great post though man and I hope you have a fantastic weekend 🙂

    • Great endorsement of a platform that produces results.
      Yes! these guys you mention and their collaborators are very engaging. they know what they are doing

      Thanks for your contribution and do have a wonderful weekend too

          • Indeed, Enstine. Many more posts are coming and all those only help to motivate us to do even more – to ultimately help bloggers achieve much more with their awesome content, than they already are!

            Thanks a lot!

    • Thanks for your kind words, Josh. I missed this comment the first time, hence my late response.

      You have really confirmed that is your best blogging community with the recent post you made about us. Awesome post. Thanks a lot, and good to have you on board!

  20. Hello,

    Well I’m reader at but never know this contest of making money through it. I really like this community where I can find lot of articles regarding any niche.


    • Good to see you on here, Samir. Yes, you are indeed a Kingger and this is one of our ways of saying THANKS to awesome bloggers like you, 🙂

      Feel free to ask me any questions you might have about this, either here or on Kingged.

  21. Hi Enstine,
    This article is nothing but a wonderful and mind blowing piece. Even though I had already learned about the cash giveaway, when I stumbled on your break down on the offer I became even interested than before.

    I came to know about when a reader of one my blogs dropped a comment that he already kingged the article, then I knew little or nothing about what the reader meant, but today I have full knowledge of what works at

    The offer is cool and I am giving it a shot. I have equally shared it on my blog, I am hoping that we all will get the best of the giveaways and traffic at large.

    Thanks for putting up such an awesome piece…

    • I responded to you on Kingged about the post you made on this, Jackson, but just to to say thanks again, here, 🙂

      You are already one of those new ones rocking our world over at Kingged. Awesome!

  22. Hi Enstine,

    This is a very interesting post. I’ve never hear of Now, you got my attention. I’ve seen sites that may be similar to them and like you said, sometimes when you see new programs popping up every day you tend to ignore them. It can be overwhelming at times. I will take a deeper look at this. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Nate,
      Good to see you around and thanks for the comment.
      Do let me know what you think about As we are told a lot is still underground for the kingged community ;

      Meanwhile, do have a wonderful weekend

  23. Enstine, When Kingsley consulted me on this development, I knew something big was up.
    It is wonderful you have put this up.

    I am sure that when you are writing your next post, ways to make money online, blog commenting will be in the list.

    I enjoyed your article. I have never shied to say that, kingged has helped my traffic. This will make blog commenting easier

  24. First, Thanks for writing about kingged, Muki.
    After reading the post, I went through most comments and want to say, though Kinsley has explain a lots on how kingged operates and why bloggers shouldn’t worry over their articles been seen as duplicating contents, I think it will be best to limits snippet to just 200 words.

    The headline is enough to do the job if you know what you’re doing. Come to think of it, Google search display headline and just about few word to make snippet in search result pages.

    I think to make every bloggers using kingged feel more secured, 200 words is enough to make a good snippet.

    I joined some few minutes ago, and just starting learning how the site works.

    Thanks Muki for sharing.

    • Good to hear you are on board Sham and I think Kingsley will be glad to get on with you with regards to your suggestion.

      Thanks for leaving the comment. I hope for a stronger blogging relationship with you this year 😉

    • This is exactly what i was talking about! I did told them about this in private and they didn’t bother to give me a good responds.
      Whatever the length of your article is, 200 words is more than enough for content syndicating site.
      Thanks for see it my way… 😀

  25. Hello Enstine,
    I already joined on before a month, but i don’t know about that i can make money from kingged, thank to share this opportunity. actually, I joined kingged just for sharing my contents. but now i have a another reason for log in to kingged.
    before this article. for me, comments is just for showing my view on article, for backlinks and for get attention from other bloggers. but now it will be earning opportunity also.
    Before doing comments on kingged’s articles, I have to improve my commenting. I m Studying all problogger’s comment to improve my commenting.
    Hope, My first dollar will came from kingged. 😛

  26. Hi Enstine,
    Seriously, before now I have never heard of any website nor blog that offer money for comment. If such exist, I am yet to know of the site’s address! is truly a fast growing social bookmarking and content syndication website for those in the Internet marketing niche

    A lot of bloggers and site owners are commending for helping to improve referral traffic and backlinks on their websites.

    The cash giveaways for commenting are awesome, and I am seeing this as another opportunity to make extra money online!

    The contest can help participants earn more cash monthly than they could from their blogs or websites in a month.

    Yes, this seems like a GUARANTEED earning as long as valuable comments are made and the RULES of commenting STRICTLY followed.

    Thanks for this piece, and I am sure your readers would find it useful to COMMENT and EARN CASH!

    In, the content syndication and social aggregation website for Internet marketers, I found this post and have left the above comment.

    Sunday – contributor

  27. Awesome article. thanks for sharing with us. i am also going to join and it’a good way to interaction with successful probloggers.

  28. A very interesting revelation Enstine,
    I’ve known Kingged for a long time now I think, since last year ending. They also do comment on my blog on almost all my posts. And, the name I normally see as the name of the commenter is Sunday and like you said, he always leaves a very thoughtful comment.

    But then. I was complaining to him that I can’t vote on any post there after I created my account, I always get an error message whenever I want to vote though, I don’t know if it’s still like that now because, I’ve not been there for a while.

    They also do send me some traffic because, Sunday normally submit my posts there too. But one things don’t like about the site is the colour layout. It has too many red on it though, I do t know if others are also seeing it that way but, I wish they can retouch it a bit.

    I already have an account with them since last year and, they are really trying.

    Thanks for sharing man.

    • Good to hear that sends you good traffic, Theodore. That’s what we keep working on all the time – to keep sending bloggers good and targeted traffic, 🙂

      About the error received when you tried to “king” posts or “share” post, it’s a restriction we put in place to prevent spammers from ruining the place for everyone. I explained this in more details to Kharim above, as well as what/how to get through it.

      About the color layout and others, we have plans to change the design and colors as we go along. Thanks, though, for mentioning this. Much appreciated.

      Anyway, feel free to contact me personally over at Kingged, or any of the active Kinggers (members) if you have any issues,

  29. Hi Muki, Myself Yogesh and I loved this post and as many commentors said that such opportunities exists here we were not aware of. I am also going to give a try and afterwards will share my views also.

  30. At first i was astonished.
    After reading full post, i think something can happen for me.
    At least some do-follow link 🙂
    Thanks Enstine

  31. Thanks a lot for your awesome post here about, Enstine. Very much appreciated.

    Even though you have told me in private how much traffic your new blog has been receiving from Kingged, this is the first time I have actually seen a screenshot from you about it. Awesome!

    We have been receiving lots of messages from other bloggers too about Kingged becoming one of their top traffic referrals. That’s how it should be – a blogger should spend the time to write truly EPIC and KINGLIKE content, have it shared in just the right places like,,, etc and he/she can sit back and watch it reach hundreds and even thousands of people!

    And by the way, hasn’t even started our planned “massive promotions” strategy yet, where we take some posts shared or made on Kingged on a daily basis and yes, we then MASSIVELY promote the posts, to get them to reach hundreds and even thousands of more people than they ordinarily would have reached.

    This should kick off sometime soon. And yes, it will be completely free.

    So, yes, lots MORE interesting things coming on, aimed at helping bloggers get more from their awesome content, 🙂

    About our current daily cash for commenting giveaways, yes, it’s really interesting and has already received a ton of responses (50+ comments and counting) within just few hours of going live. It will surely hit the 500+ comments target before the 1st of February… thanks to awesome bloggers like you spreading the word!

    Thanks again, Enstine, for posting this here. I have shared it myself on and have “kingged” it!

    • Thank you Kingged for taking the time to write this comment and also for the links and matt cutt input on duplicate content.
      I do appreciate it and what is the right thing to do? delete the article on wow! it is passed already and oh it have a pr2 and you might like to get a solid page backlink to your site rather than delete it 😀

      Thanks again for the above comment.

      • Thanks for responding to this and for FINALLY seeing it for what it is, Frank. I am glad you saw reason, not just from my words, but from what even the top Google spokesman, Matt Cutts, said about it.

        You have really showed you are the BIG man who accepts when he’s wrong. The next right action is to delete that post right away. Yes, I see it’s a PR 2, but that’s because you linked to it in your footer. Since your homepage is PR 3, it’s easy to make any post on the footer to be PR 2. So, you can make any other post you want to be PR 2 or higher, 🙂

        Apart from just deleting the post, it will be good to get back on good footing with us at Kingged so that we can resume sending you the type of traffic we were sending you before this episode. Give or take, from what I saw in our stats, we were sending you anywhere from a couple dozen to even 100+ visitors for every post you published that got shared on Kingged. Now that you know duplicate content is not the big problem you thought it was, perhaps you want to get back on receiving good traffic from Kingged?

        Once again, the right action now is to go ahead and delete that post, regardless of the PR 2 (what is wrong is wrong, PR or no PR). Please let me know when done, and if you want us to resume sharing your posts on


      • 3 days later, no response from you, Frank… did you miss my reply, or you are intentionally ignoring it, 🙂 ?

        Doing that only makes you lose credibility in the eyes of your readers, who will obviously read this post as well, 😉 .

        Once again, the right action now is to go ahead and delete that post, regardless of the PR 2 (what is wrong is wrong, PR or no PR). Please let me know when done, and if you want us to resume sharing your posts on


      • Weeks later you still haven’t deleted nor fixed that DEFAMATORY blog post you did about us, even after you admitted you made a mistake about it?!

        Don’t worry, Frank, I PROMISE you that will come after you for that defamatory post when we get round to it! We are too busy with more important things now, but we will get round to it, and trust me – you won’t like the action we will take!

  32. I have never heard of so thanks for introducing this network to me. I am not interested in getting paid for comments, but the traffic surge you have seen is interesting. Is it quality traffic?

      • That’s very good to hear you confirm that the traffic you get from Kingged is targeted, Enstine.

        It should be – considering that Kingged is STRICTLY an Internet marketing social networking site, with shared content and community around ONLY Internet marketing and other relevant topics such as Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, etc.

        So basically every traffic that comes from us will be those interested in such topics, unlike general social sites or those that allow a diverse range of topics!

        That’s why even though we have received a ton of request from bloggers to add other topics such as health and the likes, we won’t be doing that. We want to keep it strictly Internet marketing and related topics, to keep the traffic highly targeted, 🙂

  33. No doubt that this money making opportunity is mouth watering, i don’t and will not advice new blogs to allow them copy their post in the guise of sharing it.

    Assuming if you are starting your blog and start scraping your articles, your site will go to the pit of nothingness 😀 within months- kingged will be ranking for all your keywords!

    Also, lets say you wrote a 400 words article, and kingged scrapped 350- is that not duplicating your unique content? and who do you think will rank for the article? you or kingged? Like the admin said, kingged can rank almost instantly for the articles they scrapped.

    In other social sharing sites, you can choose to only add 100-200 words…
    But with kingged, they choose how many words they need. And is it by false to “kingged” your article?

    Big sites like johnchow, smartpassiveincome etc, that those not depend on search engine traffic, then it is fine. But with new blogs that depends on search engine traffic, sorry if you kingged-ing your articles.

    In conclusion, this is a nice giveaway by kingged.

    • Hey Frank,
      I remember you created a post on your blog last year about this point and from comments I read on that article, you actually did not want to publish some comments made by kingged on your blog. That was somewhat fishy and kept readers with some great quantity of doubts.

      However, I see your real concern lies with the amount of words kingged copies from articles. Well I think this is fear of the weak. This will not border me because most of my articles go far beyond that. I think if as a blogger, you want to create in-depth contents that are loved by SE, 400 words will just be an introduction.

      Duplicate contents is when there are multiple pieces of identical content on the Internet. This could be on the same domain or different domains. I don’t see how a 350 words introduction copied by kingged is identical to a 1000+ original content on your blog. Besides, content sites like Bizsugar, Blogengage, etc do rank articles on SE and still drive traffic to the article sources. Going from your point, you should stay away from content syndication sites and that will be find.

      Thanks for making it an appointment bro and do have a wonderful year 2014

      • I saw you left a comment there also and for people who are curious to see the article, here it is

        The reason i didn’t publish one of the comment is because it is already published on their website and why duplicating the same comments?
        This is what bots do.

        Writing a 400 words post is enough to pass the message, it is not in the post count but what you do with it.
        And like i replied you about some months ago, i do and still use content syndication sites.

        Oh and I did write a review for you some time ago, you approved it and NEVER sent the stuff promised. A blogger that don’t keeps to his words….

    • Thanks, Frank, for finally bringing this issue out of your blog, into another blog where you can’t decide NOT to publish responses made.

      I remember this same issue you talked about in your blog many months ago. You wrote a blog post in which you attacked Kingged so vehemently and called us all kinds of unprintable names just because your posts were “shared” on Kingged. And yes, you didn’t publish the response we made on his blog post.

      By the way, here’s the response, as made by me personally, on August 26, 2013, which you didn’t publish on his blog:


      Hello Frank,

      You already contacted us about this and below was our response to you:

      We are very sorry but from what we can see, your article is not stolen nor duplicated on Kingged, but shared, as are other Internet marketing articles from the top IM blogs out there. Not a single person or blog has complained about this. This is fair use, as happens in other social bookmarking and networking sites.

      ALL the articles shared on Kingged are 100% manually shared by our members, no automation of any kind ever happens! That’s why we are sure of what is shared on Kingged – only snippets with links to full articles, always, thus far. We have very stringent measures to ensure this.

      VERY IMPORTANTLY: With the way articles are shared on, there’s no way any reader can even benefit from any of the articles without clicking through to the original site to read the entire article. The snippets being shared on Kingged is only to give the reader an insight into what the article is about, before clicking through to read the full article. And from our stats LOTS of our visitors click through to original sites to read the full articles. And they should, because we don’t EVER post full articles on

      There’s even DIRECT links to the original blogs of ALL the blog posts that are shared right on the FRONT page of, for readers to visit directly without even opening the snippet on Kingged.

      And from what we can see, our contributors usually visit your site and contribute in the discussion, right there on your site, about the articles they shared or found on Kingged. All of this is also part of sharing and contributing in the one IM community that we are all part of. We are partners and certainly not competing with each other. If we were stealing from you, why would we contribute to the discussions on your site?!

      What happens on is absolutely normal with social sharing as happens on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and other social sites.

      If your article is ever duplicated, word for word, even with links to it, then we will have a problem with the person who duplicated it and we will have it removed. But what is happening is just sharing snippets of your articles, with links to the full article. Everytime! We are constantly looking out for any violation of authors’ rights to ensure it is addressed if it ever happens. is a social bookmarking and networking site, which highlights top IM content in hundreds of blogs daily. We don’t condone copyright infringement at all.

      Again, we can’t see any violation of your rights here or in any of the articles shared on Kingged.

      Again, the top IM blogs have articles shared on Kingged and not a single blogger has ever complained. Instead they are happy with the traffic that Kingged sends them.

      Again, we can’t stop users from sharing snippets of articles as far as they only share snippets and always put links back to the full articles shared. That’s fair use and is absolutely allowed and is not a copyright infringement at all. If you ever see any of your articles duplicated entirely and/or without links to the full article on your site, please let us know and we will act swiftly to get it removed and get the member banned!

      Lastly, since you feel so strongly about this, we will take note to check posts shared from your site – to not be more than 100 words from now on, as you have requested when you first contacted us about this. We are not happy that you feel so aggrieved about this. Despite the numerous insults you sent to us through our support system, we are still willing to work with you to resolve this as amicably as possible.

      Thank you very much,

      Of course Frank, you didn’t publish my above response on your said blog post. Instead you still have the post up on your blog calling us thieves. That’s sad and unfortunate because we were actually sending you a lot of traffic and our in-house contributors/commentators actually visited your blog almost everyday and made valuable comments. I just checked now and can see dozens of such valuable comments made by our commentators on your blog (before we stopped sharing your posts), even though you claims Kingged didn’t send you a single traffic.

      Anyway, I am sure you were innocently mistaken about Kingged. Now you know better. We all make mistakes. You made a mistake at the time. I hope you will retract the said post you made on his blog calling us thieves. That’s the right action for you to take now.

      Will you do the right thing now, Frank? We would rather be friends with you, as it pays all of us than be enemies over an innocent mistake you made.


      • Thanks for throwing more light on this Kingsley.
        Yes! we can allow mistakes create enmity between us bloggers. I’m sure Frank will come back to say something on this

        • Thanks, Enstine.

          Yes, I hope Frank realizes he made an innocent mistake and responds here, after deleting or fixing the said post on his blog.

          That will make him a BIG man. It’s “little” people that stick doggedly to the wrong path, even when others show them they are wrong.

          Thanks again, Enstine.

      • There is only one reason why i didn’t publish the comment you made and here is what you asked and my reply.

        August 26, 2013 at 10:47 pm

        Why didn’t you post the reply I made?

        frank joseph
        August 27, 2013 at 12:21 am

        How can i post duplicate comment? i read it at kingged. thank you.

        The comment you made on the post is already published on kingged and there was no reason to re-published it on

        Hello Enstine, there is no enmity between and 😀
        I was not just comfortable with them scrapping my articles…
        Other content syndicating sites gives you the option to submit your post manually and you can choose how many words you are going to put in there….

        Big Man indeed! Lol. Am always ready to apologize when am in the wrong and i do admit it that i used some harsh angry words when i sent you guys an email… I thought i was talking to some programmed bots that reply my message with no solid answer.
        Thanks and Enstine am always reading your latest posts 😀 even though you are yet to send me my free package 😀

        • Hello Frank,

          Thanks a lot for coming back here to respond to this.

          First, you still should have posted my response on your blog, regardless. You said you didn’t post it because it would be duplicate? So, you were more concerned about trying to please Google than providing the FULL picture to your readers? Hmmmm, 😕

          Anyway,like I said, you obviously made an innocent mistake, and to err is human.

          Regarding your fear of duplicate content. It’s indeed:


          What do I mean – the fear of duplicate content has been over-exaggerated by bloggers. I should know… I have been doing Internet marketing now for over 10 years and have experimented with HUNDREDS of personally owned sites and even HUNDREDS more of client sites and of course THOUSANDS of articles over the years.

          Anyway, I will write a longer reply here later explaining, in greater details, exactly why you (and maybe other bloggers who think the same) are wrong about duplicate content.

          I need to catch some sleep now, 🙂

          Thanks again, for coming back here to respond. I hope after my detailed response here later, about how innocently wrong you are about duplicate content, you will still go and retract or correct the said post on your blog?


          • Hello Frank,

            I have had a good bit of sleep and can now respond to this in greater details, 🙂

            Like I said in my earlier response, your fear of duplicate content is just false evidence appearing real. It’s not a genuine fear, but I don’t blame you. It’s the general fear some bloggers get when they find themselves losing traffic.

            Duplicate content is a big problem when one duplicates every single word from one website to another website, especially in manipulative or spammy circumstances. But in situations when just a couple dozens or even couple hundreds of words are exact duplicates, that’s not a problem.

            So, if you got so mad at us, and insulted us so vehemently because you mistakenly thought that we were affecting your rankings with Google because we shared snippets of your articles on Kingged, you are obviously wrong about that. That can’t hurt your blog at all, especially since our users were not posting every single word of your article on Kingged. Something else must have caused your rankings to drop. Certainly not us.

            Don’t believe me? Ok, let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth:

            In July 2013, Google’s Matt Cutts says “Duplicate Content Won’t Hurt You, Unless It Is Spammy”
            (I replaced the . com with -com as this comment wasn’t going through otherwise)

            Specifically, in the above, Matt Cutts said twice that you should not stress about it, in the worse non-spammy case, Google may just ignore the duplicate content. Matt said in the video, “I wouldn’t stress about this unless the content that you have duplicated is spammy or keyword stuffing.”

            And if you say the above is old news, then what about as recent as last month, Dec, 2013, Matt Cutts said “25-30% Of The Web’s Content Is Duplicate Content & That’s Okay”
            (I replaced the . com with -com as this comment wasn’t going through otherwise)

            Specifically, in the above, Matt Cutts did say Google does reserve the right to penalize a site that is excessively duplicating content, in a manipulative manner. But overall, duplicate content is normal and not spam.

            I can go on and on, but I hope you get the point.

            The most important thing to note in this whole duplicate content worries, when it involves two sites (like Kingged and your blog) is this – in as much as there are other completely different and unique content on the two pages that contain the so-called duplicate content that you are afraid of, the “completely different and unique content” will “neutralize” the duplicate content.

            And yes, Google looks at all the other words on both sites, including the words on the top section, the sidebars, the bottom, the menu links, etc, not just the content on the main post area.

            So, unless every single word on the both sites, including the words on top section, the sidebars, the bottom, the menu links, etc, are exact duplicates, it’s not a big deal and certainly CAN’T affect your blog.

            Apart from all the fear of duplicate content, the single biggest point is still what I said in my initial response to you:

            VERY IMPORTANTLY: With the way articles are shared on Kingged, there’s no way any reader can even benefit from any of the articles without clicking through to the original site to read the entire article. The snippets being shared on Kingged is only to give the reader an insight into what the article is about, before clicking through to read the full article. And from our stats LOTS of our visitors click through to original sites to read the full articles. And they should, because we don’t EVER post full articles on

            Thankfully, Enstine has not only confirmed how much traffic Kingged sends him, but he has even provided screenshot to prove that. Apart from Enstine, lots of other bloggers are confirming this as well.

            The question you should ask yourself is – if by posting snippets from main articles and linking to the full articles on the original blogs, as our users have been been doing all this while is as big a problem as you took it to be, why are the BIG blogs and bloggers out there not complaining?! We have articles shared from the biggest IM blogs and sites out there on Kingged and not a single one of them has ever had any problem with that. Instead they are loving the traffic we send them.

            Anyway, like I said in my response the other day…

            I hope you will delete or correct the said defamatory post you made on your blog calling us thieves. That’s the right action for you to take now. You made a mistake. We all make mistakes, that’s why pencils are made with erasers, 🙂

            Will you do the right thing now, Frank?

  34. Enstine, I was laughing reading your post this a.m. because I thought I was getting spam from this site in the beginning. Then I realized it was a new platform. I have signed up and used it a few times but was not aware of the contest, very nice! I like it, it is very different than other types of contents we see out there in the blogosphere. It’s great to see how the stats show them as your #2 and the amount of time people spend from there. That is an important piece of information you have shared with us! Thank you.

    • Hey Lisa how are you today? Good to see you around and happy new year
      Well, the contest just went live today and for sure it’s real. I’m sure one can really get more from the platform.

      Let me know how it goes 😉

      • Lisa just joined, obviously thanks to this post of yours, Enstine, 🙂

        Good to have you on board, Lisa. I already contacted you over at Kingged. Let us know if you have any kind of problem getting started.

        Thanks again, Enstine.

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      • Efoghor just joined and is already actively making comments, obviously thanks to this post of yours, Enstine, 🙂

        Good to have you on board, Efoghor. Like I said when I contacted you over at Kingged, let us know if you have any kind of problem getting started.

        Thanks again, Enstine.

          • Hey Kharim,

            I am sorry that the system prevented you from submitting your links. No, it’s not an error. It is put in place intentionally to prevent having Kingged abused by spammers. Once you prove that you are a real human user, it will let you in. It usually starts by you sending us a support ticket indicating that you are human, but I have lifted that first barrier for you, since I know you are human, 🙂

            Just get involved with normal activities on Kingged, such as making comments on posts shared, making friends, kingging and/or unkingging, etc, and try again in a some hours or few days. It should let you in afterwards.

            More about why we put this restriction in place…

            Take a look at the front page of Kingged and even all the categories and you will see mostly only quality posts are shared. Without this system of weeding out spammers or “tire-kickers” we would have been over-run by spam long ago and the entire site won’t be that useful to us all, don’t you agree, 🙂 ?

            Anyway, thanks a lot for joining and already getting active. If you have any further issues, feel free to contact me, personally, or any of the active Kinggers.

  36. Hey Enstine
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