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CommentLuv Dofollow blogs: 5 blogs to build backlinks now! [PART I]

Dofollow Backlinks are a strong search engine ranking factor and one of the easy ways to get them is to drop comments on CommentLuv dofollow blogs.


Because this helps in your Off-page SEO strategies. According to Neil Patel, backlinks from comment section of blogs still have an impact.

I know there are different methods to earn backlinks to your blog. The best actually is when you create epic content and the world just gets to linking back to it. But that means you have to wait for readers to start linking 😉

Note that while I lay more emphasis on dofollow backlinks in this post, nofollow backlinks are also important in bringing an equilibrium to your link profile.Dofollow backlinks are simply backlinks that are like a bridge between 2 web pages for search spiders to cross over!

For instance…

If you have a dofollow backlink on Page A on Blog A, once search spiders are crawling that Page A, they will ‘cross’ on the link to your own page, transferring link juice or recommendation from page A to your page. This of course will positively affect the SERP position of your page.

Nofollow backlinks on the other hand are like a broken bridge. If your backlink on Page A carries the nofollow tag (making it a nofollow backlink) , that’s simply telling search spiders ‘Stop’

Download CommentLuv

Before we look at these 6 blogs to comment on for dofollow backlinks, I recommend you grab your own copy of CommentLuv Premium. It has great advantages that will help boost your blog.

The first is that it will encourage comments and engagement on your blog. It will help drive more traffic to your blog as other blogs will write and mention yours as a commentluv enabled blog.

5 CommentLuv Dofollow blogs to EASILY built backlinks!

I know there are quite a good number of them out there but we are starting from somewhere.

1 – EnstineMuki.com

The first blog on this list of CommentLuv dofollow blogs I recommend you comment on for dofollow backlinks is this one. Yes my blog. But I don’t give out backlinks to everyone that drops a comment.

I give it out to repeat authors. I have set my commentluv to automatically give you backlinks if you have 10+  approved comment on this blog.

CommentLuv dofollow blogs

By the time you have 10 comments, we would have built a relationship and you know that’s what makes blogging exciting. You will also have the chance to be invited to feature on my blog as blogger of the week.

2 – Mostlyblogging.com

MostlyBlogging is a blog by one of my tough women in blogging.  Janice is a popular figure in the industry. She creates content in Business, Social Media, Blogging and several other related topics.

MostlyBlogging has a Domain Authority of 43 which definitely makes it an interesting place to constantly read and drop comment.

3 – Phill.blog

Phillip Dews combines the power of blogging and web design to form a beautiful blend of online presence. Being the guy behind Janice’s blog, Phillip is a successful freelance developer and blogger.

You may want to hand out on his blog for some additional dofollow links from his comment section. Make sure to read and drop meaningful comments as always.

4. Growmap.com

This is a business blog by Gail Gardner. She’s behind G.A.S.P (GrowMap Anti-Spambot Plugin), a WordPress Anti Comment Spam  plugin also built into CommentLuv Premium.

With a Domain Authority of  48 and a Domain Rating of 58, you agree with me it’s one of the places to hang out for dofollow links. But you must remember to always drop value in your comments to get approved for the links.

5 – Pvariel.com

This blog is run by P V Ariel, a Multilingual freelance writer/Editor and blogger from Secunderabad, Telangana State, India.

Phil is one of my loyal readers and a guy who stops at nothing to create beautiful content for his community. I suggest you take a look at his blog for more dofollow backlink opportunity

Just one more thing…

While it’s exciting to drop comments on commentluv dofollow blogs and be instantly rewarded with a backlink, I’d like to ask you to focus more on building relationships. That’s the best thing you ever get commenting on other blogs.

The links, the referral traffic, the mention, etc are all good. But hooking up and maintaining a relationship with the blogger is better.


Your community grows and real people get to talking about you, linking to your content (contextual backlinks), buying your products, clicking your affiliate links, sharing your posts on social media, etc.

How do you know a link is Nofollow/Dofollow?

Now, there are easy ways to quickly know whether or not a link on a webpage is dofollow. One of these ways is to use a browser extension.

In the screenshots above, you noticed that the nofollow links are surrounded by red dots. That’s because I use Google Chrome with this extension. Once enabled, any external link on any page you visit will be checked and marked appropriately.

What do you know next?

There are 3 things I’d like you to do from here;

  1. Share this post on social media. I’ll be so excited to see it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc so thanks for helping promote.
  2. Drop a comment below. Let me know what you think about this post. I want you to help us discover more commentluv dofollow blogs. So please if you know of any (even if it is yours), drop in in the comment too.
  3. Go check out these blogs I have listed. Signup to their lists and make sure you check them each time there is a new post. Don’t just comment for the linkback. Comment to add value.

That’s it …

Let me hear from you about these commentluv dofollow blogs.

NB: Here is PART II of this post

Enstine Muki

Blogging Coach, Certified Cryptocurrency Expert and Serial Entrepreneur

Favour Uzoigwe

Thank you so much Enstine. This is indeed a great post. I was once told that commentluv doesn’t work any more but thank God I jam this your article tonight. Your advice to we readers is the best. Building a relationship is more important than anything. More knowledge and exploit upon you. You have great posts on this blog so I will keep visiting. Most of the posts I has read here I need to implement them as soon as possible. Thank you once again.

Steven J Wilson

Hi Enstine,

It’s been a while. I’m glad to see you are still at it! I took a while off from blogging and just started working behind the scenes.

After dealing with many clients over the years I just decided to get back at it. There is a lot of misinformation out there and I want to start sharing some of the methodologies I have learned over the years.

Anyway, I have been making my rounds to see who is still active from the blog commenting community from when I was active previously.

I’ll add you to my list so I can stay on top of what you have going on. I’ll be in touch!

Steven J Wilson

    Enstine Muki

    Good to have you back Steven and thanks for checking on me 😉
    I look forward to more moments of fruitful collaborations.
    Making my way to your blog now to see what’s cooking 😉

Evan Baldwin

Hi Enstinemuki,

Thanks for sharing this article. It’s really informative. I learned a lot about dofollow as well as nofollow links. Really Appreciate it. Your whole blog is wonderful and quite helpful.

Have a Great day!

With regards

mahesh dalvi

Thanks for sharing a list of blogs that have loads of ideas to do. I appreciate you sharing this information as it is very helpful for new bloggers like me.


I am a Benjamin.Really that’s great very useful information.I just want to say I am very new to blogs and truly savored you’re web site.More than likely I’m likely to bookmark your website.Blog Engage now has the ability to syndicate and market your YouTube Videos.Thanks for sharing this informative article it will really be helpful for the new bloggers and the ways to earn money online.
Thank you.

Bella D.

This is such a good read. I love how you cited examples of other sites that have Commentluv dofollow blogs. I will definitely visit all of these sites. Thank you so much for sharing this helpful article.



Backlinks are significant to rank higher on Google search, along these lines get more traffic. Much thanks for imparting your insight to us. I will check these destinations, Thanks for sharing.


Much obliged to you for the guidance. Simply took in a decent exercise with respect to dofollow and nofollow joins. Your expansion is by all accounts inaccessible, however I will attempt to discover something with a similar capacity.

Folajomi, blogging tips

Thank you for this awesome blog post, I actually though comment backlinks stop working, as you have quoted neil patel, It still have some link juice. But some SEOs said commentluv is bad to use, what’s your take on that?

Shamira Reddy


Thanks for sharing information regarding Dofollow links & Nofollow links. Because I was totally confused between these two points. So your article cleared me the difference between both the points

Aderemi Dare

Hi Enstine,

Thanks for the list. Backlink is very important for SEO and I did actually missed that for years (I guess, I’m kinda slow). Anyways, happy to engage with you again.

William N. Brandt

Howdy Enstinemuki,

Backlinks are urgent to rank higher on Google search, in this way get more traffic. Much thanks for imparting your insight to us. I will check these locales,

Have pleasant days ahead.



Hi Enstinemuki,

Much obliged to you for sharing your input. Truly, you are directly the same number of sites that are not functioning truly to form. What’s more, I have to refresh this rundown asap.

As a matter of fact, the CommentLUV module is not any more dynamic and numerous individuals handicapped it as of now. Truth be told, there is yet locate any better option to CommentLuv web journals.


Hello Enstine,

really Thanks for the dofollow blog list.I know Please let me know if you plan how to update the list with more blogs. I suggest adding a web push notification to your blog so any post update is notified. I use Onesignal and it’s great.
Your blog comment section is one of the most active I’ve seen. Keep up the good work Enstine

    Enstine Muki

    Thanks for the comment and push notification reminded. Kindly check as I have re-enabled it 😉


I have enabled the Google Chrome nofollow extension and find it very useful to identify nofollow links and review my own (affiliate) links. Thanks for sharing!

cheryl manve

Hello Enstine,

All the blogs you have listed here are providing do-follow backlinks. Thanks for sharing this awesome post. Actually I have landed through the blog post of Neil Patel. Looking forward to seeing more blog updates from you like this.

    Enstine Muki

    Hi Cheryl,
    Thanks for following up from Neil’s blog. I will be doing another roundup post in the days ahead.
    Let’s keep giving


Hi Enstine, I particularly like that you listed 5 resources, and not hundreds. I found a few posts, but most links didn’t work. Thank you for your explanation about dofollow blogs, it is really helpful. And only because you asked, my blog does have commentluv.

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Tom,
    Good to see you here and thanks for the comment. I’m breaking the long list into a series that can easily be maintained.
    Oh yes I will be adding your blog on the next post in the series. Is your commentluv link dofollow?


Thanks For Publishing, These Do-Follow Blogs Short List. They Accept Comments And Provide Backlinks. I Have Came Here Through A Mail That I Received Today By Neil Patel Team.


I discovered this article from a connection a specialist I follow shared Enstine. I’m supportive of associating and building connections as I accept that is the manner in which we would all be able to find out more and become better residents.

I’m anticipating gaining more from you currently I’ve discovered you


I would like to use the CommentLuv Premium version. Can you please tell me how much it cost and is it really helpful? I have never trued premium versions for finding comment posting sites. Thanks in Advance.

Tracey-Jane Hughes

I found this article from a link an expert I follow shared Enstine. I’m all for connecting and building relationships as I believe that’s the way we can all learn more and become better citizens.

I’m looking forward to learning more from you now I’ve found you 🙂

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Tracey,
    God bless that expert for sharing this post and thanks for clicking over to it. And thanks for taking the time to drop a comment.
    I’ll be off to your blog right after this comment. Hope we make it stronger.

    How is the new year going?

Bintang F

Thank you for sharing this to us! I want to give you guys a recommendation commentluv sites, it is WonderofTech, run buy Carolyn. She is nice and kind 🙂 just search it on Google and you will find it easily.

Phillip Dews

Hello Enstine,

Many thanks for the inclusion of my website/blog in your list its greatly appreciated fella. I had no idea you had added this to your list till that email a few days ago and I really appreciate it indeed.

Its been a learning curve working on Janice’s blog these past few months and getting it to the way she likes it. I hope that now that Janice is happy with it so far? As for my own its still a work in progress. I purchased the domain last year as as you can tell its a premium domain but its worth the money I think (need to renew it in a few weeks but the bill to the tax man is a bit more important at the moment).

Anyway thank you so much for including me in your list its greatly appreciated fella and I hope that your readers will find it useful over the years. Finally let me just say Happy New Year to you, yours and everyone here.


Funny Jokes

Dofollow commenting ideas are great and helpful for all bloggers, but some write less than place link there.

I think they should write more than target linking, because content is still king and will be in future, What do you think about?

Let me reply please.


Thank you for the advice. Just learned a good lesson regarding dofollow and nofollow links. Your extension seems to be unavailable, but I will try to find something with the same function.

Uttam S.

Hi Enstinemuki,
I love this post – so true about the ongoing shift to mobile optimization.

The rise of more voice-activated searched has also driven a need for content to more accurately reflect user intent.
I’ve shared this and much more about SEO in 2020 in my latest post (which includes a backlink building strategy).

Malik Mubashir

Thanks So much! Yes indeed Do-Follow backlinks are very import for SEO and so too does NoFollow. Though some reaserch shows that the Do-Follow have significant impact on SEO Rankings that NoFollow do


Thanks for sharing the list of blogs accepting do-follow comments.I appreciate you sharing this information as it is very helpful to newbie bloggers like me.


nice, Do-Follow backlinks is most important but, Do-Follow or no-follow both are equal important.
one question is my its important backlinks to rank any blogg

Amos Struck

Hey Enstine,

Thanks for sharing the list of blogs accepting do-follow comments. Recently went to through Neil Patel’s post on blog comments and seems it really works in enhancing the domain authority of a page. I’m wondering if Google may start penalizing sites that post comments with links to their blogs. What are your thoughts on that?


    Enstine Muki

    Hi Amos,
    We know how very much Google is unpredictable. But if they are giving importance to comment backlinks, I do not think anytime soon they are going to switch to the other side. The worst they can do is just ignore those links

Nikola Roza

Dofollow blog comments. They seemed a thing of the past, but now they’re coming back. I recently read a study by Neil Patel, where he got awesome results after pointing dofollows blog comment to a page. It ranked way better than before.

It’s very interesting and I might just incorporate it into my overall strategy.

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Nik,
    I read Neil’s report and that encouraged me to revive this post. Been getting some nice comments since then ?

Jo Boyne

Great content. Found this from Twitter (a retweet from UK bloggers) , and am really interested to see what others think of CommentLuv, as I also use it on my blog. Have also clicked to the second part of your article.

I agree with a lot of the responses to this article too. I always love too do this as sometimes reading the responses to an article are as enlightening as the post itself. They give other viewpoints, which is why not just spamming is so important. For me, blogging is just as much about building relationships as anything else.

Great content, will keep on coming back.

    Enstine Muki

    Hi Jo,
    Good to see you here and thanks for following up from Twitter. I will be on your blog shortly after this comment reply and hope to see you around again.

    CommentLuv at one point was a big hit in the WordPress community. The founder, Andy got some issues and stopped updating the plugin. So the community took a downward move. Good thing to note that a new team is in place to continue the project.

    Let’s see how it goes

Hope Mullinax

Thanks So much! Yes indeed Do-Follow backlinks are very import for SEO and so too does NoFollow. Though some reaserch shows that the Do-Follow have significant impact on SEO Rankings that NoFollow do

    Enstine Muki

    Hi Hope,
    Thanks for the engagement.
    Google had a recent update in 2019 which will be going active soon. By it, nofollow links will be considered for ranking. I wrote a bit about it here

Janice Wald

Hi Enstine,
1. Thank you so much for recommending my blog! I made #2 on the list! =) Much appreciated!
2. I also wrote about blog submission sites and blog commenting sites. Like this post, they generated much interest.
3. Question: After reading this, I went to Gail’s site, but it says all comments are nofollow. What should I make of that in light of the fact that these suggestions are for dofollow blogs?
4. Thank you for calling me “tough!” What an amazing compliment!
Once again, thank you for including me in this valuable list. I’m getting traffic from your site today!

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Janice,
    You’ve worked had to create and maintain your blog. You deserve those descriptions, even more.
    I’m going to find out if Gael moved from dofollow to follow and how many comments are required to get the dofollow link.

    Thanks for making it awesome.

Sagar Chauhan

Hey Enstine,
Thanks Bro, and yes even am so much confident that i can make out of it,, by the best of luck for the new starting…

Jessica Jones


Thanks for listing it down. Indeed, I’m an avid reader of those few blogs except one or two like Philip Dews & Sherman’s. Commenting always help getting connected or the worst case, to get introduced.
CommentLuv greatly helps in encouraging readers to drop their valuable comments even with keywords. Good!

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Jessica,
    An opportunity to get connected with more bloggers right?
    Thanks for the visit and comment. Hope the year is getting on good 😉

Anuj Kumar

Hey Monna,
Thanks for showing up quick on this and thanks for the hard work you are Lesly are putting in to make sure PAC grows


Hi Enstine,

awesome article! it is always difficult to start a new online business, but with this tips you suggest it surely is much easier.

Gaurav Kumar

Hi Enstine,

Commenting is still there to place links. But this is not a good practice if one is not adding any value to the post where he/she is commenting. I also comment on the blogs with disqus or other commenting systems.

If one should start adding value to other’s website using his comments that it will not only help him earn links but also build strong relationships.


jatin thakur

Backlinks are an important ranking factor nowadays especially do follow links. But before commenting on blogs we must add values to them don’t be like spam. Thanks for sharing. keep up the good work.

Oivia Watson

This is definitely a great list of commentluv blogs that work.It is very helpful for me.Link building is one of the ways to get higher rankings on Google.Thanks for Sharing with us

Mohammed Ali

Really love the Commentluv enabled blogs/site as these are very easy and free way to increase the blog traffic, thanks to share such a good list friend.
You can also check out my blog onerupee.net, which is Commentluv enabled

Ankeet Singh

Hi Enstine,
Really great post to easily build backlinks but I want to know that does having a do follow comment section and giving link juice to other sites would not affect my search engine rankings?

Godson Rapture

Hi Enstinemuki,

Link building is one of the ways to get higher rankings on Google… I have been reading a lot, following your blog,Brian Dean Niel Patel.

I appreciate you sharing this information as it is very helpful to newbie bloggers like me.


@python @programming @code

Sreejesh Suresh

Thanks for the dofollow blog list. Please let me know if you plan to update the list with more blogs. I suggest adding a web push notification to your blog so any post update is notified. I use Onesignal and it’s great.
Your blog comment section is one of the most active I’ve seen. Keep up the good work Enstine 🙂

Miki Patel

This is definitely a great list of commentluv blogs that work. I did notice that sometimes you need to have an https (instead of http) to be able to get backlinks from commentluv blogs. Do you know how I can get an https certification on my website or how I would buy that? I noticed that this website has an https instead of the regular http.


I have been digitally ‘up and down’ Google today 🙂 searching for good quality information about blogs that have the commentluv plugin. I believe it’s more important to focus on quality rather than just quantity. Your post clearly has the quality aspect.

I have checked out the Power Affiliate Club and David Merill’s blog too and they seemed to have dropped the plugin since the time of this post though…

    Enstine Muki

    Hey Sheeroh,
    Good to have you here and thanks for the engagement.
    CommentLuv has not been updated since last year and its author Andy is not in good shape. I don’t know what’s happening now as the commentluv.com site is even broken. Many people are kicking the plugin off their blogs. If I do not get any update too, I’ll do same as this could be dangerous keeping a plugin that’s not updated.

    Off to your blog I go

ashik mahammad

thanks Enstine muki
your post is great Off-page SEO strategies thanks for share it
part of web journals and destinations that rank on main 10 comes about with no backlinks to that post additionally I’d found that neither their substance was too great or a medium to long length stuff yet some of them were positioning. Is there whatever else that we can do to accomplish that addition in rankings. I ponder dofollow connections are not all that essential however, nonetheless they do convey great juice to a substance positioning. Indeed, even no take after connections can do great things to someones blog. As indicated by my examination and analyses while blogging, I’d discovered that nofollow interfaces in the above mid substance passes great juice, as opposed to at the most reduced base. ie: remark area. Nofollow lins from the base of the page do only at the highest point of the substance region truly does.


Hi Enstinemuki,

Backlinks are crucial to rank higher on Google search, thus get more traffic. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us. I will check these sites,

Have nice days ahead.

Jesper, The Biveros Effect

Thank you for the advice. Just learned a good lesson regarding dofollow and nofollow links. Your extension seems to be unavailable, but I will try to find something with the same function. 🙂

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