Is Comment Form Above Comments Better? Please Add Your Voice!

This is some crazy question but I think it’s worth an argument!

Presently, where is the comment form on your blog?

Is it below comments or above?

Recently, I pushed my form above comments and I’m just about doing some experiment – Which position is better?

But here is what I’m thinking…

Once I land on an old post with lost of comments, if the form is on top, I feel a push to drop my comment. I feel many other people are like me here 😉

The issue is that I often don’t go through the comment list to discover what others have dropped (in this case). But for some very interesting conversations, I find it very exciting reading through the comments.

If the comment form is below comments, scrolling to the bottom creates an opportunity to discover some awesome comments. If you have 50+ comments, it may also discourage a certain percentage of your readers.

I don’t know if you have personally conducted an experiment on this but I’d like to know from you what you think.

While I want to hear your opinion on the comment box, I have also added the Speakol widget below so you can vote and drop a comment as well. Let’s make this interesting ;

Let me also hear you out on the comment form

68 thoughts on “Is Comment Form Above Comments Better? Please Add Your Voice!”

  1. Hey Enstine,

    I think comment form above the comments is realy very good. The comment will help the people to leave a comment without wasting a time…

  2. I think.,This better, bcoz,,once we have to make a suggestion or wanna tell something about article., long term scrolling is getting a frustration.. 🙂 This decision is awesome 🙂

  3. In my view comment form above the comments is a good thing. It will help readers to leave comment quickly without scrolling a lot.

  4. Hi enstine,

    I think having the comment form above is really a great idea. It will help leave comment immediately after reading the blog post and also save lot of time.

    Most blogs have more than 50 comments on it and it maybe frustrating strolling through such large numbers of comment before finally leaving comment.

    I will simply go for comment form above the comments.

  5. Haha Enstine…. how embarrassing, I had to go to my own blog to LOOK where my comment form was! It’s at the bottom 🙂

    Now at first sight I didn’t really know how to answer your question, until I came to write my comment – when I felt the real need to skim through other people’s opinions. Hope that’s not cheating, but I found real value from what others said – particularly Dan.

    I’m nowhere near getting three figures of comments, when I can see it would be a pain for readers to scroll to the bottom, so I’m going to come out in favor of comment box at the bottom because I like to learn from what other people say – and that means I have to scroll down and then up again!!

    Interesting discussion though, Joy

    • Hi Joy,
      Happy Sunday and good to see you here again. I was on your blog last Friday, spent some time but yet to drop a comment. My partners from china are here so I’m pretty busy offline, trying to get the business going. It’s a mighty success at the moment and I’m grateful to the almighty God.

      Now, I know this is a topic many bloggers are yet to raise. I also love the opinions from the various readers.
      Tomorrow Monday 21, I’m coming up with another topic that will excite you 😉 I don’t know if you already thought about it in the past but let’s see it live tomorrow 😉

      I hope you are having a wonderful time 😉

  6. Hi Enstine,
    I agree with you, Comment form should be on top, but this technique is best for those blog that have lots of visitor and comments like your blog. If talking to my blog, No one do comment on my blog.:'( so for my website, both side are best top and bottom.

    Any way, feel happy to be a part in this discussion.

    Areesha Noor!

  7. Hi Enstine,

    Your question is very interesting one..
    But what i think is, if you have the comment form on top, there is more chances of people leave comments that keeping the form at bottom. I have certain plugins which show the form at the bottom, and i am not able to get comments as frequent than what i get on my regular website with form on the top.

  8. Hi Enstine

    I agree with comments being above. First, I belive that it makes a blog stand out. Having a comment above is new.

    Second it will encourage readers to make a comment but I smell a project for you. Are you going to create an above comment plugin?

  9. Hello Muki,

    I think comment box above comments is the best because it encourages one to comment. Take for instance blogs like that attracts hundreds of comments, it may be very discouraging to scroll to the bottom before penning down your comment.

  10. Hello Enstine Sir,
    Let me contribute to this argument.
    I always prefer to use the comment form below the comments as it will make the readers to go through all the previous comments and possible he/she can take part in the discussions.

    By The Way thanks asking this question and let me go through others comment to see what they thinks 😀

  11. I think I am gonna test it both ways and see what the results say. You might think one way is better than the other but I suggest you must always see how your audience reacts to different things and then take a final decision.

  12. i don’t like it above comments because you will miss many valuable comments and it would make it more easy for spammers to comment if it is above comments.

  13. I kinda like both ways, one when is above since it’s easy to leave a comment after finishing reading the post but scrolling down to leave a comment when form is below can be again good since we can skim the comments to connect with other bloggers.

  14. Hello Enstine,
    I think i will also go for comments a form above comments. Just like you mentioned above, i’m always discouraged whenever i landed on a blog with so many comments and i had to scroll down past all those comments for me to comment, i usually just hit the back button because of this.

    So i think its better fr the form to be above.

  15. Hi Enstine,

    I prefer the comment form below. Reason being is that I read through the other comments for a couple reasons.

    1. I may learn of a blogger that I do not know and if they add to the conversation I will go over to their blog and see what they have to say. You never know who you may meet and develop a relationship with.

    2. I don’t want to reiterate what someone already said. It eliminates the possibility of being redundant.

    Great conversation.

    Have a good day my friend.


  16. Hi Enstine,

    I think comment form is better below the comments because like that they can see all the other comments as well and as by default, every website has the comment form below so I Like it below.

  17. Yes for blogs that get loads of comments, the form needs to be above as it’s very annoying to scroll down though heaps of comments that, with some exceptions, I am not going to read.

    But for newbie type blogs it makes sense to have the form below the comments because it will help to involve the visitor a bit more in the discussion

  18. I allowed comments for over a year and hated it. No matter what we did it was all just spam and fraud. Nowadays a person goes through a lengthy process to leave comments on my site and still 99% of them get discarded.

    • Just like you Brian, I’m also experimenting on allowing the comment box available for a longer period. Well, for the past few weeks, Askimet has been busy catching spam comments and I really like how it works.

      I will keep it for some months to see what happens

      Thanks for sharing your experience

  19. I think yes, it does not make a difference if the page has less comments like 10-20 but I have seen pages with even 400+ comments and that too real comments not the spam ones. In that case comment form above the comments can really be a time saver.

    People like me read comments also (if i have time) because sometimes comments have more value than posts even but for the people who don’t like to read other comments this would be best if comment form is above. Presenting comment form above can reduce the average time a user spends on your page thus bounce rate can see a little increase.

  20. Hi Enstine,

    What an interesting debate you’ve got here.

    I think having the comment form below the comment is better and here are my reasons;

    1) The band wagon effect – I went to about 20 top Marketing sites to check where their comment form is and I discovered that 18 out of the 20 sites I checked had it below the comment.

    This has a way of conditioning people to what they accept as the norm.

    2) Social proof – People are more likely to comment if other people are already commenting, so even if you place your comment form above the comment, you’d find that visitors will still have to scroll down first to skim over the comments of others before scrolling back up to comment, this defeats the purpose of placing the comment form above the comment in the first place.

    3) Quality Comments – Ideally, for you to write a meaningful comment, you should at least skim over the comments of others before posting yours, this would help you to add a unique perspective to your comment rather than commenting without knowing the flow of the conversation which has started already, so it’s left for you to decide between quantity and quality.

    I think placing the comment form above the comment will reduce the quality of your comments as more visitors will get lazy to scroll and skim through other comments before commenting.

    Moreover, I don’t think we as bloggers should want or crave for a type of audience who are not genuinely interested in our community but on them getting backlinks from their comments.

    4) Social Media – Facebook and Google+ and indeed most Social Sites has their comment form below the comment, I believe that these sites would have done extensive research and split testing to determine which is better; additionally, this also goes to condition commenters as to where they think a comment form should be placed.

    Like it’s always said, the best way to know what works for your particular audience is to test, so Enstine we can’t wait to hear the result of your testing.

    Cheers for bringing up this interesting debate


    • Hi Dan,

      First, thanks for keeping the argument hot while I was offline and of course, for taking the time to share your opinion.

      Now, I’m thinking that most people have never thought about the form position. That may explain why a majority of bloggers have it at the default position.

      Also, some readers may not care what others have said in other to share their views. They may just want to go straight to the comment section and drop a comment following the post content.

      Following Speakol above, those in favor of top position are leading. Maybe you should jump on speakol to balance the debate 😉

  21. Hi Enstine,

    It is handy to access the comment form above the comments only. One cannot scroll down 100s of comments on your blog to leave theirs. I think it is better to keep it on top.

    Hope that helps!

    – Sasidhar

    • Hi Sasidhar,

      This may be a valid arguement for bloggers who get 100s of comments on their posts but how many bloggers really get 100s of comments?

      Do you get 100s of comments?

      So for bloggers who get may be 20 -50 comments on their posts, I don’t think it’s too much to have their members scroll down to comment on a post, this scrolling presents an opportunity to skim through the comments of others and engage more, just like I’m engaging with you now, If I didn’t scroll, how on earth would I have seen your comment?

      I surely don’t want a community that doesn’t care to engage. Do you?



      • Hi Dan,

        I agree with your perspective here but as it is the ‘form’ we are talkig about, I believe the visitor will come to leave his response about the article as his first prioritized action rather than to check the discussions under it. As there would be ‘articles’ here concluding the topic most of the times, visitors would be adding their two cents of knowledge and feedback on it. They’d only scroll through if the article is encouraging the discussions or if he wanted to check individual opinions on the topic.

        The comments will however be available under the form to get into discussion. Just think if you have to scroll through 50 100+ worded comments to leave yours, would you be happy skating down? No! This pushes the commenter go through all the comments actively or passively which not only affects the mood but also the thoughts that he wanted to share as a feedback. I believe a response should be unaffected by the external opinions. Don’t you think?

        Regarding the comments, Enstine gets a lot of comments on his articles and ‘100s’ was used a idiomatic to express the intensity of my statement.

        No one wants to a community that won’t engage. I agree that! But a visitor should not be pushed to watch all the comments before he shares his tone. That should not be affected as I said above. You ‘ve found my comment because you wished to engage in the discussions on the opinions shared. Isn’t it?

        I had disqus commenting system on my blog which enables the form right above the whole discussions and I changed it to default ones which moved it to bottom. This somehow lowered the response rate on my site and I could experience that.

        I just sshared my thoughts! No offense is meant! Cheers

        – Sasidhar

        • Hi Sasidhar,

          I like and respect your views, I really do.

          But the way I see it is this, those that are connected with you and love and want to be part of your community will comment even if you place the comment form on another page.

          Let’s think like Bloggers that we are and not as site visitors that we also are; as bloggers we want to easily lead our community to form a pattern that will help make the community an engaging one.

          One way to achieve this is by skimming through the comments before you comment; Harleena Singh, one of the Blog Commenting superstars I featured on my last post said she stood out in the Blog Commenting world because she always tried to skim through the comments and get better perspective which makes her comments stand out in the community which leads to more traffic for her.

          No doubt, you may get more comments if your form is above the comments, but you’ll get more engaging comments if the form is below the comments and we as bloggers need an engaging community.

          At the end of the day, we are to stick with whatever works for our community, we are just brainstorming here.

          And thank you for taking the time to respond, at least I’ve met a new friend today.

          Cheers bro

  22. Hi Enstine, I do like to read the post first and then scroll through the comments to see what others had to say as well. So I think I would say no, I like them after the post and not before. I never really thought about it before this post – interesting concept though. Have a great new week Enstine.

  23. This is a valuable argument .

    According to me the position of comment box depends on types of posts you publish on your blog like if it a review site or posts that get good amount of comments having people’s point of view then it will be better to have comment box below so the person reads other’s comments and comment after that . It also increases time spend by him on your blog .

    But if we have comment box above comments then it is easier for him to make a comment . one more thing that if we have comment box above the person may mistook it as post with no comments as visitors are mostly in hurry .

    Also we can say that if we wants to read comments he can scroll down so having comment above comments will be better option if you do not consider the time spent by visitor on your blog .

    I hope my answer will be helpful to get a solution to this .

  24. Hey Enstine, that’s something I have never actually thought about before. It’s not something I’ve seen mentioned on any blogging course I’ve studied either. In fact I did not know that you could reposition the comment form. Is it something you can enable in the WP dashboard?

    Mine is positioned below other comments. I know that Adrienne Smith who always has great blogging tips has hers under other comments. And I have to say that if there are already a ton of comments on her post by the time I get to it I am inclined not to comment for fear that my comment will be lost. One of the points of commenting is to be seen and perhaps get others to click on your link and go to your blog.

    I shall be interested to hear the result of your experiment.

    • Hi Sandy,
      Thanks for dropping an exciting comment.
      As a matter of fact, you’ll need to tweak your php files a bit to get the form up above. It’s simple to do with Genesis. I can help you in that if you are on Genesis, and of course, if you want it on top

      Now, I think it’s getting positive but I can’t draw conclusion now because there is one other thing I did that is also positively affecting engagement on my blog. I will also be sharing about it next week.

      Love that you came around so let’s keep in touch dear friend

  25. Hey Enstine,
    Well I think sometimes if there are too many comments on the site the user doesn’t feel to go till the end so in that case comment box above comments is box is the best. But in cases like how to, tutorials posts the user can see the queries in comments while going down and might be his query will be solved in that case comment box below comments is the best.
    This is my opinion about comments box above or below post.
    Harshul Jethwani

  26. Hi Enstine, I am a regular visitor of your posts and ever try to comment on the post I visited. But never read other comments before writing my own comment. Once I submit my comment only then I read other comments to increase my knowledge. Because comments are one of the best source to learn about everything about blogging and especially about the topic you are commenting on.

    As per my experience, comment form should be placed above the comments as it is now.

    Mohinder Paul Verma
    BloggingFunda – A Community of Bloggers

    • Hi Mohinder,

      I hope you agree that comments are a good way to build relationships with fellow bloggers.

      Do you think you’d be able to write better and more compelling comments full of valuable and insightful comments if only you take the time to skim through what others have already written?

      Don’t you think you’d be able to forge better relationships that way and get the attention of more members of the community?

      Blog Commenting is very powerful, you can read my post attached in this comment to see the kind of influence and opportunities that I got through Blog Commenting but it had to be done the right way and having the comment form placed below the comment gives your audience the chance to be more engaging.




  27. Hi Enstine, once you have a blog with lots of comments on each posts I think it’s more preferable to be at the top before the comments. Although if still at the bottom and you really wanted to share your opinion you would surely look for it but the best place is before comments.

  28. Hey Enstine,
    I personally think that commenting is the best way of interaction in between author and reader. By commenting on any post reader can express his/her feelings about that post.
    Other than this the article is great and informative.
    Thank you so much for sharing this post.

    • what an exciting thing to read your opinion Darji 😉
      I’m sure this will help me in my decision as you are one of my faithful readers.

      do have a wonderful week ahead and I prepare to publish another argument

  29. The position of the comments form could have a great influence on the readers ability to comment, sometimes. Though, this will vary with individuals, my ability to comment on blog posts with plenty other comments is most times low. I prefer to read the post and make my comment than having to travel pass other comments before making mine.

    Nice argument.

  30. I think the current comment form & style is good enough as it’s simple and friendly design with flow. I haven’t try Speakol yet but I don’t like it.

    • Yeah, I don’t like speakol either, it’s clumsy.

      I installed it on my blog some time ago but removed it because it didn’t generate any interaction and why would it, since it makes people register before they can comment

  31. Hi Enstine,

    Crazy argument like you said. Crazy.

    But, let’s see…until now, I never really took care to see where the comment form was on my blog or the ones I visited. Can you imagine? For me, either way, the placement of a comment form won’t influence my decision to comment…I’ve scrolled through thousands of comments just to leave one intelligent one…and I have also refused to comment on some dull posts even if it means I’ll be number one!

    So, you see? For me, your content determines if I’ll comment nor not – and not the placement of the comment form.

    …I hope my readers also agree 🙂

    Do enjoy the Sunday.

    Akaahan Terungwa

    • Hi Akaahan,

      I support your position and as blogger we should crave to attract a community with this kind of mindset and not people who just comment because they want a backlinks, they are not the least interested in the community

  32. Hey Enstine,

    It doesn’t matter too much to me as long as I can get to the comment box. But as you’re doing here on this post, what really matters is what your commenters think. Where you position your comment box should be based on your majority’s preference

    • Hi Sherman,
      Good to see you here and thanks for sharing your opinion. I’m actually gathering stats to be able to make the right decision.

      I hope you are having an excellent weekend bro

  33. I think it is personal preference for the site owner, however, I prefer above. Some sites have over 50+ comments and replies from the site owner and I just feel that is a lot to scroll through to leave a comment. I like to read the other comments, however sometimes I just don’t have the time and would like to add my 2 cents to the article.

    Good question, Enstine. I’m scrolling down now to read what your commenters have said.


    • Hey Brenda,
      Good to see you around again and thanks for taking the time to add your voice, and of course, for scrolling down the page to read comments.

      Be sure to use speakol above to vote and possibly drop and argument too 😉

  34. Hi Enstine,

    Comment form above comments will be the one that is preferred by most people. No one will be happy to scroll all the way down to the page to make comments. It may be better for any newbie. But not for your blog 😉

  35. Hi Ensinte,
    This is really a good initiative,
    Nice that you brought out this here for a discussion!
    I Support Comment Form above comments Better.
    I fully support to it!
    That is more convenient to post our feedback instead of scrolling down and down to find the comment box and to comment. Sometimes if there is hundreds of comments our there!
    This is my opinion!
    Thanks Enstine for bringing out this debate here.
    Hope many will air their voices here! 🙂
    Have a Happy Weekend. 🙂
    Best Regards,
    ~Philip Ariel

  36. To me, Placing comment form above comments is a better position. . In that, Readers don’t need to scroll til down before pouring-out their mind .

    Let’s say you’re the type that have 300 – 400 Coments per post .

    A lot of visitors may end-up not commenting at-all since they’ll be already much comments on your posts . . Then you’ll get to know how important it’ll be if you’ve your Comment form above comments instead of having it placed under comments .

    My Upcoming Blog will have it above – A most !

  37. Hey Enstine,

    I don’t agree with the point that comment form should be above the comments. I know many bloggers prefer to keep it above but I think its better to put it below the comments.
    We all have our own opinions and I have mine.

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