Blogging for women ~ 24 best blogs women should read in 2020!

Blogging for women is quite challenging but these are female blogs I recently came across and most of them are killing it on Pinterest.

I’m a dad and I’m happily going to show you these interesting women’s blogs to follow in 2020.

Some of them are powered and run by stay-at-home mom bloggers who make $5000+ a month blogging.

NB: These are 15 ways bloggers make money blogging

If you are a woman, you can make it online like these great friends. They blog and teach other women how to blog and make money from home.

They have powerful courses to teach everyone (woman or not) how to succeed online. So be sure to check out their blogs, courses and follow them on their different social media platforms.

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Should women blog?

Definitely yes. Women should blog because blogging doesn’t have any specific requirement. Whether you are a professional with a full time job or not, blogging as a woman is possible.

In this post, I make an effort to let you know you can build a career in blogging or blog part time successfully whatever your social status is. We will also be looking at some very successful female blogs to follow and learn from in diverse categories.

Read carefully and you will know that though blogging for women isn’t a click of the mouse, it’s highly possible and can generate a huge earning for you.

Blogging for Working women or Stay at home mom or babysitter!

Parenting and raising children is an interesting exercise for mommies. Many stay at home moms are looking for some online business to make  money at home.

One of the things a work at home mom should do to have a fun family is to step into blogosphere and create a mommy blog.

A personal blog allows you to share your experience raising children and teaching your readers the how-tos of parenthood.

As a stay at home dad or mom, you have absolutely no stoppage building a successful home business. You may want to create a personal blog, lifestyle blog, personal blog, family blog, parenting blog, sharing parenting articles and generating income in the activity.

You actually don’t need to be a supermom to be a successful mom blogger. I have seen single moms  and women doing exceptionally well with their blogs, sharing parenting tips while taking care of house chores. This goes a long way to inspire readers.

I know being a mother or motherhood isn’t easy but it’s a blessing.

Whether you are a working mother, stay at home or nanny, single mom, busy mom, etc, you can setup a mom blog or two or more women’s blogs, write about things that teach and encourage other mothers and generate income for yourself.

Your blog could make you an influencer and open the door to becoming a contributor on many other popular blogs and platforms.

With all honesty, you should carefully read these mom blogs I have mentioned, search the net for more, follow and practice what you learn from them.

Blogging for women – 24 women blogs to follow in 2020 and beyond

NB: There is no specific order listing these blog. Here are some of the best blogs women read and learn to generate income at home.

1. of Elna Cane

mom blogs to follow

This is one of the mom blogs I read often. Elna is a freelance writer and mom blogger who teaches moms how to succeed online as bloggers and moms. She is one of the top female bloggers making news in the industry.

With lots of success examples and helpful courses, you won’t be wrong following her this year, buying her course and subscriber to her list. Elna runs an exciting women’s lifestyle blog and you’d like to read it.

In one of her latest blog posts, she teaches you how to make money blogging with a proven plan

Follow her on Pinterest here and read her blog here

2. of Cate Rosales

mom blogs to follow in 2019

Cate Rosales is one of the female bloggers I came to know in the month of December 2018. I have been reading her blog, following her on Pinterest and Facebook. Hers is one of the exciting female blogs out there.

I’m also an active member in her Facebook group where she helps bloggers create a successful online business.

Like other successful mom bloggers, Cate has a blogging course that teaches you how to start, grow, and monetize a blog. In December of 2018, Cate published an interesting case study article how she made over $2,000 from her blog in one week

Follow Cate on Pinterest here and read her blog here

3. of Arfa Nazeer

mom bloggers to follow

Arfa is a mom blogger who means blogging. She helps new bloggers start a successful blogging journey to experience the beauty of a dot com lifestyle. She runss a young woman blog.

Arfa teaches her readers how to blog, how to make money, how to be a freelance writer, etc. On a random blog post on her blog, she published an interesting piece about 7 Best Converting Places To Grow Your Email List

Follow her on Pinterest here and read her blog here

4. of McKinzie Bean

blogging for women

McKinzie is a Pinterest gem who cannot go unnoticed.

She can help you start a profitable blog, grow on Pinterest and make money at home. In her words, she “started Moms Make Cents in June of 2016 to help teach moms how to build profitable blogs and businesses so they could have the freedom to stay home with their kiddos”

If you are a mom who wants to make money staying at home, you should be following McKinzie daily. And one of the things I’d recommend is her course here to help you pull traffic from Pinterest.

Are you a blogger with a smartphone in your hands? Checkout her post here on 12 blogging tasks you can do on your smartphone.

Follow McKinzie on Pinterest and read her blog here

5. of Lily Ugbaja

blogging for women

Some mom bloggers (and dad bloggers too) often find it so hard to make money with their new blogs. This is where this mom blogger comes in to teach you steps to make money blogging in your first month.

Blogging for women isn’t easy at all but Lily help moms simplify, speedify and automate blogging so they can happily stay home with their kids while still providing great value to the world.

One of my blogging buddies, Ryan Biddulph (the guy blogging from paradise)  was interviewed by Lily and Ryan shared some highly recommended smart blogging tips on making money blogging serving people.

Follow Lily on Pinterest here and read her blog here

6. of Melanie Legaspi

mommy blogs to followMelanie is the mom blogger who is on her journey to blogging success and she tells her story along while teaching her readers how to succeed online. features content on blogging, social media, money, family, traveling, etc. This is one of the blogs to follow and read this year if you want to learn from someone who is willing to show you all she does on her way.

As this mom blogger rightly said, the key to blogging success and freedom is consistency and not giving up.

Follow her on Pinterest here and read her blog here

7. of Carly the Mommy

blogging for women

Carly’s is one of the mom blogs to follow  if you want to copy the steps of and learn from a successful mommy blogger. She teaches and makes blogging for women easy.

Beside teaching you to create a blog, drive traffic from Google and Pinterest and make money staying at home as a mom, this blogs features content on Pregnancy, breastfeeding, labor and birth, etc

Do you want tips on understanding and raising your kids? What about your life at home and managing your finance?

This mom blog to follow generates over $10,000 monthly for Carly and that’s a reason to follow it:

mommy blogger to follow

Carly the mommy has a Pinteresting course for manual pinning. As a matter of fact, I bought her course on the 27th of November 2018 and that has greatly helped my Pinterest growth.

NB: If you want to drive traffic from Pinterest, buy her training here

One of the killer content on is this SEO article published by Ben Huber of Dollar Sprout, a blog that generates  $60,000/m. It’s an interesting piece I encourage you read.

Follow Carly on Pinterest here and read her blog here

8. of Tiffany Griffin

blogging for women

This list won’t be complete without Tiffany’s blog.

On the blog, she provides resources to help you grow your blog, make money online and live your best life through creativity and inspiration.

If you want to make money with Affiliate Marketing, I encourage you check out this post by Tiffany on 15 affiliate marketing programs for bloggers.

Follow her on Pinterest here and read her blog here

9. of Dale

mommy blogs to follow this year

If you think to create a blog for woman is hard, Dale’s blog is one of the mom blogs to follow and learn how to earn an income from blogging and other online business ventures.

The blog features articles on make money, Pinterest tricks and growth, email marketing, etc and Dale’s course on how to make money on Pinterest is something I recommend you check out.

Follow Dale on Pinterest and read her blog here

10. A girl in progress

This is an interesting lifestyle blog for women featuring exciting content meant to educate readers on things they need to know to live better as women.

AGileInProgress is run by Emma Norris, a Sydney-based freelance writer who believes blogging for women is a great activity. Emma hopes that her blog will inspire, entertain and empower girls in progress everywhere in the world.

Take a look at her blog here

11. The Everygirl

Looking for another women’s blog that proves that women can be good bloggers? Check out the Everygirl

This is a lifestyle blog for women covering contents on traveling, living, wellness, fashion & beauty, culture, etc.

At the moment of writing, this women’s blog co-founded by Alaina Kaczmarski and Danielle Moss is powered by a team of eight smart young women, creating and publishing very attractive content

12. Daily Dose of Luxury

This is an exciting women’s lifestyle blog run by Jazmyn, born in LA in the USA.  According to her, her blog is an outlet for millennial women to experience self confidence through personal brand building.

Jazmyn has ther huge love for fashion, food, events, and luxury aesthetics and this has pushed her up the ladders of social media.

Take a look at the blog here

13. Sylvia Browder

Interested in women entrepreneurship?

Then you are going to like what Sylvia shares on her female blog. She’s one who makes me believe blogging for women isn’t rocket science.

On her blog, Browder runs series of interviews with successful business women all over the world, with the aim of encouraging readers not to give up but to keep pushing, knowing success is near.

Want to know how to launch a small business? Check out this document on her site

14. A Self Guru

This is an exciting blog created by AMIRA, a business lawyer who blogs and teaches you how to blog legally. It’s a highly recommended blog is you want to blog successfully and not run into legal issues with readers and clients.

Here is an interview I did on this blog with Amira.

Other women’s blogs to follow to learn blogging for women

There are many other women bloggers worth following out there. If you are active on Pinterest, you are going to soon find them.

In my blogging journey, I have highly enjoyed the company of many female bloggers. These include:

15. Donna Merrill of,

16. Lisa Sicard of,

17. Janice Wald of,

18. Joy Healey of,

19. Ileane Smith of,

20. Monna ellithorpe of,

21. Lesly Federici of,

22. Jane sheeba of

23. Lorraine Reguly of

24. Harleena Singh of,

I have a long list really, and one of the things I hate is to write down the names of my friends. The reason is that I often forget some of them and I feel hurt.

Go and ahead and read these blogs for women to follow this year. A lot to learn from them. Follow the moms on social media, buy their courses, signup to their lists for great content and thank yourself.

There are many more women’s blogs on relationships, women’s lifestyle blogs and female empowerment blogs on the Internet. Just a quick search will pull up the list for you.

Challenges of blogging for women

It’s not easy to become a successful female blogger. There are many challenges, beginning with learning to blog, investing some money into blogging tools, looking after toddlers at preschool age and creating content, dealing with tantrums, etc.

For many, postpartum blogging is absolutely not possible. This lead to business slowing down and income dropping.

Blogging for women FAQ

It is simply a blog with content about the Author’s everyday life and interest. Lifestyle blogs are often authored by women

Understanding that a lifestyle blog is a blog about your daily activities, you should begin by writing down topics you are interested in daily – Fashion, movie, home decor, DIY, Travel, Fitness, food, photography, etc. Lifestyle blogs are generally covering as many topics as possible, depending on the author’s knowledge in all of these topics

This is simply an online dairy or commentary written by an individual, rather than a organization or corporation

Of course yes. Once you start getting readers, you may choose to monetize your blog in several ways, from selling space, selling your own products or services, affiliate marketing, etc

Definitely, some niches are easier to scale and grow your profit. However, any blog can make money. The bigger your marketplace or your readership, the more you are able to generate more income

Practically, it begins with you choosing a topic to blog about. This is often the most difficult for many beginners. Once you have settles on a topic, decide on a domain name, buy it and install your blogging script. Generally, WordPress is quick and free. Get your blog’s theme installed and necessary plugins. Your are set to start publishing content

Once you start blogging, you are starting to build a marketplace. To earn money, you should be selling space (Advertising), promoting affiliate products, selling your own services or products, etc

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