Blogging Money Update – Monetize your blog with Jasmine Watts

Do you want sponsored posts opportunities sent regularly to your email?

We are meeting someone here whose duty is to find and send to you offers paying up to $5000. To be more organized and productive, she bundled it into a product called Blogging Money Update.

I mentioned it here as one of the ways to land sponsored posts offers regularly and steadily. So Jasmine Watts (in this series of bloggers’s products) will be telling us more about her money making product and her blog.

Meet Jasmine with her hot product Blogging Money Update

EM: As a blogger, you’ve come up with a product aimed at helping bloggers make money blogging. I’d like us to talk about your product but before we get into it, is there a one or two powerful articles on your blog you’d like my readers to discover?

Jasmine: Yes, My article called How To Make Money With Sponsored Posts: and my article How To Start Blogging For Money in 2020:

EM: How long have you been blogging? Are there any lessons you’ve learned this far?

Jasmine: I’ve been blogging for almost 9 years. And I have learned a TON along the way. I’ve learned that while it is easy to make mistakes with your blog if you are willing to be persistent and keep learning, you will grow and make money with your blog. But just know that mistakes are a part of the process.

EM: Back to your product, what problems are you seeking to resolve and how does your product come in? 

Jasmine: The Blogging Money Update was created because I needed it. I figured out a way to make money with my blog consistently with sponsored posts. But it also took a lot of time for me to find the opportunities that were best suited for me.
I hired a team to help and it paid off big time. I started getting more sponsored opportunities than I knew how to handle and even had to start turning down opportunities because I just didn’t have the bandwidth. So The Blogging Money Update was my way of sharing a strategy that worked so well for me!

Since bloggers can expect between 30-45 paid blogging opportunities to come to their inbox each week, they don’t have to spend hours at a time searching for opportunities and having to decide on if it is a good one to join or not. The Blogging Money Update gives you your time back so you can go back to doing the things that grow your blog like writing and posting on social media.

EM:  How much is your product? And why that price?

Jasmine: The Blogging Money Update is $29.99 per month. We added some great bonuses to the membership like our list of 126 influencer networks you should join and our Monetization tracking sheet. Not to mention the fact that you get 30-45 sponsored opps each week!

If you would like to save money, we also have an annual plan where you get 2 months for free and our lifetime plan where you pay one price and never have to worry about paying for the subscription again, even if there are price changes – you’ll have your subscription forever.

EM: Where can my readers get a copy?

Jasmine: You can sign up for the Blogging Money Update by going here. While it is $29.99 per month, I believe that Enstine has a $10 subscription promo code you can use until March first.

NB: The code is simply –  enstinemuki

EM: What else do you have to say

Jasmine: Don’t let your blogging setbacks end your blogging career. There will be many, and I can guarantee you that every blogger has experienced them (including myself.) Just keep going. You’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel eventually!


Thank you Jasmine for taking time out of your busy schedule to provide answers to these questions. I believe you are going to have some nice exposure from here.

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