How to boost traffic with Sticky Posts ~ Kharim’s case!

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One of the new features I added on BroadedNet is the Sticky Post feature. What this does is stick your campaign on top of the widget until assigned credits get used up.

For the past 2 weeks since this feature was added, I have been monitoring the results with a lot of interest. Initially, after discussing with a few friends, I wanted to implement this on the widget and draw a conclusion to discontinue or maintain it.

Looking at the impressions and clicks for the past 2 weeks, there is every reason to make the feature even stronger. Kharim TomlinsonΒ was the first guy to jump on this offer for $35. Then Chendong, the badblogger came in just after him.

Let’s look at Kharim’s stats and see where this feature is taking us to. Before we get there, you may want to visit Kharim’s blog here. He’s one of the bloggers that got me fueled when I started blogging.

Broaded Sticky Post Feature!

boost traffic kharim

Kharim posted on the 15th of Feb 2015. Today, we are 27th of same month and that’s about the 12th day. There have been 1,875,032 impressions generated, 401 valid clicks from 83 different blogs in the network (list of these 83 blogs available in Kharim’s account).

Note here that the number of credits offered does not influence the ranking. This feature is programmed to keep your entry on top. But users whose blogs generate the clicks get 50 credits per click.

My suggestion is for Kharim to tweak the title. He may generate more clicks with another version.

What does it look like on blogs?

Your sticky campaigns will appear on other blogs differently, depending on designs, gravatar option and position. This is just an idea what it looks like on some blogs

sticky post wigets

Is this worth the $35?

Sticky posts are priced at $35 each. This guarantees 500 targeted clicks from around the globe at the rate of $0.07 per click. To the best of it, this is about the cheapest you can get in the industry. To add to this, you are given access to all the blogs from where clicks where generated.

As a blogger, this can help you to connected with these bloggers and expand your community.

There is no way I can give any guarantee that this traffic will buy your products, comment on your blogs or sign up to your list. I can however guarantee the clicks are from real visitors who got attracted to the title of your campaign.

Other factors like the sales copy, blog design, commenting features, quality of your content, etc will determine how engaged the visitors become once on your blog.

Limited number of Sticky Posts!

Given the limitation imposed by the widget, there cannot be more than 4 live sticky posts in rotation on top of the widget. Any posts from the fifth entry will be paused and queued until the next available space.

NB: Once published, your campaign remains stuck to the top of the widget until you get the guaranteed 500 clicks.

What can you promote with Sticky Posts?

Don’t forget that this tool is for bloggers so my priority is blog posts. You can however use this feature to promote affiliate marketing product through a review post on your blog.

What I mean is you may not be allowed to link directly to the product page through your affiliate link. The best way to generate sales as bloggers is review the product on your blog, then promote the review post.

If you are product owner, you can use this feature to drive traffic straight to your product. However, I’m being so selective here. Please, contact me before you go ahead to order a sticky post.

How to order Sticky Post!

Go to BroadedNet and create a free account!

Please Note: While creating your account, use an email address that is attached to Gravatar with a clear image (your pic or product logo).

Click “Create Campaign” on top menu and move to the next page. Click the button as shown below.

create sticky post

This will take you to the payment page where you will be expected to pay $35 with Paypal. without this payment, it won’t be possible to continue.

After completing payment, here is what you do next

create sticky campaign

1) Enter the title of your campaign. That’s what visitors will see on other blogs before clicking. Make it as attractive and relevant as possible.

2) Enter the destination url. This may be your blog post or product sales page. You may want to use any tracking system of your choice to track clicks from this campaign.

3) Select the most appropriate category.

Submit your campaign and wait for approval.

Free 600 credits to start with

I want to add 600 free broaded credits to your account. This will not be used for sticky post. You can use it to post free campaigns. Unlock the content below to access the code.

Thanks for supporting us. The coupon code is:Β STICKY

Go to your broadedNet account and click “Got coupon code?

If you have any issues, don’t fail to contact me.

Let me know what you think about broaded in the comment box.

35 thoughts on “How to boost traffic with Sticky Posts ~ Kharim’s case!”

  1. Hey Enstine!

    A debt of gratitude is in order regarding this so astounding post. I have been finding out about and was considering utilizing it. Yet this stalling finished in the wake of seeing this sublime post. appears to be greatly guaranteeing and has bunches of potential in it. Trust it lives up to expectations an incredible wellspring of activity for me.

    Much appreciated,


  2. Hi Enstine,

    This is a great deal πŸ™‚ 500 targeted visitors for just $35, it’s great.

    Less I forget, I have tried all means to implement broaded on my blogger blog, but no avail. I have been missing lots from broaded, because it seems only to work out well for wordpress blogs.

    Please try to make the interface available for blogger blogs, it would be a great deal. πŸ™‚

  3. Hey Enstine!

    Thanks for this so amazing post. I have been hearing about and was thinking of using it. But this procrastination ended after seeing this superb post. seems extremely promising and has lots of potential in it. Hope it works a great source of traffic for me.


  4. hi muki..
    nice article from you again…
    please add widget option for blogger soon..
    blogspot users are eagerly waiting for this functionality…

  5. Hi Mr Enstine,

    Thanks for all your valuable information you have been sharing with us, I still do not know how to think you but with the hard work you are doing God will reachlly bless you.

    My Traffic from is improving day by day, I prefer traffic than any other traffic source although its competitor to my traffic as per traffic source is from Natural Traffic from Google Search.

    But both are cool though.

    Thank You Sir

  6. Great Update. works very well for me.
    Now this update going to be very attractive for everyone. By spending just 35$ anyone can generate 400+ click, which is absolutely awesome.
    Thanks for this free credit coupon.

  7. Hey enstine,
    Really awesome but i am still on blogger waiting for blogger widget :/ ! But anyways cool post do lemme know when its done πŸ˜‰ !!! is truly Awesome !!!

    Issac paul

    • Nice post also wish like using BroadedNet but not yet available for Google Blogger Blogs. I even think of using the service with credits I have but later detected only WordPress users can use it for Now.
      Good to read on how BroadedNet has been working great for some Bloggers.

  8. This is a great feature and very useful to get gauranteed clicks to our blog post. This will help us to generate targetted traffic. We can also earn using this.

    Would like to know can we add a video link ?

    Also my campaigns are dormant from long time and mine is a blogger blog so would like to know when will the blogger widget be in work and when will my campaigns be active .

  9. Hi Enstine

    I noticed that last week. The price truly worth it.

    Thats a cool improvement, though i haven’t gain much from broaded.

    Thanks for the case study and also the broaded credict.

  10. Oh, it’s great coupon with good enough credit to us. Thank you for this share.

    I’ve currently use BroadedNet but not getting much success from it and not much traffic right now but will give it a try.

  11. Hi Enstine Muki

    I Have Been on for A While But Unable To Use it Due To Widget Issue but this Feature Seems Good So i Getting Bit More interested to USe it

    Willing For A little Help

  12. Hi Enstine!

    I was just looking at this “sticky” earlier this morning and wondered how it was doing. I see that Kharim made out pretty good by doing his, but I can’t help but wonder if that’s because the nature of the post. “Blogging Tips” seems to be a HOT topic among the web and a very high comment post. I wonder if, say in my case as a lifestyle blogger if a “Relationship” post would still get as many clicks? Thoughts?

    Btw, thank you for Broaded.Net. I have seen traffic coming into both of my blogs and really appreciate it!



    • Hi Brenda Lee, just read your comment and your question makes me want to answer it because it’s a question that I believe many bloggers would like to know so here’s my answer to you – It depend on what headline you are going to use. It doesn’t mean blogging tips is a hot topic, one will eventually get more clicks and it also doesn’t mean relationship is not a hot topic, one will get less click.
      For example you put a headline like this one – “22 Love Secrets to a Better Relationship You Wish You Knew”
      Even if I’m not in the relationship niche, the title is intriguing and this make me one to click and read about it.
      So it all depends on how well you create your headline. In Broaded.Net, it’s not much about which topic your post is, although it does play a part, but the most important part of it is the headline itself.
      Just look at Broaded.Net as a newspaper, and anyone who reads it, will always look at the headline first and if you headline is good and interesting, don’t you think one will sit down and read it?
      Hope it answered your question πŸ™‚

      • Hi Wong and thank you for taking the time to explain your thoughts. I can see what you’re saying and I’ll agree with that. Never thought of it that way. πŸ™‚


    • Hey Brenda,
      Thanks for your tireless effort in sharing my posts on social media
      You know broaded is new and I’m working had so I can cover every niche and have as many blogs as possible in every topic. though that’s gradually growing, we are soon there.

      While the niches you mention now are more popular is because that mostly where I do promote. But I’ll be engaging VAs to get the platform to a wider coverage. I agree with Wong on being creative with titles. I’ll also make sure the platform grows to other topics.

      Thanks for being a faithful member

      • Hi Enstine and thank you for your response!

        I enjoy Broaded.Net and believe bloggers should join it. I should publish a post on my site to encourage more to join up or maybe, perhaps, you would like to publish one? πŸ˜‰ The more on Broaded.Net the better so I’m happy to share the love.

        I’m doing my best, btw, to help share more than the “norm” posts. πŸ™‚ Thanks for having me!


  13. Hey Enstine,

    I want to thank you very much for this case study. sticky feature has really helped to boost my traffic and also to expose my blog to lots of new bloggers.

    I would recommend that bloggers who want to boost their blog’s traffic like I did then they should jump on this wonderful opportunity fast.

    Thanks for the mention and keep up the good work.

    • Hey bro,
      Thanks for the endorsement and for taking this as an opportunity.
      I’m glad this served as case study for me to say more about the platform.

      hope you are having a wonderful weekend

  14. Hi Einstein,

    This was just awesome. I can’t believe 400+ clicks from 83 blogs. It’s a WOW factor. You’ve done a great job by creating an amazing software that works like a charm.
    I was not much aware about this tool before. I had signed up weeks ago but I haven’t tried this software yet.
    I will surely give this tool a try to know how it works.

    Thanks for giving some free credit too!


  15. Hey Entine,

    I have been in the broaded network for a while .

    But didn’t got much clicks even though i have increased the credits to a max of 50 per click.

    Does the high credit value have higher impression?

  16. Nice information but i cant broaded widget for blogger. how do i do this? I think you should develop a blogger widget on broaded. i will be expecting your repsnds on this.

  17. Hey Entine,

    I have been in the broaded network for a while .

    But didn’t got much clicks even though i have increased the credits to a max of 50 per click.

    Does the high credit value have higher impression?

  18. Hey Enstine,

    Really it was amazing I was using BroadedNet widget from a long time and found this feature from last week and I thought this is something new update you made.
    And Finally I got to know about this feature.
    This is really worth $35 400+ clicks from 83 blogs it is really awesome.

    Thanks for sharing

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