BroadedNet API for blogger/Blogspot ~ Traffic Without Search Engines or SM

BroadedNet has been around since September 2014 principally for WordPress users. My first attempt at getting it work for blogger and other CMS platforms failed.

The Javascript/jQuery developer I hired had some issues finishing his API. So I got another guy who did a job that deserves a positive mark.

So if your blog is running on Blogger/Blogspot, your may want to go try this out so you can be part of the growing community.

It will run on a blogger/blogspot sub domain like this one or personal domain like this and this and this

NB: Since the blogger API is loaded asynchronously (only after your site has finished loading), it will not slow down your site. 

Some questions questions I answer always are:

  1. Is BroadedNet Search Engine Friendly?
  2. Is my Adsense Account save?

The answer is a big YES. I have explained how this functions so check out this post for details

How to install BroadedNet on Blogger/Blogspot

As a matter of fact, installing BroadedNet on your blogger/Blogspot blog is very easy. First, create a free account on BroadedNet. If you are already a member, simply sign in.

While in your account, click Integrate. Then follow instructions on the form to generate the html script.

broadednet for blogger


Let’s look at these options in more details. Note that this is specific for version 1.3

1 – Widget Type:

There are 3 different types of content to show on the widget on your blog. The first and most commonly used is the Random Article Titles. If you select this option, BroadedNet will randomly pick articles from the platform and show on the widget on your blog. This of course will be within the chosen category.

The second widget type is “Articles From My Custom Widget” In this option, you may want to pre-select the articles to show on your blog. That means you control whatt’s shown on your blog.  You can read more about custom widgets and how to create them in this post

The Third widget type is banners. There are banners of different sizes so be sure to select the most perfect fit for the chosen position on your blog.

2 – Select Custom Widget

If in option 1 above you selected to show content from custom widget, pick the custom widget from the list in point 2. Discard this option if you did not select custom widget.

3 – Category

This is as simple as it sounds. You must select a category that closely relate to your niche. Don’t be a weight loss blogger who wants to promote dog training articles on the BroadedNet widget.

4 – Number of entries to show on widget (Text widget only)

This option does not apply to Banner Widget time. It defines the number of articles to show on your widget. Please note that the Stick Posts will occupy the first 2 positions on the widgets. Read more about Sticky Posts here

5 – Show Gravatar on Widget

If you want gravatar to be shown on the widget, select YES at this level. Read this post for about the gravatar option introduced in version 1.3

6 – Gravatar Size

Set the size of the gravatar according to your design need. The maximum is 80 and minimum is 30.

7 – Show ‘Powered by Broaded’ on widget

Activate this option to show some love. This will add a “powered by Broaded” link below the widget on your blog.

That’s is!

go ahead and add it to your blog and drop the link to your blog in the comment box below

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Let me know how your experience has been with BroadedNet so far. Is this your first time? Drop a comment in the comment box below.

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  1. howdy Enstine Muki!
    now, I have been following your blog for some time. cause your blog is useful for me. and really excited to have in my site, it will help me in driving good traffic from popular blog.
    Thanks and good luck

  2. Hi Enstine
    Definitely thrilled to have broaded. web inside my weblog, It helps me within generating good quality targeted traffic from popular weblog, I was hanging around scince january due to this element and then We have it inside my weblog. Many thanks for your work brother.

  3. I have never heard of BroadedNet before but it looks great. So customizable and flexible. Love it! I see in the comments that there is a wordpress plugin also. I will definitely look into this further! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Enstine!

    Congos and thanks (at the same time!)

    Firstly, congos for increasing the reach the reach of BroadedNet to Blogger and Blogspot websites. Thanks for bringing in this awesome tool for other blogging mediums. Currently, I have been using an WordPress blog and have been thinking of making a micro-niche blog, will surely use it over there.

    P.S: Thanks for free credits!

  5. Would you recommend using WordPress or blogger as a platform? We’re currently starting off on WordPress but could move over. I assume this is based on website type? Either way this looks useful!


    • Hi Ryan,
      either of them is good to go with but the API is specifically fir blogger. There is a WP widget you can simply install and configure.
      Let me know if I can help more

  6. hey, Enstine
    It’s a wonderful gift for the blogspot users.
    I just landed on your blog and saw this wonderful resource for generating some good amount of traffic.
    Thank you for introducing it for the blogspot users. 🙂

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    What an average thing to be here once more!

    What a stunning plugin you made for blogspot clients!

    Yes the very day when you advanced Broaded net

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    Expresses gratitude toward Enstine for this radiant and astounding plugin.

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  8. Hey enstine, is really an awesome tool to drive traffic without sweating a lot 🙂 !!! 1 thing i personally felt was i could drive traffic for free forever 🙂 ! In 1 account can i add 2 different domains to run campaigns ??? 😉

    Issac paul

  9. Hi Enstine,
    What a pleasant thing to be here again!
    What a lovely plugin you made for blogspot users!
    Yes the very day when you promoted Broaded net
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    ~ Philip

  10. Thank you Enstine Muki. few months ago i came to know about but i was disappointed that this was not there are bloggers. This is the great news for blogger users. Now blogger use can get a new traffic source .. Thank You

  11. hi Enstine.
    tried it out, it’s really great. finally, i don’t need to depend much on social media for traffic.
    thanks anyway.

    • That’s correct and good luck to you my dear friend
      Please share your experiences with us later 😉
      Be sure to post more frequently on the platform. Tweak titles for better CTR

      Have a wonderful weekend

  12. Great news Boss, I told you already many had been waiting for this Tool on Blogger platform, even before you published this post people had started using it

  13. Hello Enstine ,

    In my last comment I asked about the the blogger widget and wow you made it for it . This is a great news of the blogger widget for . Thanks for launching this blogger widget , it will be of great use for blogger users as it will also help a lot in getting free traffic for my blog .

    Also thanks for the free credit you gave , it will help to get free credit .

    Also thanks for sharing this post .

  14. Hi Enstine,

    This is a great option for those who use Blogger. Most of the new bloggers are on Blogger, so you should be getting a lot of new registrations. One of the reasons new bloggers use Blogger is because it’s very easy to use. The API looks very easy to setup. should do very well with this latest addition.

    • Hey Brian you are right,
      There’s been a lot of engagement since adding this option a few hours ago.

      I hope this will lead to more growth and more traffic 😉

  15. Very useful, Just now im integrated it on My blog with the help of your Guide Thanks Man For Your Useful And helpful Posts.

  16. Cool 8) I have recently added more content to my Blogger blog and this makes a nice option for adding engagement along with CommentLuv populating my posts as well.

  17. This is awesome news Enstine!

    I have a lot of friends that use Blogger and have already passed this along. I hope they heed my advice and join up! Thank you for making this available to them!


  18. It’s very good news to you and the Blogger community. It will also help you to expand your business into a new community and get more benefits.

  19. Absolutely Great News.
    Now blogger user can use as a new traffic source.
    Going to add widget one of my blogspot blogs.
    Thanks for this coupon code.

  20. Hi Enstine, am really happy this is now finally available for Blogspot users I just implemented it and its working fine and thanks for the Coupon you shared.
    Demo Here:
    Hadarm Hiidee

  21. Hi Enstine, its really a great news for Blogger users like me,i was waiting for this great news,i will use BroadedNet API for drawing quality traffic.

  22. Thanks enstine for the the coupon. I got 350 credits!!! Will check it how it goes with by new blog.
    i have been following your blog for quite some time and i am learning a lot from here.
    Can you suggest me any monetizing method other than adsense?
    I know bloggers can earn much from affiliate marketing but i think i am not good at it right now. What do you think about sponsored review or post? is there any marketplace to sell sponsored review?

  23. Wow that’s great. So, broaded has more users now that means broaded users will be able to get more traffic.
    Thanks Enstine for free credits 🙂

  24. Hi Bro,

    Great news for blogger. This widget was expected for a long time and it is good news for blogger users. It looks like you found good programmer to create the broadednet API for blogger platform.


    • Yeah I love that the guy was able to do this withing a short period of time without giving me much work too

      I’m sure blogger users are excited about it 😉

  25. hi muki
    thanks for introducing this facility for bloggers..
    i have integrated on my blog..
    hope i will use broaded net to drive traffic
    thanks dude..

  26. Have noticed broadednet in blogengage too. I guess I’m gonna need to give a try once. I think there was some offer running a while ago.


  27. Hey Muki,

    Really excited to have in my blog, It will help me in driving quality traffic from popular blog, I was waiting scince january for this feature and finally I have it in my blog. Thanks for the work bro 😉


  28. Hello Enstine, I have been following your blog for some time now. And i must confess that you are really a pro blogger helping newbie bloggers to grow in one way or the other. Your newly introduced brodedNET API for Blogger/bogspot will help bloggers using blogspot platform.
    Arinze Oparaugo.

  29. Hi Muki,
    It means you brought your amazing traffic generating tools for blogspot platform. Ahh! I think it’s a blessing for the people who use blogspot.
    At last thanks for your free credit. I really enjoy your free credits 🙂 . Cheers!

      • Hey Enstine,

        This is awesome you have given an opportunity to bloggers blog users also to drive traffic via Broaded there are many friends who are using blogger I had suggested them to use it.
        I know they will get benefited by these for sure.

        Thanks for sharing

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