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Intelligent keyword research spreadsheet – Matthew Woodward

Intelligent Keyword Ressearch spreadsheet

Bloggers keep creating products to help each other succeed online.

We’ve seen some of those wonderful products. Here is the list.

In today’s bloggers’ product post, we are looking at what Matthew Woodward has come up with to help your SEO. In line with Anil’s keyword research eBook, we are looking at his free Intelligent keyword research spreadsheet. Continue reading


Blogging Money Update – Monetize your blog with Jasmine Watts

blogging money update

Do you want sponsored posts opportunities sent regularly to your email?

We are meeting someone here whose duty is to find and send to you offers paying up to $5000. To be more organized and productive, she bundled it into a product called Blogging Money Update.

I mentioned it here as one of the ways to land sponsored posts offers regularly and steadily. So Jasmine Watts (in this series of bloggers’s products) will be telling us more about her money making product and her blog. Continue reading


How to find profitable keywords – eBook by problogger Anil Agarwal

There is no successful SEO campaign without keyword research. But this happens to be one of the toughest phases in the process of driving natural traffic.

Not every keyword drives profit. So how do you find profitable keywords to generate search engine traffic that converts to sales?

In today’s Bloggers’ product post, we are meeting pro blogger and SEO expert, Anil Agarwal of Bloggers Passion. He will be talking to us about his first ever ebook. Continue reading


Bloggers’ Products ~ Janice Wald and her the academy

janice wald products

Bloggers are awesome people. Most of us don’t only write. We’ve found out one of the ways to make money and walk in financial freedom is to create a product.

There are tons of ideas to create your own product. You just have to think and take the bold step to be an author.

I want to help bloggers get exposure. So I will be regularly inviting bloggers who have come up with something to share with us details about their products, giving us discounts and allowing us experience what they have come up with. Continue reading