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Meet Dennis – SEO, Digital Marketer, Coffee Lover, Civil Engineer, Street Fighter (Player) & Wannabe Wrestler

Dennis SeymourMuch like many of you, Dennis started learning by selling real things before moving to the online world.

He technically started his journey online in the early 2000’s by reselling electronics, like home wireless phones, cameras and portable “VCD” players.

He’s a civil engineer by chance and not by choice. He’s a father that LOVES his wine & coffee (Know a great third wave coffee place? Let him know!) and also taught himself to play the guitar. Among other hobbies and useless things, he still watches WWE, dreams of going to Wrestlemania one day and considers all Final Fantasy, Zelda & Street Fighter games near and dear to his heart.

Today, he’s a digital marketer, a blogger or sometimes called an SEO.

Of all those titles, one thing is a definite one, he’s an entrepreneur.

If you want a full story, he can’t imagine who’d want to, then he has a long one hidden within this site if you can crack the secret code.

How It All Started

It was mid 2003. Dennis got a post card from Google about their new AdSense network.

Anxious to try it out, he started a blog on Blogspot. A blog that talked about the new commercials in the Philippines and what he thought was done correctly.

It was nothing special, the internet was still young BUT that was his first time earning online, even if it was just a few cents. It opened his eyes. It was indeed possible to make money online.

But things didn’t end up all sweet and easy. He graduated engineering school. He lost sight of what he wanted along the way. He missed opportunities and failed in business ventures and blogging became an afterthought.

He got back into learning how to sell online around 2007 while studying in Beijing. Interestingly enough, the year the 4 Hour Work Week was released. It was the book that sold the dream to him.

One thing bothered him though, how do you start an online business?

That’s when he started researching and stumbled into the affiliate marketing/PPC/SEO/digital marketing world. The rest, is history.

After years of ups and downs, algorithm updates, new experiences, results from tests of different strategies which you can only find out if you do it and go through the processes, Dennis finally co-founded the LeapFroggr brand.

Today, he writes for the LeapFroggr blog, creates the weekly newsletter content and oversees it’s operations that is limited to a very select number of clients.

Why It Took So Long To Re-Start Blogging

Initially mentioned in Sue’s blog, Dennis failed multiple times in blogging. It’s how he learns.

After a long hiatus from the blogging world, he came back mid 2014 to start working on the LeapFroggr blog.

Today, Dennis posts once a month on the blog and is humbled to have made countless new connections because of it. To those people that he has connected with along the way, Dennis wants to thank you for everything, from the bottom of his heart.

Morning Routine

Dennis believes in optimizing his life, NOT just websites.

Just like how he does SEO, he sticks with the basics and tests things slowly to see what works.

For someone that thinks 9am is the earliest he can really wake up to, now, Dennis wakes up at 6am consistently. Starting his day off with his version of the Miracle Morning which includes meditation, affirmations and exercise before starting with any type of work.

How about you? What’s your morning routine?

Current Projects

He manages the operations at LeapFroggr as well as focuses on the creation of content for the LeapFroggr blog and it’s weekly newsletter. Next on the plate? Guest posts on great blogs like this one, if given the opportunity.

He is also involved in two startups currently and an offline importing business.

He plans to launch either a book or a podcast at the latter part of the year, if it’s feasible enough.

How to Connect With Dennis

Must See Pages: Where to Get Started?

Need Advice on Your Blog or Business?

Online marketers and bloggers tend to receive over 200 emails daily and often, those emails do not get answered.

As a way to give back to the blogging community, Dennis is opening this page to the loyal readers over here on this blog, where you can ask Den (almost) anything, from looking at your site to offer suggestions, solutions, monetization and whatever to helping you achieve better results with your SEO or business idea, all for free.

Oh, and while you are there, please take 5 seconds to subscribe to their newsletter, where you’ll get weekly marketing tips, straight to your inbox.

Engage With Dennis

While you skip over to Dennis’ blog, don’t forget to engage with him here. Drop a comment and he’ll surely be there to respond 😉

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